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NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan tried to cover up his face during visit to court

Posted by temasektimes on October 4, 2019

Despite his photos being widely circulated in cyberspace, NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan still tried desperately hard to cover up his face during a visit to the State Courts today, arriving with a mask over his mouth and a cap pulled down his face.

Siow was charged last week for molesting a 28 year old woman three times. The prosecution sought a stay of the probation sentence today that Siow had been given, pending their appeal against the sentence.

Siow’s lawyer Raphael Louis argues that his client should be allowed to continue with the probation which helps him.

After hearing both sides, the judge granted the prosecution its application to stay Siow’s probation order pending the appeal in High Court.

Siow has since lost a lucrative job as a Maths tutor at a tuition agency. He also have not returned to NUS to resume his studies.


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PAP grassroots leader Brandon Lee Bing Xiang suspended by Yale-NUS college

Posted by temasektimes on October 3, 2019

PAP grassroots leader Brandon Lee Bing Xiang has been suspended by Yale-NUS College since March this year after it was informed of the criminal proceedings against him!

Lee was charged in court this week for taking upskirt photos and shower videos of unsuspecting women on campus.

He was a former president of the Yale-NUS college student government and a prominent grassroots leader at a community club.

In a statement issued to the media, the college said it has suspended Lee and reached out to the affected female student to offer “support”:

“Brandon Lee Bing Xiang, a student at Yale-NUS College, has been charged in court for insulting the modesty of a fellow student. He was suspended the day after the College was notified about the incident in March 2019. The College has reached out to the affected female student to render the necessary support. The matter is currently before the courts and it would not be appropriate for the College to comment further on Lee’s case.

It remains to be seen if Lee will be allowed to complete his studies at Yale-NUS college. Going by precedent cases, he is unlikely to be expelled.

In the meantime, there are still no comments from the People’s Association if Lee is still “serving” as a grassroots leader.

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Is NUS Pervert Brandon Lee Bingxiang a PAP grassroots leader?

Posted by temasektimes on October 2, 2019

Is NUS pervert Brandon Lee Bing Xiang, who was charged in court yesterday for taking up skirt photos and shower videos of women at Yale-NUS college a PAP grassroots leader?

According to his bio posted on the Yale-NUS college website before it was taken down, Brandon held several leadership positions in several community and grassroots organizations outside Of Yale-NUS and is a prominent leader of the Youth Executive Committee of a community club helmed by a minister.

A source revealed that Brandon Lee was being “groomed” for bigger things after he finished his studies.

In a speech to the class of 2020 recently, Brandon Lee highlighted the importance of “serving oneself.”

“Serving oneself does not mean self-indulgence. It is about recharging yourself and coming out more ready to contribute,” he added.

Brandon has indeed “indulged” himself by taking upskirt photos and show videos of his unsuspecting victims on campus.

Given his high GPA of 3.96, it is likely Brandon will be able to get off the hook with just a probation based on the recent verdict involving another NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan as he has a “promising” future ahead of him.

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Molest victim: I did not receive any apology from Terence Siow

Posted by temasektimes on September 29, 2019

A Chinese tabloid published an “apology letter” from NUS molester Terence Siow Kai Yuan to his victim Karmen Siew to win public sympathy except that she has never received it at all!

In a clarification posted on her Facebook page, Karmen wrote it is the first time she has heard of a handwritten apology.

“I was never given a copy and had no idea it existed,” she added.

Source: Karmen Siew Facebook

She asked if it is acceptable to release such a letter publicly to influence the decision of the appeal court.

It appears that Siow has only written the letter recently and revealed it to the media on purpose to influence the verdict after the prosecution decided to appeal against his probation which sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans.

He also tried to win public sympathy by telling the Chinese tabloid that he was under “immense pressure” and has not returned to NUS after classes commenced two days ago.

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NUS Pervert Terence Siow SACKED by tuition agency ChampionTutor

Posted by temasektimes on September 29, 2019

Convicted NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan has been sacked by his tuition agency ChampionTutor.

