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“Champion grumblers” Singaporeans are getting the government they deserve

Posted by temasektimes on November 23, 2017

The late Supreme leader of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew once infamously dismissed Singaporeans as “champion grumblers” condescendingly. Judging from the torrent of criticisms leveled at the PAP and its beleaguered transport minister Khaw Boon Wan online lately, there appears to be an element of truth in his jibe.

A foreigner not familiar with Singapore might get the erroneous impression that Singapore’s ruling PAP will lose the next General election based on the widespread negative comments hurled against it online, but when it comes to the crunch, Singaporeans by and large will still vote for the PAP though they may not really love or support it.

The PAP has ruled Singapore since 1959 and in all elections since 1980, there was never once in which its percentage of votes drop below 60%. Even during the 2011 General Election when the nation is plagued by an litany of problems such as high cost of living, exorbitant prices of public housing and yes, persistent MRT breakdowns, the PAP still manages to garner 61% of the votes and win a disproportionate 81 out of 88 seats in Parliament.

In 2015, buoyed by sympathy votes after the demise of Lee Kuan Yew, the PAP romped to an impressive 70% of the votes which is more than any political party in a democratic country can garner.

The next General election may be a few years away, but even before a single vote is cast, the PAP is guaranteed a victory  thanks largely to an unthinking electorate which has been brainwashed by years of relentless propaganda in the state-controlled media that they cannot do without the PAP.

So my fellow Singaporeans, please cut the hypocrisy and stop the endless whining, grumbling and ranting of the recent spate of MRT breakdowns within the safe confines of the virtual world because you are the ones who gave the PAP an overwhelming ‘mandate’ in the last General Election. You got what you truly deserve and it is time to “savor”it!

In Singapore, there are three things certain in life – death, taxes and an eternal PAP government. Even if you put a monkey as a candidate in white, Singaporeans will still vote it into Parliament.

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Accident at packed Boon Lay MRT station: Passenger fell and caused others to roll down escalator

Posted by temasektimes on March 19, 2012

An accident happened at Boon Lay MRT station this morning which caused a commotion at the packed platform. A male passenger reportedly slipped and fell from the escalator which caused those behind him to roll down the escalator like falling ‘dominoes’.

The stunning scene was captured by Hardwarezone forumer ‘MaoMao’ on his way to school who described the situation in the MRT station:

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

“Just now I was on my way to sch. I was at Boon Lay MRT and I was trying to exit the station. It was OMG man. I was wondering why are there so many people ! To exit the station from the MRT platform takes like 5 or more minutes.”

He was heading down the stairs when the accident happened:

“A passenger fell from the escalator and this causes a few passengers behind him to fall and they rolled down on the escalators. I am not sure what caused them to fell but when I saw the incident, the escalator was stopped. A MRT staff came shortly to help.”

His account was corroborated by STOMPer Jamin who wrote:

“The infrastructure in Singapore is unable to support the rate in which the population is growing.”

It is not known if the passengers who fell and rolled down the escalator suffered any serious injuries. One thing for sure, they would almost certainly be late for work, even without the usual disruption in train service.

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Ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa wants to share her ‘story’ with Singaporeans on her personal blog

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2012

After disappearing from public spotlight for three months to pursue her own ‘personal interests’, ex-SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa is back again to share her ‘story’ about her 9 years as CEO of SMRT with Singaporeans on her personal blog.

In a post dated two days ago, Ms Saw wrote that she intends to use her blog to talk about the changes taking place in SMRT since the frequent train disruptions, how she transformed the company over the years and ‘what the future holds for both of us.’

She also admitted that she knew little about SMRT before she was ‘headhunted’ to become its CEO.

“When I was asked in 2002 to take up the SMRT post, I knew little about the company, as my last job took me away from Singapore quite a bit and my interaction was largely at an international commercial organisation serving travellers. Since then, times have changed. I feel so much for SMRT and the men and women in the organisation who serve the nation selflessly every day.”

Ms Saw was widely blamed for the spate of train disruptions which took place in December last year triggering a massive public furore which eventually culminated in her ‘resignation’ from SMRT.

Despite her departures, the train delays and disruptions have become a common occurrence with ‘signaling faults’ commonly quoted as a reason.

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“during her tenure as CEO, public transport standards dropped considerably. Regardless of whether the company’s share price or earnings rose or not, she is a failure.” – weng123

“the smrt inquiry is coming, either this mth or next, so this is just some PR exercise on her part” – satayxp

“It will be good that she shares her side of the story. The board knows her background and is hired to boost non-train business. After that faithful day, she was quite silent and only see LTA in action. 154th put her on a pharoah sedan and the next thing was her ‘sudden’ desire to step down 6 mth ago. The is a huge vacuum of event/info in bewteen that she can help to fill.” – matrix05

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