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Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL

Posted by temasektimes on April 18, 2012

A Singapore girl Zheng Huiting (pic left) sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace with an insensitive comment posted on the Facebook of a friend who shared a link on the unfortunate death of a full-time National Serviceman (NSF) yesterday.

21 years old Private (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron from the 3rd Battalion of the Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR) collapsed and died during training in Lim Chu Kang yesterday.

A statement from the Defence Ministry said he lost consciousness soon after at 12.33pm.

Mindef said an SAF medic attended to him immediately.

Private Lee was sent to Sungei Gedong Medical Centre at 12.46pm and then to the National University Hospital (NUH) at 1.03pm.

An SAF doctor continued to resuscitate him in the ambulance en route to the hospital.

He was pronounced dead at 2.05pm at NUH.

This is the third reported death involving SAF personnel this year. The earlier two involved an NS man in January, and a full-time NS man in March.

In response to a link to a Straits Times article posted on the Facebook of a friend, Huiting wrote:

“Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

(LOL: Laugh Out Loud)

Her comments infuriated many NSFs, one of whom started a thread on Hardwarezone forum calling her to be ‘burn in hell’. (read more here)

According to information posted on her Facebook, Zheng Huiting graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2007 after which she pursued her studies at the Queensland University of Technology. She last worked at Voyage de la Vie at Resorts World Sentosa for about a year.

It is not known if she is currently living in Singapore or Brisbane, Australia. Her boyfriend Kelvin Ong is currently serving his NS as a combat engineer.

All Singapore men have to served two years of National Service followed by more than 10 years of reservist to protect the nation. Women, on the other hand, are exempted from NS and enter university and the workforce earlier than men.

Below is the photo of Lee Rui Feng. He would have a bright future ahead of him if he was not enlisted into NS to serve the likes of Zheng Huiting:

Rest in Peace, our dear brother:


483 Responses to “Singapore girl laughs at NSF who died during training: Singaporeans too weak? LOL”

  1. Kelvin Tay said

    make girls serve NS 1st and she will be the 1st to die..we guys give our 2 years to the nation and given them 2 years headstart for degree/work..

    • joey said

      yes but men also get paid more in the workforce, so the whole ‘headstart’ thing is made up for.

      • Nik said

        How much more? $200? $300? You naive fool. You think a mere few hundreds of dollars more each month is enough to make up for the 2 years spent? We lose so much more in terms of opportunity cost and in this case of PTE Lee Rui Feng, his precious life.

      • everostentatious said

        how exactly does entering the workforce later, at an entry level, garner more pay than someone who’s already been working for 2 – 3 years? notwithstanding the fact that all employers now only want to hire people “with experience”. please don’t kid yourself.

      • everostentatious said

        how exactly does entering the workforce 2 years later, at the entry level, garner more pay than someone who’s already chalked up 2 years or more of experience?

      • Brian said

        Being paid more in the workforce doesn’t just make up for 2 years of time. Compared to opportunity cost- time lost, chances missed, the amount that men are paid more pales in comparison. But this is not the point.

        Having made a ridicule of Singaporean men who do a mandatory two years, and women who answered to the call of the nation, she has failed to understand the true sacrifice that the servicemen and women have made since the start of The Enlistment Act. Disrespectful, immature as she is, she has also failed to empathize that the servicemen’s parents’ have lost a son, his siblings’ a brother and his friends’ a confidante.

        For the rest of Singaporeans for whom I hope to be able to speak for, our hearts go out to Lee Rui Feng, who unfortunately passed away while fulfilling his duty to the nation. May he forever, rest in peace.

      • JH said

        Time > Money my friend.

      • sdgsdg said

        who says so? which industry do u work in. are u a m.o.r.o.n.

      • John said

        no joey, thats not true. Get your facts straight

      • kenny said

        everyone are paid based on their abilities, if not u think private co will pay more to men because of NS ?

      • Joey (i’ll assume you’re a girl), I’ll gladly give up the “extra” pay to not serve any NS or Reservist liabilities. 2 years NS, 13-15 years reservist, plus need to train for IPPT or RT or IPT every year. You think it’s worth the small extra pay we get? Not to mention all those alert ember. Who do you think loses work hours when the green flashing man goes onto your tv screen?

        That said. I won’t go so far as to say all girls are like this. I’m sure she (Huiting) is the exception and not the norm.

      • Anonymous said

        oh sure, 2 years more experience is worthless.

      • Joel said

        That is provided you work in the govt sector. Private sectors don’t give a S***.
        Also, NS doesn’t count as work experience. Girls will have 2 years more work experience. Which is ALOT considering plenty of jobs out there want at least 2 years worth of work experience. In that 2 years, you could get a pay rise that exceeds our starting pay, together with your work experience.
        That little ‘headstart’ doesn’t count for nuts.

        I’m not saying that we should not serve, just that it is we don’t like seeing our female counterparts getting ahead of us.

      • Mike said

        It’s only made up for if you’re working in the public service, which employs “some 127,000” out of a labour force of 3.1 million. If you’re working in the private sector (which I doubt) you’ll come to realise the only thing that matters is what value you bring to the company (unlike staff working in stat boards and ministries). They don’t give two shits about whether you were the best at whatever it was you did during national service.

        In summary, the whole ‘headstart’ thing is definitely not made up for.

      • mike said

        are you kidding or are you really that ignorant? the only men who get a higher starting pay are those working in government jobs. don’t expect to get a higher pay just because you served ns if you are looking for a job in the private sector.
        and even if i do get higher pay it merely puts me at the same salary range as girls my age. it does not make up for the income I could have potentially earned.
        that being said, i just wanted to point out where you are wrong. it doesn’t mean i agree that girls should start serving ns.

      • ketsuko said

        The “extra” pay is only in Singapore. Not elsewhere.
        And even so, woman earn much more in the same time span as compared to men.

      • tommy yeo said

        It fuckkng depends on which kind of industry you work for. In the eyecare/optical industry where I work in, there is no higher pay for males! Quit giving bullshit when you’re not aware of certain things!

      • Mark said

        That’s not true… OK use Grad scale pay… Girl Entry SGD$1,800. x 30 months headstart sans bonus = SGD$54,000
        Guys come in later get paid SGD$2,100… so what? Girl has 2 years experience, worked hard, promoted leow… u think the promoted pay is SGD$2,100? or more? The time, experience and money cannot be compensated unless man does a lot better over time, and can accelerate promotion… Free market and open competition yes… first 3 years, lose for sure.

        Got lots of government sponsored foreigner scholars (No NS) go in same time as the female 18 year olds, also out in the workforce…

        And now got FT coming in willing to do same job for SGD$1,500

        good thing our market still expanding and have more vaccancies than fresh graduates at this time (not choiciest, but still got vaccancies – you choose, you lose…

        die leow…

      • shawn said

        because we clearly demonstrate a higher level of maturity

      • JJ said

        sorry the paid more is bs~~~ its peanuts… some sg women are so pampered and notorious for being materialistic, guys in sg are more and more looking for overseas women and partners…( notice I said some, not all, so if you are one of them, reply :P) cos they gotten their degree n everything already far ahead of guys… well this is life in SG.

      • Alan Ho said

        EXTRA PAY only in government sector, you’re lucky if the private sector hires you despite of your reservist needs.

        We lose out to local females, to foreigners who has NS liabilities. Since govt is pro-foreigners and talent, why not pay them to do the 2 years + the pathetic allowance 😀

      • S said

        Excuse me, the so called headstart pay only applies to certain MNC and public sector. Let me know when you find a SME that provides this headstart pay.

      • jenki said

        not sure where you get that idea from. you really think we get any more than girls? every job i’ve applied to doesnt give a shit whether you served NS or not.

        the only reason why we even get more salary when we apply for govt sector job, is because that 2 years is considered “working” and the extra we get is considered “annual increment”.

        and the increment is given as long as u serve NS, whether or not you are male or female. you want that extra few hundred bucks, go volunteer for NS.

      • jon said

        Joey you’re really a fool. The higher pay only applies to the public sector and some other industries. Even so, its only a token sum (a few hundred, i’m not sure of the exact amount) which does not come close to a true compensation of the years of sacrifice we go through.

        Not to mention the fact that the reservist obligation is viewed negatively in the eyes of foreign managers (“precious” foreign who probably never went through NS, or any form of military service for that matter). To them, hiring a Singaporean male with reservist obligations is less favourable as compared to females, or the “precious” foreign talents with no reservist obligations. To them, reservist only leads to disruptions and inconveniences for the company work flow. That’s what you get when you have foreign managers who cannot understand why Singaporean men have reservist in the first place – to protect people in Singapore (including them)

        RIP Rui Feng. Hope you’re in a better place.

      • lame said

        If you guys complain so much about serving NS just because of future pay issue, then leave Singapore. You guys are not even grateful of the fact that your ancestors died and suffered for this very land that we are living in right now.

      • beaconofknowledgebiatch said

        I am a guy and was at first pissed that girls get those extra two years. But then again, while we men keep moving up the ladder (hopefully) till retirement, chicks plateau once they have kids.

        Of course there are the crazed chicks who don’t have kids. And then those who start their own business. But guys can do that too.

        True story.

      • just a thought said

        Lol joey u just got slammed for thinking it’s still fair between Singaporean guys and ladies. Even if ladies has the biological obligation of pregnancy, it falls down to a matter of choice in whether to get married or get pregnant (unless you got shotgunned without protection). NS for guys, never a choice unless we go to the extreme of getting Pes status or emigrate to somewhere else.

      • Joeymyass said

        HEY BITCH, I will take the head start and lower salary, while you can go offer yourself for fucking NS and other SAF reservist shit!

      • Haley said

        What kind of fark up theory is this with man are paid more? Where did you hear this shit? You leaving in 1912 or 2012?

      • Joeyyourass said

        Aiya, people like you are like the girl here -.- you also go make comment ba, then we all track you down make your boyfriend famous also.

      • anonymous said

        i agree with him,despite losing 2 years of work exp,we used that time for OUR country.think abt it,w/o NS,singapore will be weak and open to be attacked,that’s why is previous ‘cher(female) said that when another ‘cher(male) joined the education at the same time,he was paid more by a few hundreds than her,so this is the evidence that the govt tried to make NS more appealing(she dont do propaganda fyi.maybe the higher pay only in govt workforce).to summarize:never go NS
        2 years work exp,
        (that’s all??!!)
        got go NS:
        higher pay,
        received a badge after 10(or more,i cant rmb) years upon NS guaduation(learnt from recently opened NS museum),
        giving our country protection and safety for others,
        for me,i am willing to go NS ‘cos i want to serve my country,a 1st world country with great safety compare to others,give us education,affordable meals and world-class healthcare.i am proud of my country and the country is proud of me and the 4.7 mil s’poreans.
        remember,there are no free lunch in this world.(referring abt the things s’pore gave us which cant be found from most of the other countries)

      • Get-ur-bloody-facts-right said

        ur so-called headstart applies for all who serve NS, not male that serve NS.

        What’s so great about it? If u think that it is really so great, go sign up for it, wth r u waiting for?

      • Leon said

        What paid more?its up to your own ability & experience,dumb nitwit! Try serving the army or at least a nurse in the hosiptal for free,the bank that I used to work for paid men & women the same!

      • Leon said

        Stop blaming NS to substitute your stupidity and incapability of getting a higher pay,I reckon your boss base your pay on what’s in your head(& in this case I can see there’s none),hence you presume men’s pay after NS is higher than women’s.loads of bullcrap I’m sorry! Get your freaking facts right before trying to standup for ya fellow biatches!

      • harmeet said

        smd man, disgusting, she should get a life and probably some surgery too. ugly bitch

      • Judah said

        Chill guys. The majority consensus is that: we dedicate 2years of our lives to the nation. If we have ungrateful souls, or foolish immature people who retort that we are reinbursed someway or another, then let them continue their foolish thinking. For those who have served, we all know, good or bad, we have done something for the nation, at our youth, will do something for our nation, when we start work, and will continue to serve our nation otherwise. Those little imbeciles are less worthy than us to the nation, in terms of contribution.

      • Jerry said

        Then I’ll just say Joey is just another naive female Singaporean…..

      • bb said

        Eh? Joey reply lei,why? don’t know how to reply after what the rest has said is it? Please use your BRAIN to think first before you type it down. Same goes to those girls who always likes to bring up those “Blood” issue. Please take a look at who brought this issue up because no link to this topic. Lets look at things and talk about it objectively can?

      • cannotstanddumbpeople said

        haha! Is this statement from a girl??? damn dumb. Go and calculate the opportunity costs for the 2 years, dumb girl

      • Jimmyeatsworld said

        Errrrr? Pls tell me when u start a company.

      • natalie said

        Not denying any guy’s contribution to the nation, but childbearing and pregnancy is not easy fit either. Opp cost of leave, career opportunities. No doubt there are monetary benefits, but it’s not equivalent. Just saying haha.

      • Hello said

        Joey, just hide urself in a cave..

      • Jayeen said

        there is a reason why girls do not have to serve the army.
        Firstly, the obvious reason of most males being physically stronger than females. thats something that we can’t help it. we are made this way.
        Secondly, imagine the whole batch of 18 year olds both females and males being call upon for army for 2 years. that’ll be a whole chunk of potential young adults being pulled out of the workforce and that imagine how much it would cost for our economy!
        Working, other than just earning income for yourself, we are in fact contributing to the growth of our economy.

        So, guys or girls. either way, as Singaporeans, we are all contributing to our home; just in different ways. Perhaps it may be tougher for our guys in physical terms, it doesn’t make any gender more worthy or worthless than the other.

      • farid said

        i had serve ns with the army 1st SIR. so kelvin brought up about women serving ns. think about it, from experience even men had to endure the physical demands of bmt at start. the outfield and route marches for example. i have seen even the fittest of my section mate struggle completing the outfield and route marches. i mean the load we carry and distance we cover, for us men is a struggle already. imagine our girlfriends doing it. i can’t imagine it. what about you? let us men be the better half and not let 1 insensitive comment from a girl spark an online rage.

        i just want to share with all singaporeans that we are fortunate to live in a peaceful country in singapore. i just think we singaporeans take that freedom for granted at times. freedom comes with responsibility. our government surely think so. if not then they wouldn’t have care to make it mandatory for all singaporean men to be enlisted when they turn 18. that sense of responsibility has seen our government spend billions of dollars on machinery and equipment to safeguard our country. so when i say freedom comes with responsibility: huiting, if you are reading this, everyone is free to express themselves. like for example, commenting online. but be responsible when you do it. i hope the public can end this rage as she is still young and will learn from this experience.

        if there is to be a war in our time, then we men will defend our country to care for our family. let our women do their part to care for our children.

      • LL said

        Oh come on, some of you guys speak as if you don’t draw pay during NS. And please, it’s never about the money or opportunity cost alright? I believe there are guys who are exempted from NS, plus all your female friends who graduate 2 years earlier. Do you really see them having multiple promotions in just 2 years? Perhaps there are, but one in few hundreds? It’s all about performance at work guys. All the skills from those training and the network you gained during your 2 years in NS are very precious. You might not know these skills and the network of friends could be your crucial stepping stones to success, or they might just save your own life.

      • Clara said

        Hey guys, calm down.
        I get it, I get that it is unfair that you have to do NS and females like me can skip it.
        Then again, it is unfair that I was born a girl. The list goes on on what you guys can do and what girls can’t do.
        Trust me, the lists exists. If you don’t know, you probably are not a girl.
        You want to whine about 2 years of pain? How about limitations for life?
        If you don’t know and you are a girl, you are just dumb/stupid.

    • Moh said

      And all we Singaporeans know best is to complain. Cmon guys, let us ALL change. 2 years experience? 2 years NS? In the end, if we work hard (and stop complaining) for ourselves, seize every opportunity that comes, I’m pretty sure that sooner or later, we’ll get where we want to be. No need for comparisons, because in the end, if you’re content with your own life, then who gives a shit about who earn more?

      • Ryan said

        I agree with moh that working hard and being contented is key to being happy. What good does it bring from all the non value added complaints. Yes, huiting comment can be immature and frustrating to see,.but the same can be said to the complaints made by people about serving the nation.

      • FUCKSAF said

        No honey, Singapore guys are unhappy that they need to waste time serving what fucking NS while all these ungrateful cunts and fucking foreigners are getting all the jobs!

      • hsenkiv89 said

        WELL SAID FUCKSAF!!!! So darn true!!!

    • Renee said

      Just suck it up guys, you guys serve NS while girl bleeds every month and not forget the process of giving birth?

      It is not us girls that determine how much you guys should get paid please…


      As a girl i think that Singapore girl Zheng Huiting is simply too insensitive and talk w/o her brain. What is Singaporeans too weak? Life and Death is just one thin line apart, perhaps she have yet to lost anyone close to her.

      • Alan Chan said

        not picking up a fight, just stating the facts.

        I’m sorry but thats not a good comparison:-

        1) not all men in the world need to serve NS, but all women in the world bleed month (ask your creator why women need to bleed, we are not responsible for that)

        2) while all able men need to server NS, not all women would give birth (look at our low birth rate)

      • John said

        Well said, Renee! I fully agree

      • ian said

        girls bleed every month and have to go through birth process , this is decided by god. not by our govt.

        what IS under their control though…well. read everyone else’s comments.

      • QUEENIE said

        Alan, no one is asking you to compare with other country. you are a singaporean, so suck it up. if you dun wan to do NS and feel its unfair, then leave singapore. (dont tell me if i feel unfair, nxt time i dont give birth. )

        Not all women will give birth? There are guys who chao geng in army also right. =.- when you try to debate, do better.

        Having said these, i never once feel being NSF is easy, and i do appreciate. #Justsaying

      • Christopher said

        Renee- Its kinda stupid to bring bleeding and everything in here. Its what god gave you…well god didn’t say we must serve ns…get my point!!
        Alan- Well said!!

      • QYU said

        Alan Chan, my gawd. ure in idiot.

        cant believe this. instead of feeling sorry for PTE Lee, his family and loved ones, people here are debating about the unfairness of girls not having to serve NS.


