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  1. Roy said

    Hi. I think there’s a mistake to the heading of your blog. It’s “News and views from *a unique perspective” , not “… an unique perspective”.

  2. CY said

    To moderator, I take issue with the post about Vietnamese scholars bullying local students.

    1) The comment did not even mention scholars, just “bunch of Vietnamese”. How did it become Vietnamese scholars?
    2) The author is named Floyd Koh, a graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Therefore he is NOT a NUS student as you claimed.

    Did you even even verify your sources?

    • xiao said

      News should reflect the truth.

      The moderator should not change writer’s words unless is very very necessary. As it will not reflect the truth.

      The reason for the web news is to reflect the truth. If moderator is concern about the “false news”, he could bar the writer for subsequent posting and this will solve the problem.

      please email reply directly to my email address. Thank you.

  3. das said

    what action is gonna be taken against shimun lai by the police ? is the police gonna cover up this case and say she is insane and let her go or wat ? she should be canned in public ,

  4. lsvop said

    I used to ready TRE with great enthu, but now I’m not sure. You put up that poor NYP girl photo and call her a hottie which only gather comments like suckie. How is it that it is not alright to describe someone as smelly but ok to say that she’s suckie. Then she did it on her own private twitter account for only her friends. Its like me calling someone a bitch in my private conversation, I don’t expect to get into the limelight on the internet. Then Ivan Ngeow. He is not yet convicted but you guys take it as if he is. If you work with him before, he’s actually an excellent doctor. He doesn’t play out his fetish on young medical students. If your reports are true, he was battling this mental problem since he was nine and is seeking psychiatrist treatment. He’s doing something about it but the psychiatrist has yet to cure his problem.

    Then there’s MP who ask us to reflect. Or some HR guy who says we are lazy. Instead of getting to the root find out what’s the problem, or if there’s any truth in what they say, I feel that the way it was written was to whip up emotion rather than investigative journalism. I feel that a better approach would be to say that it is wrong to call Singaporeans dogs, but also ask if Singaporeans are saying sorry when it is due. For that HR guy, its true that Singaporeans do not want to work on weekends but its not because they are lazy. It could be because the pay is too low to make it worth their while. We could advocate for a minimum wage for weekend or shift work.

    I hope future articles could take a less emotional perspective and a more logical, factual and reasonable one. Do not invade your victims personal lives. I’ll be more incline to read logical analysis of current affairs like the impact of foreign talent policy than one that highlights and sensationalises a foreigner who commited a crime. I know you are capable of better journalism.

  5. lsvop said

    Also be aware that exposing their background and some of these hurtful comments can drive people to suicide. If I describe a group of person as smelly, I can be sure that none of them in the group will kill themselves because of what I said. They may get angry or upset, yes, but they won’t kill themselves. But call a teenager who probably takes pride in her looks suckie, so so, not pretty might just push them over the edge. This coupled with all the media attention and exposing their background can be a great stressor.

    Please be mindful of putting up people’s background. Do you need to mention NYP, radiography, or CGH to put the point across?

  6. I just sent a comment on the topic of “Happiness Index”. But I don’t see it on the comment section.
    When I resend it, it says that it’s already there. But where??


  7. kranser said

    Hi there, I read that you were looking for freelance journalists. I have sent you emails over and over again but there has been no response. Can you please check this out and revert? Thanks. Bernard.

  8. Scaramouche said

    I refer to what Nicole Seah’s boyfriend, Belmont Lay said in hitting out at Christians who called the police to stop the Escape Chapel Party from proceeding with their scandalous and sacrilegeous event on Good Friday.

    I’m very sure that this incident is going to rip to shreds everything that Nicole had worked so hard and striven so assiduously for in building up her reputation in politics. From pre-election 2011 till now.

    Until this moment, she had been a rising star, akin to Chen Show Mao, perhaps. But after Belmont’s outburst, she should just publicly dissociate herself from him and his statement. The faster the better. At least then, she might still be able to salvage some votes from her diehard fans.

  9. david said

    NYUC had “bull dozed” issue over my Fairprice card, can i put up it up in your news? if ok, i will write more detail to you. pls reply to my email. thanks.

  10. Bengster said

    Viet FT tried to sell faulty Mac Book Pro to SGrean……

  11. lawrence said

    hi, saw this on a friends fb

  12. stan said

    just boarded a train at cityhall. the aircon wasnt working. its like being in an oven, with us being the human sandwiches

  13. xiao said

    hi, could the web administrator inform to our email address if our post was not publish? For you to do it is simple, but for us, we will take more time to find out.
    please reply to this important issue.

    thank you

  14. Lily said

    For the drumming case, I don’t think is appropriate for you to post out the unit number as you will never know what will happen.

  15. Crap said

    Interestingly, now has a Page not found error.

  16. cheyenne said

    please remove all the photos that is posted by you people. Brainless totally, if someone commit suicide because of your brainless post with photo of the commentor! please be mindful …. they may do wrong at some times, but because of your post, they got scolded just because of your post. Please be more careful when posting..

  17. In said

    You might find this interesting
    Some of the people who clicked like are currently living, working or studying in Singapore, some with scholarship in fact.

