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PRC Communist Party officials arrested for rape and prostitution of young girls

Posted by temasektimes on May 31, 2012

Two PRC Communist Party officials have been arrested for the rape and prostitution of girls as young as 13 years old in two separate cases which sparked a massive outcry in China.

The first case took place in the city of Yongkang in eastern China’s Zhejiang province and involved a deputy of the People’s Congress of Yongkang by the name of Hu.

Hu allegedly ran a child prostitution ring which forced more than 20 junior middle school students from three schools to provide sexual services to local men.

Junior middle school students in China are typically between 13 and 15 years old. The suspects will be charged with the crime of child prostitution under Chinese law if any of the victims are under the age of 14.

In a separate case, Li Xingong, the party’s former deputy head of Yongcheng city in Henan province, was arrested on Friday for having allegedly raped numerous young girls.

The official Xinhua news agency has reported the number to be more than 10, while some other Chinese media said there were at least 40 victims and perhaps as many as 100.

According to the Chinese media, Li used social media to groom victims and order others to lure and threaten young girls at local schools for sex.

Most of the rapes allegedly took place in an unlicensed black Chevrolet. SMS evidence allegedly revealed that Li only wanted girls who were virgins, while computer files showed there were at least 40 victims.


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Zhang Ziyi denies having sex with Bo Xilai and threatens to sue Hong Kong and Taiwan media

Posted by temasektimes on May 30, 2012

Renowned Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has refuted rumors that she had sex with Bo Xilai for more than ten times and threatened to sue the Hong Kong and Taiwan media for the claims.

The original report came from U.S-based citizen journalism website ‘Boxun’ which said that Xu Ming, president of the conglomerate Dalian Shide in China’s northeast who has been detained due to his close ties with Bo Xilai, confessed that in 2007 he gave Zhang six million yuan (US$945,000) for having sex with him.

Zhang, who is currently filming in Guangzhou posted on her Weibo yesterday morning denying the allegations:

“Coworkers deride the fabrication (Boxun’s report) and ask ‘what is the big deal’? … It is not necessary to fabricate, just imagine anything. Frankly speaking, it is mental masturbation,” Zhang posted.

In a later post in the evening, Zhang appeared to take on a tougher stance against Apple Daily and said she felt “chilled to the bone and deep sorrow” over the “slander and smears” it had published.

“We will demand justice in law. We will dig you out from your dark corner and follow up the inquiries,” she added.

Once a high-flying politician tipped for higher positions in the Chinese Central government, former Chongqing mayor Bo Xilai’s sudden fall from grace is nothing but spectacular.

Bo has not been officially charged yet for any offences and his current whereabouts is unknown as the media continues to leak and expose sordid tales of his numerous sexual exploits.


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Zhang Ziyi rumored to have paid sex with Bo Xilai

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Actress Zhang Ziyi rumored to have paid sex with disgraced politician Bo Xilai more than 10 times

Posted by temasektimes on May 29, 2012

International Chinese celebrity Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) was rumored to have been barred from leaving China after investigations revealed that she allegedly had paid sex with former top government official (薄熙来) more than 10 times.

The news was first leaked by U.S. registered Chinese-language website Boxun and reported widely by Hong Kong and Taiwan papers, but not in mainland China.

According to unnamed sources, the pair’s sexual liaisons were arranged by Bo’s associate, the 41-year-old billionaire Xu Ming (徐明), who is founder and chairman of Dalian Shide Group.

Xu confessed that he paid Zhang 6 million yuan ($946,000) in 2007, after sleeping with her for the first time before arranging other ‘bedroom deals’ on her behalf with Bo in the same year for 10 million yuan.

Between 2007 and 2011, Bo and actress Zhang had sex at least 10 times – all in Beijing, including at Xu’s guesthouse in the capital’s Xishan.

It is estimated that Zhang has pocketed at least 700 million yuan ($110 million) from sexual transactions over the past 10 years, including 180 million yuan in cash from Xu.

Her vast wealth from prostituting herself was not taxed due to intervention from Xu and other government officials.

Zhang has been absent from the Cannes Film Festival and the Palme d’Or awards this year.

Watch the video in Mandarin below:

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Barack Obama follows erotic ‘boob’ website on Twitter?

Posted by temasektimes on April 14, 2012

Boobs are an obsession with many men, and what more the boobs of celebrity? Celebrity Sideboob is a website dedicated to one thing only: post images of celebrities showing the bare sides of their breasts. It’s quite erotic, but it doesn’t show hardcore images

The site posts its updates on Twitter. Surprisingly, one of its followers is Barack Obama. However, that doesn’t mean that the U.S. President is following the website in person except that someone—whoever that is—subscribed to Celebrity Sideboob’s Twitter account from Obama’s Twitter account.

Here’s a screenshot showing Obama’s certified tweet account as one of the followers of the Celebrity Sideboob:

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Irish priest accidentally airs GAY PORN during presentation to shocked parents

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

An Irish priest Martin McVeigh accidentally aired gay pornography during a presentation to the parents of First Communicants from the pariah of St Mary’s School in Pomeroy, Ireland.