      • maroonpiggy said

        then go and ask the government why men have to serve ns? If singaporeans do not want a safe country to live in, goverment can just wash their hand and let all the people do what they like.

      • May said

        If you guys are so unhappy about it, then downgrade yourself to PES E.

        Purpose of serving NS is to ensure that one day if Singapore is being attacked, everyone (wife, children, gf and family) can rely on you guys to protect the country… so stop whining please!

      • Jin said

        Kinda funny how some girls love to bring bleeding into the topic. Well, studies have found that your monthly bleeding is the reason why women in general has more years to live compared to men. So I think it’s like serving NS for girls in a way where u bleed every month for 25 years and live about 10 years longer than men. The difference is that the rewards are much better for monthly bleeding compared to mandatory National Service. So hopefully that puts the bleeding issue to rest.

        When you bring up the issue regarding women giving birth, it’s a choice whether you want to do it or not. Since you are not forced into giving birth, I think it’s a different topic altogether when it comes to mandatory National Service. Speaking about cases where NS men “chao geng”, I think it’s the equivalent of women going for alternative birth methods like cesarean. However, the issue is still not solved – mandatory NS.

        I’m sorry to say this but I think the way you frame your words are as insensitive as Zheng Huiting. Guys will still serve the nation for the next 100 years to come but “sucking it up” isn’t the right mindset that a nation should have. I think simply speaking, all men would be happy to feel appreciated by girls like you. You don’t know how important that is.

        Hopefully after reading my post, people will stop bringing up irreverent issues like monthly bleeding and birth giving versus mandatory NS.

      • Darren said

        Oh Renee, how do you explain the falling birth rates if women in Singapore wants to give birth.

        to Queenie,

        1. Leaving Singapore just because you do not want to serve NS? What about your parents and loved ones. Leaving Singapore is the only option if your parents are rich.

        2. Even if we chao geng, we clearly have no choice of skipping army and doing something that we like.

        When you try to debate next time, do better. Please back up with stats of the number of guys perceived to chao keng in army.

      • Peter said

        Not sure why this girl is bringing up a pointless issue into a topic like this.
        NS is mandatory. Giving birth is a choice.

        My condolences to this young man and his family,
        his life and future lost to military training. Rest in peace.

      • LLST said

        i knew it, some girls just like to bring bleeding into the picture.
        u bleed cannot chiong suah, nvm. go be nurse lo, got war means got casualties.

        what crap !

      • Whatever said

        Aiyo laugh die me la….. giving birth? bitch* please! who will get pregnant with yo? bleeding? bleed nia, most ppl find it normal u still wan bring it out…. *ah ma ah ma~ i bleeding argghh~* like that?

      • WhatAMoron said

        Renee, why so shallow? How could you compare something of a biological aspect to NS? NS(Conscription) on the other hand is by the government.

      • Renee Tan said

        Alan: I am also not trying to pick a fight here, I am also pissed with this zheng huiteng’s comment but all i see here is Men trying to use NS and complain about income and say how unfair it is. Not all women can give birth? Do u know how much is it to raise a kid? Why is it that we have one of the lowest birth rates? It is not we don’t want to give birth is because we simple can’t afford it please.

        I cannot blame anyone for our painful menstruation cycle and I cannot blame that only girls give birth because this is how we are made.. thats why NOTHING IS FAIR. Yes, some countries NS is not compulsory, if you are so unhappy you can always 1)Down Pes 2)Get the fuck out of this country because we did not make it compulsory the govt did.

        Christopher: Merely trying to say there is no point to sulk about losing 2 years freedom and blame girls for the difference of income. Bringing in menstruation and birth cycle issue I am trying to say that nothing is fair so don’t compare.

        Jin: Merely trying to say there is no point to sulk about losing 2 years freedom and blame girls for the difference of income. Bringing in menstruation and birth cycle issue I am trying to say that nothing is fair so don’t compare.

        Darren: Nobody can choose the place of birth, every person has their own responsibilities and obligations. Would you rather to be born in other countries like Iraq/South Africa then?

        The main point is now about the NSF that passed away and a Singaporean girl made an insensitive remarks but you guys are diverting the topic.

        Whatever it is.. Thank you guys for doing your part in protecting the country and I know it can be quite torturous to endure 2 years of inflexible regime of NS and RIP Lee Rui Feng…

      • Oh please said

        Oh Renee you lovely troll, feminist as hell and also ignorant as dirt, bringing up biological processes that affect each and every female in the whole who has gone through puberty in the world as a stand. God knows you are the one taking the common “giving birth” excuse to seemly validate your debate though you may be unmarried and such.

        Seriously are you trolling or simply a nincompoop. Has education (if you ever got any) wrecked your brain beyond the ability to think straight?

        Are you being a keyboard warrior right here, commenting and rooting your stand on the tragic news of someone’s death?

        I will be the one saying “Your son too weak? LOL” if/when your son eventually appears in a similar article to this if you even have a son, or when this happens to any of your beloved kins.

        And to QUEENIE, who do you think you are? A goddess? or perhaps a proud representative of the female population, to demand a citizen who has served or is serving NS to leave the country? Should I direct this right in your face as well?

        “Queenie, no one is asking you to make insensitive comments about something you don’t even have to do. you are a woman, so shut it up. if you think men complain too much despite continuing NS and feel its unfair even though you can sit back and start work, then leave singapore.

        Finally to QYU, take a very very good look. Yes, consult a professional if your command in English doesn’t allow you to understand fully what Alan has mentioned.

        1) “not all men in the world need to serve NS…”
        2) “while all able men need to server NS, not all women would give birth (look at our low birth rate)”

        Now look again and try to understand that none of his words here has mentioned about “debating about the unfairness of girls not having to serve NS.” DO NOT SIMPLY make a statement and attempt to infuriate the rest with your assumable aim of feeling accomplished.

        If you do feel that “Zheng Huiting” is not insensitive, you have just made yourself as insensitive or worse off than Zheng Huiting herself. Feel proud about it.

        Earnestly, do females casting rage comments and absolutely senseless comments here to feel secure? Or perhaps feel accomplished that she successfully bashed the male population? Should you have such an attitutude, save the absurd mandatory pain to even give birth. You’re not fit to be a mother NOT because of the NS issue but your pestiferous attitude.

        I hope this wall of text has delivered some sense. Yes, I hope you even read this.

      • gabriel said

        guys, the bleeding thing renee brought up was just an example. the point here is, NOTHING IS FAIR. so please stop whining! we really appreciate your efforts in keeping us safe, but please stop whining

      • SEE TOW said

        stupid bitch may even if you downgrade to pes e still must serve two years. your brains grow in your backside is it? stupid bitch

      • cannotstanddumbpeople said

        Lol, tell you all something, the fact that there is gender equality already upsets the equality and balances in Singapore at least. The reason why there’s low birthrate is pretty darn obvious. Not just rising costs, but the resentment to stay committed and wanting to have “freedom”. Seriously, rising cost is not really an issue if u are willing to give up on some luxury u yourself own. I am not just saying girls, but guys as well, be willing to give up something for the child.

        Still, NS is a waste of 2 years for most of us with no appreciation from the society. Unless u sign on, u will never know what is NS and u girls are thinking, “hey, why are u guys whining?” Come on, where’s the sensitivity that girls are suppose to have?
        Just step out of the house, at your neighbourhood and go ask the girls, how many are willing to give birth? Seriously, you all have no rights to comment bout NS while not being in it, go sign on man., bleeding and NS…are totally unlinked. If u want to talk about bleeding, u girls won’t die like how we will die in NS, so, please don’t link your bleeding here, it’s disrespectful for the deceased. And girls nowadays has serious problems, they don’t know when to shut their mouths. Just look at the NYP racist girl, look at adelyn hosebo, so many examples out there.

        And the reason why there’s a divert of topic is because of the stupid comments below and above, most probably by girls. What about “more pay”, what “bleeding”. Please la, the topic now is about insensitivity, and maybe coming up with analysis and solutions on how to stop behaviour from individuals like “Zheng Hui Ting” will be more apt and objective.

        Lastly, there are always good girls, but only a small handful of them, certainly some who posted here aren’t the good ones. If I have a choice, I would rather get girls from other country than in Singapore. Too many “Princess” syndrome out there, and too many bimbos like Zheng Hui Ting.

        My Condolences to the deceased.

      • Renee Tan said

        whatamoron: exactly then why u all so shallow wanna compare income and whine. We did not set all this damn rules, everyone is born in different body different family background. Some born in rich family fed with silver spoon and some have to study hard to get scholarship but as long as you work hard enough you will be rewarded with what you deserve.

        Guys may have a lost in a headstart but that does not mean you will lose out to girls. You work hard enough you will get what you deserve.

      • Jimmyeatsworld said

        At least u dun have to bleed to death. This young chap don’t even have to bleed, and lost his life. Which is worst?

      • DUMBBITCHREENE! said

        What fucking stupid argument is that???? If you are born in a country without NS as a girl, YOUR VAGINA DON’T BLEED??????

        I’m amazed by the stupidity of SOME Singapore girls, you can go plug yourself with a carrot to stop the bleed, you stupid cunt!

      • Alexis said

        @Renee Are u f*cking stupid or what? If giving birth is so tough, don’t give birth! It is as simple as that. Why are u comparing giving birth & your monthly cycle to the cause of serving and protecting the country? You seem to take it for granted that males sacrificing 2 years of their youth and subsequent time in reservist as a given. It’s not!

        You are a part of the nation and by right, you should do your part and sacrifice for the country but you’re not. And giving birth is NOT a sacrifice for the nation. If you go to 7-11 to buy a cup noodle, do you consider yourself sacrificing for the nation because you contribute to the economy of Singapore? No! Your statement of comparison between giving birth and national service is simply ludicrous and hopelessly flawed. And you talked about “responsibilities and obligations” like you have a clue when you have done absolutely nothing for the greater good of this country. I’m not even going to venture into the debate of whether females should be doing national service.

        @Queenie “#justsaying”. Firstly, this isn’t twitter. Secondly, next time you make a statement, please ‘do better’. I failed to see a coherent link between ‘chao keng’ in army and ‘not all girls will give birth’. I failed to understand the point you’re trying to get across. Is there a relevance between malingering and refusing to take public transport? Is there a relevance between malingering and refusal to eat fast food? And you say you ‘do appreciate it’ but the very statement of your comparison of national service to an individual’s refusal to have a child seems to imply otherwise. Perhaps you have failed to grasp the meaning of selfless sacrifice.

        Your words “suck it up” implies that anyone who has grievance or discontent or feel that he/she has been rightfully wronged should just put up with it and simply blame it on the fact that he/she is born a singaporean and by that it constitutes that he/she has no rights to voice out his/her discontent. Because after all, you’re not the person who has to “suck it up” and therefore your lack of empathy for he/she is apparent, leading you to say such insensitive words. Who are you to tell someone to put up with their misery and not do anything about it? Who are you to judge an individual for the issues he/she is struggling to deal with? A lack of respect and understanding pretty much sums up your comments. And you claimed that you “do appreciate”. That is laughable because your callous words make you no different from “Huiting”.

      • Ivan said

        Your entire argument is out of context Renee. From what I’ve been reading so far, they are merely commenting that the 2 years is such a pain, and to be even mocked by females who do not even need to enter NS at all is such a joke. Comparing giving birth/bleeding to NS is the worst analogy ever. U have to read and understand the crux of people’s statement and not take 1 line and make it the pinpoint of the entire argument. Your mindset is entirely flawed. If you want to whine about guys should just suck it up, why dont you girls go try serving the 2 years instead? It doesnt mean that we dont suck it up and serve, it means that people like you should not even comment about us serving NS. WE ARE ALREADY SUCKING IT UP AND SERVING. If you like to compare, at least compare something that is on the same level as your “giving birth”. Ask God for a penis, that’s something of the same level as your argument. Dont take something that is determined by our government and compare it to you giving birth. It makes entirely no sense at all. I am not saying that we should not serve the 2 years, I’m just saying that your comparison is the dumbest thing i’ve heard, no offence:)

      • Ivan said

        BTW, it starts off with kelvin saying that we already take off 2 years while women have a 2 years headstart and this is what we get from them. I assume your friend Joey( cos you 2 seems to argue on the same boat ) said something about we have an increased pay as a result of the late start anyway. That is when everyone is raging at what she said. You coming in and linking it to giving birth really just show how LOL some girls can really argue.

      • Liting said

        Pointless to explain to a bunch of raging guys.

        Whatever that Huiteng said does not represent Singapore females at all. No wonder they say females are more mature than males.

        You guys cannot even accept female opinions here and is still at the topic of unfairness… what is the point of whining? Too bad lah it is not compulsory for females to go NS and even if we do go for NS I probably think we still earn more than you guys.

        Singaporean men are not weak.. they are just a bunch of sexist whiners that cannot see both side of the coin.

      • Alexis said

        @Liting I guess you’re just delusional to conclude that females are more mature than males. So much for your “maturity”

      • Ivan said

        @Liting What the hell are you even talking about? What are you explaining about? Do you know how this argument started in the first place? Do you know what the people here are arguing about? What female opinions do you want us to accept? That there is a relation between serving NS and giving birth? Have you read the comments before trying to reply? Kindly dont reply and scroll up and start reading so that you know what you’re talking about. Dont disgrace yourself here by reading a few comments then jumping to your own conclusion.

      • Dref Slawe said

        My condolences to the deceased NSF soldier. I feel sorrow, for the passing of a fellow Singaporean and a potentially good friend should he have survived the training.

        However, I feel that it’s unfair for this girl to take all the flak, even from the female population of Singapore. There are two main factors.
        1) One needs to have experienced NS to truly understand the pain and suffering that our brothers have to go through.
        2) She posted her comment on a social networking site. (Remember Sun Xu?)

        I think that raising these two points alone should be enough and that I need not say more. I would love to discuss this in detail but I am too stupid to do so.

        This thread is less of a discussion and more of a random group of people shouting angry words at one another.

        I agree that things are unfair. Each and everyone of us suffer or benefit a bit more or less from the laws of nature and the laws of human civilization. Hence, we tend to rationalize these sufferings and benefits. Now what I see here is you guys throwing all these rationalizations out at one another, hoping the person at the other end will understand.

        They won’t. Nobody will. There’s no point sorting out every advantage and disadvantage a particular gender group gains.

        There’s one other thing. I notice the female participants of this non-conversation prefer to use the word “whining”. Personally, as a male, I find that very accusing and kind of irritating, which leads me to believe that the main cause of dissent here is that people tend to feel hurt over some words. Maybe, just maybe, she did not mean it that way?

        I can’t stress enough how elated I am that most of you here speak about staying in topic and such. The topic is important! However, it is way too important to be used as a tool for invalidating your opponent’s comments.

        I’d rather we sit down and nicely discuss whether NS needs to exist at all =) I know, I know, that amounts to nothing. But hey, it sure beats shouting to one another over the internet!

        I have left a lot of gaping holes in my so-called “argument”. See if you can find them, and attack me if you want to! Hahahaha~ I think they are very easy to find though. That’s why I’m so insecure. Because I’m such a stupid asshole.

      • bebe koi said

        I think Singaporean women should have their voting rights taken away from them because they are not contributing to the country. They do not give birth to enough children, allowing our gov to use the stupid excuse to allow the foreigners into the country. They are also very ugly and immature, but expect so much from Singaporean men.

      • Roger said

        I’m sorry, but I’d like to clarify something here. South Africa as a COUNTRY (Yes, it is a country) is not backward and suffering from harsh famine. It hosted the 2010 world cup remember?

        I’m pretty sure Renee still thinks it’s filled with mostly black africans who are bone thin from hunger.

      • Nich said

        Huiting is retarded to post the facebook comment, Kelvin Tay is stoopid to make a comparison of 2 year headstart for degree/work and Renee is dumb to bring up birth and period. Nuff said.

    • Lydia said

      Alan, by saying “we are not responsible for that”, are you trying to imply that girls are responsible for you guys needing to serve NS?

      Don’t turn this into a guys vs girls thing. Her opinion does not necessarily represent the opinion of other SG girls. Many of us also have brothers, boyfriends, fiancees etc serving NS. So guys, don’t take your self-righteous anger out on girls who comment here. I have a brother who has already completed NS, and one who is going in in a couple of years’ time, my boyfriend signed on (even his mother and brother), so I definitely understand and appreciate what the men are doing. Nobody wants anybody to die. If any of you curse Huiting that her boyfriend dies, it makes you no different from her. Of course she is being insensitive, hurtful, brainless, passing stupid, unwarranted comments and what she said is totally not justifiable, and nobody IS trying to justify it. What she said makes me sick too, because I know it could easily have been one of my loved ones.

      Just make sure your anger is not misdirected. It’s not fair to us girls when you guys insult girls as a whole just because of what Huiting said.

      Note: This applies only to people who are guilty of such, if not, don’t get your undies in a twist.

      • lydiayourass said

        wtf, ever noticed how he was only talking to renee -.- he never brought all the other girls in then you come poke your big nose in. bloody cow. Not making it into girls vs guys thing then you write one essay to lecture him. Best. He just saying that he aint happy that he is forced to and that it can be changed by the government. Unless you saying you can control your period lurh.

      • Lydia said

        wtf, ever noticed the NOTE at the bottom? Obviously you were not able to understand it. Only the first sentence was addressed to Alan. The rest was not. -____- Who’s the bloody cow now? Stupid.

      • YY T said

        The message was not solely directed towards Alan. Did you not read the disclaimer?
        “This applies only to people who are guilty of such”

        Besides, the aim of her message was to bring across her point of view after reading the entire chain of sexist comments. Further, Lydia was already using kind words and her reasoning aptly to avoid offending people, much unlike you with your uncalled-for vulgarities. Distasteful.

    • Theodore said

      Dear Joey, I am appalled by that statement. There is no such situation in the world we live in. Pay is determined by performance and to suggest that there sould be such discrimination within our society is to be insulting the culture of fairness and system of meritocracy our country prides itself for. Your statement has just placed u second to Miss Zhang.

      So please fellow citizens replying to the post do not acknowledge and try to reason with such a view for it is anything but valid.

