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Millennium and Copthorne now put up new job ad seeking ‘regional sales manager’ after being ‘counselled’ by MOM

Posted by temasektimes on March 8, 2012

We have been informed by Ms Erica Chui, a VP of Millennium and Copthorne International Human Resources Department that it has put up a new job advertisement on ‘jobstreet’:

The earlier ad seeks only ‘native PRC Chinese’, sparking a massive outcry among netizens:

Following the report by The Temasek Times, a netizen tipped Minister of State for Manpower Tan Chuan Jin off who described the ad as ‘unacceptable’. The ministry has since informed Millennium and Corpthone international to change the ad.

Though the position is now open to all nationalities including Singaporeans, the applicant is expected to possess experience in ‘handling’ the China market.

Interested Singaporeans can email their resume and current and expected salaries to the Human Resources Division of Millennium and Copthorne International. However, only ‘shortlisted’ candidates will be notified.



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Tan Chuan Jin: We have ‘spoken’ to Millennium and Corpthone to remove controversial job ad discriminating against Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on March 7, 2012

Minister of State for Manpower BG Tan Chuan Jin has revealed on his Facebook that his ministry have ‘spoken’ to international hotel group Millennium and Corpthone to remove a controversial job advertisement seeking only ‘native PRC Chinese’ which has sparked a massive outroar in cyberspace.

A netizen Jennifer Lee brought the ad to the attention of BG Tan who replied:

“It is not acceptable. We have spoken to them. They have removed it.”

[Source: Facebook]

BG Tan added that his ministry is ‘stepping up’ in its efforts to ensure fair employment practices:

“We are stepping up. But info is important and we’d follow up. All of the companies we’ve dealt with have complied.”

However, Jennifer Lee was not convinced and implored BG Tan to do more:

“Dear Sir, maybe you can share as to how TAFEP deal with such company? just tell them that this is not right? the company changed it and TAFEP is happy????? MORE NEED TO BE DONE PLEASE.”

(TAFEP stands for Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices)

A Human Resource Manager of Millennium and Corpthone Ms Erica Chui has earlier written to Temasek Times expressing ‘regret’ at the discriminatory ad:

“We greatly appreciate the feedback on our recent job posting. The company practises fair employment and we regret the posting of the advertisement in this manner”

Her explanation was not accepted by many netizens who called for a boycott of Millennium and Corpthorne for discriminating against Singaporeans.

“Please speak to your managers, your HR, your company directors and tell them to use another hotel chain as their corporate hotel. If you like your company and Singapore, you don’t want your company to be associated with an anti-Singaporean business.” – Mark Lee

“Boycott this hotel. Ban eating buffet there! Wedding dinner, Company event all go elsewhere!” – Samuel Lee



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