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State media warns Monica Baey: Your actions may come under new ‘doxxing’ laws

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2019

Instead of getting the justice she so desperately wants for closure, Monica Baey, a victim of voyeurism may land herself in trouble with the law by publicly disclosing the identity of the voyeur!

Monica Baey was caught filming showering in hostel by a fellow NUS student Nicholas Lim on 25 November 2018 who was only given a 12 month conditional warning by the police and a 1 semester suspension by NUS.

When she tried to press for heavier punishments, she was told by the investigating officer:

“You just have to accept the outcome and move on.”

Unhappy with the law letting Nicholas off the hook, Monica took matters into her own hand by publishing her story including Nicholas Lim’s identity and photos on her instagram which sparked massive public outrage leading to him resigning his job at Great Eastern.

With the police issuing a statement in support of Nicholas, the state media has now turned on Monica Baey to silence her.

A free SPH tabloid published an article today with an ominous headline insinuating that Monica may have committed a crime with her actions:

It interviewed a few lawyers who agreed that Monica’s action could come under ‘doxxing’.

Under the new laws which will come into force in May, the information posted online can be deemed to cause harassment if the intention to do so can be proven even though Monica was a victim of a crime.

The article also suggested that Nicholas should take action against Monica if he feels that he has been harassed or alarmed by her actions while chiding her for not going through ‘proper channels’ to air her grievances.


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Lawyers question AGC’s decision not to charge Nicholas Lim, calling it “unusual”

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2019

The decision by the Attorney-General Chambers not to charge NUS student Nicholas Lim Jun Kai for filming a fellow student Monica Baey showering in a hostel as raised eyebrows among many Singaporeans.

In an interview with the state media, criminal lawyers said it is “uncommon” for even a first-time offender to be let off with just a conditional warning for a sexual voyeurism offence, which would come under the Penal Code’s Section 509, which criminalises words or gestures intended to “insult the modesty” of women.

Mr Josephus Tan from Invictus Law Corporation went as far as describing the case as “unusual”:

“A first-time offender for Section 509 Penal Code offence should generally be looking at a sentence of two to four weeks in jail per charge. This NUS case seems unusual as he was let off with a conditional stern warning without going through the judicial process at the first instance.”

Another lawyer Diana Ngiam from Quahe Woo & Palmer LLC added that in recent times, even first-time offenders are usually charged for similar acts of filming upskirt videos.

However, all lawyers agree that the Attorney-General’s Chambers has “full discretion” to decide who to charge and what to charge the person with and they do not have to provide an explanation for their decision.

As of now, there is still no explanation from the police or AGC on why Nicholas Lim was not charged.

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Police: Nicholas Lim has high likelihood of ‘rehabilitation’ and was ‘remorseful’

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2019

After maintaining a strange silence for four days over the public disquiet in the NUS sex scandal during which a NUS male student Nicholas Lim from Chemical Engineering was let off the hook literally by the law for filming a fellow student showering in hostel, the police has issued a statement to defend its decision to give him only a 12 month conditional warning.

Despite widespread public disgust over the light “punishment” received by the student, the police is adamant that its decision not to recommend prosecution is correct.

It explained that Nicholas was assessed to have a “high likelihood of rehabilitation” and was “remorseful”. In addition, no other obscene materials are found on his devices.”

“A prosecution, with a possible jail sentence, will likely ruin his entire future, with a permanent criminal record….The approach in this case is consistent with the approach taken in other cases…where conditional warnings have been given,” it added.

However, it failed to address why many other first time offenders including some NTU students were jailed without giving them a second chance. Perhaps they are deemed not “remorseful” enough and have a low likelihood of rehabilitation.

It also did not explain why NUS pedophile who filmed children relieving themselves in toilets on multiple occasions with multiple videos found on his devices in 2016 was only given a 24 month conditional warning without being charged in court.

With such a half-baked response to protect the offender instead of the victim, the police appears to be sending a message to would be perverts that they will be dealt with leniently under the law so long they have a bright future ahead of them which must not be ruined with a criminal charge.