    • Chan chai said

      Let me show you the following facts:
      1) Guys are complaining that girls are gaining 2 years of working experience/school head start.
      2) Serving the NS will make the boys turn into man, and it is to protect the country in time of war.
      3) There is a need for health care personal (aka nurses) in Singapore.
      4) Men are looking oversea (eg. Vietnam) for potential partner, as the girls oversea are more caring than the local girls.

      If you piece together the above facts, you might come to a simple view point as me. Girls should have 2 years of service as a nurse in health care sectors. For the following reasons:

      1) There will be no more 2 years head start for anyone, and that’s what the people want, fairness among the sexes.
      2) In times of war, the girls are able to nurse the wounded soldiers. Which is a huge contribution too. Also, this would make the girls show more care for the people around them, making them more mature.
      3) The problem of health care personal shortage will be reduced if girls are required to nurse for 2 years. There’s a chance that the girls will like what they are doing and continue on to nurse for their career.
      4) Since the girls are being taught(forced) to serve as a nurse for 2 years, they will be more caring toward people and hence attracting the Singaporean male counter part.
      5) Imagine a city where all the girls know how to provide first aid to any person requiring assistant. This will leads to lesser deaths that can be avoided, if proper first aid is provided in time.

      Girls shouldn’t be complaining much about needing to ‘serve’ for 2 years. That’s what that happened to the guys isn’t it?

  2. Edwin said

    She wouldn’t survive 1 week in BMT….

  3. jeffrey mark said

    RIP my fellow Singaporean

    • Geewhiz said

      anyone who dies serving his country is a hero in my book.

      • RC said

        Damn straight.

      • Jiiny said

        Totally agreed.

      • Sad,angry guy said

        Some assholes doesn’t know how much we sacrifice to serve in this country…why don’t they fucking think twice….or else maybe they really born brainless…We lost a guy who wants to protect the nation…especially some girls think that they r high and mighty…u girls can kiss my ass…
        Ps:I m a PR who is serving the army…no choice but 2 suck thumb…law is law…u break it u r confirm dead…army is no joke…

  4. Regina said

    very insensitive of her.

  5. sdad said
    Status In a relationship with Kelvin Ong

    • Clown said

      poor bf .. have to remove his own page because of one posting gf made….
      nowonder fb will have lots of clones nowadays..

  6. Men who dislike Women of Convenience said

    throw all bitches into the army and they will learn that their place in the country is nothing compared to men who have gave lives to defend these unless bitches

    • JJ said

      I agree that some (not all) and most in our generation has already forgotten and take for granted our lives being conscripted into serving the country, and they do not treasure and even value it….srsly…I hated the whole concept….its much bs….if war comes….one bomb drop all gone…fight with our army(infantry/arti/tanks who are already , possibly inexperienced with using guns and stuff? I say they shld cont the air force and navy which is relevant and plausible…other than that possibly look into the whole~ ALL men must serve rationale…

      That being said…I have alr served. sigh…most women dun understand.

    • sam said

      why do you assume all singaporean women are like that just because of one comment that an idiotic girl made? really shows how mature you are by generalizing the whole singaporean female population. congratulations, you just stooped to huiting’s level.

    • Anon said

      If Israeli females have to serve, why not Singaporean girls?

  7. yes said

    singaporean girls too stupid and immature? LOL

  8. Cteo said

    She jus another spoilt brat of singapore. Disgrace to Singaporean. Whatever is it, i believe this world is fair, if she dun think she wrong to comment in this way, then she will get her karma one day. if she reliase she is wrong already, let be gracious and forgive her. Everybody will make mistake and hope she can learn from her mistake and know how to respect others in future

    • her BF is in the NS ARMY too? hopefully he dont have the same fate as our departed NSF…. we alll will ROFLOL!!!! (roll on floor laughing out loud!!!!) for her…..

      • Sarah said

        That’s being as insensitive as her.

        Only knowing how to criticise people yet neglecting to take a look at self. That’s what the world has come to.

    • reflecting oneself?
      i survived NS and completed NS. I don’t think any of my friends or relatives would say such a callous remark that NSF are weak and die easily during training.
      precautions are taken by both instructors and trainees to be safe. there are sportsmen who also collapsed during their run and training, all seems to be healthy and robust. who can say, when a person going to die suddenly.
      my remark is for her to step in the shoes of the deceased’s family bereaved feelings, rather than just shoot her mouth off. perhaps what you think i am cursing her, but KARMA doesn’t happen much in this world anymore…. otherwise all would wary of its retributions….

      • Old Bird said

        it is, karma just hit you when you least expect it.
        it doesn’t have to be on you but could be reflect to your loved ones or children or next life.

        I personally is old bird here, served 2.5 years NS.
        Just telling you guys that I seen and heard alot of these comments by girls even at my time just that, that time no FB ma.
        And NS had caused how many relationships to break, girls go to working world 1st, getting good pay, knowing more mature guys with good pay and leave the current NS serving sg man? tons of these stories every year.
        Now new boys wondering what they are protecting? FTs? And current trends showing more sg girls go for foreigners as partners. We sg mens just have to suck it up.

  9. flatulentfurnace said

    Whoever wrote this article, and whoever is reading this article: please don’t turn this into a girls VS guys shit storm. This is just one idiotic girl. It doesn’t mean that the majority of Singapore girls also think the same way. And the irrelevant line about “entering the workforce earlier”: While you’re at it, why not also mention the fact that despite this two-year “headstart”, Singapore women earn peanuts compared to men over the long run?

    • Mark said

      really? majority? maybe… you wanna compare to say… ex CEO of SMRT? Current CEO of Temasek Holdings??

    • JJ said

      sorry~ ur rationale of women earn peanuts in the long run~ nah, not true. Unless u talking about specific sectors where men are chosen to lead and direct. Women now earn alot, they are more educated and capable as well. And it is the headstart of women that makes some women look down upon sg men…dont u feel that many guys in sg nowadays have the same sentiment, if not there wouldnt be so much rage and wt not?

      I have nth against girls or anything, esp sg girls…but studying psychology and realizing the patterns will make one realize this continued decision is affecting certain coupling and marriage issues in sg, which also lead to the issue of govt always wanting more population etc…but hard to, as girls expectation are raised off the roof and possibly will only marry into the late late age. ( Not a statement, but personal thoughts)

    • CY said

      Well said! I fully agree with you! Mark and JJ, are you guys even married or even have a gf? You won’t understand the pain a girl has to go through every month, and also during giving birth.

      Actually when Huiting said that she just shot herself in the foot. She is a Singaporean herself and didn’t she just said Singaporeans weak? That is why we must be careful with whatever we post online.

  10. tings said

  11. Gerald Tey said

    is she alright? we serve the nation ~ sort of like protecting the country in peace time~ NSF die and she SAY WE WEAK and still LAUGH? WTH MAN ?!?!?!

  12. Badass Ed said

    Insensitive thoughtless bitch. Someone lost a good son and the nation lost a good citizen doing his citizen duty, not like some of our foreign trash, escaping NS because they refused to take up citizenship,despite all the adulation thrown at them, including a personalized invitation. Can’t blame them though. Everyone wants to have the best of both worlds if they can choose. And God, can they choose!

    When there is a conflict, push her into the centre of a enemy occupied battlefield, abandon her and see what happens. She will make the 17 year old marathoner seem like a nun.

    Shows the kind of background she comes from!

    Condolences to the family.

    Rest In Peace Brother.

  13. FUCK THIS BITCH! said

    This bitch will be the first comfort woman if there’s a war, her son will die in NS if there’s no war.

  14. Bleh said

    singapore women are too much already la…. got “woman’s charter” to protect them mah… Don’t know what they are good for also, most cant even cook! Check their handbags all sure messy one…

    • Mark said

      women can give birth lor… No woman Man die… 🙂

      Although this is in the very long run… and non-hetrosexuals will be happy throughout hahaha…

    • May said


      You must have had terrible woman for quite some time!

    • sam said

      why do you assume that all singaporean women are like that just because of one comment that an idiotic girl made? really shows how mature you are by generalizing the whole singaporean female population. congratulations, you just stooped to huiting’s level.

  15. mr.condolence said

    my condolences .

    seriously , the way she act is like making lame jokes and laughed at this guy’s funeral ceremony .

  16. Jo said

    Indeed it was inconsiderate of her to say that…but she mentioned ‘singaporeans’ not to men here in specific…
    Let us all direct our fury in offering our deepest condolences to the deceased. May he find peace in the other world now.

  17. Alvin said

    I have personally met Dominique and he was a regular runner as well as being very healthy. Ignorance may be bliss as long as you keep it to yourself. Shame on her. RIP Dom.

  18. Roger Luo said

    u think so ez? only know how to laff? if ur son or relative go ns n die i sure laff back at u , think b4 u say anything

    • Sad,angry guy said

      Too late…it’s already been said
      Stupid bitch…She deserved it…and she made her boyfriend lose face…

      Some sg girls doesn’t hw how to think…
      But not all sg girls r that way…

  19. Alex Wong said

    Fuck Singaporean Chinese Females

    • Fuck them all said

      Fuck all these small breasts, no ass, can’t make sandwich materialistic Sinkie ugly SPG cunts. All they know is eat, shop and party, no different from prostitutes. What they deserve is to be fucked and chucked by Nigger drug dealers.

      • G M said

        Is that what happened to your mom, dude?

        Don’t be such a brainless piece of trash to insult ALL S’porean women cos of ONE insensitive bitch. Both you and Alex Wong are such losers.

      • Sad,angry guy said

        Hey Alex chill the fuck down bro….please stop scolding most of sg girls…it not cool to scold those girls who never said anything bad about Dominque. Not all sg women r like that.Think b4 u talk,it really spoils their esteem.

    • Amanda said

      Excuse me?

    • j said

      yeah correct

    • Rei said

      By the way, just to let you know, she is insulting all the Singaporeans, not only the guys but the girls as well because some girls do served NS even though it is their own interest.

      If you get angry and insult or make insensitive comment like this due to one stupid girl, I wonder what is your girlfriend then? Isn’t she is just like what you listed? If you are from other religions, I guess Singapore have become a racist country instead of the past where there is still harmony.

      So, before you guys make some insensitive comments, please learn to read and get hold of the situation. After all, you are making yourself look bad on the internet.


      Rest in Peace, Lee Rui Feng. My condolences go out to you and your family.

    • Pig said

      Excuse the ones who have boobs, ass, degree and a proper job at least. You men aren’t being exactly clever by judging all sg girls because of one.

    • Alex Wong, FUCK YOUR Sinkie Chinese mother, grandmother, aunties, sisters too. Unless you are from China.

      Loser Asshole.

    • sam said

      why do you assume all singaporean women are like that just because of one comment that an heartless girl made? really shows how mature you are by generalizing the whole singaporean female population. Congratulations, you just stooped to huiting’s level

  20. No Brain girl said

    pls nvr use ur brain dont anyhow said to nsman that make a joke in it i wonder u have a brother a not

  21. Kelvin Tay said

    This is the girls fb…

  22. Lim Peh said

    She attempted to apologise.

    Shows you the ignorance, and oh yeah, women logic.

  23. A disappointed person said

    Seriously, this girl got brain, but sadly, brain grow grass.

  24. ALY said

    Please don’t start a sexist war. This post is not about which sex is stronger, but about this girl’s lack of maturity and tact. I would love to see how she would feel if it was her brother/cousin/boyfriend. I knew Dom and he was a great guy, who was really fit. This girl is so insensitive to other people’s suffering

  25. amanda lee said

    don’t stereotype us girls, do you think us girls are proud of her also? have the graciousness to accept that this one female is merely immature and probably has not seen a close friend pass away. well, at least now more people know about this incident and we should all direct our attention to the government so that they may look out more for our NSmen.

  26. Chill out, boys, not all Singaporean girls are like this dumbass.

  27. catherine said

    Bleh and Alex Wong : pls not all the women all like that pls think before you said ….. your mum n sister not Singapore women ??

    Zheng Huiting : your bf, father and brother not Singaporean …. n pls use your brain to think not your backside to think …

  28. Joe said

    Let’s not respond to ugliness with ugliness. Out of the millions of people on this good earth there will be a couple of idiots. I’m sure women respect and admire, some even envy us men with the opportunity to wear green. Don’t respond to such an ugly comment with uglier comments.

    My condolences to the family.

  29. Xin Rong said

    @Alex Wong a childish generalisation like this consigns you to her level. good job.

  30. Chai said

    I believe that it is too harsh for people to insist that all singaporean females think this way. Clearly this is an example of a Singaporean girl that made a quick judgement on facebook – hoping to attract some attention from her friends to shrug off this matter as a laughable one. It is definitely incorrect for this girl to say such things, and I personally wish that there would be sufferable legal concequences of hers but this isn’t possible. This clearly goes to show that our government system, or education system – whichever you would prefer to call it, has brought up Singaporeans to think that death is a laughable and unworthy cause. Neither does this reflect well on commentors that like to use rough language such as Alew Wong with the comment above mine “Fuck Singaporean Chinese Females.” All this does is bring out a racist comment. Please think wisely before you comment, social media is not just a tool to share your own personal point of view, it will incarcerate you if given a chance. Don’t make yourself look so foolish.

    • yes said

      yes. please think long and hard so you can be considerate and understanding to someone who doesn’t bother to think long and hard. VERY WELL DONE.

      • Chai said

        Sorry but your incorrect use of the English language has made it difficult to understand the point you have attempted to make.
        If you are trying to insist that you want to play ‘tit for tat’ merely because you don’t see a reason to take the high road – it only paints you in an extremely low light, showing that you are pretty much the same as the girl who said that Singaporean males are weak. If you are unable to take an objective stand on this matter – it only proves that you are a Singaporean incapable of thinking things thoroughly before making comments.

  31. Diane said

    Dominique was a gd guy, what she said was really insensitive.. He will be missed by many.. RIP Dom..

  32. Rio said

    Guys let’s not get carried away here and say that ALL Singaporean women are like her. Granted it only takes one bitch to sully a good name. But don’t take it out on all Singaporeans girls. “Don’t know what they are good for also, most cant even cook! Check their handbags all sure messy one…”? What the flying fuck is that? This is exactly the kind of comment that started this whole thing in the first place. Don’t make girls think ALL Singaporean men are like you. Ok having said all that… I hope this bitch kena one time jialat jialat. Like sibei jialat.

  33. mireillie said

    i agree that the girl was extremely out of line for saying that. but men saying, all women should be punished etc etc, are just dickheads. good luck getting married & all that jazz. 🙂 and don’t forget, if a woman is a bitch, you’re just a son of a bitch.

  34. Le tian sky tan said

    So sad to hear this ones again singapore is so hot , I think for all army should have see the weather if too hot should not have training eazy get heatstree rest in peace for all the prove NS man

  35. Le tian sky tan said

    If u have try on the training before and u will know what is call ” weak ” in army there is nothing call weak at all so get this in mind

  36. Darryl said

    actually thats my first thought when i read the article. im not supporting her just because shes my cousin, but really thats the first thought that came in my mind. im a guy yet to serve NS and if you think about it, its true that the guy who died had a weak heart or something so his heart failed or lungs or whichever part, right? im sure it was just an insensitive joke la.

    • RC said

      So should i joke about it when u die in the army?

      Insensitive joke? don’t think its something to joke about and its pretty dumb for her to post on facebook…

      Ask her not to hide also… dare to comment don’t dare to be criticized by others?

    • voice of the people said

      not very funny. many people had already died on heart failure who healthy and fit. medical research has yet to find any evidence for this. if you yet to serve ns, you should just keep quiet.

    • Razali said

      If one of your family member die in the army you straight away say WEAK! ah? brainless people..

    • May said

      YA.. you are right about the insensitive part..!


    • Shinji said

      Not true. you dont need to have a weak heart to just suddenly collapse.

    • k said

      Dom collapsed because of his asthma, MINDEF knew about this, so why on earth did they not excuse him from this smoke grenade activity? that was the main reason why he had an asthma attack.

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      U r still a boy. U wont understand. Wen u gone through it n become a man, den only will u realise, What is sacrificing for the country and protecting ur loved ones in return ur loved ones call u weak. Its like if u have a pet dog dat u love so much and someday it bites ur hands off.

    • theminoritydude said

      Darryl, not everything can be taken as a joke. There is seriously something wrong with you, to defend your cousin, by dismissing it as a mere insensitive joke. Please do not make the matter worse by attempting to diminish the gravity of the situation she got herself into. You and your cousin need some serious soul searching, because right now it seems you both don’t have any.

  37. Liana said

    I shld say tat the girl was soo rude to speak tat way… I am salute to all the boys who serve the country tat they haf the courage to go thru hardship… Unlike ladies…

  38. brother from another culture. said

    he was a good guy, a good friend, and a good recruit. he was my batch in 3SIR. may he rest in peace.

  39. Lawrence said

    Just as many NSF died during our time. The only difference is they were all successfully covered up by the Army. Today, tweets, blogs, Facebook, n other forms of social media reporting makes it hard for deaths to be hushed up n overlooked.

  40. AFBA said

    This Zheng Huiting should be listed in one of the list of HALL OF SHAME.

    Sucks to be a bitch~

    talk big… act so little…. Serve NS… maybe can’t even run 1.6 clicks… or even carry heavy field packs…. One day if Singapore opens up Female Conscription…. She will know what it means to suffer in LIVING HELL

  41. David said

    Maybe she can just go to hell

  42. David said

    She can go to hell for that.

  43. Solomon Tan said

    2 things: Firstly, I do seriously believe that Singaporeans youngsters are pretty weak and fragile in the case of being a soldier. I myself had been in the force for many years. So, I don’t think the girl said anything wrong.. However, I do think the LOL is necessary. It’s not right to laugh at anyone who had served his nation and died for it. I, for one don’t like what she said.

    Secondly: I also know that the training in the force now isn’t that hard anymore. I don’t believe in unreasonably tough training, but progressive training is necessary to strengthen the mind and body of a soldier. The whole NSF is already a mistake by itself. If the soldiers are properly trained, lesser death and injuries will be suffered.

    • Solomon Tan said

      My bad, type wrong. I don’t think the LOL is necessary.

