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Indian citizen calls Ramesh a “jackass” and can’t believe he is a Director at JP Morgan

Posted by temasektimes on November 3, 2019

While some Singaporeans have been jumping to the defence of controversial JP Morgan Director Ramesh Erramalli, his behavior is widely condemned by Indian citizens themselves.

Ramesh sparked a massive outcry among Singaporeans when he was caught on video hurling vulgarities at condo security guard for asking his visitors to pay a $10 overnight parking fee.

One Indian citizen calls Ramesh a “jackass” and cannot believe he is an Executive Director of JP Morgan.

He added that he has never heard of Uptron Academy of Computer Learning where Ramesh obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in Computers and Information Management from.

According to his resume, Ramesh first found work in Singapore as a System Administrator with Takada Industries Pte Ltd.

He subsequently attended two courses on Citrix to become a Citrix Certified Administrator which enables him to obtain a position at JP Morgan as a Citrix specialist.

Till today, the Manpower Ministry has yet to clarify if Uptron Academy of Computer Learning is an accredited institution in Singapore.

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Condo residents not informed of change of security agency

Posted by temasektimes on November 1, 2019

Contrary to reports by the state media that the change in security agency at 8 Riversuites Residences was a “scheduled one”, many residents claimed they were not informed of the change.

The services of KH Security was terminated after one of its security officers Steven Heng was caught on video being subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse from an Indian born resident Ramesh Erramalli.

Many residents only found out about the change through the estate’s private Facebook group when someone from the estate posted:

“Did the MCST just sack the security company? Saw a new batch of security officers this morning?”

The post drew more than 50 comments from other residents, with most saying they were not informed of the changes.

“Did anybody receive any letter from the MCST informing of the change?” Michael asked.

“I didn’t read about it on the noticeboard. Even the guards are clueless. It appears to be quite abrupt,” another resident added.

Other residents feel sad that the security officers whom they are used to have been replaced by new faces.

One resident Mrs Lim hopes that the media circus will finally end with the change in security agency:

“Hope we won’t see the media camped at the guard house again! This is a condo, not a HDB estate! We deserve some privacy!”

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Ramesh’s condo terminates services of security agency; Uncle Steven may lose his job!!!

Posted by temasektimes on November 1, 2019

One day after JP Morgan CECA Director Ramesh Erramalli’s “apology” to security guard Steven Heng was published by the state media, his condominium management has terminated the services of Steven’s security agency with immediate effect!

According to reports from the state media, security officers from KH Security Agency where Steven was from had been replaced with those from Alpine Security!

Ramesh was caught in a viral video hurling vulgarities at Steven last week for asking his visitors to pay a $10 parking fee.

He subsequently complained to the condominium management that security has threatened him and uploaded the video on social media without his permission causing him to be harassed by strangers.

He also lodged a police report against the security for doxxing him!

According to insider sources, KH security is investigating the incident and Steven may be sacked if he was found to have uploaded the video and a police report containing Ramesh’s name and hand phone number.

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