Source: ChampionTutor Inc Facebook

In a terse statement released on Sunday morning on its Facebook page, ChampionTutor wrote that the account of Terence Siow has been terminated with immediate effect.

Terence Siow has been working full-time as a Maths tutor at ChampionTutor after he was suspended by NUS for a semester for molesting a 28 year old woman three times.

On his resume on the agency’s website before it was taken down, he boasted of having a “rock solid” foundation in Mathematics who believes in “drilling” to improve the speed of answering routine questions.

Siow was reportedly a popular tutor who taught a number of secondary and JC girls earning about $6000 monthly.

In the meantime, NUS has come under intense public scrutiny for its refusal to expel Siow despite his string of criminal offences in “touching” women since he enrolled in 2016 as he admitted in his statement to the police.

This is not the first time that a pervert is let off the hook by NUS. A few months ago, NUS Engineering student Nicholas Lim Jun Kai was suspended for only one semester for taking video of a female student bathing in the hostel toilet.

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Terence Siow’s letter of “apology” to molest victim

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2019

In an interview with a Chinese tabloid, convicted NUS molester Terence Siow Kai Yuan said he has sent an apology letter to the victim attached below:

Dear Miss Siew,

After the day of the incident, I have done a lot of self reflection. I am deeply remorseful for what I have done that day.

I realised my actions have brought about great distress and discomfort onto you. I am sincerely sorry for touching you without permission that day.

I realised that my actions that day showed an utter lack of respect and basic empathy.

I wasn’t the most clear headed that night, and as a result I ended up being unable to control myself and ultimately gave in to my urges.

I feel really bad for doing that. I know that is no excuse for my disrespectful and disgusting actions.

If another guy did the same thing to me, I would not have liked it, so all the more I shouldn’t have done onto you what I didn’t want others to do to me.

I am sorry for not showing any respect for your personal boundaries; I was being selfish and didn’t care about how you would feel just because I wanted to satisfy my own indecent urges.

I have learnt, dearly, that without permission, this is utterly wrong and will not be condoned in society.

Again, I deeply and sincerely apologise for my inconsiderate and violating behaviour that day.

For my actions, I have been duly punished by NUS; I have been suspended from school.

I have learnt my lesson and definitely will not do this again.

I understand that molest is a serious offence, and that the root cause of my actions was my indecent mentality.

Hence, I am currently undergoing counselling and seeking psychiatric treatment to bring myself back on the right track in life.

I am working with my counsellor/psychiatrist to ensure that I will not repeat the same mistake.

Words can’t express how regretful and remorseful I am for my actions that day.

This is a major turning point in my life, and I am fully committed to correcting my mentality and behaviour to become a changed man.

Please give me a chance to correct myself and become a value-adding member of society again.

I am truly sorry for my errant behaviour.


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Terence Siow’s profile removed from ChampionTutor website which stonewalls queries about his status

Posted by temasektimes on September 28, 2019

Convicted molester Terence Siow Kai Yuan’s profile on the website of ChanpionTutor has been removed, but his current employment status remains unknown.

Siow was given a 21 month probation for molesting a 28 year old woman last year which sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans.

Despite the gravity of his criminal offence, NUS only suspended him for a semester during which he worked full time as a Maths tutor at renowned tuition agency Champion Tutor.

According to his profile on the website of ChampionTutor before it was removed, Siow boasted he achieved “100% A*/A1/A grades for every mathematics exam throughout his entire pri such-JC academic life, be it internal school exams or national exams.”

Terence Siow Kai Yuan’s profile on ChampionTutor

He added that his foundation in mathematics is “rock solid” and he is very “patient” in teaching.

Since his identity was exposed, worried parents have been calling and emailing ChampionTutor to inquire if Siow is still a tutor there.

A receptionist who answered the calls admitted that they have received “queries about this person” and direct them to email the center’s admin Mr Tan at

However as of now, nobody has received any reply from Mr Tan and there has been no official response from ChampionTutor adding to the angst of concerned parents.