    • 3SIR said

      singaporean youngsters may be pretty weak and fragile compared to soldiers of years past, but this particularly referred to the NSF who died while training. how can that mean “the girl didnt say anything wrong”?! this is just an insensitive remark of the girl and is certainly no laughing matter worthy or an LOL. singapore soldiers may be mentally weaker now, but do not generalise and Dom certainly wasnt weak. secondly, who knew he had a heart condition? he didnt want this to happen, neither did his commanders. it was just an unfortunate episode.

      • Solomon Tan said

        Like I said, it’s the overall training and concepts of NSF. A lot of things they didn’t do or enforce properly.. Like you said, he have a heart condition.. but why isn’t it found out before he was assigned to the Army? Since there are so many fit people died for no reason, isn’t the SAF doing something about it?

        There are a lot of things, a lot of things that’s not right in the force.. and commanders are really not doing much to change that.. I mean the really high up..

        As for the girl, come on, girls don’t go through the NSF, and even if they do, it’s going to be much easier compared to the guys. So, she said some rubbish.. Then?

  44. Carrie said

    the likes of her makes the like of most women who are proud of their men look very bad.
    My hubby is not fit enough for combat due to his white blood cells count being higher than his red blood cells, but I’m still proud of him for going through the process.
    I can honestly say, I am proud of my cousins who are officers in OCS and cousin in law who is also a officer in OCS.

    She should be punished for her insensitive remarks. Such comments should have a punishment much worst than that of racism!
    Our men go through tough training to protect us regardless of whether the threat is near or far. They don’t have to put themselves through it, but they still do because they love their families, they love their country and most importantly, they are fighting to keep their fellow Singaporeans safe and give them a peace of mind wherever they are.

    Without their efforts, where will we stand now?

  45. just a thought said

    Not only are the foreign workers in Singapore being insensitive, even the women in Singapore are insensitive. tsk tsk tsk. No wonder singaporean girls go for ang moh bf

  46. derrick tay said

    She should dieeeeeeee!!!!!

  47. udeepex said

    Seriously Huiting, please do Dom justice, do us all a favor and make an apology video, and upload on YouTube and make your Timeline Public so all on Facebook can see what you did and how sorry you are. And hope the uni looks into this case for your utterly selfish antics. You have a headstart to starting your uni life. Ours have to delay 2-3 years then we can continue and further our studies or start work. It’s not fair to have such remarks from you.

  48. Ethan said

    she should really try serving army before making any comments that didnt go through her brain! not enough blood in her brain, need to do some pushups.

  49. comrade said

    Rest in peace bro-in-arms

  50. mas said

    i think its only wise someone send her a msg, of this article and hardwarezone forum.
    THere isn’t any point to continuously spread the msg of hate and just tell it to her face (civilised of course) that her actions have caused a lot of anger and disappointment to the deceased friends and families. and she needs to publicly apologise in order to restore peace.

  51. The Chuister said

    I read her apology letter. But for a person who studies overseas, her English is seriously f**ked up! Weak? LOL.

  52. anni said

    This girl is totally insensitive. No matter what, a death is nothing to be joked about.

  53. Jasmine Tan said

    How can anyone say he is weak? Or other singaporean is weak? He was serving the nation . Instead of being concern she laugh at NSman. I’m sad for the guy who lost his life while serving the nation.

  54. Real man said

    A real Bimbo!!!!

  55. Calvin said

    To the girl Zheng Huiting:

    Bitch, your boyfriend not Singaporean? Make sure you pray hard that the same thing won’t happen to your boyfriend! Girls, serving the nation especially for combatants is not really an easy thing, why make such a bad comment especially when that guy just pass away? No respect? If war really happen, who are the ones who go fight & protect you?

    For the girl Joey:

    What others say are right! Money really can’t compensate the 2 years of sacrifice we give especially when we might throw our lives one day during our 2 years of service! What about you? You are just sitting at home or working everyday, relaxing! If you want me make it more ugly, SHUT THE FUCK UP if you don’t even know a single shit that is happening out there!

  56. Clark said


  57. ian said

    you know what? you lot sure are strange. no doubt she said the wrong thing and that made her an easy target for alot of your fake anger.
    but what about directing your anger towards the SAF instead? our brothers are dying left right and centre and ITS ALWAYS HAPPENING!
    who’s doing the bigger wrong here? some girl who didnt think properly before she wrote? or the SAF for failing to address their various issues which results in kids dying under their care every year?

    • just a thought said

      There’s only one thing we males of singaporean can do. take up our rifles, and slaughter the lots of the PAP MPs.

      Disclaimer: I’m just saying, no intention of doing so.

  58. Kickass said

    I feel sad for her parent, to have his kind of daughther that’s doesn’t show and empathy to others. May god bless her to learn her lesson, lastly hope this doesn’t happen to your family members.

  59. kw-nsf said

    Ask her to LOL if this was her dad or her bro

  60. BT said

    I have never thought of my NS as sacrificed. In fact it is the place I enjoyed myself most and nothing in the world can give me that experience. So what about the 2.5years and low pay, there are things in this world that money can’t buy and that is deep comraderie that last for a lifetime. Ask yourself, helicopters ride, arms handling, fooling around with your friends, chiong that knoll, congratulating each other for overcoming yet another task that seem mpossible, helping one another in difficult and siong moments, brunei, Taiwan R&R… I’m sure 75-80% of us really enjoyed our time there if not we will not be talking about it on weekends after book out.

    In the corporate world, if you do perform, your remuneration can double or triple in a short timr, it’s the attitude that counts, not the number of years. Guys, don’t be so shortsighted. As for this girl, I’ll say it’s insensitive but it’s her rights to speak out, isn’t this what the internet world is about? Speak what you want with no holds barred? Don’t apply double standards and never be on the high pedestal of morality because that will make you a hypocrite.

  61. ethan said

    right now she’s saying she’s sorry,how about i slap you on the face and tell you i am sorry.does the world work with a “sorry”?
    from my point of view,she’s thinks that serving NS is just going in for some training and just booking in and out for 2 years.let me tell you this huiting u ask people not to fool around with your bf.just my thought when you joke about our fellow comrade who pass away serving his nation,putting 2 years worth of his life to protect you and your family if the time ever comes.have you thought about the feelings his friends,fellow NSFs who was there with him and worse his parents who lost a son? frankly if i ever have a gf like you.i will dump you that very instant i see your comment….this goes to show even you 21 years old you wouldn’t make a good gf or even a wife.if you say that u ain’t gonna hide why don’t you apologise in public and stop hiding behind screen and say sorry here which nobody can feel that you are sincere about it? lastly i hope rui fang i hope you enter a better world with no such people who will joke about other people’s death.i hope your nsf friends can complete their 2 years safely

  62. spotlessleopard said

    The problem will go away when GIRLS are made to do National Service….like what the Israelis do…

  63. Undead said

    Well, is a sad event….

  64. tino said

    Totally a slut bitch cunt. You should be totally disgraced of yourself. You lack the simplest form of compassions, sympathy and humanity. You’re a total disgrace.

  65. kkelster said

    Dumb bitch

  66. Jay said

    To all the girls who comment here to say that the guys are complaining, we guys just wish to feel appreciated..and they are just explaining to those immature girls who thinks that guys have any kind of advantages just because we serve ns or thinking that serving ns for two years and Reservice for 10 years is no big point bring up the bleed every month to compare with this at all because everytime girls complain about cramps too but we can’t ask u all to stop complaining right? As for this huiting, I believe every human being said things out before and regret after that, everyone makes mistake..she is still young so just give her a break.. If you think you never did or say anything wrong in your whole life before, then you shall throw stones or awful comments at her..

  67. […] full article:… […]

  68. Gummy said

    Haahahaha. firstly, what is up with this comment. It is damn funny to know how we react to death in Singapore. Secondly, that shows that MINDEF is in real need of a welfare make-over for NSF. well the training wheels for the ali baba bag is a start. common MINDEF, lets have KFC for tea Break Too. hahahahahahahaa. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL

  69. JESSIE said

    if u have brother or son dun enlist becs they all sg man WEAK! ASLO REM TO LAUGH OUT LOT WEN UR BRO OR SON DIES ‘

  70. mike said

    shes currently in brisbane… we are looking for her.

  71. Winnie said

    You bitch, have no rights to say ANYTHING about Dom. You get me?! NO RIGHTS AT ALL. You Don’t know him, you’ve never met him, you’ve never experienced his hospitality as a friend and you never will. So just keep your damn mouth Shut.

  72. RAIN said

    I really hope FT can undergo NS as well lor since they are working in SG also! they shld treat equally the same as singaporeans since nowadays PR is so easily being granted by the government. :/ i can’t imagine what will turnout in 10 years time. Maybe will populated by all the FT. sometimes i’m still thinking if i am in singapore or not.

  73. agrowingtree said

    As a girl in mid twenties, I want to add that I really admire the guys who serve NS. I know how hard it can be. Some might say it’s not hard as compared to the past but hey, those were different batch of people who had different lifestyles. Their lives were harder and of course NS has to be harder too. Lives that we lead now are easier than the past but the NS these guys serve now, is not easy when compared to what they are used to in this era.

    I admire NS guys because even if they are forced to serve the nation, I’m glad they still faced it and went for it and not run away from it. Al the NSF and NS men out there, I am really proud to have you guys in our nation and our security really does depend on you guys and the knowledge and skills you pick up doing what you do. I feel that we can rely on you and you are what build this vulnerable nation stronger. I don’t see you as serving the nation for only 2 years but it’s a lifetime because what you learned in NS about defending and saving lives, is a lifelong skill. I don’t see NS as a duty of being a citizen because you could make the choice of keng-ing but you didn’t, and I’m proud that you didn’t. NS is never useless.

    Although NS makes you feel like you are wasting 2 years of your life when actually you could achieve much more in life, it’s not true because you learn about things that we girls otherwise wouldn’t learn about. Life isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder as fast as you can. Life is about developing a spirit, determination and perseverance that you guys are familiar with while serving NS. When you come out to work after the 2 years, hey, you have more drive, more responsibility and more determination to serve life than us.

    I’m sorry if I wrote too much but I really want NS guys not to feel that they are wasting their time because I look up so much to them and if they think that they are doing something useless, I wonder why I find them admirable.

    • God said

      Ppl in SG want more $$ since living in SG so damn expensive. Who cares about spirit, determination and perseverance when cannot even support a family ?? NS not just take away 2 years of a guy’s life, but close many doors of opportunities for them.After NS still have reservist, you think MNCs want to employ ppl that randomly will not come work because of reservist ??

    • Allan said

      “hey, you have more drive, more responsibility and more determination to serve life than us” => really, what kind of bullshit is this??

      Im sorry that you can come up with that jiao wei. Pls, reread what you typed and tell us which of that is your actual opinion and not superfluous bullshit. And pls walk the walk instead of just talking the talk in the future.

    • Gin said

      if this is a sincere post, thanks for the appreciation. 🙂
      if this is just so we’d stop flaming for the utter disrespect lil miss huiting has for us, Nice try.

    • agrowingtree said

      I’m sorry if my post sounded like bullshit. It’s my reaction to a lot of guys who say that girls (as a general) do not appreciate what they do and think that NS is just a walk in a park. I am not stopping anyone from flaming Huiting, because I do not agree with what she said either. I just want NSF and NSmen to know that they shouldn’t think so lowly of NS, such as thinking of NS as a waste of time.

      From the guys I meet, I find that those who have completed their NS, are way more mature than before they entered NS. They are more responsible and disciplined and they do not give up when they meet challenges at work, even when compared to a lot of girls. That is why I think that it is because of NS.

      Yes, it’s sad that $$$ is a the driving factor in Singapore. Yes, employers might not care about qualities we have but just how much they have to pay us. But this doesn’t mean that by missing out on career for the 2 whole years, your employers will think differently. Actually, if you can do the same work that a girl with 2 years of experience can but demand a lower salary, don’t you think you will be the one hired as compared to the girl who is asking for a higher salary?

      • God said

        Who want to get lower salary de ?? ^ Exactly my point.
        1. Girl have 2 years more experience on paper. Even if you know how to the the job, who you think the boss will hire ?
        2. Please lah, who want get low salary ? Because of NS then guys should ask for lower salary ?
        3. Would a boss want to hire an employee that randomly pop back to reservist ?

  74. zzz said

    Why not jus hire foreigner to protect our country than everyone is happy.. The guy is happy cause they no need to serve NS and the girl will have to shut up cause non of the NSF will be singaporean by death rate for singaporean NSF…agree?? Its doesn’t matter anyway since nowsaday singapore is full of foreigner…why not all singaporean guy put on a rebel road show and ask goverment to do there will not be complain from guys that they have to waste 2 years..happy?? Happy right singapore guy

  75. Jess said

    As a fellow female singaporean, I seriously feel that Zheng Huiting is a disgrace. To be able to “LOL” at such a tragedy, I wonder where’s her conscious. If someone dear to you die in NS, how would you feel if a stranger does that to you? There are some things that cannot be taken light at, even if it is just a comment. Even more, these guys serve in NS for a noble purpose.

    However, despite all the commotion with this girl, I am more concern with the fact that this is the 3rd death in SAF. What’s wrong with them? Its a serious problem that NS men are dying under their supervision. Something’s must be wrong in the way they are doing the training. I hope that SAF do more on safety and precaution, rather than putting NS men on tedious training without regards on their lives.

  76. William said

    Haters, cool down. Don’t hate Zheng Huiting for what she did, unless (1) she was related to the cause to his death (direct or indirect) or (2) you are personally related to Dominique, the NS man (I highly doubt most haters/trolls here are). It is quite apparent her intentions was cracking a joke, even though it is incredibly inappropriate, given its insensitive and ignorant content of her joke, in face of the tragic loss of a bright young NS man like Dominique. She also implicitly raised a good question to think about: In face of the number of deaths from NSFs in the recent years, how prepared are our batch of NSmen in going through the current military training available, let alone defend this country. While Huiting deserves this internet backlash from her comment, ou guys are much better people than this thing here: A thread of hate and ignorant comments, no different from the likes of Huiting. Don’t just hate, stop. And think.

  77. Joe said

    It would be nice if comments are directed at her only. Please do not drag family members, friends, partners into this. Do not turn this into a woman vs man issue. Have some respect. Be reasonable. Focus on the comment she made or the case itself not anything else. Please be sensitive to the victim and her family/bf as well. If you can drag her family/bf into this, you are being as insensitive as her. I do not approve of her comment in any way and I am not standing up for her.

  78. sdad said

    did any one post the news to wanbao

  79. Justice said

    Reasons for all the complaining is simple. Whether we like it or not we have to serve the nation to protect family and friends. The least we can get is appreciation, instead of complaining how smelly we are on the bus, or constantly stomping us, and even go to the extend of mocking.

    I do not blame the woman for being insensitive because after all, out in the jungle when i am facing the mud crawling, sharing a stick of cigg with a section, these insensitive people are at home watching running man, taking peace for granted.

    They will never understand unless they go through the same pain, and they seems to forget laws and regulations about who should serve the nation is created by man, and who knows one day the law might change.

  80. Military Historian said

    Dear girl, Zheng Huiting. Now young woman, if you are reading this. You ought to understand that our boys didn’t choose to serve NS and these conscripts, with their life and sacrifice are the underpinning force for National Security. Do you know that this boy has died for us? And we the women folks, the ones who don’t serve are also benefitting from and instead of understanding let alone appreciation, I think your remark is utterly mindless and inconsiderate.

  81. ah hao said

    Target: Zheng Hui Ting.

    Firers, load and rdy.

    Firers, own time own target. Carry on.

  82. Seriously la.. To that particular person who commented on this news.. that person should go NS first.. see how he/she likes it..

    Nothing to say then, then stfu and don’t bother about other people.. you laugh at them for what? your own fun? heartless S.O.B.

  83. sidewindonthesideline said

    Why digress into why girl should serve NS or going to NS gives more advantages to girls. This has to do with governance. Nothing to do with the girl being insensitive to the poor soul, you guys are just arguing for the sake of arguing without any purpose. Poor guy died, that’s the whole point. Who the hell cares about what the girl has to say, she’s just stupid. Nth to do with getting more pay/periods/giving births/gender equalities. If you’re arguing for the sake of arguing you might as well just shut up and sleep.

    Question why so many NS men have been dying of late.

    Question what the government has been doing to make sure these NS men are physically fit to withstand harsh training.

    The guys here are just being defensive towards their sacrifice towards the nation. Its true, I’ve served NS. If I die tomorrow, that’s about 10 percent of my life dedicated to my nation which would have meant a lot to me. So girls, shut up. You are comparing biological differences. Then I could simply say, guys provide sperms. It starts from the balls. Not the uterus. And the guys weren’t even complaining about NS. Just that they are defensive towards their sacrifices being belittled by you when you don’t understand the difficulties.

    And if you care enough, pray for the poor soul. Or atleast bitch about the girl who made the insensitive comment.

  84. Sheila said

    Now I know why there are so many of the Singaporean guys prefer to date/marry girls who are non-Singaporean.

    RIP. Lee Rui Feng.

  85. Mummy said

    I m a mother to 3 kids n I clearly wishes my kids are blessed in watever ways possible.
    It’s heart wrenching to see a mother Loss (son)
    & guilty tat a daughter has made an insensitive remarks abt a life.
    The bottom line is for govt or armed forces to re evaluate their training procedures and safety measures for our men serving the country.
    This has nothing to do wif FT or whoever is getting a head start in their career. Wats the point having high flying jobs or pay when one dun get to spend it in their lifetime?
    Wats the point of raising kids when they r quick to blame or ridicule ppl in distress.
    A parent always ( majority) hope to Give proper education ( academically, morally etc) but many times, things dun turn out the way we expect.
    Neither do we know when crisis happens.
    Hopefully something can b done b4 more ppl suffer.
    My condolences to the ns guy n his family.

  86. kelvin cappascore said

    oh btw that guy who died is my friend , he is in national team for track and field and so who is weak? the lady called him weak , i wonder does she even does her exercise

  87. Lilililili said

    the government really really really needs to investigate these stuff. too many people are dying in NS. And Zheng Huiting needs counselling.

