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PM Lee Hsien Loong happy to welcome 150 new citizens into the “family”

Posted by temasektimes on September 24, 2018

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong appears to be happy to give Singapore citizenship to 150 foreigners on Sunday.

Speaking at a ceremony to welcome the newcomers in his constituency, PM Lee said:

To take up citizenship is a deep commitment and “two-way process”, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Sunday (Sept 23) at a ceremony to welcome new Singaporeans in his constituency.


“Your fellow Singaporeans welcome you formally into the family today, and you will bring with you your experiences, your skills, your talents, your warmth, to enrich the diversity of our society.”

According to the state media, these citizenship ceremonies funded by taxpayers’ monies are held every three months all over Singapore to “foster a deeper sense of belonging among new citizens.”

Due to the government’s liberal immigration policies, a large number of foreigners have become Singaporeans in the past decade, many of whom did not serve the mandatory National Service like local-born men.


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5 Giant outlets closing from September to March next year

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2018

5 outlets of Giant supermarket chain will be closing from September to March next year!

According to photos circulating on Facebook, Giant has announced it has already closed two outlets in August and September and 5 more will be closing soon:

Source: Facebook


No reasons were given for the sudden closure.

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Some users of DBS PayLah app made double payments due to “IT glitch”

Posted by temasektimes on September 23, 2018

In another shocking “IT glitch” which has hit aspiring “Smart Nation” Singapore, some users of the DBS PayLah app may have been double charged for their payments this week due to “connectivity issues”.

In a Facebook post on Friday, NETS apologized and said that some users may have experienced “temporary difficulties” while making Nets QR code payments, due to connectivity issues from 11.59am to 12.33pm on Sept 19.

Source: NETS Facebook page


“For affected DBS PayLah! users, please note that we’re working with the bank to automatically effect refunds for duplicate transactions,” it added.

It also promise to credit refunds to their wallets in three working days.

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Credit Suisse: HDB resale flats likely to see a steady decline in value over time

Posted by temasektimes on September 22, 2018

The value of HDB resale flats is likely to decrease over time near the end of their lease and buyers are less willing to pay for an aging flat, according to a report published today by Swiss bank Credit Suisse.

“We believe it will likely take some time for residents to understand the evolving narrative on the nature of HDB flats — from one where HDB flats are a good store of value and attractive investment class that will continue to appreciate, towards one where we are likely to see a steady diminution in value as we approach the end of the 99 year lease, following which the flats will revert to the government,”said Credit Suisse research analysts Louis Chua and Nicholas Teh, who penned the report.

Read rest of article here.

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Lee Chong Wei diagnosed with early stage nose cancer

Posted by temasektimes on September 22, 2018

Malaysian badminton superstar Lee Chong Wei has been diagnosed with Stage 3 nose cancer!

According to reports in the Malaysian media, Lee was confirmed with early stage nose cancer and is currently in Taiwan seeking treatment.


Source: Facebook 


“But please give Chong Wei the space and peace of mind to recover…Chong Wei is currently in Taiwan seeking treatment, and I am pleased to inform you that he is responding well to his treatment and is currently resting and recuperating amongst family and close friends,” pleaded Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) president Datuk Seri Norza Zakaria in a statement after a post went viral on social media saying Chong Wei was suffering from third-stage nose cancer.

BAM had earlier issued a statement two months ago saying Chong Wei was taking a break from badminton after he had been diagnosed with an unspecific disorder related to the respiratory system.

Chong Wei won the Olympic silver medal three times and is considered one of the greatest sportsman in Malaysia.

He is currently undergoing treatment in Taiwan and is expected to return home after completing his treatment at the end of the month.


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Pritam Singh: WP supporters should never feel embarrassed being called “PAP-lite”

Posted by temasektimes on September 22, 2018

WP Chief Pritam Singh has made a stunning admission on his Facebook page that his party has been criticized by some Singaporeans for being “PAP-lite” and WP supporters should not be embarrassed about it!

