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Ramesh’s condo terminates services of security agency; Uncle Steven may lose his job!!!

Posted by temasektimes on November 1, 2019

One day after JP Morgan CECA Director Ramesh Erramalli’s “apology” to security guard Steven Heng was published by the state media, his condominium management has terminated the services of Steven’s security agency with immediate effect!

According to reports from the state media, security officers from KH Security Agency where Steven was from had been replaced with those from Alpine Security!

Ramesh was caught in a viral video hurling vulgarities at Steven last week for asking his visitors to pay a $10 parking fee.

He subsequently complained to the condominium management that security has threatened him and uploaded the video on social media without his permission causing him to be harassed by strangers.

He also lodged a police report against the security for doxxing him!

According to insider sources, KH security is investigating the incident and Steven may be sacked if he was found to have uploaded the video and a police report containing Ramesh’s name and hand phone number.

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EXPOSED: Was Ramesh’s “apology” was staged?

Posted by temasektimes on October 31, 2019

JP Morgan Director Ramesh Erramalli’s “apology” was staged as a PR stunt to placate public fury, according to an insider source.

A day after the video went viral, the Association of Certified Security Agencies issued a stern statement condemning Ramesh and asking the Attorney-General to press charges.

Notice the stark difference in tone 3 days later:

Steven was supposedly on duty from 7pm to 7am the next day on 30 October 2019. At about 4pm, he received a call from his manager asking him to have an early dinner and meet at the management office for a “briefing” at 6pm.

When he arrived, he was met by Mr Thomas and Mr Gary Harris from the Association of Certified Security Agencies who informed him that Ramesh would be dropping by the office later to resolve the issue and his duties during his absence would be covered by another colleague.

Steven was advised to put his handphone away and all he needs to do is to listen and Mr Thomas will do all the talking on his behalf. No photos were taken at the meeting. If Ramesh had indeed made up with Steven, why wasn’t a photo taken showing both of them smiling and shaking hands?

At 7pm, journalists from SPH and Mediacorp gathered at the condominium’s guard house entrance as if they were waiting for some major announcements and even took photos of Steven, Thomas and Gary:

The entire meeting lasted about 50 minutes. Steven was advised not to divulge details of the meeting and not to speak to the press. The other security guards were also warned not to post anything about the meeting on their social media accounts or to tell a third party.

One hour after the meeting Ramesh’s “apology” was published simultaneously in all the major newspapers at about the same time in a coordinated media blitz.

If Ramesh is really sincere in his apology, he should have visited the guard house to apologize to Steven in person shortly after the incident. Why did he take so long to do so and somemore accompanied by two outsiders?

Furthermore, Ramesh did not pen the apology himself which was broadcast to the public via a third party. It appeared a script was prepared beforehand and the “apology” was meant for the public rather than for Steven.

We want to hear Ramesh’s apology in his OWN WORDS. Anything less is insincere, fake and unacceptable!

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J P Morgan to investigate CECA Director for hurling vulgarities at security guard

Posted by temasektimes on October 27, 2019

J P Morgan will conduct an internal investigation of its Executive Director when its office opens on Tuesday.

He was filmed on video hurling vulgarities at a Singaporean security officer who asked his visitors to pay a $10 fee for parking their car at his condo car park after 11pm, sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans.

Speaking to queries from the state media, J P Morgan conformed he is its staff and it is “looking into the matter”. It declined to comment on his remuneration which was rumored to be $66,000 monthly including an allowance of $13,000.

PAP MP Zainal Sapari also weighed in on the controversy calling for the Protection from Harassment Act to be extended to security officers in a post on his Facebook:

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Security guard lodged police report against J P Morgan Director

Posted by temasektimes on October 27, 2019

The Singaporean security guard who was subjected to a verbal tirade by J P Morgan Director has lodged a police report against him!

In a video clip widely circulated online, the Director was heard hurling vulgarities at the poor security guard for asking his visitors to pay $10 to park overnight at his condo.

The security guard noted in his report that he was aggressive towards him and he let him park inside the car park without paying eventually to avoid aggravating the matter.

In a press statement released last night, the Association of Certified Security Agencies strongly condemned his behavior and urged the Attorney-General to investigate the matter and press for a deterrent sentence.

However, being an elite CECA banker invited by the pro-foreigner PAP regime to work in Singapore, it is unlikely that the police will take action against him.

On the contrary, the security guard may get arrested and charged under Singapore’s new anti-doxxing law for publishing his personal details online

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J P Morgan Director hurled vulgarities at Singaporean security guard

Posted by temasektimes on October 26, 2019

An Executive Director from J P Morgan Bank was rapped by netizens for hurling vulgarities at a native Singaporean security guard for simply doing his job.

In a three minute video viewed widely on Saturday, he was heard ranting at a condominium security guard for asking his visitors to pay $10 for parking their car in the condo car park after 11pm.

When told politely he was simply enforcing the rules of the management, he went berserk and hurled vulgarities at him:

“FxxK you! F**k the management!”

He also insulted ordinary Singaporeans in his rant:

“I bought an apartment here at F**king $1.5 million dollars. I am not living in a HDB flat you know?”

He asked his friend to park his car at the condo entrance for 5 minutes before entering the car park without paying the $10.

His behavior was widely condemned by netizens who called on J P Morgan to sack him.

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