Siow reportedly earned more than $6000 a month during his short stint at the center. He was apparently a popular Maths tutor who tutored many secondary and JC girls with his method of “drilling” to “improve the speed of answering routine questions.”

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Is Terence Siow Kai Yuan a Malaysian on NUS scholarship?

Posted by temasektimes on September 27, 2019

According to unverified rumors circulating in cyberspace, convicted NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan, who was given a 21 month sentence for molesting a woman, is a Malaysian currently studying in NUS Applied Mathematics on scholarship!

NUS molester Terence Siow Kai Yuan

The state media reported that Siow is 23 years old this year and was enrolled in NUS in 2016 when he was 20 year old.

If Siow is a Singaporean citizen or PR, he would be serving his National Service at the age of 20 after graduating from Junior College. If he is a polytechnic graduate, he will be enlisting into National Service at the age of 19 or 20.

Siow reportedly “touched” a fellow classmate in NUS before he was arrested for molest, but was given only “counseling” and an official “warning” from NUS.

He was suspended for only a semester for his criminal conduct during which he worked as a full-time Maths tutor earning more than $6000 monthly.

Despite the gravity of his repeated criminal offences, NUS has resisted public pressure to expel Siow, giving him only a light tap on his wrist by suspending him.

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Goh Meng Seng cursed WP to lose all their seats in the next election

Posted by temasektimes on September 27, 2019

Controversial self-appointed “opposition veteran” Goh Meng Seng has continued his vendetta against his former party WP on social media by cursing it to lose all their seats in the coming General Election!

The state media recently reported that WP stalwart Low Thia Kiang may leave his stronghold of Aljunied GRC to contest in East Coast GRC.

Goh launched an incredulous tirade against WP that it is a sign WP will lose all its seats:

“It is a sign that WP leadership knows they are going to lose both Aljunied GRC and Hougang.”

Goh added the “only reason” for WP to spread its leaders to other GRCs and SMCs is to stand a better chance of becoming NCMPs

As expected, his remarks were lambasted by netizens who poured scorn on him.

Goh was fielded as a WP candidate in Aljunied GRC in the 2006 General Election. He was reportedly told to resign by Low Thia Kiang a few months later for surfing sammyboy forum.

He joined NSP in 2011 before resigning to form his own party PPP in 2015, garnering a pathetic 22% of the votes in the General Election.

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NUS Pervert Terence Siow given probation only for touching woman’s vagina

Posted by temasektimes on September 26, 2019

A pervert from NUS Terence Siow Kai Yuan was spared a jail term and given only a probation of 21 months for molesting a 28 year old woman.

23 year old NUS pervert Terence Siow Kai Yuan

Citing her reasons, District Judge Jasvender Kaur described Terence Siow Kai Yuan’s offences as “minor intrusions” several times.

She also noted that the probation report had found Siow suitable for probation as his academic results show he has the “potential to excel in life”.

According to the state media, Siow touched the woman’s right thigh twice on board a train on the Northeast Line on 12 September last year. He then followed the woman when she alighted at Serangoon MRT station and as she was on an escalator, he stood behind her and used his finger to touch her buttocks over her shorts.

The victim Karmen Siew wrote on her Facebook that Siow ran his finger along her clitoris to her vagina.

Source: Karmen Siew’s Facebook

Deputy Public Prosecutor Benedict Chan yesterday said the prosecution objected to probation for Siow and urged the court to jail him for six weeks instead.

He noted that Siow had admitted in the probation report to committing similar acts since he enrolled in NUS in 2016.

Disagreeing with the prosecution, the judge opined there can be no doubt that there is extremely strong propensity for reform:

“He was 22 years old when he committed the offences… and the nature of the acts (is) relatively minor.”

As expected, NUS did not expel Siow due to his excellent academic results.

An NUS spokesman later told the state media that Siow faced disciplinary sanctions, including the suspension of candidature and mandatory counselling, at a Board of Discipline hearing last October.

In the meantime, Siow was reportedly enjoying his life in NUS and is expected to graduate next year.

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