  88. Hi there noobs. said

    People make insensitive comments, fact (Just scroll up or down).

    Woman, be thankful you were let out the kitchen, no need to be a douche bag about it. Being a douche bag does warrant some form of douche baggery done back, not some lame public outcry.

    People die all the time.

    The Singapore Army as a whole has yet to prove itself in a War, fact.

    The Private sector has THAT name for a reason, its run by individuals who without prejudice, serve their own agenda which ultimately results in its shareholders benefiting (although not always). in the private sector, if you’re good, you’re good, it doesn’t matter if you start later.

    There really isnt a need to bicker about starting pay or 2 years “lost” in the economic sense, it is NOT lost, it is wasted, and this is because the people going in don’t want to go in and do not utilize their time fully to gain some valuable life experience and take a freaking study break (you nerds). Instead of calling for women to serve the nation, why dont you call to force them to spend 2 years in the kitchen, pretty sure you will get the same intense negative reaction from some people.

    The probable reason for all this animosity is the success adrenaline of wanting to beat everyone else at being successful. Don’t fool yourselves, success is your own measure.

    • sam said

      why do you assume all singaporean women are like that just because of one comment that a childish girl made? really shows how mature you are by generalizing the whole singaporean female population. congratulations, you just stooped to huiting’s level.

  89. Jordan said

    Our condolences to Pte Lee.

  90. Xmastic (seriously i donl't care what you call me) said

    as a NSman, i have one sentence for da b*tch. Your boyfriend is severing NS and a Combat Engineer? i hope he die at mine field training or another oversea exercise. let you have a taste of someone who lost and is kin to you, even as a NSman (ORDed) i felt pity, but training is tough. too bad william she can just keep it to herself, she doesnt have to express it out front that make her in-famously famous, she said the word “so weak”, why not ask her go for a 3mth boot camp and 1 week field camp see who is weak

  91. phoenix said

    U morons! We r toking bt loss of a life and a stupid girl’s callous remark..n u r all moaning bt who gets a higher salary!! Retards!

  92. Mervyn Teo said

    Ladies, comment if you have been through it. If you have nothing good to say, please keep you far mouths shut.

  93. FURIOUS NSF said






    PS: for any of you who does not know the story behind, please DO NOT make any ridiculous comment/remarks.

  94. Gabriel said

    Guys, chill…. I know that we are treated unfairly in this NS system as compared to girls of our same age. Life is never a bed of roses, and equality between sexes can never be achieved. This is something we can never change no matter how much ranting. If really cannot take it, just leave the country. The country doesn’t appreciate her citizens anyway.
    As for Huiting, she is really being immature and insensitive. A life has been lost while serving the country, give the guy some respect. If nothing constructive to say, she should just keep quiet

  95. Agnes said

    For those who criticised joey, i hope you guys are capable and financially abled to let your wives shake their legs at home to be tai tais. Unlike women in the past, modernised women are financially independant and contribute to household income, supporting bank loans etc so unless you’re a rich tycoon and your future wife is feeding off u, who are you to pass such comments about females… And get your facts right, alot of countries have mandatory conscription for men too not only singapore…

    Im sure most of the females will feel sad over the demise of Those who lost their lives while serving the nation, generalisation jus bcos of a comment is so diaoz…

    • God said

      People criticised her because she think guys go NS come out higher pay then girls so should not complain. What you talking about woman ?

    • sidewindonthesideline said

      Well Israel has mandatory conscription for women too. I’m sure they are independent as hell, and have the same biological clock as you do. I don’t see them defending themselves using these biological differences. AND TO START OF, this has nothing to do with WOMEN SERVING NS. so give it a break. and you have to understand where the guys are coming from. its frustrating to hear ‘oh you get paid more, so the 2 years is made up for. its 2 years of our lives. to sacrifice 2 years of yr life is a pretty big deal honestly. hell to 2 years, if the poor soul who passed away had a week to spare before he died, it would have made a hell lot of difference. So stop blaming the guys for being defensive, unless you have volunteered to serve NS, like some woman who choose to serve their country, you have no right to speak ill or justify the 2 years the guys had sacrificed with monetary aspects.

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      Since i have the financial means to let my future wife work as and when she likes and supporting my beloved grandparents as well, i would like to pass a remark here. I do believe that modern women are more abled compared to the older generations. But being better doesn’t mean one could shoot whatever they like out of their mouths.

      What the men wants is just a little bit of appreciation from the women. U should understand their frustation when a woman post a careless strement it hurts the pride of a man especially when we as men feel proud to serve the nation in order to protect the women in our lives who are not capable of defending themselves in times of war.

    • Herp said

      Stay in the kitchen!

  96. Shaun said

    then again, the reason why we men still have to *upkeep* conscription is just to maintain the peace and order of our country. And in the event of war, at least we would know how to operate arms.

  97. germzzy said

    What’s the probability of some klutz passing a insensitive comment on anything? We don’t have to behave like this nation do not have any imperfect soul in our society. Even ministers say the wrong things. If we go on a witchhunt, we will inevitably turn into witches

  98. Prissy said

    I can’t believe a Singaporean girl who had so much education would say this kind of brainless and VERY sick remark! I hope she has the decency to make a public apology or something!

    • Chris said

      I guess not even a public apology would save her now..

      • Prissy said

        Yeah. But well, the purpose of the public apology is not to save her. (We have to answer for our actions and words. Even if we are sorry afterwards.) It’s the least she should do to acknowledge her mistake.

  99. WhyUsoStupid? said

    I believe huiting is being very stupid to say singaporean are weak and laugh.. At the end of the day all we ns man is here to train to protect each and everyone of us regardless we like u love u or hate u, as long as u are part of singapore , we protect without questioning, its our job, SO when we had a bro who pass away while protecting u, and u simply say he weak and laugh thats so wrg , so terribly stupid and wrg of u. And u only.. Or those who think lyk u

  100. Allie Insaned said

    Brainless bimbo. Dominique is well known for being athlete and active in our school and cohort. Please use some sense when you start your unproductive comments. If Singaporean guys is weak, do u want to replace one of them to go NSF? If no, STFU.

  101. Joe said

    Calling others weak? Look at herself first. That pitiful body can’t survive the rigours of hardship, it being devoid muscles or brains. Has she gone through military training? No. So she should shut the fuck up. A pot calling the kettle black.

    Weak moron. Anything that slides out between her legs should be throttled to death before it pollutes humanity with its inferior genes.

  102. P said

    RIP Lee Rui Feng. May your death not be in vain.

  103. Jak said

    I hope this socially unaware meat bag takes back her comment and apologizes because otherwise it is very possible karma will visit her and slap her in the face.

    • Jak said

      My condolences to the late private lee and his family

      • neopets24 said

        deepest condolences,i realli feel that the SAF should be more responsible for the NS personal welfare and life.This is my honest and true opinions(i have no intention of hurling insults or belittling the SAF).it’s people lives that is involved,not some minor things that can be overlooked.

  104. Annie said

    Seriously, no one and i mean no one is allowed to comment such things under ANY circumstances. And i hope guys will not stereotype all girls to be like her because we aren’t and we also don’t want to be put on as inconsiderate b!tches. She said she apologise for her actions of writing that post. She say she doesn’t mean it. Come on, if you have wrote that you would have mean it. Don’t try to hide from the fact that you did type it down and at that very moment you meant it. No matter how much you apologise it doesn’t mean anything.

    Are you trying to say if someone dear to you passed away because of NS training and someone says that his weak and laugh, get scolded by millions of people, apologise saying he/she didn’t mean it, you’ll accept their apology? I doubt you will.

    Also, i hope people stop attacking her boyfriend. I think it isn’t right to punish her boyfriend for the mistake she has done. Stop with the cursing of hoping her boyfriend dies and whatever. These remarks will just put you on the same level as she is.

    What she did is unforgivable. No matter how many apology you can say, how many excuses you can come up with, no one is going to treat you like a girl anymore. You insulted the whole nationwide Singaporean NS men. This isn’t a small figure of people. Think they’ll let you go this easily? Think again. Doesn’t mean you are a girl means you can say and do whatever you like.

    • Hi there noobs. said

      I like your style Annie, except by that measure you should go back to the kitchen. “no one and i mean no one is allowed to comment such things under ANY circumstances”? are you some dictator? cos if you are, by that measure, go back to the kitchen cos the men should be able to dictator you back to the kitchen. Since men gave you the entitlement to rights and some men seem to think otherwise now, why not send you back there?

      Using your logic. I SWEEPING STATEMENT YOU.

    • Zheng Huiting PuaCB said

      Men are supposed to teach women. Since the BF did not give her a tight slap for making those comments, he is at fault too.

    • Liting said

      lol, the world is changing.. roles are reversed. Not necessarily men are suppose to teach women.

  105. Nick O Las said

    Some of the comments shows that some girls (not stereotyping) in Singapore value money over life…..

    • armpit said

      True. They are so dumb that they think head start of pay can compensate the time wasted and injuries gained for NS. How immature are these people out there.

  106. To all my fellow Singaporean brothers and sisters… We understand the death of our brother during his NS training, thus we pray for him…

    I understand a lot of you… Feel the hate and rage of a stupidity mocking from Ting… even i feel angry at first when i saw the article… but after i calm myself down and i read through her apologize message… i think we should give it a stop… i bet she learn her lesson from the netizen…

    To My response… i feel sorry for her, even ourself… why? we have been stressing her out… but you might not know her story when we flaming her… come to think, what if she suicide? what if her bf broke off with her? what if her friends neglects her forever? you see… we flame her, she suicide… no one will be happy, don’t you feel guilty? or is we Singaporean this weak like she said, we can’t be united?

    a mistake has been done and it can’t be untold… she have repent herself and apologized to all readers… let break the chain of hates and forgive and forget… we are not letting any FT disgrace and fight among ourself…

    ps: i am not asking you guys to agreed what i said, it just a thought after i put in hers shoes and our NSmens and even you guys, the netizen… i am not related to her or the nsmens… peace ^^

    ~ May Peace Be with you… ~

  107. Hi there noobs. said

    sex is good i feel. feeling up the opposite sex is also quite nice

  108. bitchplease said


  109. […] on the NUS fields where the post NS boys can help pitch tents (and silly girls won’t go “Singaporeans so weak. LOL”), we can dapao food from the 24 hour food joints and sit down together with a campfire and revise. […]

  110. Trolololol said

    1 comment sparked all these pointless discussion. Epic troll is epic.

  111. apologize or get hunted said

    wtf i load the page and the moment i see that the noob female picture is an ugly wh*re and fat b*tch, couldn’t bother reading what she does. ugly sh*t, she definitely got bad eggs, hope her bf leave her (if he’s really a proper and not stupid guy)

    P.S: prayers for Pte Lee by the rest of us civilized citizens. RIP.

  112. Edwin said

    Seeing so many comments about Girls having a headstart in life while us guys have to grind out 2 years of NS. I think its that that we all should agree to disagree. We may bring up points that we feel strongly about, and rightly so, but at the end of the day it was the comment made by Zheng Hui Ting which we are all really annoyed about.

  113. Annie lim said

    ZHENG HUITING LISTEN UP.. I MAYBE A GIRL.. BUT DUN MOCK ON GUYS ESPECIALLY ON THIS SOLDIER.. U TRY GG IN TO ARMY LIFE TRY GG TEKONG OR EVEN TRY OUTFIELD.. IF U THINK U CAN COMPLETE ALL THIS I MENTION DEN U’ll be saluted.. IF NT LIVE WITH UR OWN LIFE STUDYING.. U THINK ARMY LIFE IS EASY? Think twice.. Word of advice: if this is the kind of treatment u give to ppl from the army den thr’s no point for u to continue ur studies.. Reflect on ur actions..

  114. Oto45 said

    Aiya. She was just making a joke. We should be angry at the govt for not making it compulsory for women to serve NS. Not her. Scold the govt.. I heard tons of women mock at Ns men and I too felt disappointed cuz I served 2 years as well. But the real culprit is the one who created to enlistment act only for men and not women.. Please protest…

  115. God said

    Even though her comment was insensitive, i actually agree with her. I’m pretty sure previous generations of Singaporeans serving NS don’t die every few weeks….. Just saying.

    • Guest said

      I’m pretty sure previous generations of Singaporeans had no such thing as Facebook, Twitter or other efficient methods of communication to indicate the existence of such statistics… Just saying.

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      In the 60’s theres no fb or twitter or CNA to expose all these news.

    • God?REALLY? said

      I am pretty sure you are as dumb and ignorant as the dumb bitch Huiting… Just saying

      • God said

        Actually, judging from her academic qualifications, that would actually be a compliment

    • Domi said

      There was an article i read on the study of NS training. The present schedule is much tougher than the past. Only thing tougher in the past was things are not as easy as our NS men have now like commanders screw u up harder and punishments lol.

    • God said

      Sure sure, i mean a person dying right, everyone sure don’t know one… Hello, last time relationships so close, i think 1 person die, whole family from malaysia to indonesia will go to funeral. As you all know, funerals all very quiet right ?? SO CONFIRM NO ONE WILL KNOW

  116. Wilson said

    For people like you(huiting) who don’t have to serve the army should just shut the hell up and hope that the next would not be ur boyfriend. Can you even imagine if the person was ur loved ones? Don’t take us for granted, we serve to provide the country with security and not to let retards like you laughed at. I doubt you will be any stronger than our buddy who left us so suddenly.

  117. neopets24 said

    She(u know who u are) can be be charged by the police for making such a insult if the SAF decides to pursue the matter.u dun believe u can try the system and suffer under the wrath of the SAF.Hmmm maybe SOME girls should be enlisted in SAF and suffer the hard way before learning how to learn to be more mature.And no offence why does ur bf fancy u about?

    If the one that died in the exercise(i am not trying to curse or blame her bf)is ur bf,would u laugh and say he is weak?from ur words u are also a person who is excessively selfish.Can’t u even empathise ppl death?his family?u can ignore if u dun care but dun make such comments becoz if u save those comments to urself no one will assume u are a mute.

    I am a person who is easy going,but even I can’t tolerate by assuming i never see anything.try to think for others in life,maybe that will make u grow up.good luck.

  118. S said

    No disrespect to this guy, it was very unfortunate. But why kick up a fuss over one careless comment? There are ignorant idiots in this world, there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Many people in countries like the US diss their own army force and much much worse than a mere facebook comment, yet they’re not picked on by the military sector. Instead the military ignores these comments and are busy training for combat, fighting wars etc. The question should be are Singaporeans too free?

    • sam said

      very true

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      The difference is they are paid to serve. And us, we are ENFORCED to serve. So think about it. Americans are the bosses to their soldiers. As for us NSMen, we get barely enough to survive for the month. So whats yr say.

  119. Vivian said

    Goodness young lady!I strongly feel you disgrace us all Singapore females!What happen to the years of education you had?Is this the future of our nation?

    • God said

      Education never teach students nowadays that it is inappropriate to laugh at such matters. I even know of some students who laugh at starving people IN THEIR GEOGRAPHY TEXTBOOKS. The moral degeneration in our society is that bad now. I don’t really think that we should blame her entirely

  120. This is interesting said

    Now a Singaporean posting insulting comments. Maybe Singapore should punish her like how Sun Xu was punished?

  121. Stephen said

    Bitch talking without thinking

  122. Tky said

    I wonder what will she think, if it happen to her brother/boyfriend.

  123. HolyLurve said

    We train because we’re dedicated, we train because we wanna fight for our country, our hearts are strong just as our minds are. Our deaths are not because we’re weak, but because we’d do anything, even give our lives for our country. The weak, sit around, do nothing, and laugh at people dying while fighting for something worth fighting for.

  124. ORD personnel said

    Whatever she said is not be forgivable, at least in the near future. Is it even appropreiate to ‘LOL’ at someone’s death?

    The main issue, is it time for Medical Officers (MO) to be deployed in exercises/outfield instead of just shaking their legs in the office or guai-laning NSFs who are genuinely sick?

    Seriously, if this type of situation happens again what can a medic do? No offense to medics here but they are just dont have the medical knowledge to handle emergency cases.

    Another question is why did they not send him straight to any of the general hospital??

    I hope the SAF can improve their solutions to such emergency cases.

  125. FQ said

    Someone died, some girl made an insensitive remark and that sparked off a heated debate over man who served NS getting higher starting pay? WTF?

  126. Ozzy said

    One of the reason why Singaporean guys are not motivated to serve NS, while countries like US don’t even need one to have Divisions of full time soldiers.. it’s not about geographical size or population size, it’s the pride, honor and respect one get for being a soldier.. Singaporean guys get none..

  127. AiM said

    Over 20 years of age and with a Degree?
    You would think that such a person would show any maturity in thought and responsibility in what they say….

  128. passerby said

    rip dom. the rest please just stop all these.

  129. Nsf raged said

    Worthless bitch!! Dare you come back singapore. See which employer will hire your ignorant ass here. Dont forget… Where there is men, there are NSFs AND NSmen.. It maybe your boss or your colleage.. Laugh you ass off.. Lol..
    Whats so funny about death?

    R.I.P (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron…

    May god bless your soul and be at peace.. God bless your family.

    From a fellow NSF..

  130. callsign "ghost" said

    lanjiao la, this isnt a case of “girl should serve ns then talk”. its about the young man who died while serving the nation, dont digress. may he rest in peace and empathy for his family.

    since this has already veered OP so much, then here’s my opinion:

    defence is a necessity, everyone agrees. for the guys who say “not fair/ why must serve?”, ask yourselves this – you feel safer knowing a man with a sar21 is defending our country or would you rather put it in the hands of a zhar bo? ladies, i believe at this point you would be thinking “male chauvinistic pig”. i challenge you to ask yourself the same question. if you feel that i am biased or sexist, please, put your money where your mouth is, sign on and chiong sua with us.

    i’m certain that we’ve established an agreement that what this zheng huiting is in fact appallingly ungrateful. i admit i read already i also hot, but please forgive the men before me who has expressed their dissatisfaction with national policy in the form of sexual inequality, know that it was all out of a moment of anger, in retaliation but not an attack. i apologise on behalf of them that offended you all and agree that it was uncalled for.

    to the guys who tell these men to suck it up, the 2 years might have cost these men a lot of opportunities, not implying that you dont lose due to ns, but PERHAPS (I CAPSLOCK EMPHASISE) more than you. so instead of telling them so “man up”, show some understanding to them too because we’ll never know what each other had been through.

    i dont wish to participate in the debate over the necessity of ns

    reply as you wish, i’d definitely love to hear your thought’s on my perspective and yes, i would reply to your reply.

