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NTU Prof: Workers Party still has to explain to voters to clear their doubts

Posted by temasektimes on February 19, 2012

Though the Workers Party has appeared to act decisively by sacking scandal-plagued Hougang MP Yaw Shin Leong from the party, it still has a lot of explanation to do in order to overcome this crisis carefully.

Research Fellow at the Nanyang Technological University School of Public Administration Professor Wu Yuan Hua told local media that despite the media conference called by WP last Wednesday, many lingering questions continue to remain unanswered.

“Did Yaw Shin Leong really have extra-marital affairs with his party colleagues? Low Thia Kiang has groomed Yaw for over ten years. Did he know about his infidelity? If he does not know, is there a problem with his judgement?” he said.

Mr Low has adamantly refused to answer questions on whether he knew about Mr Yaw’s affairs, claiming that he did not know much about his personal life. However, according to socio-political blog TR Emeritus, Mr Low knew about it and had warned Mr Yaw before.

A WP member, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told us that it is ‘impossible’ that Mr Low is kept in the dark about Mr Yaw’s sordid affairs all this while.

“Shin Leong was very close to Mr Low. He was regarded as his natural successor. Now that he was sacked, all the blame will be heaped on him to save the party’s face,” he said.

Prof Wu added that WP still has work to do in clearing the remaining doubts in the minds of voters.

WP leaders had initially refused to comment on the rumors swirling around Mr Yaw’s personal life till the abrupt U-turn to sack him from the party.

Long seen as a rising political star in the Workers Party with considerable contribution to its present success, Mr Yaw is now dismissed as a liability to the party whose leaders are trying desperately hard to distance themselves from him.


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Yaw Shin Leong rapped by Singaporeans for ‘running away’

Posted by temasektimes on February 19, 2012

While some Singaporeans may be forgiving of disgraced ex-WP MP Yaw Shin Leong’s alleged extra-marital affairs with his party members, most are disappointed with him for ‘running away’ without bringing a proper disclosure to the saga.

Mr Yaw reportedly left Singapore on the morning of 15 February, hours before he was unceremoniously expelled from his party at a press conference. He was last spotted at Changi Airport Terminal 1 alone carrying a luggage bag.

Sources close to Mr Yaw told the media that he had planned his ‘exit’ from Singapore weeks ago when rumors about his infidelity first surfaced on the internet and he would not be back in Singapore for the near future.

Mr Yaw has been uncontactable since then as journalists continued to hound his hapless wife Lau Wang Lin for his whereabouts. His personal blog and Facebook page have also been taken down.

In an interview conducted by Yahoo News, most Singaporeans felt that Yaw’s actions did not set a good example for the public.

54 year old Nora Osman said:

“It doesn’t matter if you’re from Workers Party or PAP, you have to show a good example to the public. He [Yaw] shouldn’t just go away like that. Things have been done, he can’t run away from the problem, so he should just face the music and apologise.”

Wilson Goh commented on Yahoo News:

“A respectable MP must be exemplary. A person that is irresponsible to his family will not be trusted to lead and care for a larger people, Sad to say, his recent act of abandoning without even a word is disappointing. Admit and resign should be the right way. WP also need to put their house in order. Just imagine,– will you now worry if your wife or sister join the WP party? political considerations aside.”

According to local Chinese tabloids, Mr Yaw was allegedly involved with two party members and a tuition teacher from mainland China who was his neighbor. The latter had admitted that she had a ‘very short’ affair with Mr Yaw when helping translate his parliamentary speeches, the last of which was aired in parliament on 17 January this year.

Chow felt Mr Yaw lacks the values needed for a MP:

“One who can’t serve his family, can’t serve his country well. Many deeper implications stem from his behavior.One will question the man’s values and character and if he fits to be an MP whom people place their trust in. Unfortunately his behavior of betrayal (to his wife) has ruin his credibility as a trustable person. Giving in to temptation reveals lack of self control. Womanising 3 women signals tendency to abuse fame and power. Not answering to this in a dignified manner shows a lacking of courage, responsibilty and accountability. All of these are very important values for a person represented to serve his people.”

However, one netizen said he is able to empathize with Mr Yaw’s situation. BK wrote:

“Honestly speaking, as a public figure, having his “sordid affairs” exposed nationwide, as a chinese, his “punishment” as a “shameful figure” is pretty bad so he has to leave the country for a while, if its embezzlement, CBI case then he should not have or cannot leave the country. Can u imagine him walking around town and having people pointing fingers and giggle, blah, blah… “DOM”. “lecher”. “adulterer”… , i can totally understand why he has to skip town to save “face”….”

In the meantime, WP leaders continued to distance themselves away from Mr Yaw and shift all the blame to him while leaving many questions still unanswered about the way they handled the scandal.

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