The images were reportedly flashed on screen after McVeigh inserted a USB drive in the computer. He immediately ended the presentation.

St. Mary’s School principal Sean Devlin reportedly contacted the Armagh diocese in the wake of the incident, which is under investigation by the diocesan child protection office.

A spokeswoman for the Council of Catholic Maintained Schools said that they were aware that the principal of the school “immediately referred this matter to the diocesan authorities in accordance with the diocesan safeguarding procedures.”

Read more: here.

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UK undergraduate Liam Stacy jailed for making racist remarks on Twitter about Bolton player Fabrice Muamba

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

A 21 year old undergraduate of Swansea University Liam Stacy was sent to prison for 56 days after admitting to making an abusive racist tweet on the collapse of Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba from heart failure during a soccer game.

His tweets – which started with ‘LOL [laugh out loud]. **** Muamba. He’s dead!!!’ – also provoked widespread revulsion and a furious reaction from several Premier League stars.

His posts were forwarded to police by disgusted fellow users and he could also be thrown off his biology degree course after his fellow students launched a campaign to have him kicked out.

In his concluding statement, District Judge John Charles said:

“In my view there is no alternative to an immediate prison sentence.”

Read more here.

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Man sued neighbor for failure to make wife pregnant after 72 different ‘attempts’

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A 29 year old German man Demetrius Soupolos is suing his neighbor 34 year old Frank Maus for breach of contract after the latter failed to impregnate his wife in 72 different attempts to do so.

Soupolos had hired Maus to impregnate his former beauty queen wife Traute as he was sterile and Traute wanted a baby badly. He thought Maus would be a good choice as he resembled him and is a father of two.

Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus tried desperately a total of 72 times to impregnate Traute.

When Traute did not get pregnant after six months, Soupolos insisted Maus go for a medical examination which revealed he was sterile as well. Mau’s wife was then forced to confess Maus was not the real father of her two kids.

In his defence, Maus said he did not ‘guarantee’ conception, but only that he would give a ‘honest’ shot at it.


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PRC woman crushed by bus after she refused to leave road to extort compensation from earlier accident

Posted by temasektimes on March 18, 2012

A PRC woman was run over by a truck and died on the spot after she refused to leave the accident scene.

The 45 year old woman from Anhui province was riding a tricycle filled with duck eggs when she was knocked down by a scooter in the early morning of 6 March 2012.

Though she did not sustain any injuries, she refused to leave and lie down in the middle of the road to extort compensation from Mr Shen, the scooter driver.

Mr Shen refused to pay her and as he was moving his scooter to the side of the road, a bus came along the way and ran over the PRC woman, crushing and killing her on the spot.

It is a common ‘practice’ in China for accident victims to feign injuries by refusing to leave the accident scene to extort compensation from the other party.

Under Chinese law, an accident victim who suffered from ‘permanent’ injuries as a result of the accident is entitled to compensation for life while only a token sum needs to be given to the families of those who were killed.

Watch the shocking video below:

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PRC father bite off six year old son’s penis after the latter refused to give him oral sex

Posted by temasektimes on March 15, 2012

Shenzhen may be the most prosperous city in China, but it seems that there are more ‘xxxs’ than humans living there.

Chinese newspaper ‘City Post’ reported a shocking incident of a 32 year old man who bite off his six-year old son’s penis publicly. The man was walking with his naked son and four year old daughter on the street when he ordered the boy to suck his penis.

Despite numerous attempts to force the boy to ‘give head’ to him, he refused to do so and in a fit of anger, the man plunged his teeth on his son’s penis and bite it off in an instant.

The boy was sent to the hospital where doctors were able to reattach his penis, but it he may not be able to have ‘normal’ usage of the organ in the future due to the injury.

Police said the father is likely to have a mental illness as he was recently seen pretending to strangle his son on their balcony, according to witnesses.

Investigations also found that the man, who was only identified by the surname Yu, was severely in debt after a failed business venture and was often seen gambling. Relatives will now care for the six-year-old boy and his sister.

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Hong Kong Sex Festival promotes group marriages and sex

Posted by temasektimes on March 8, 2012

Sex with a single partner for the entire life is too boring and is responsible for the high divorce rates in Hong Kong, according to the organizers of the Fifth Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival which advocates “polyamory”, a practice where individuals are consensually open to loving more than one person at a time.

“We hope the festival can open up the public’s views towards alternative systems of marriage because the traditional relationship between one man and woman is getting outdated,” founder Emil Ng Man-lun said.

With the theme “Sexuality Untied: Spatial, Social and Relational,” this year’s festival seeks to further society’s understanding of the multiple views of sexuality in order to promote tolerance and harmony in the community.

Ng added that group marriages is becoming a ‘viable’ option as partners in a monogamous relationship tend to experience a less fulfilling sex life and are likely to have extra-marital affairs.

The Global Post described “polyamory” as a form of loving, “genital-sharing” agreement with a small and trustworthy group of people.


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