Pritam has received brickbats recently from some netizens for supporting the PAP in the Select Committee on Deliberate online falsehoods including its “unanimous” decision to disregard the input of internationally renown historian Thum Ping Tjin as he was found to have “lied.”

When confronted by freelance journalist Kirsten Han on his tacit support for the PAP’s bullying tactics, Pritam made a lame attempt to deflect the issue:

“Dear Kirsten – in my mind, the issues the Select Committee raises are much more significant that PJ. I cannot say anything on the deliberations in Committee on the matter as those are confidential and I will be in breach of Parliamentary rules if I did. So let me leave it at that.”

One netizen pointed out that he was confused by Pritam’s stance which appears no different from the PAP to which Pritam replied that WP will continue to agree with the PAP in the “best interest” of Singapore and WP supporters should never feel embarrassed about being called “PAP-lite”

Source: Pritam Singh’s Facebook page


Despite being the only “opposition” party in Parliament, the present WP seldom dare to hold the PAP accountable, leading many frustrated Singaporeans to dismiss it as the “PAP’s B team” or worse, a “lapdog” of the PAP.

Having an “opposition” which does not oppose is WORSE than having no opposition in Parliament at all as it lends a veneer of legitimacy and respectability to the autocratic rule of the PAP allowing it to portray Singapore as a “democracy” to the world.

Russia has many “opposition” parties in Parliament too, all of which are directly or indirectly controlled by President Vladimir Putin. In Singapore, the continued charade of a fake opposition party masquerading itself as a “credible” opposition in Parliament will only serve to entrench PAP rule for many years to come.

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The ugly truth about “your” HDB flat

Posted by temasektimes on September 22, 2018

So recently you have heard the following about “your” HDB.

1. You are a Lessee and not an owner.

2. HDB is your landlord.

3. Older HDB’s will decline in Value.

4. HDB will eventually go to Zero.

5. There is a long list of things you can’t do in your own home and they are thinking of adding smoking to that list.

6. Besides the Police , IMDA civil servant officers can already break in to your home without a warrant if they want to investigate you and now they want to give that power to NEA officers.

7. HDB are becoming unaffordable for newer generations.

8. Although they say it has to be 99 years lease to protect future generations most sites currently redeveloped under SERs were sold to private developers and turned in to private Condo’s and not new HDBs

9. Some new HDBs are being built down wind from toxic chemical and industrial facilities while private units are built in choice locations.

10. You are charged for land you never own in the price.

11. You pay property tax on a building you never own while you stay there.

12. When the landlord does any upgrading of his estate or building such as in HIP you have to pay for it.

13. HDB mortgage for the last 20 years has average almost 1% above the bank rate yet you are told it is a special rate.

14. Your life savings (CPF) are tied to your HDB and are being affected as older HDB’s are already going down in price and hard to sell.

15. You over paid for your resale flat because you were led to believe it was an investment and an appreciating asset when actually it depreciates and finally goes to zero.

16. Your retirement is now tied to your HDB which goes to Zero and at risk.

17. If you break any of your landlords rules they can take away your home with no compensation regardless if you have paid for it in full.

18. You have nothing you can leave to your children so your hard work and sacrifice is wasted and they have to repeat the whole cycle again.

Given your HDB has been shown to not be an investment, you don’t own it, there is a massive list of do’s and dont’s when you stay there, Government officers can enter it at will, HDB can reposses it at will and you over paid for it and have zero value left after a lifetime of work what is positive about your HDB?

When we create new policies to fix all of the above that is wrong with HDB we also want to expand upon what you think is right.

Thank you.



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Hong Kong lawmaker praises Singapore’s “strong leadership” which has left Hong Kong behind

Posted by temasektimes on September 21, 2018

A Hong Kong lawmaker Regina Ip has lavished generous praise on former PAP Supreme Leader Lee Kuan Yew, crediting him for laying the foundation for Singapore’s “strong leadership” which has left Hong Kong behind.