  131. Sun na mi said

    Its about time the male citizens of Singapore give government the shit they deserved!!!

    When all Males citizens boycott National Service, (they cannot jail all of us) the Fucking Government would rethink their fucking unfair policies!!!

    Right now, Singapore Males are forced to served to protect the undeserving females and Fucking Talents.

  132. barry said

    Not everything on Facebook is a joke. Some people have lost their ability to separate a humorous post share and a tragic news share.

    Everyone now thinks they’re a comedian with that one line ‘wise crack’

  133. Pre said

    Why all the insults at her/her boyfriend/her family/her ancestors/her descendant? It’s obvious that she wasn’t thinking when she typed that (…maybe ‘not-thinking’ was a normal state for her). And I don’t believe the people around her did anything wrong. Insulting her gender is just gonna make you look like her (an insensitive, not-thinking – probably never-thinking) person.

    I’ve always thought that females in SG should serve mandatory NS as well (the females that currently chose to serve NS not withstanding). There are more females born than males after all. But probably in a different capacity that plays to female’s strengths rather than weakness. Biologically, (most of them anyway) are weaker in muscle power so having them in the front line doesn’t really make much sense. Aren’t they said to be better at multi-tasking? Maybe training that are geared more towards medics or something. Also during war time, the enemy doesn’t care whether you have extra dangly bits or not. Bombs and bullets are blind. If both females and males serve NS, then I believe the NS period of time should be cut down to perhaps 1 1/2 years or even 1 year.

  134. Von teller said

    If his spirit see this, I bet he’ll hunt you at night till you can’t sleep. One of the worst lady I’ve ever seen, don’t even have a heart on man’s who is protecting the country.

  135. darren lim said

    laughing at someone who sacrificed himself for this country.
    don’t say we attack the boyfriend or wat, if it’s his boyfriend who collapsed, not pte lee, will this bitch cry or laugh at him for being weak?

  136. BearyBeary Tan said

    chill… no battle of the sex pls… accidents do happen, natural or unnatural… upon reading the comment by the gal, actually i do not sense anything wrong… she just chose the wrong channel to express her views… social media is a very sensitive thing itself… even when making comments of my friends on facebook, i chose my words carefully, making sure i do not hurt them. although i am from the admin side, i know very well serving the nation is no way easy… tonnes of sweat for the stability and security we have now…my heart goes all out to all his loved ones……may they tide over this hurdle…

  137. Far King Du Lan said

    Sigh. Zheng Huiting fails to realise that the line between life and death in the rigors of NS life is sometimes blurred especially when physical health is something that not everyone can determine with certainty.

    I dare say Rui Feng was probably physically fit, IPPT silver or gold and I’ve seen the vigorous training regimen of 3SIR, its not small feat to be able to endure that each and every day for sometimes weeks on end.

    But things that are unforseen i.e. a viral infection affecting heart function which have nothing to do with his physical toughness might have caused his death.

    That being said, its a complete outrage that someone who has barely contributed to this nation in any fucking way as compared to this NSF is completely disregarding the magnitude of his sacrifice for his country. Not only his, but also that of his family. Its an insult to injury not only for the family, or his loved ones and friends but also to all NSF who are currently serving, or who have already served the nation.

    Also, hope you goddamn women in the country can stop defending her. It doesn’t help that you’re jumping into that ignorance bandwagon. It doesn’t help that you’re showing the same level of nonchalant, cavalier attitude that NS isn’t quite the big fucking deal. When you have never served. Will never serve. And will probably never ever even endure physical discomfort 1/100th of the shit some NSF go through.

    Cheers, please kindly stfu. Show some respect for someone who’s laid down his life for your unkindly, uncaring asses. Even though in my honest opinion, you aren’t that worth it.

    RIP Rui Feng, All NSF will remember you, at the very least, I will.

  138. Andrew.R said

    I personally feel that it has been taken entirely out of context, it was merely a passing remark by her part and the article does not articulate the fact that neither the accused nor her friend are friends or knew the victim personally thus taking out emotional attachment from the equation.

    Given such circumstances, it is hard to expect true sympathy from her, although her comments are in-appropriate but truth be told, it is mild as there aren’t any malicious intent behind her comments.

    On the other-hand, i don’t see such empathy or calls for compassion towards PRCs or FTs in Singapore, on the other-hand we see a trend that sows discord and hatred amongst Singaporeans towards FTs, we see xenophobic comments that curses at FT going as far as calling them dogs, inferior beings, animals, deserving to die and other harsh words and we see Singaporeans supporting those comments.

    This is ludicrous.

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      The passing remark wouldn’t be nice if the guy that pass away is ur brother, ur son, ur relative or ur best friend.

      • Andrew.R said

        Granted, but are you his brother? sister? parents? relative or best friend? the truth is, practically all of those who are slamming her now are in no way related to the victim, what i see is a bunch of opportunistic vultures pecking on the flesh of a carcass just because it is amusing to do so or rather it is in trend to slam her for her actions regardless of whether one feels strongly against it or otherwise.

        There is no moral justice in what most are doing here or on FB in response to her passing remark as the same bunch of people very well have propagated hate comments towards FTs.

        If everyone were to be punished in this way for having a passing remark, wouldn’t that take away the freedom of speech and expression? since the population themselves are becoming like the watchdogs of an autocratic government.

  139. kas said

    Yes girls should go into army, i think the government should consider this option soon. After all when my friends come out from NS they are always talking about army stuff, kind of feel like I know nuts abt the life in army.

    But guys the 2 years is good for some guys to mature, so don’t take it as a losing out to the girls. some girls need to go for training in order to wake up(huiting for example) plus even though girls have a head start but not all of them use it wisely, a lot can club their 2 years away.

    I hope the guys in Singapore wont go stereotyping all the girls, not all of us are like huiting.

    Lastly, my deepest condolences to the lee Rui Feng and his family.

  140. Rachel said

    I find it very disappointing to hear that people are upset at a girl who was merely joking (albeit with truth to her words). To be fairly honest, Singaporean boys are weak. I’ve lived and studied in many different countries and encountered 18 year old ang moh guys who are way more mature and manly than older singaporean guys who have finished NS. It is very disappointing because NS is supposed to be a system that makes boys become men but in reality, you guys are spoonfed and guided like little sheep every step of the way! In my opinion, Ns is just a waste of time and it’ll be much better if they encouraged singaporean guys to migrate overseas and get some more mature ang moh guys to migrate here instead. All the singaporean girls would rejoice and you pussy faggots can go marry china girls or something.

    Win-Win Situation.

    • BearyBeary Tan said

      ~pls b careful with ur words… u won wan to spark another argument… if u have preference for english man, go ahead and migrate… no requirement to make useless remarks over here~

    • callsign "ghost" said

      “It is very disappointing because NS is supposed to be a system that makes boys become men” and you know a lot about this?

    • Josh said

      you’re disappointed that people got angry that someone was making way-insensitive remarks about a death? Her words are true? Most Caucasians are mentally more mature than us? We’re ‘spoonfed and guided like little sheep”? Your words ring with inexperience. What do you know about National Service? You wouldn’t last a day woman. Its actually the ingrates like you that cause those 2 years to be a waste of time. Haha, carry on with that attitude of yours; the most you’ll get is winding up as some Caucasian’s tool.

      grow the fuck up Rachel. Seriously how come no one replied to this? Gonna let this dumb bitch floor us with her ridiculous comment?

    • Insensitive People Talk The Most said

      Just from what you said, i can tell you are a very shallow person with little or no exposure to the real business world in Singapore. Don’t generalize guys with shallow stereotypes about how Singaporean guys aren’t as good as “ang moh” guys outside.

    • Brian said

      HELLO RACHEL 🙂 I find your comment very disturbing, and appalling. I take it that you assess the “strength” of guys, Singaporeans and Ang Moh guys alike, from their size and maturity? While this might sound apt on the surface, it has fundamental errors. Firstly, yes, the NS System serves to make boys to men. But who are we to judge this process? Having served my share of 2 years, I can only speak for myself. And I am sure that each Singaporean who has served the army can as well. To brand all Singaporean servicemen, past and present, as “spoonfed and guided like little sheep” doesn’t sound like a fair statement.

      Next, the Singapore Army is one that has been able to defend its sovereignty. The Army, Air Force and Navy are capable of joint exercises held with the likes of The United States and Australia. And this is only made possible with our very own servicemen, who have either voluntarily, or otherwise, joined the army. Saying that National Service is a “waste of time” is a huge accusation that no one should be able to make because we are all unable to say that Singapore would be where it is now, without it.

      However, I feel that your angst and frustration could be directed to certain issues in this thread, that might be misrepresented in the manner that have been disrespectful to either of the sexes. The root of this thread lies in the girl being insensitive towards the deceased family and not being able to understand the true sacrifice of the deceased, although this has been expressed by many through biased opinions. Hence, I seek your cooperation in not branding NS as a waste of time, as alike many, I hold on to it very dearly.


    • YoungAndDangerous said

      Rachel, wake up your bloody idea. Not all Singaporean boys are weak. We go thru 2 long years of army and it doesn’t stop there, thereafter, there is 10 long years of reservist and yearly physical test.

      The question: Is it worth to give our 100% to serve our Nation?

      What do we get or awarded if we give our 100% commitment during our NS? When we are waking up every single morning 5:30am to do military trainings, the PRs and foreigners are taking their opportunity to gain benefits. They have the luxury of time to gain the work experience while we are suffering inside camp! We “chao keng” for a reason, what do you think we get if we give our 100%? lower salary than a NS-exempted PR or foreigner? How would u feel?

      You are as shameful as Huiting. You 2 can be best friends.

      • God said

        NS is supposed to be a system to make boys become men ? LOL who teach you such nonsense ? The media ??? You telling me those ang moh guys you find so mature have gone through NS ? No right ? Your whole post contradicts itself. The gov won’t encourage Sg guys to go overseas if they are like sheep mah. They would keep them here ! Gov not stupid de. You want you go migrate lah, go get some ang moh wife-beater that will probably divorce you in 2 years.

      • lol @ SPG said

        typical SPG. nuff said

      • lol @ SPG said

        sorry posted at wrong place.

    • ORD personnel said

      Ms Rachel, you sound like a legit bimbo to me. Using as an example, can you forgive me if I joke about the death of your parents (albeit with truth to my words)? What do you know about our NS system? Have you served in it before? If not I suggest you to stfu before becoming a 2nd Huiting. You can migrate to other countries for all I care because I don’t think you are worthy from the protection from our NSFs and NS men you bitch =)D

    • OrdLiao said

      Jialat la rachel, go hor gao gan la. U never been there, done that, u know no shit little girl

    • sam said

      oh no you didn’t

    • sam said

      watch out! we’ve got a sarong party girl over here

    • Gin said

      i dont agree that we’re weak – we’re simply pampered. and as for ur comment bout ang mohs being more mature, ever tried living with one with all that commitments and stuff? if it’s just the surface, anyone can be mature. as for it being a system to make boy become men, no, imo that idea is merely how we view it. NS is merely (imo) a more cost effective way to protect the country, and to instill all that fancy stuff – loyalty to country, bonding with fellow countrymen, the works. spoonfed and guided like little sheeps? not really. if we are spoonfed, we wouldnt need to do the shit we do. we’d just need to go for classes, and have the whole day after off, yet we aint having that. and about mature ang mohs, ever seen 27b/6?

    • lol @ SPG said

      typical SPG. ang moh guys better than us in everything? i think you watch too many hollywood movies already. maybe all the ‘weak’ singaporean guys you know are just your friends. not a good sample. seen those men who shed blood sweat and tears while serving or not? you try even going outfield la. i think you will just faint when you need to pee or shit. nuff said
      people like you are a disgrace to our citizenship.

    • Jimmyeatsworld said

      Only when theres a gun pointed at your skull will u realise no ang moh will save u. They will just dumb u turn to find another asian woman to screw. So screw u n ur retard mind. And if ur mother gets raped, go n find some ang moh to investiate fr u n do the dirty work to find the culprit. If every women its like u, i rather b a bachelor for the rest of my life. Not worth to waste my millions in the bank on women like you. Pathetic.

    • Dumbass said

      I hope your father die in reservist. Your brother (if you have one) die during army/ reservist. I hope your boyfriend die during army/reservist. If your boyfriend is from other country, I hope he dies in a war. When all we do is to protect your fucking ass and you are calling us to migrate. You should be the one who migrate and i hope you step on minefield. If your death can bring back the life of those NSFs who died, I really hope you die!

    • You sucked too many white dicks. Which apparently doesn’t make your English any better. You sure you sucked enough Caucasian dicks? Think you need more.

  141. Facts said

    Okay this is so c0ck. There are pros and cons. Sure i do agree we spent 2 years wasting time but on the other hand we do learn something new. It is time wasting as well as precious moments and knowledge gained, and to protect our nation. For job and $ wise, i will have to agree that most of the firms or companies do pay $200 extra, and i would actually prefer to gain that 200 increment after NS. Though i dont really like serving NS, but still, like i said, pros and cons, I dont enjoy & yet i enjoyed it. Contradicting yes but people out there know what i meant. $200 is a bonus, why not right?

  142. Facts said

    Oh by the way, that young lady there shouldnt have talk about us like that. If she is strong enough, go join the force and prove us wrong? i bet she will even need both her hands and legs to win me in AN arm wrestling.. I will handicap her 4 fingers? Flaming us and turning things viral on the net is seriously… NO GO!

    • Andrew.R said

      so NS taught you to rely on physical intimidation and violence as a way to solve problems and/or to prove your worth? sounds rather screwed up to me.

      • OrdLiao said

        No la andrew he just mean he fit like me ^^, andrew u no strength ah? u go gym train la, u kid?

      • Facts said

        No.. Please read between the lines.. are you siding her or what? Everything i said, is saying that she isnt strong enough herself, so, dont blabber so much but us males.. thank you.. did she blow you or something?

      • Andrew.R said

        This isn’t even about strength to begin with, if it comes down to strength just to prove your worth then you’ve very well vindicated my comments.

        Unfortunately i don’t rely on crude remarks to illustrate my point, guess this is the difference between us

  143. Janice said

    She is such a disgrace to the girls in Singapore. Our guys spent two years of their lives serving the nation to protect us and instead of thanking them, all she could say was that they are weak? Wake up little girl. Reflect on yourself. Be ashamed of what you had said.

  144. YoungAndDangerous said

    Huiting, I hope you will be reading this…

    Are you as stupid as SMRT? Senseless, Mindless, Retarded, Thoughtless are the words to describe you.
    Firstly, your callous remarks shows how insensitive and unempathetic are you towards the deceased’s family. It is a precious life lost.

    Secondly, why would you want to stereotype your own fellow male counterparts? We serve the nation, give up our precious time to the nation, experience 2 long years of military trainings, 10 years of reservist and yearly physical fitness tests. For who? It’s for you, my dear. For our families and for the fellow female Singaporeans. I have full respect for the females in Singapore, they should not go thru the military life in my opinion. It is also tough for the girls to endure 9 months of pregnancy and they are not physically structured for the military trainings anyway. However, for Huiting to pass that remark was really senseless.

    Thirdly, before you judge the male Singaporeans, please take a look at some of the PR’s and foreigners in Singapore who have escaped or have planned to escape the Army enlistment. Some of them skipped army, worked as long as the girls in Singapore, gained more experience and some even earned higher than us(the poor male Singaporeans who have to be delayed for 2 years). It certainly cost us great opportunity cost. I’m sure you heard of this phrase; “Time is Money”. We, as male Singaporeans, “chao keng” for a reason, who the hell will care about us if will give our 100% in army? when we finally finished serving our NS, what do we get?? Lower salary than a exempted PR or foreigner? How would you feel? Hence, when you are typing that remark and while the Singapore Girls and Boys are having an internal war, the PR’s and foreigners whom escaped Army are having the last laugh!! and mind you, not only do they need not go thru 2-years of military life, they get privileges and priority in applying leave (e.g. Chinese New Year, we Singaporeans always have to give them priority). And we Male Singaporeans are indirectly serving the nation and protecting the PR and foreigners as well (as they escaped NS and gained precious time while we are serving 2 long years of NS)!!!!

    Thus, my whole point is that it is crude to pass such a remark on a life lost. That NSF served and died for his country. Think of the PRs and foreigners whom have escaped NS, if you still think male Singaporeans are weak, you have no hope.

  145. Jiiny said

    Not only infuriated many NSFs especially ME, a parent of NSF. Dominique was a camp mate of my dearest son. These NSFs in the infantry unit were having tough trainings days and nights even after POP. We parents could only spent weekends with own child. They booked out with cuts, bruises, rashes and etc. Do you know how much we missed our children? They are serving for their country n all times preparing themselves for war allowing all singaporeans and you to live in peace. How could this little gal be so childish to
    gave such a remark!

  146. LLsgman said

    Cum lan kia…
    She dunno nowadays cannot anyhow post things online mehhh?
    Unless of cos u happen to be a scholar of foreign descent..
    Precious young lives lost…
    Another reason to import ft?
    Buay keng buay chut peng..
    TC, fellow nsfs~

  147. Cyn S. said

    Men should not feel resentful towards girls because of one thoughtless girl. Ns does turn boys into men. I am thankful and proud of my younger brother and our local boys for serving the NS. Family always worry no matter how fit their sons are. I hope this late soldier’s family find peace soon.

  148. Ang Mo Kau said

    Boys, you see what is happening now? You bust your ass to protect the women and they are making fun of you and don’t appreciate your sacrifice. And you complained about protecting FTs and FWs. At least they appreciate your sacrifices and don’t call you pussy faggots

  149. Uniquely Singapore said

    Singaporeans girls got no hope lah!

