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Sengkang bus accident: Family of victim to sue SBS Transit for compensation?

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

The family of the victim 66 year old Madam Tan Ah Eng who was killed when a SBS Transit bus ran over her yesterday morning when crossing a junction in Sengkang has not ruled out suing SBS Transit for compensation!

In a video clip taken by an in-house car camrecorder by a taxi-driver, the bus was seen turning right and running over Madam Tan without stopping, dragging her body beneath it for half a minute before a motorist called the driver to stop.

The ‘Chinese’ driver reportedly then spoke to the passengers in a Chinese accent asking them to disembark from the bus.

Speaking to queries from the media, Madam Tan’s brother 64 year old Mr Tan said:

“We were very angry when we watched the video. It was flashing ‘green man’ at that point in time and the bus driver was seated on the right when turning right. How did he miss my sister? We are not ruling out taking legal action against SBS Transit, but we will have to wait till we settle the funeral.”

Meanwhile, SBS Transit said it has suspended the duties of the bus captain who is currently under police investigations. The driver is now confirmed to be a man in his 40s from China.


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