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Temasek Times is only 9 places behind Straits Times online in traffic ranking with a readership higher than ‘STOMP’

Posted by temasektimes on May 19, 2012

With a simple wordpress blog which costs nothing, the Temasek Times (wordpress) has now exceeded SPH’s citizen journalism portal ‘STOMP’ in terms of readership.

As of yesterday, The Temasek Times is ranked the 38th most visited site in Singapore by web analytic company


‘STOMP’ which was awarded the ‘Best in Social Media’ award during the Asian digital media awards last year has fallen two places behind us:

The Temasek Times is the only independent news blog not owned by the government in Singapore which has a readership high enough to rival the mainstream media and our traffic ranking is a mere nine places behind the Straits Times online:

Traffic ranking of top 100 news sites in Singapore (18 May 2012):

Channel News Asia: 19

Straits Times: 29

The Temasek Times (wordpress): 38

inSing News: 61

Today Online: 70

Lianhe Zaobao: 85

We now have an average of 20,000 to 30,000 unique readers daily and on two days this week, we manage to garner a record 100,000 plus unique readers a day with more than 500,000 page views which is more than the daily circulation of The New Paper (70,000) and twenty five percent that of the Straits Times (400,000). It is also more than the combined readership of the next three socio-political blogs ranked far behind us.

These figures come against the backdrop of the highly specialized nature of our content focused largely on local socio-political affairs as compared to Channel News Asia and Straits Times which publish more articles daily and hence able to capture more hits.

Some readers have been asking us why we did not register a domain name of our own – the reason being this site is only a ‘prototype’ for us to build a more stable, secure and sustainable platform in the future from which two entirely new sites with different names will emerge later at an appropriate time. One will be a tabloid news site reporting on juicy stuff while another will be a serious political commentary site devoted to local politics, society and economics.

Another reason for sticking to wordpress for the time-being is our high readership which will cost us easily more than $2,000 a month to pay for a server to host the site. WordPress is able to sustain our increasing readership without slowing the site down though our site will be inaccessible to readers in China. (wordpress is banned in China)

As we have proven, it matters little if a site has its own domain name or is hosted on a platform like wordpress – it is the content which is far more important.

Imagine if we have a bit more resources and manpower, we will be able to build a news portal which is not only self-sustaining, but profitable enough to establish a niche in Singapore.

There is only one print media company in Singapore at the moment because no other businessmen or company dare to venture into the media industry due to the high risks involved. The Temasek Times will serve as a platform for aspiring and adventurous entrepreneurs to set up a second media company in Singapore because they will now have a sizable base of readers to build on instead of starting from zero.

Foreign media companies from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan which are interested to get a slice of the Singapore market can consider using our site as a bench-head. We are also open to selling this site. Our bloggers are constantly in tune with the ground and we know exactly what Singapore readers want as proven by the high number of views our articles garnered daily and our rapidly growing readership within just three months.

We are currently looking for freelance journalists, contributors, advertisers as well as investors for our new platform. Journalists will be paid on a fee-for-assignment basis.

If you are keen to learn more about our project or join us, please indicate your interest at:

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Temasek Times is now the ‘Number ONE’ socio-political site in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on March 31, 2012

For far too long, Singapore’s blogosphere has been dominated by two socio-political blogs – the ‘Temasek Review’, now known as ‘TR Emeritus’ and ‘The Online Citizen’.

In the last month or so, one new site using just a ‘wordpress’ domain name – ‘The Temasek Times’ has emerged from nowhere to challenge them and eventually build up a readership higher than both.

It took ‘The Temasek Times’ only three weeks to exceed the traffic ranking of The Online Citizen, and six weeks to overtake ‘TR Emeritus’ despite an obvious ‘handicap’ caused by its format.

According to the latest statistics from web analysis site, ‘The Temasek Times’ is now ranked the 120th most visited site in Singapore:


‘TR Emeritus’ is now five places behind at 125:

“The Online Citizen” is ranked far behind at 273 with a readership less than half of ‘The Temasek Times’:

The ranking is calculated based on the average number of visitors and pageviews. ‘The Temasek Times’ has far less pageviews than ‘TR Emeritus’ and ‘The Online Citizen’ because of its simple wordpress design and template which means that it needs to have a higher unique number of readers daily to ‘compensate’.

Despite its stunning success, ‘The Temasek Times’ is only a PROTOTYPE to build two new sites with their own domain names which will emerge when the background preparations are completed – a serious socio-political commentary site and a tabloid news site with the long-term strategic view of going into print eventually.

As such, we are now looking to build an editorial team for the new socio-political commentary site which will no longer accept and publish articles from anonymous contributors to build up credibility and respectability.

We are also looking for freelance journalists and photographers to run the tabloid news site. Students are most welcomed to apply and they will be paid on a fee-for-assignment basis.

Interested advertisers can contact us to advertise your products / services for FREE, but due to the overwhelming number of requests and restricted amount of space available on the site, we are sorry we will only reply to successful applicants.

If you are interested to join us in this exciting project, please email your resume to us at:



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Temasek Times is now the ‘No 2’ socio-political blog in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on March 12, 2012

In merely three weeks, new kid on the block ‘The Temasek Times’ has come from nowhere to establish itself firmly as Singapore’s ‘No 2’ socio-political blog, with a traffic ranking higher than ‘The Online Citizen’.

According to latest statistics from web traffic company, ‘The Temasek Times’ is the 208th most visited site in Singapore:

The Online Citizen’s ranking has slipped seven places behind The Temasek Times to 215:


The gap between the two sites is likely to grow as our readership continues to increase in the weeks ahead.

Some readers have been asking us why we did not register a domain name of our own – the reason being this site is only a ‘prototype’ for us to build a more stable, secure and sustainable platform in the future from which two entirely new sites with different names will emerge. We are quietly confident that with our experience and expertise in the New Media, we will be able to build these two sites to attain a record high readership within a short period of time which of course will offer plenty of advertising opportunities and revenue.

As such, this site is more like an ‘experiment’ for us to determine the editorial content and slant of the two sites to be launched in the future which explained why serious political commentaries are mixed with tabloid news for the time-being to enable us to devise the right ‘formula’ and combination. Articles are selected and published based solely on their ability to generate hits and not due to any political considerations or agenda.

With our high readership, we will be able to offer advertisers another outlet to reach out to their clients We currently have an average of 5,000 to 8,000 unique readers daily with 40,000 – 80,000 page views and the number is still growing. The total number of page views has exceeded 1 million so far in less than a month. About 70 percent of our readers are young Singaporeans between the age of 20 and 35. As the site is just a prototype now, we will not charge a single cent for advertising. SMEs, NGOs, VWOs and all Singaporeans are welcomed to place their ad with us. Please email us at:

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