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Ong Ye Kung passed buck to NUS while keeping mum on police’s handling of Nicholas Lim caseload

Posted by temasektimes on April 23, 2019

After maintaining a noble silence for three days, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung finally commented on the recent sex scandal engulfing the National University of Singapore (NUS) over its handling of a disciplinary case involving voyeurism.

The culprit Nicholas Lim Jun Kai, a third year Chemical Engineering student was caught filming a fellow student Monica Baey showering in the hostel, but he was only suspended from NUS for a semester and ordered to write a mandatory half-hearted “apology” letter to the victim, sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans many of whom felt the “punishment” was too light.

In a post on his Facebook page, Mr Ong said the penalties meted out by NSU were “manifestly inadequate”:

“Two nights ago, I spoke to the NUS President, and then the Board Chairman, to convey my concerns that the penalties NUS applied were manifestly inadequate in the recent sexual misconduct case. From here on, for offences that affect the safety of students on campus, we have to take a tough stand, and send a strong signal to everyone.”

In earlier statement, NUS said it has a “second strike and you are out” policy for sexual misconduct cases which is criticized by Mr Ong:

“Two strikes and you are out cannot be the standard application. NUS has to make its campus safe for all students, especially female students.”

However, Mr Ong failed to address the elephant in the room which is the 12 month conditional warning given by the police to Nicholas Lim instead of charging him in court as in the case with similar offenders in the past.

Disciplinary actions taken by schools usually take cue from the outcome of police investigations. It defies logic to expect NUS to expel Nicholas Lim when he was only given a warning from the police.

When Monica tried to appeal for a heavier sentence, she was told by her investigation officer literally word for word:

“You just have to accept the outcome.”

Source: Monica Baey’s Facebook

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Nicholas Lim forced to resign from Great Eastern!

Posted by temasektimes on April 22, 2019

Disgraced 3rd year Chemical Engineering student Nicholas Lim Jun Kai has been forced to tender his resignation from Advisors’ Clique, an agency within Great Eastern!

Nicholas Lim was accused of filming a fellow NUS student Monica Baey showering in the hostel on 25 November 2018.

Despite the gravity of his criminal act, he was only given a 12 month conditional warning by the police and suspended for one semester by NUS.

During his suspension, he worked as a financial consultant at Advisors’ Clique. According to his ex-colleagues, he is friendly, out-going and hardworking and they were shocked to read about his NUS “exploits” online.

In a press release on its Facebook page, Great Eastern wrote that Nicholas has been placed on “immediate suspension” after which he tendered his resignation.

In the meantime, facing unprecedented public pressure and a snowballing PR disaster, NUS is forced to conduct a townhall meeting this coming Thursday to discuss the scandal even as it vowed it will not reopen Nicholas Lim’s case.

Despite the massive public outrage, there is still no comment from the police or Law Ministry on why Nicholas was let off with only a warning when many others committing similar offenses before him were given jail terms.

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NUSSU: Justice needs to consider the pervert as well!

Posted by temasektimes on April 22, 2019

In an appalling statement on the Monica Baey’s case, NUSSU, the student union of NUS tried to protect Nicholas Lim who was accused of filming Monica showering in the hostel:

“…justice needs to consider both the victim and the perpetrator, and needs to be proportionate.”

It also urged fellow students not to harass Nicholas Lim as if he is now the victim.

Listing down the the “punishments” meted out by NUS on Nicholas, it continues to parrot an earlier statement by NUS that Nicholas has been adequately dealt with by the university and the case is considered closed.

While past offenders of similar offences are usually sent to jail, Nicholas was only given a 12 month conditional warning, prompting an outrage among many Singaporeans who questioned if justice was really served.

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Nicholas Lim’s girlfriend asked Monica Baey not to pursue case against him!

Posted by temasektimes on April 21, 2019

Her boyfriend was caught filming another girl showering at a NUS hostel toilet, but instead of being angry at him, she tried to get the victim to stop pursuing the matter!

