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More Singapore girls becoming freelance prostitutes to make a quick buck?

Posted by temasektimes on April 21, 2012

Instead of sending a warning to men not to patronize underage prostitutes, the recent media publicity on the online vice syndicate saga which saw 48 men charged so far for having sex with a 17 year old girl may have the opposite effect of luring more girls into the vice trade following reports of ‘easy money’ being earned by the hooker.

The girl reportedly charged $500 per session with one Swiss banker paying $650 and grassroots leader Chua Ren Cheng paying $750 for her services. There was one ‘busy’ day where she earned more than $2,000 by having sex with four different men. She will never be able to earn that kind of money at her age and with her qualifications.

Social escort owners have reported an increase in the number of requests for underage girls, some as young a 15 joining them as social escorts (or freelance prostitute).

Where there is demand, there is supply and men are not deterred by the crackdown on commercial sex with minors either as they believe young girls to be more ‘clean’ and likely to be free from sexually transmitted diseases compared to older whores.

Besides underage girls, more girls above 18 years of age from undergraduates, working professionals, air stewardesses and models are willing to join the flesh trade.

A quick check on some social escort websites revealed their prices ranged from $200 an hour to more than $10,000 for an overnight stay.

Besides the quick buck, gifts from clients such as designer handbags, meals at swanky restaurants and sometimes even paid holidays are other attractions.

Prostitution is legal in Singapore. However prostitutes in legal brothels are usually from overseas. In the last few years, more and more Singapore girls are joining the flesh trade as evident from the number of postings on sex forums and sites such as craiglist soliciting customers.

Are Singapore girls really falling on hard times to resort to prostitution to support themselves and families or they simply hoping to earn a quick buck to fund their materialistic lifestyles?



26 Responses to “More Singapore girls becoming freelance prostitutes to make a quick buck?”

  1. Derp said

    Must be those materialistic sluts and bitches from flowerpod.

  2. yen l y said

    About the title of this article, does it mean “More girls becoming freelance prostitutes to make a quick buck in Singapore”?

    Is it more “Singapore girls” or “girls (any girls from local or overseas) in Singapore”?


    • eugene nirvan anthony ("nirvan44" on "The Economist") of Applecross WA 6153 and is NOT a Singaporean is however a munafik/munafiq/منافق said

      To “Yen L Y”:

      Yes, very perspicacious; I myself wonder what NATIONALITY those trollops are; they may NOT be Singaporean CITIZENS.

      By the way, you may like to do a search on these terms:
      ” Singapore Mr Chen shopping dining ah ping married socks body sex three times China “.

  3. Artistic said

    This shows that its so freaking expensive to live in this damn country. No matter what…what we earn is never sufficient. No girl would ever wanna end up working this way. And especially when these men are paying so much for it…why not? Easier way to earn bucks what. Easy to sit there and talk so much…try being her. And first of all..why do u have legal prostitution here? Ban it la…complete crap.

  4. Ken Lee said

    thought this only happen in japan??!!! what happen to Singapore???

  5. Anthony said

    This is the society fault – first we have all the foreigner taking away all the job that there is no part time job available at all. This make local resort to this type of earning

  6. Yo! Kick said

    These dare events are came from all Singapore Girls holding Singaporean Citizenship

  7. Denis D Don said

    Some use it to support themselves and families, while some does it to earn a quick buck to fund their materialistic lifestyles

  8. Denis D Don said

    Some use it to support themselves and families due to hardship in their country, while some does it to earn a quick buck to fund their materialistic lifestyles

  9. Family Man said

    Prostitution is the oldest trade in history and is and will always be here to stay. While the laws under the women’s charter were meant to protect defenseless young girls from being exploited, the current situation in the profession has changed. Time for the relevant authorities to make the necessary changes 😀

    • WhoresCharter said

      Women’s Charter endorses prostitution, they are creating legal underage whores out of Singapore girls.

      All sluts below 18s will legally sell their their unriped vagina with Women Charter’s backing despite it is illegal, WC ensuring that these materialistic guilty sluts get away with it scot free! Every girl who aspires to sell their vagina can do so without repercussion!

      Well done Whores Charter!

      • ROFL said

        These whores will call u losers when u can’t pay for their unriped vag..whos creating..might as well have an big D and do the older women for cheaper fees..

  10. Mr. Triangle said

    Singaporean girls are still girls. And when girls need money desperately, they might turn to the one thing that is fast and maybe even enjoyable for them. Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world, some can make up to SGD $6k per month just by spreading their legs.

    In a society that judges you based on your qualification, type of job, what car you drive (aka materialist environment) it all derives from how much money you have/earn. This will effect our youth as more and more they learn how important is their image equate to money.

    Let’s face it, this has gone on for a long time and will continue to go on as money is more important then morals.

    • Youtube User/Jemdude22 A MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot Larry Medina Will Be As Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot Robert Viswanathan Chandran said

      @Mr. Triangle: As per what “Yen L Y” noted, those hookers may NOT be Singaporean CITIZENS.