  150. ASS - U - ME said

    This whole debate is so way out of context. The whole issue here is just about the girl being highly insensitive and too quick to judge on matters.

    The 3rd Battalion Singapore Infantry Regiment is one of SAF Army’s toughest training units. They are the forefront of our ground military rush during a war. They’re training regimes are meant to push people to the limit. That being said, the unit doesn’t design it’s training around torturing people. There are welfare measures such as water discipline regimes as well as ample opportunity to rest. We are not here to argue whether was it the commander who did not conduct proper and strict water discipline practice or it was the man who did not keep his end up.

    All we know is that something went wrong.

    Was he truly a “weakling”? We don’t know, maybe he’s body couldn’t take it anymore? Multiple internal stress and heat injury? Ill-discipline of water drinking regime? We are not talking about a one time hardcore training session, we are talking about multiple trainings of such standards piled up in a day, 5-6 days a week.

    Miss Zheng Huiting or anyone of else, would NOT be able to judge whether Lee Rui Feng is weak or not.

    Even more so, someone lost a very dear son, good brother, and a close friend. “Singaporeans weak” shouldn’t have been the first comment that came to anybody’s mind.

    This has NOTHING to do with who has the upper hand in opportunities and who doesn’t have to go through menstruation…

  151. Cindy said

    What was that girl thinking? Every man in NS or reservist is someone’s son, brother or husband. I am sure they will worry when their loved ones have to serve the nation. I have to worry when hubby goes in for reservist and he is now not so young and not so fit anymore. Lee Rui Feng does not look weak to me. He looks the sporty type. All guys in NS, just remember to take care of yourselves and remember your family is waiting for your safe return home.

  152. michka said

    Girls ought to appreciate and say their due thanks to guys.
    Guys shouldn’t ‘suck it up’, but learn how to shoulder the responsibility of protecting the nation, PROUDLY.

    Its childish comparing whats fair and what not, or who gains more out of NS, or from giving birth.

  153. Man she really need to hit the treadmill and get a plastic surgery.


  154. LJFACE said

    So like, when we were in GSCC some of us left behind the equipment and the instructor was damn pissed off and we kena tekan like mad. We had to pump then carry the FBO and run up and down this small hill and then we sprint like mad back and forth the LZ and while we pushup change one of the instructors was like “WAH LAN SI LIAO SI LIAO KNS” and my friend was lying facedown about 50 meters away with his FBO everything on him and he was motionless and all the instructors immediately ask us sit down and everyone was crowding around him and i saw the medic come and do CPR and they quickly hush hush clean up and by that time we knew ho seh liao got night off.

    Yes, it is true that NS is about pushing your limits and overcoming challenges. Afterall combat is a strenous situation and we need soldiers who are up to the task – but instructors should be trained accordingly to push their men with reason, with a goal to make them better, not just to tekan until someone drops dead and then regret. They should keep an eye on people who they know going to CMI liao.

  155. Ang Mo Kau said

    Singapore gov’t haven’t tried one thing………ask PRs or FTs if they want to volunteer to be part of the defense force. What do you think will happen? What if PRs and FTs voluntarily come forward to volunteer??? Would you guys be scared? Then what excuse will you have left to hate them?

  156. ORD personnel said

    If anyone of you people said to forgive her and move on, you better not be the ones that angrily hurl your powerful vocabs and grammers to mr Sun Xu after apologising that he called us dogs.

  157. Jiiny said

    These NSFs in the infantry unit are going through tough trainings days and nites, under hot sun and rain. They booked out on Fridays or weekends even after POP. They return home with cuts, bruises, rashes and etc especially in the field trips without complain. They are serving for their country n preparing for war. Are they weak? Dominique was a camp mate of my son. I am very proud of my son and all NSFs especially to those in this infantry unit. Please do spare a thought for parents of Dominique and the rest of parents whose dearest sons in 3rd Battalion! We are giving moral support outside n are proud of our sons. Please respect the deceased.

  158. soUnfairlah! said

    Taiwan which is more advanced than SG in the electronics industry, has a population 4.5 times that of SG, and is under constant pressure from china, has given up tying down their NSmen by reducing the mandatory period to a mere 4 months. i do not think that there should be pricks here hiding behind screens and scolding SG’s NSmen for having no faith in their country and being ingrates. because i have heard of guys here trying to escape NS with medical letters, and i consider those who go ahead with the process anyway to be far braver, even if they complain sometimes, than the keyboard warriors we find here. kudos to the NSmen in Singapore. for those who think that complaining about NS makes NSmen wusses, i’d like to see you not complain even for a second the moment you step into the workforce.

  159. Uniquely Singapore said

    Siao Char Bor!

  160. God said

    Teenagers nowadays “LOL” at everything. “LOL” seems to have lost it’s meaning.I doubt she even meant “LOL” as laugh out loud. I mean, honestly to people who use “LOL”, how many of you really use it by really meaning it to be laugh out loud ?

  161. Ping said

    Think about the young men whose lives are cut off in the primeof theirlife, serving the country (rest in oeace, dear fellows). Think of their families, grieving for loved ones. Many thanks to all the young men in Singapore who serve NS; and to their parents who raised them. I am a woman and a mother of boy and girl; i fullyi support the idea of women serving NS, even if it is in non-military areas such as community hospitals, semior citizens homes etc. Singapore is small, and we must depend on ourselves – dont expect others to help you in times of trouble.

  162. Jenggo said

    Shes even ugly to start with… Why bother abt what she said ask her to put on the fbo and start running you effing bitch….circumstances are such that the poor bro died in the line of duty….same as what happen to my friends years back… Remember we are serving ns to protect our country…

  163. zeckam said

    we should just blame facebook

  164. Joyce Goh said

    What an IRRESPONSIBLE remarks she has said!!! That’s a loss of a precious life she’s laughing about!!! Many loved ones whom knew the serviceman must be very devastated! Shame on that ignorant girl!

  165. vampy said

    pls stop arguing… earth is round, not square so NOTHING is FAIR!!!! besides i dont agree with us nt able to afford kids, i’m also a girl… y not u gals cut down on ur branded stuff, splurges and dont be so materialistic???? that in total can afford at least 1 child. guys, lets just not deviate from the topic.. my deepest condolences to all NSF Lee Rui Feng’s loved ones and friends. i do appreciate the guys serving ns, without them, we do not have any safety net, be it SAF, Police or SCDF. Bringing in the bleeding issue and the salary issue is totally childish n irrelevant here. the girl who said this is a total insult to all Singaporeans as she said ‘Singaporeans are weak’. We ARE NOT WEAK, be it GUYS or GIRLS here in Singapore. This is just a sad incidence that we do not wish to see again…

    pls stop your arguements and everyone, be it guys or girls in Singapore plays a part in defending our own country. by working, we ensure our economy is stable with low unemployment rate n by serving NS, we ensure that we are trained in combat to defend ourselves in war time.

    Lets just observe one minute of silence in remembering our comrade, NSF Lee Rui Feng. May he rest in peace forever.

  166. Corporal FUCKTHEFOREIGNERS said

    NO SINGAPOREAN NSF = FOREIGN INVADERS ( MALAYSIA , TERRORISTS, INDONESIA, PHILIPINES) to come and rape ur fucking smelly cunt . NSF die u think funny? ur backside kena cumshot X 20 indian bangla then funny la cb u!

  167. fluyaway said

    seriously, does she ever know how hard do the guys need to train in NS… i even worry about my guys friends who is in NS and here she is saying that they are weak. please take it back and afterall, the NS men are working for the nation where you are living in (please don’t freaking say that you will migrate, cos even if you do, without the NS men, you might be alr dead if there were ever a war.) and your safety is partially protected by them.


  168. SMLJgal said

    NO wonder singapore guys find brides from other countries.. Cos idiots like her makes singapore women look so bad. I think you are worse than the underaged gal who sold her body. at least she’s still wanted by many.

  169. babuluseng said

    force her into enlistment for 5 years, make her go through commando training straight, no BMT. see if she die or not. if she die then song

  170. BALL said

    I thought I come to a wrong page. So sad to see most of you argue over a senseless remarks. Whoever is right or wrong is immaterial. The most important thing is to understand and feel how the NSF’s family members is coping now. I expect to see more condolences messages but instead I see more argumentative comments made. Why can’t you people stop arguing and instead vent your anger into condolences to PTE LEE RUI FENG’S FAMILY.

  171. Hate said

    the bitch huiting.. b4 you comment anything please use ur fxxxing brain and not ur cb to speak n think…

  172. Jeffrey Toh said

    What’s the point of debating & quarreling so much? Just put urself in one-another’s shoes to understand the other party’s feelings. NS’s what government creates. Ur body’s what ur parents create & what god puts in.

  173. shortboi said

    singaporean weak… it’s kinda true actually, because we all strong at making money due to the standard of living here is high hehe.

  174. Jimmyeatsworld said

    Ive lost three friends serving the nation. Each time i see news like dis, reminds me of the pain the family has to go through. Following the coffin on its last journey. Knowing nothing, not even money or rank can bring their loved ones back to life.Putting else a side, someone might have lost a son, a brother, relative or a friend. Only if people understand what we went through to protect this country, this type of insensitive remarks wudn’t have circulated. Some might call recruits becoming weak and sorts, but they don’t realise these weak recruits are able to wake up at 5 am n den mrning pt at 5.15am when i feel that people who come up with these remarks cant even wake up at 5.30am daily. Very insensitive. So in future if u have brothers or sons or relatives and friends enlisted, u r just going to imply that they are weak? Shame on u. When there’s war someday, do u even have the guts to hold a bloody machine gun?

    RIP to the recruit and condolences to the family on the lost of their HERO! SALUT!

  175. mankind said

    Hey all pls cool down, it all cos of one comment make by Zheng huiting.

  176. aimz said

    It is bad what she said, but the media should not be encouraging this vigilante behavior and posting her details for all to see.
    Yes, she said a very stupid thing, but it is in the internet and lots of people say stupid things. I’m sure she was scolded many times on that same post.
    You shouldn’t have a whole country and media hunt you down and ruin your life for saying something stupid to a friend on facebook.

  177. jing hao said

    Rest in peace bro……

  178. Allan said

    Come on guys, we all make mistakes, we were once ignorant and young, not knowing that just a casual remarks would cause such a big hoo haa and some casual actions would eventually have a huge impact on others. Give both miss Zheng and yourself a break alright, by trash talking about her doesn’t make any difference since remarks had been made, things had been done, can’t do much to rewind it isn’t it. Better than doing what you all are doing now, isn’t it better to take this time, a 5 mins of silence, to commemorate PTE Lee? Rather than trash talking about miss Zheng…I jolly well understand how our fellow guys in Singapore felt when miss Zheng made such comment, i too, was on fury upon seeing what she wrote, but what make it worst isn’t exactly what she wrote, it was us. Instead of offering our condolence to the deceased’s families and friends, we are debating something that’s not even related to his death. I dare to ask all the people in here, who actually go offer their condolence, or rather try to find the friends or families of the deceased? Touch your heart and ask this question, rather than spending time in here trying to pin point whoever is wrong or whatsoever, why not spend the time to commemorate PTE Lee?
    Lastly, our country had lost a good civilian, a good son and a good guy. To PTE Lee, you have my utmost respect, giving in your best till your last ounce of breath to the country….R.I.P

  179. DFDFDF said

    maybe thats why she’s in australia, getting some aussie guy do her instead of her ‘weak singaporean’ bf.

  180. STOP!!!!!! said

    Al guys & gals, isn’t it time to stop all this negative comments and focus on giving our countrymen the respect they deserve.
    Lee rui feng Dom, I’m sure you leave your life to the fullest & would have been an outstanding soldier. We will inherit your spirit & your will. Condolence to all your loved ones.. Salute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. nono999 said

    So what if Guys really get the headstart of everything after ns? 2 years of life compare to one degree is 2 different thing. so stop thinking of getting laid and think for us, men, who sacrifice so much for nation and our love ones, in the end gets criticized after someone got historied !!! Pumpkim !!

  182. DFDFDF said

    anyway singaporean girls are hopeless already. we singaporean guys protecting the land so that they can lust after ‘superior’ ang moh guys in parties and clubs. if u were a recruit and entered a SINGAPOREAN club, you will see how girls shun you while they bask in the attention of some ang moh guys. soldiers receive no respect here. maybe our singaporean girls will feel more secure with the olden day colonial British soldiers protecting Singapore. im pretty sure we will witness singaporean girls welcome them and treat them like heroes everywhere. and im pretty sure the ang moh recruits will be worshipped by singapore girls in our clubs. then when these manly soldiers flee singapore in case of war, they can bring all the singaporean girls away with them. look at the comment of Rachel no.130 above and im pretty sure thats the hard truth we guys have to face.

    • Corporal FUCKTHEFOREIGNERS said

      True la. Singapore girls so like angmoh open cb big big for them come in and go like free only. Soon SG girls become angmoh’s “public toilet”. I think thailand girls currently best for SG guys ba.

  183. idareanadhominemargument said

    …What the frak is wrong with this country? A healthy NS man is dead, and everyone’s attention is directed onto…one dumb chick? Let me point out that: 1. you do not honour this man’s memory by making one young woman’s idiocy the centrepiece for his death and/or expressing your hatred for her and all SG women, 2. there is obviously a problem with a system that (possibly) contributed to this man’s death and (definitely) encouraged ignorance as displayed by that young woman, AND 3. there is something wrong with this entire country’s culture since the majority of comments on this page are more intent at abusing people of the opposite gender than understanding where they are coming from.

    I’m pretty sure that Singapore is going to the dogs–and you know those guys who blame “undeserving girls and Fucking talents” (to quote one of you) and girls who want to marry “mature ang moh guys” (you love them and yet call them by such a derogatory term?)? It’ll all be thanks to them. For a country with a government that keeps going on about “constructive criticism,” there is an unbelievable lack of that here.

  184. RIP R.F said

    Actually the gal only asking is “singaporean too weak? LOL” with a question mark behind…. Not saying Lee Rui Feng was weak. No one wish any one to die. Lee Rui Feng dying in a young age is really sad. Had read some gals comment… i agree with some gals saying that there are guys who like to chao geng. I saw my guy friends using heavy object to break his own left arm to drop to PES C. But of course… Got alot of gals out there like NATO (No Action Talk Only) Army is really tough which gals can never understand… Just like guys also will never understand how painful for a woman to give birth to their own child. Let just wish Lee Rui Feng R.I.P and stop fighting over this topic

  185. A Guy 87 said

    Shame on you Zheng Huiting.. You really take this issue for granted and never think before you speak.. Put yourself in someone shoe and you feel what it’s like… I feel ashamed to have a fellow Singaporean like you living among ourselves.. Hopefully you take this a lesson to be learnt.. Seriously 2 years experiences in NS is what mould us to be who we are right now, a strong and independent men. Without NS, some of us sure take life for granted.. No offence to those who didn’t served NS and our girls. To our fellow Singaporean, Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron, Rest in Peace. You will always be remembered.. From your fellow Singaporean.

  186. JT said

    To Huiting Zheng,

    If this happen to ur BF, You will be Crying Out Loud (COL).

  187. Kai said

    Very disappointed with this girl. did not go through national service so can anyhow say? hey girl please wake up your idea

  188. Bystander said

    I think the whole reason why this whole debate about insensitive comments, NS vs studying or working etc has occurred only because we are quick to generalise and make sweeping statements that aren’t reflective of the entire truth.

    Let’s not criticise anybody further, after all, what will we accomplish through such criticism? Instead, let’s just do what we can to not perpetuate stereotypes!

  189. Family Man said

    Marginalising of the Singaporean men’s efforts during NS should be made criminal!!!

  190. IQ vs CBQ said

    Many Zheng Huitings abound.. human but with a bird-brain.. akin to those blondes who make stupid comments. Why give her so much attention? The focus should be on better measures to prevent more such unfortunate waste of precious lives. One case of death is one too many!
    If 21 years old Private (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron, from the 3rd Battalion of the Singapore Infantry Regiment (SIR), was asthmatic why was he undergoing the same training routine as the other healthier NS men? How often are mandatory medical check-ups done, esp for asthmatic cases…monthly? 3 monthly?

  191. IQ vs CBQ said

    Maybe time to give serious consideration to enlisting female citizens for NS. If other countries like Israel can do it so successfully, why not S’pore? The policy makers must be bold enough to make the change for a more secure S’pore. Many plausible reasons… falling birth rate, so decreasing number of male enlistees; helps to create level playing field for male & female citizens (Women’s Rights Organisations are always fighting for equal rights for women); opens up more career opportunities for women in the air force, navy & army; excellent way to groom more female leaders for the country (including potential political leaders); etc
    If females like Zheng Huiting are called up and given a taste of say a year military training, she probably will not utter stupid, insensitive comments about a fellow S’porean who has to sacrifice his life for the nation.

    • Andrew.R said

      Conscripts is different from a volunteers, just like how militia serves chiefly as filler material and cannot substitute a professional standing army, as a fellow NSmen, i think guys here are giving themselves too much credit and glory for what is due, we did not become soldiers because we wanted to defend the country, we did so just because we have no choice.

      Females are often used in support roles in an army because of the genetic difference, the typical female are less physically robust than a typical male and coupled with the fact that females bleed, it just doesn’t make a very good choice for them to serve as the main fighting force in an army.

      The victim did not sacrifice his life for the nation, sacrifice means to give up something precious for the sake of something or someone of a higher claim, in this respect, his death is accidental as he did not willfully forgo his life for the sake of another, he died in the line of duty.

    • pat neo said

      I totally agree with you.I sincerely hope that our goverment will’ve a review on this.We’re now a first world society,i believe we must all be mentally prepared for anything.Men and women as equal defending our homeland.
      Anyway,we’re just a small island.
      We’ll need one hell of a army to archieve our objective.