In an interview with Chinese tabloid Lianhe Wanbao, the victim NUS student Monica Baey revealed that after she caught 3rd year Chemical Engineering student Nicholas Lim filming her showering, his girlfriend messaged her to have a “talk” in her room imploring her not to pursue the matter as it was his first offence. She also defended him that he committed the act because he watched too many pornographic films!

After Monica revealed his identity online, Nicholas called her boyfriend asking if she intended to “ruin his future”! Monica also received anonymous threats online not to pursue the matter as Nicholas Lim’s parents are “powerful people with connections”!

Snapshot from Lianhe Wanbao

Such voyeuristic acts of filming women showering usually warrant a jail term, but Nicholas was only given a 12 month conditional warning by the police and a one semester suspension by NUS, sparking a massive public outcry over the authorities’ handling of the case.

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Khaw: The pain I suffered from fall is worse than childbirth!

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2019

Appearing at a public function for the first time after his surgery for a shoulder fracture, PAP Minister Khaw Boon Wan tried to win public sympathy by complaining that the pain he “suffered” from the fall and surgery is “worse” than childbirth!

Screengrab from Lianhe Zaobao

Speaking to the state media on the sidelines of a community event at his constituency, Khaw said his doctor told him the pain was worse than childbirth:

“The pain from the fall is worse than childbirth! I urge everybody to be careful!”

Khaw has been on medical leave for the past few weeks after his surgery.

He is still being paid by taxpayers at about $200000 monthly even during his absence from work.

Singaporeans must be relieved to see him back at work after a long deserved “rest”.

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Old HDB flats with 30 years lease left still retain “value”: Heng Swee Keat

Posted by temasektimes on March 20, 2019

Following a massive public outcry over the lease decay and depreciating value of HDB flats, another PAP Minister has stepped forward to assuage public disquiet.

Speaking at a property conference on Tuesday, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat was adamant that HDB flats will still retain “value” when its owner has turned 85 years old.

Using the example of a 25 year old Singaporean buying a 99 year leasehold HDB flat, Heng said there will be still be more than 30 years of lease left when the owner turns 85, the average life expectancy in Singapore.

He also lambasted critics who said HDB dwellers are merely tenants instead of owners.

“This debate that is going on…people saying ‘No, this is a terrible hoax…this is macam like rental’, I mean, come on, get real,” he was quoted as saying but the state media.

Most Singaporeans have been sold on the misconception that HDB flats are an “asset” whose value will appreciate over time by the PAP regime only to get a shock of their lives when they were told by PAP Housing Minister Lawrence Wong that their flats will be returned to the state with zero compensation when their lease ends.

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Liberalisation of CPF for elderly to buy old flats will create more problems in the future

Posted by temasektimes on March 13, 2019

I will be straight talking, blunt even, with my comment.

The liberalisation of CPF to enable elderly people to buy older flats that was recently announced in Parliament by Lawrence Wong is, I my opinion, a most irresponsible and despicable policy. It is sucidial, to say the least. Let me explain.

To begin, old people do not have many more economically productive years left in them. When their CPF savings are used to buy an alearly old flat, they deplete much further their retirement funds to buy an old and very fast lease decaying flat and going forward in the not many years ahead, what they will be left with will be a grossly inadequate CPF retirement fund, a very old flat that they cannot monetised or sell to anyone except to sell back to the government and they may end up with no place to stay if they do that and their health most likely will also start to to give them problems and more. Then what? It is not hard to envisage the dire consequences one after another being played out. I ask loudly if this new policy is designed to help our elderly people own their own flats with a peace of mind or to help HDB sell their old flats to old people and make used of old people as suckers? I repeat. Honestly, is this policy designed to help our old people own their flats with a peace of mind or to help HDB sell their old flats to old people and make used of them as suckers?

There are basically 2 types of Singaporeans. The first type just think that the government looks after them and the second type of Singaporeans are smarter because they Really Think. This selfish and cunning policy which is a minefield of booby traps, if allow to continue unimpeded, must sow plenty of social problems, more specifically, resulting in alot, alot of our elderly people ended up in desperate straits going forward. Think!

I thank you all for reading my post again.

Via: Simon Lim

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