  11. Like it or not, the onus stays with the older man who’s out for his moment of fun regardless of the consequences of his actions.
    Imagine the girl propositioning herself is his daughter. Wld he hv the same indiscretion and unconcern that he shows towards an underaged ‘prostitute’ who is someone else’s daughter?
    For that matter, if he shd demonstrate the same callousness towards his own daughter who is prostituting herself, what wld be public reaction towards his act?
    While the underaged prostitute has much to answer for the plight that she is in and likely for the rest of her life, the 50 odd paedophiles caught in the police operation are no less, if not more, answerable for their perverted bent, being fully grown men, at least in law, in mind and body, and not a few of them are in senior positions ofresponsibility. And with families to boot.
    It may be we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg as many underaged girls appear to be drawn to sell their bodies. There shd be not let up to nip this problem of the paedophiles in our midst preying on underaged girls in the vice trade or anywhere else, to ensure that it does not become rampant. The authorities shd come down hard on both the pimps and clients to kill this cancerous tumour at source, for society and families to be rid of it. Needless to say, any pity for the paedfophiles involved wld be misplaced sympathy.

  12. jimmy ho kwok hoong said

    The Underage Prostitution issue sparks off the following questions. Let me attempt to providing their possible answers:

    Q. What is the intention of having a Law against underage sex?
    A. To protect innocent underage girls from premature sexual abuse, not “professional” prostitutes who are well “aware” of what’s happening when selling their body for money.

    Q: Why charge the men instead and not the girl?
    A: In Singapore, it is safer to go for the men (even though they were misled into believing the girl was 18+) than the girl herself, as it is riskier to charge a girl (vs man)in a “Women First” society of ours. Also, the administrators would look “democratic” to protect the female sex (hence themselves) in having side the ladies. In Singapore, all (if not almost all) men know that the Women’s Charter is grossly unfair to them in many aspects, yet they know that nothing would be done to change it, as it is politically correct to stay that way.

    Q: Do the men involved in the prostitution case deserve what they get or would be getting?
    A: Prostitution is legalized here. Singapore recognizes its need for the world’s oldest profession. Yet, its safer to brand prostitution as taboo and patrons of prostitution as “dirty” individuals. For this reason, any issue involving the bashing of prostitute visitors will get away scot free. We have to stay hypocriptic to look good. Who cares if the futures of 60 men (and possibly, that of their families) were being destroyed?

  13. @ Jimmy Ho Kwok Hoong Apr 23 at 5.34 pm:
    Ur point on law protecting underaged girls: Precisely so that pimps do not recruit underaged girls for their stables, any whorehouse found with prostitutes who are underaged wld risk losing their licence and their owners prosecuted as well. Therefore, unless a prostitute is above 18, she cannot be prostitute in the eyes of the law.
    Ur point why men and not the girl are charged: This case involves paedophiles and is not an ordinary case of mature men paying for the services of a legal prostitute. Unless u want paedophiles going for ur underaged female relatives in vice or anywhere else, u hv to slap them down hard to deter likeminded wouldbe paedophiles in our society. It’s that simple.
    Ur point on basing prostitutes’ clients: Nobody’s bashing prostitutes’ clients in this case. For that matter, prostitutes operate freely in our red light districts and the police will not disturb u if u go there. But hving sex with a minor – now, my dear Jimmy, that’s something else!

  14. Corrigendum: “Ur point on basing prostitutes’ clients” shd be “Ur point on bashing prostitutes’ clients”.

  15. In light of this saga of the 50-odd men caught with the underaged 17 yrs old ‘prostitute’, it wld be opportune for all tour-escort agencies to be licensed to employ only girls aged 18 and above, to stem the tide of underaged girls being lured into the vice trade. Any tour-guide agency found employing an underaged girl as a tourist escort shd hv its licence cancelled, and the operator charged in court. If necessary, the existing law shd be reviewed and tightened to ensure that tourist-escort agencies do not avail themselves of this case to lure our underaged girls into this seedy business. The law enforcement agencies shd act expeditiously to nip the problem in its bud b4 it takes root and spreads. And penalties to be meted out to tour-escort agents caught infringing the law shd be sufficiently deterrent for our young girls to be safe from their snares.

  16. YOUMAD? said

    And is the government doing anything to prevent this from happening?? NO. Welcome to the country of mind your own business. Suck it up. This is how the country goes. Yours truly , the country who rips everyone off of their taxes every year.

  17. JT said

    If they are going to have sex anyway, might as well get paid for it? We may think that they are pitiful, but they are the empowered ones.

  18. 17 is WAY old enough, i think these new laws of high age for sex are just stupid ~ its nature that decides , not govermental policy BS… if nature makes a 16 or 17 year old amazingly beautiful , then guess what ? MEN will pay for it! and she will sell it! , since time began its been this way and always will be ……. we dont need goverment policy to tell us what nature already dictates.

  19. marshall said

    with the growing number of singles we need a vibrant red light district. sex workers should not be denied basic labour rights – this is why the gangstas take advantage of them. have a speicalist clinic and a neighborhood police post within the red light district to look after health and security of sex workers, even Jesus closest friend was a prostitute (Mary Magdalene). don’t look down on them. Many are intelligent and caring. its time the stupid police change their policy and stop harassing with constant raids and behaving like hooligans. singapore should set an example as a well-managed red light hub for SEA.

  20. Abhishek said

    Iam here

  21. onelife said

    If my guess is not wrong, it will be at least 100 Singaporean girls doing prostitution.

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