  192. ServedTheNation said

    This whole incident reminded me of a lad in GB, Swansea, who posted racist and abuse comments via tweeter towards a footballer who had cardiac arrest on the pitch recently. He got jailed for 56 days in prison to “reflect the public outrage’” of his comments. Well,i dont see why this girl shouldn’t get a similar sentence with accordance to the law in Singapore. There was sustained and gratuitous criticism. These were unprovoked comments and persistent abuse. I was disgusted.’

    • Andrew.R said

      Be objective, I believe racist comments are the key here… if we were to have such a law in Singapore, many of those who are posting here would have been in jail for propagating racist and abuse comment towards FTs in Singapore.

  193. Derrick said

    you people are so damn wrong. We NEVER had any addition pay AT ALL. I’ve been through interview for small company and big MNC but NONE have heard of this “more pay for NSmen” thingy.
    Total bullshit.

    As for the lady I hope she take this more seriously, its not like someone injured in army, someone actually died in the course of training. I wonder if she say the same thing if it is her brother.
    Total bullshit x 2.

  194. LJFACE said

    Some people say NS useless because Singapore no war.
    Next time your father got heart attack, don’t call ambulance, because the ambulance is run by a crew with NSFs on board
    Your House burn down don’t call fire engine, because most of the firemen are NSFs
    You kena rob at geylang, don’t call police, because some of them are NSFs as well

  195. Jas said

    there’s no need to overreact to what she said, what she said is so so ridiculous and delusional that netizens shouldn’t even bother arguing about it, because it’s wrong, no argument, nuff said. rest assured her comment is NOT NOT reflective of Sg girls. most of us are grateful for what guys go through in army, it’s tough, and it’s hard, really respect and admire guys for going through such tough training

  196. Bryan said

    I believe that the armed forces should be a force purely made up of regulars, however, too few Singaporeans feel having a career in the armed forces very apealing, myself included. Perhaps if the army offers better pay and benefits package as well as lifting the retirememt age limit to a reasonable level, people may decide to persue a career in the armed forces.

    Being a citizen of a country, the only thing that should be compulsary is taxes. Say you are posted to a combat unit, in training and in times of war, you are forced to risk life and limb on the field. Nobody, not even the government should have the right to force a person to do that.

    People say we have a duty to serve our country, I say we are serving our country by building it up financially as is, and should be given a choice if we want to serve our country in the military as well.

    What the girl said in the article is uncalled for and very insensitive, accidents happen, even when the SAF practically babies its army now a days.

  197. Peter said

    In life everything is unpredictable… So for those who are serving NS should take more precaution and if really cannot take it please sound out to the officer in charge AND DO NOT FORCE YOURSELF. Everyone has a limit. Athough endure and excel but different people have different body system. So take care everyone and RIP lee rui feng… Whether to accept or don’t accept her apologies I think leave it to lee rui feng parents.

  198. cheyenne said

    i believed THE TEMASEK TIMES is far too much too. Maybe the lady speak too lightly for this case, BUT I THINK, THE TEMASEK TIMES SHOULD NOT POST THE PERSON FACE AT ALL! How can they specially just find the person photo and post it. Human rights ok? She may be wrong at some point, but why must post the picture out? Or even gave out all her details? This is far too much. Just like previous case, the prostitute case, SHE HAVE HER OWN LIFE ! you guys just post the photo like that , how is the girl going to turn a new life?

    I read from so many article, straits time etc, i see no one posted the photo of the person who gave the third comment as i believed they want to protect the person. This lady, she may comment too lightly for this issue, how can temasek times post out the photo?

    I need something to be done. This is far too much. What if one day an unknown person attack this lady or another commentor ? **touch wood** Are temasek times going to bear the cost?

    I am not siding anyone but my point of view. Ns men are fighting hard! Please really take care~~~~

  199. Mahn said

    I sacrificed 2 years for someone like her?!

  200. leftsgformoresimplegrass said

    Why should all Singaporean females who have read this feel embarrassed? Just because we are “female” & “Singaporean”, we should be associated with her? Relax girls, I am confident a lot of us girls in Singapore are of a different maturity wavelength. The mistake lies within herself and whoever who tries to defend her. If anyone should feel embarrass, it should be her family and friends, especially her parents. This just reflects alot on her upbrining – which is kind of sad, because there are many other people in Singapore who are ungracious and tactless like her.

    The fault also lies within the “need” to comment and tweet on social media, to feel like we need to fit in to today’s society.

    Or maybe this is just one of her viral marketing strategy, so that everyone is outraged and sucked into remembering “Zheng Huiting” as the name of 2012 – after all bad publicity is still publicity.

  201. First of all, our deep condolence to the family of Mr Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron.

    Next, for Ms Zheng Huiting, and everybody here, I’m sure there is a great lesson learnt.

    There are times when we can make casual remarks, but we have to be really sensitive to people around us, even in the cyber-world. This goes out to the folks who made offensive remarks about Ms Zheng, either in here or in other forums.

    A Dear Life Lost Cannot Be Replaced. Something Said Cannot Be Recalled. But Memories Will Stay With Us For Eternity!

    Life Goes On.
    Just let the matter rest and spare a thought for the families and parties involved.

    • Jiiny said

      Yes, totally agreed. Must spare a thought for dominique parents n his brother who are mourning for the loss of their closest kin. Let Dominique rest in peace. Also do not push the fault to Hui Ting’s parents. I am very sure by now, Hui Ting should have learnt a painful lesson she has created. She will be very careful with her future remarks.
      Let the matter rest asap.

  202. Xgda said

    I thought soldier will die at the battlefield but now it seem like even training can make soldier die. If guys who read this article and have not gone through National Service, they might think that serving/doing National Service is scary. Guys who died when they are serving/doing National Service, the government only support the next-of-kin and not the family. I think the government should support the family and not only the next-of-kin cause if the guy is married and have children, the next-of-kin will be the wife and what f the wife passed away, what can the children do(if they are teenage)???

  203. pat neo said


  204. FLJ said

    Ns is tough.
    Thats why we are called men.
    I personally wouldn’t want to see my girlfriend/wife/sis/mum fighting a war for my country, i would rather be the one dying for them instead of them dying for me.
    We men will definitely be unhappy about those comments some girls made here, but touch wood if there really is a war, we will want to fight for our loved ones and not helplessly see them die.

    I guess this is what most men feel.

    My heart goes out to Private Lee’s family.

  205. HERMENZ said

    SERIOUSLY FOR GOD SAKE.. they “MUST” let the girl go NS. they think its easy. guy IPPT have we do normal pull up. GIRLS? incline PULL UP.. -.-” get a life. sg must do this like Malaysia. “LET THE GIRLS SERVE FULL TIME NATIONAL SERVICE”..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HERMENZ said


      R.I.P. MY BROTHER..

      GOD BLESS.

  206. stud said


  207. kueh said

    These bimbo have no rights to comment on things they never gone through. If u nv gone through it what’s makes u think u have the right to comment..
    Spare a thought for PTE Lee family..
    Learn to grow up and respect others’ feelings

  208. Steve said

    Intresting debate which moved away from the topic, should generally both males and females alike regardless of their origin within earth, are aware how hard the reality is? I remember when I first went to my national service, I was educated why we are there in the first place. Unlike the gift of land and resources that other countries have we had a small nation that we can call home. And at home, we have our families. We have to protect our family and home. It is simple but true.

    My officer asked what would you do if we get invaded tomorrow and we did not enlist you? Would you not draw arms and fight the battle to protect your loved ones? We cannot run away from the fact, both as male and female, we have a part to play if war pays us a visit. Our parents had a part to play when they at one time refused to send their sons to serve the nation, but did so knowing that war could come around anytime like it did in World War 2. But we are lucky, we never did get to see war, so like everything else we take war for granted.

    Once you take war for granted, you take the soldiers enlisted or not, who protect their families for granted. We lose our home and families. When I was young I felt the same, I hated NS but now more mature then before I look at the what we have and why we have it so lucky. It is because the men took arms to protect a small land, and their families. Wife and mothers understood that this is something their dear ones had to do.

    Now comes about the problem, some young people regardless male or female take war for granted. And thus they feel that man are weak if they cannot survive something as simple as National Service. But the truth is war is not easy, why should be the training to go to war?

    This behavior of certain young people does not extend to only national service but everything else in life. As each generation progresses, we make life better for the next, and eventually we reach a point we do not respect the previous generations achievements by quantifying it with the current generations abilities.

    Now understanding the problem, we need to educate everyone. We need to show a world without a silver lining, without the internet, without love through education. Truth be told, how many of us go around Youtube to look at war and it’s effects or a disease and it’s effects. If we can show this harsh reality of life and ask the young minds to make a better world instead of asking them to persue achievements. We might have a future in singapore and the world after all.

    As wise words go “Without darkness, you will never appreciate light”. I believe in “Show me the darkness, I will bring my lamp”.

  209. Damian said

    I’m sorry for the death, it is a tragedy – but I have to say that I agree with the girl’s comments somewhat… I think that Singaporeans are physically weak in comparison to others.

    Who am I to say this? Someone who went through NSF and was a PTI.

    I was born in Singapore and lived there for the first 8 years of my life before going overseas. When I was 17 I went back to do my NS.. I won the company best PT award without trying very hard..

    Why? Simple – because growing up in Singapore, emphasis is put on academic achievements and not athletic.
    The result? Singaporeans are academically stronger than average, but physically weaker than average.

    Yes it is generalising and there will always be exceptions, but seriously – compare a Singaporean soldier to an American, British or Australian soldier – physically which would you say is the weakest, without anymore information??

    I enjoyed my NS, had many good times, a few bad times, made friendships that will last forever, and learnt a whole lot. I’m not against NS or the Singapore army – but I do agree somewhat with the comment that ‘Singaporeans are weak’.

  210. Andy Goh said

    To Joey,
    I read your comment with great interest, I would agreed with what you had commented. However, sad to say, it exist neither in most employers’ HR guidelines nor policies. The idea only exist theoretically.

    Furthermore, I pitied your partner, if you have one. He will feel like giving you a tight slap and a “1 x Good 1” scolding to “Wake up your ideas”. But because he loves you too much he will swallow down his pride and ego just like what he did throughout the 2 years of his NS life, and continue thinking how to make full use of his “headstart” salary to love you and pamper you. While doing so you are publicly commenting that the “headstart” salary is more than enough to make up for the lost years.

    Is the “Headstart” salary enough for you if you are your current partner? Be truthful to yourself and be fair to your loving partner.

  211. Celia said

    Why one girl’s comment become all girls’ fault?

  212. cuntface said

    what kind of stupid trashy site is this where english is bad and stories are idiotic. I know complaining is singaporean but im infuriated that this bloody site makes me feel like an imbecile now. Burn Temasek Times. You are no equal to the condoms used on chantelle: slimey, cheap (or expensive in chantelle’s case) shot and like the contents should just shrivel up and die!

  213. lubba said

    agreed. temasek times – unique perspective? from inside an ass isit??? rumour mongering site should be closed immediately.

  214. Roger said

    Renee Tan said

    April 18, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Darren: Nobody can choose the place of birth, every person has their own responsibilities and obligations. Would you rather to be born in other countries like Iraq/South Africa then?

    Sorry, just to clarify here. South Africa is not backward and suffering from harsh famine. It hosted the 2010 world cup remember?

    I’m pretty sure Renee still thinks it’s filled with mostly black africans who are bone thin from hunger.

    • Ashwin said

      To be honest, she is sick mindless filthy wretch, I can even try to forgive Huiting, But look at Renee? comparing and contrasting all the irrational things around her to make her verdict win, I hopefully, god hopefully feel that there are not many girls like her, I have a great respect for woman and this is just pretty depressing

  215. TitanGS said


  216. TitanGS said

    SCOLD THE GOVT! she just made a statement accidentally because she does not know what its like to serve NS. everyone says something wrong once in awhile. i can’t believe people get so upset just because of one single comment. i served 2 years of freaking NS too and i hated it. the real culprit is the one who did not make women serve NS too and if the law does not change, there will always be girls like her making such comments. dear Singaporeans, stop being so narrow minded. see the big picture and realize who is the real cause of this.

  217. look past the smokescreen said

    gentlemen, lets not get carried away. the guy died. always remember which organization he died in.

    who’s to blame? mindef

    went through it and finished. pay more, cut reservice liability time!

    cut the pro-army bullshit

  218. Yuji said

    that girl in the photo is juz disgusting.. So she think she stronger than boys? Bitch plz.. i think she go NS straight away die and no one will even shed even a tear for her. RIP our dear NSF who died just to serve our country and did’nt get his due respect.

  219. Dominic said

    All we can do is to honor our brother who died in duty.

    Singapore is so fucking safe, we got allies too. So we tend to neglect how lucky we are not to suffer everyday in fear from terrorist or wars like children in afghan.
    Ask anyone who has gone on salvation army trips or anything. You really have to watch your back.

    So our men like it or not are here, trained to defend you! from other bastards invading and raping our girls and shit.
    It may seem mediocre to some girls (like that bitch) but who do u come crying for help when a man is pinning you down against ur will.
    Singapore takes this precaution, who likes to waste time anyway i know i dont. but at least there is a cause.

    So Dom i salute you for training hard.

  220. 10cdo said

    To all NS guys: don’t drink too much water before strenuous exercise, always do proper warm-up/stretching, 30 minutes at least. Always “comb” your hair with your fingers to lower the heat when training under sun.

    To send girls for NS would be a waste of time. Discipline training should be taught by their mothers, not NS, schools, universities or poly. Girls are born naive and ill-discipline, that’s why ancient oriental/western/religious worlds all had strict guidelines for females.

    Guys must have big heart, so let’s give this young kid a break, she learned her lesson.

    • God said

      Mothers last time also girls mah. Now have women’s rights and all that crap, guy’s cannot teach the girls le, if not get sued for wife abuse leh. So must use NS teach them

  221. Toomanycouchvigilantes said

    Singapore needs some laws against cyber stalking. Posting someone’s picture and personal details online for making one short comment on facebook is not acceptable. The people responsible should be accountable.

    • God said

      Cyber stalking ? It’s a damn social networking site. Don’t want to be stalk then don’t use the site lah

  222. dexter koh said

    You could see this crazy women is laughing like this means that she is insensitable and foolish although her education level is until University, so what is doesn’t have the empathy and we should empathize with her and question her polytechnic and University is this the upbringing that the poly and university have given her

  223. evenstar6q said

    When I read threads like this I worry about our country and my generation. We’re all so good at complaining about the hand we’re dealt and calling each other names. We’re all just showing off our prejudices, our narrow-mindedness and insensitivity to others. Men aren’t the only ones who should be called on to defend our country. Women shouldn’t be paid less, and they are, across the globe, in most jobs, even now. Men shouldn’t be defined by their physical abilities and how they might make better soldiers, and neither should women: why are we defined by our ability to bear children? This is the 21st century! Men and women should be equals, but we’re not in the eyes of our government and even ourselves.

    We should be united in sorrow for our lost brother Pte Lee, not divided by the angry words of the small. We should be respectful of his memory, how he gave his life for his country, and of his family and friends. Arguing on internet forums and insulting one another doesn’t address issues of inequality and doesn’t help the strength of our nation. We’re so lucky to have grown up in a safe country and gone to schools with no guns and eaten good local food our whole lives. We need to be less aggressive towards our fellow Singaporeans because blame and threats will never solve anything.

    • blueboy said

      First and foremost man and woman cannot be equal as they are simply too different but yet that is why man and woman needs to depend on each other so as humanity can continue no as they cover up each other flaws with their strong point . So instead being equal ,we are incline to depend and support our counterparts .so ladys we Singaporean man isn’t weak but needs your support to be strong .so let bygones be bygones , our country is one not divided in two between the sexes .
      Yup I am a seventeen years old kid . And in most of your eyes I am immature and so I haven’t seen how ns training but when the time come I will gladly do my duty not because of government forcing me to but as a citizen I will do my duty and protect what little I have in the small nation

  224. L said

    I respect what OC Bravo although I don’t know him personally said and sincerely hope that every Singaporean gets chance to read that letter. That is true leadership and SAF should give him a medal!

    poor huiting got insulted so badly; I hope you understand that you have accidentally triggered many of us including myself; an old man who served in the Singapore Infantry Regiment 10 years ago for my NS.

    I feel that you should understand that the reason why you have been so hated is because of the lack of appreciation we as NS men feel whenever we draw our heavy arms, lose our sleep, and die trying to complete our NS. Some young Singaporean girls, but not all, feel that it is a man’s job and therefore we should suck up to that. Come on, that is preposterous! Why? Because in the military, boys who are not up for the training would usually skip them by faking illnesses, etc. And because this PTE did not do that, that is to say that he sucked that up, thinking that he did right for his land, his family, his friends, his future wife, his future sons, his future daughters, his future colleagues, his future country, by training as hard as possible. He definitely wouldn’t want to include you had he known what you think about him, honest. RIP BRO!

    On the other hand,

    It is disappointing that the some of the private sectors don’t truly appreciate our contribution, thinking that we would disrupt their business. It is more disappointing that some Singapore girls today join these private sectors by losing respect for us, seeing $ as more vital than national security.

    I can’t speak on behalf of every employer, but for my ex-employer; and as for you, well, you really should apologize to his parents for your incredibly disgusting remarks about us. God will forgive, and we will forget you.

    Thank You.


  225. Natureschild said

    Zheng Huiting is truly a CCB bitch who needs to be f^^ked front & back by all NSF men to make her come to her senses … no pity for such a bird-brain nincompoop.
    RIP.. Private (PTE) Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron. Our most sincere sympathies to his family members and relatives.

  226. Undeniably consider that that you stated. Your favorite justification seemed to be on
    the internet the simplest factor to have in mind of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed at the same time as other folks consider
    concerns that they just do not understand about. You controlled
    to hit the nail upon the highest and outlined out the whole
    thing with no need side-effects , people can take a signal.

    Will likely be again to get more. Thanks

  227. Ice said

    It is very disappointed to see where Singaporeans are heading to (at least this bitch Zheng Huiting). People like her should be thrown into NS .
    RIP our brave soldier

  228. Wow, this piece of writing is good, my younger sister is analyzing such things, therefore I
    am going to convey her.

  229. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this superb blog! I guess for now i’ll
    settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

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