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PHOTO: Man caught trying to rub crotch against woman’s buttocks in SMRT train?

Posted by temasektimes on August 31, 2012

A netizen spotted a man squeezing close behind a woman on a SMRT train and wondered if he is trying to be funny:

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]


40 Responses to “PHOTO: Man caught trying to rub crotch against woman’s buttocks in SMRT train?”

  1. Gina said

    She looks like she old handle any guy who would try that out on her!

  2. pohtiongho said

    Now I know why many men refused to move into the centre of the car. They enjoyed hanging near the door.

  3. P Koh said

    JAS is in play……. Judge, Assume and Speculate. That girl is his girlfriend lah!!! Stop posting such rubbish on this site to create uncessary rubbish talk, comments and criticisms. If you have nothing better to do then go fly a kite.

    • OMGKthxbye said

      i think your understanding of the picture itself got problem izzit? what makes u think that that girl is his girlfriend? From what i see that guy is a uncle and that girl is some poly girl judging from what they wear and she is carrying a laptop. The guy looks like he can be her father. plus the way they stand.. do u think they are couples? u r the 1 judging wrongly and assuming.. lmao!

    • pauline p said

      the post by TT ends with a ? ……which means TT is asking the readers what they think just by looking at the picture. kindly take note it was submitted by some netizen.

      so far it shows many have different views which means everyone can learn from each other. The most positive comment is from “I am a woman” P Koh, take note.

    • Zheng Ting said

      Rubbish. This guy looks like his uncle more than boyfriend. Dun be stupid. U are also Assume .Yea?

    • dane said

      Does they look like a couple? I bet not.

    • Lionel Koh said

      @P Koh: I dun think that ur JAS is usable here, because have a good look, that poor girl has a lappy(laptop) and she look younger that the perverted old man, and my speculation is that the girl would be a poly/uni student. How would the poor girl be the girlfriend??? My guess is that the girl was jus ignoring him

      • Speculator said

        What if the girl chose to and squeezed infront of him then? I’ve had a fair share of experience and observation that sometimes it’s the girls who squeeze into god knows where locations….

      • awwww said

        now now you are using your A in your JAS by assuming the girl is his girlfriend?? sorry to burst that smart thought of yours

  4. Mike Zeng said

    If he goes ahead, and is caught when the chaboh screams….likely to be caned 6x….and spend 3 mths in Changi…..not worth it!

  5. Thank you for posting the photo. This will deter those men who are sick perverts that with all the ‘spy’ cameras from ‘volunteers’, they had better know that they can be caught anytime.

  6. Lim said

    I have seen in lifts. old man stands behind pretty lady. As the lady turns and exits the lift he moves forward real close to her buttocks but she is unaware as she is exiting. Another old man I see regularly on bus when going to exit will deliberately stumble and support his hands on some pretty young woman’s seat and then brush her shoulder or breast `accidentally’. Chinatown plenty

  7. Chee ko Pek said

    that ass ..

  8. Ron said

    Sorry, a snap pic is not sufficient evidence. It may be a momentary closing up of the two bodies due to movement of the train. But if there is a recording showing this man maintaining close contact and even showing a bulge at this crotch, it is sufficient to report to the Police.

    In Japan, I once saw a middle-aged man with an erection (it was evident) rubbing his crotch against another female passenger. I should have take action then to ask the female passenger to move away. However, the man got off at the next train stop.

    Also, if I the man in this picture feels he has been defamed, he can take legal action against the Administrators of TT. The problem with the social media is that it can also be manipulated. What if someone next put up a pic of two buttocks in contact in a crowded train? Will that be sufficient evidence of molest?

    I hold an open mind for now on this case.

  9. fadz said

    What do you expect when the girl are wearing those tight dress.she is just welcoming predators.

  10. fairplay said

    Hey, hello. This is too much, lah. How do you know he is doing what you said he is? It doesn’t look at all like what you described! I think Temasek Times is wrong to even think of using such garbage! Isn’t this promoting the invasion of people’s privacy?

  11. NaBey said

    Wah! See bey song! I think that woman also enjoy! Otherwise she scream liao. Now more like moan than scream.

  12. Sinkaypoh said

    Walau! Maybe he is her Prof & giving her some special guidance? So that she gets better grades in her finals? 😉

  13. Sinkaypoh said

    Or maybe they are filming a Jap AV video? hehehe…

  14. Marcus said

    I think those that talk so much here, is only fantasizing their own fantasy, pls lah, the train so crowded and this is so damn normal, this pic doesn’t shows that his dxxk touching her ass, wake up you all ‘chi ko pek’

  15. Naivety said

    Heck, the picture shows that there is no contact b/w the man & the girl…still got some clearance in between lah!

  16. Gar said

    The molester looks like a lunatic seen before on train. That lunatic likes to sit with ladies and keep looking at them. some got so frightened and got off the train. He even spit at one who stare back at him. I have to keep looking at his pocket whether got weapon if needed to confront him physically. The man in the pic really look like him. same shorts i wont forget because scanned his pocket for weapon.

    Look at the picture, the area is not very pack. he do not have to stand there. Any gentlemen will turn around with their back facing her at the least, if needed to squeeze there.

  17. parkster80 said

    Insufficient evidence.

    BTW the girl’s hot.

  18. xf24 said

    Huh? Why is this an issue? Girls these days who go to club probably kena grinded more jialat jialat than this.

  19. ah biao said

    The guy is standing too close, that is how most Singaporeans will feel… However if he or she, yes I mean the girl, is from prc, the distance is considered norm in trains in Beijing even when the train is not crowded. That was my experience there. However, I really hate it when passengers lean against the poles which are meant for our hands not back.

  20. Homer Simpson said

    At times I enjoy reading the posts on this site, however when you start to post rubbish like this, it really turns me off. Let’s focus on issues that really matter!

  21. mimi said

    the guy is probably enjoying too much smelling her hair… lol

  22. zhuzeng said


  23. pi said

    his left hand seems busy??

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