In a co-op published in Hong Kong English newspaper on 16 September, coincidentally the birthday of Lee, Ip wrote that there are two reasons for Hong Kong’s under-performance relative to Singapore – the quality of leadership and the nature of its political system. Singapore benefited from the outset from its founding prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew, and his outstanding foresight, determination and leadership.

“Never afraid to lay out his vision, Lee laid the foundation for a Singapore that is to be led by ambitious and forward-looking elites.”

She added that Singapore chose to groom an elite cadre of leaders and administrators committed to serving the nation and has worked hard continuously to foster a culture of innovation and experimentation, and a persistent quest for excellence.

By contrast, Hong Kong has sought to swell the percentage of its student population in higher education through artificial means, expanding quantity at the expense of quality. At the turn of the century, funds were poured into sub-degree programmes to mitigate the number of unemployed youths.

Singapore indeed has a very “strong” ruling party which has been in power uninterrupted since 1959. It currently holds 80 out of 87 seats in Parliament with the remaining seats going to an affiliated party disguised as an “opposition” party which offers only token opposition to its autocratic rule.

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Disappointed with NUS’s silence over Prof Henry Yeung’s reckless driving

Posted by temasektimes on September 20, 2018

I am an NUS alumnus and I have been donating to NUS for the past ten years.

I am writing to express my disappointment, disgust and outrage over NUS’s perceived lack of action against its staff Professor Henry Yeung Wai Cheung who was arrested for dangerous driving:

Maserati driver who went over road divider and against oncoming traffic arrested for dangerous driving: Police

According to videos circulating on social media, this is not the first time Professor Yeung was caught with reckless, inconsiderate and dangerous driving.

On the same day he was arrested, he was filmed making an illegal U-turn in Bishan:

His actions not only pose a danger to himself, but to other road users as well. It is indeed fortunate that nobody has been injured or killed by him as of now.

Is this the kind of educator NUS want for its students?

I am shocked and flabbergasted beyond words that NUS has remained silent on the matter so far and would only refer it to the Traffic police when asked for its comments.

Does NUS condone the actions of Professor Henry Yeung? Is NUS protecting him?

Regardless of how knowledgeable, successful or capable one is as an academic, a university professor, FIRST AND FOREMOST is a teacher who must set the RIGHT EXAMPLE for the students.

His behavior so far, with scant regards for the safety of other road users, demonstrate clearly an underlying psychological problem, an inability to control his emotions and a callous disregard for life.

As such, he is UNFIT not only to be given the honorific title of “Distinguish Professor”, but must be stripped of all his titles and beterminated from the school’s employment.

This is not a matter which we will forget easily. Let not the actions of one person taint the reputation of NUS which many have worked hard over the years to build it up.


Jason Koh

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PAP vlogger Nas Daily attacks Singaporeans: You are CRYBABIES!!!

Posted by temasektimes on September 20, 2018

PAP hardcore fan and well-known vlogger Nas Daily, also known as Nuseir Yassin has lashed out at Singaporeans for criticizing his pro-PAP videos, describing them as “crybabies”.

In a shocking post on his Facebook page, Mr Yassin challenged Singaporeans to go and live in the Middle East for a while and experience life there:

Source: Nas Daily Facebook page


He also took a jibe at his Singaporean critics ridiculing them as “crybabies” whom he would never hire.

His post sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace with many netizens lampooning his “PAPsque” attitude:


However, when asked if he would take up Singapore citizenship since he loves Singapore so much, Mr Yassin said he prefer the American citizenship:

Though he is a foreigner, PAP leaders such as Lee Hsien Loong and Vivian Balakrishnan have been quick to rope him in to promote PAP-run Singapore with the former even taking time off his busy schedule to appear as a cameo in his videos.

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