  18. said

    your website is not avail in China…no wordpress is…you r loosing a lot of audiences…we can use VPN, but expensive and it slows our network down considerably.

  19. kon said

    Hi, I think a like/dislike button like facebook will be very useful in letting others know how strongly people feel about stuff and if people feel the same way about comments.


  20. seiya78 said

    Good work moderator,

    But may I know by posting here allow us to vent our anger, have you post your link to the PM and others in the Parliament to let them hear our voice?

  21. Lady said

    with so much hatred in this world, there is really a need to create a blog like this?

  22. Impressed said

    Hi guys, I am very impressed with your website and have recommended it to a friend today !!

    keep it up! At times, you have content that doesn’t exist elsewhere, which is why I keep returning to your site !!

    Also, visiting TRE is very frustrating as it is inaccessible numerous times during the day, whereas accessing your site encounter no problem !!

    Many Thanks !!

    Mod’s note:

    Thanks for your feedback. Our news are always exclusive unlike some other cheapskate site which kept plagiarizing our news articles. Please share this site with your friends.

    Just-discovered-your-website fan.

  23. said

    can someone csi the past sentences passed down on reckless sbs drivers who killed pple?
    the latest case was this chen hongyan. she was just given 1 week sentence!!!
    read this.
    Is it fair to the victim’s family?
    Flame it up pls!!!

  24. platium said

    Japanese diplomat charged with domestic abuse in US
    Posted: 09 May 2012 0241 hrs

    Photos 1 of 1


    LOS ANGELES: A Japanese diplomat posted in California has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and could face up to 20 years in jail, the local district attorney said Tuesday.

    Yoshiaki Nagaya, vice-consul at Japan’s consulate in San Francisco, is accused of 17 felony offenses, 14 of domestic violence and three of assault, including stabbing her with a screwdriver and knocking a tooth out.

    The 32-year-old pled not guilty in court on Monday, and was released on bail of $350,000, said San Mateo County District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, adding that the alleged offenses occurred between January 2011 and March 2012.

    “The violence ranged (from) pushing and shoving, and bruising upwards (to) the most serious, (when) he knocked a tooth out. On another occasion he jabbed her or stabbed her in the hand .. with a screwdriver.

    “On another occasion he knocked her down and stomped on her with his foot .. The final occasion was when he shoved her out of a car in their parking garage, causing scrapes to her face and knees.”

    He added: “That was when she decided that enough was enough, and she went to the police.”

    Nagaya does not have diplomatic immunity for the alleged offenses. “There is immunity, but not when you’re doing things in your purely private life, for somebody at his level,” said Wagstaffe.

    Both Nagaya and his wife are due back in court on June 14 for a preliminary hearing. A restraining order was issued, barring the diplomat from having any contact with his wife in the meantime.

    Michio Harada, the deputy consul general at Japan’s Consulate General in San Francisco, said Nagaya remained on the staff pending developments or a decision from Tokyo.

    “If those charges are true it would be quite regrettable, certainly, but we would like to see how the court proceedings develop and then the final outcome,” he told AFP.

    The consulate general was not providing legal support. “This is not related to our official work, it’s a private thing, so I understand he has his own lawyer for a criminal case.”

    Regarding Nagaya’s job, he added: “The decision is mostly made by Tokyo but at this moment I don’t think we can do anything .. He is with us now. He’s not in the office, but he works for us.”

    – AFP/cc

    and our romanian is allow 2 flee?

  25. tth said

    l read with interest on this article on CNA, especially with the headline “Olympics: Balancing the beam and hopes of 5.1 million S’poreans”

    First of all, are there really 5.1 million of Singaporeans? Perhaps Temasek time can re post this article and question CNA is it true there are 5.1 millions of Singaporeans? Since when FT, PR are all consider as singaporean?

    • tth said

      The reply from CNA

      Thank you very kindly for writing.

      My editor forwarded your email to me and I must apologise for the factual error I made.

      Indeed, you are right.

      5.1 million is the number of residents in Singapore — not solely the number of Singaporeans.

      Thank you for pointing that out.

      Most importantly, I am sorry for the factual error made on my part.

      The error has been amended — once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

      My error must have caused CNA to be less credible, but I would like to assure you that we will do our best to live up to the expectations of our readers.

      Thank you for your email and apologies once again.

      Wai Kit

  26. Calvin said

    Temasek Times do not have the same publicity and reach as the Straits Times or or yahoo news. However, this website do raise many important and critical articles that singaporeans should be aware of. Suggest articles like this, or other articles be submitted to – to reach out to more singaporeans so that they know what’s going in in this country

  27. This sentence is totally wrong: “Cabby’s daughter put plants to further her studies in university”, it should be: Cabby’s daughter put plans to further her studies in university on hold

  28. lost said

    I need advice…. do I still read tre? The comments and articles…. r no longer like before. Am I right or ..?

  29. SingaPOORean said

    Can put some “like” or “thumb up” beside comments, so there is no same or similar comments. netizen can just “like” a comment if they want to said the same thing.

  30. Dawn said

    “Chris • Singapore, Singapore • 1 day 16 hours ago

    Comfort Transportation asked Hyundai(the supplier) to change or remove 4 items from the original Hyundai Sonata, so as to cut the cost of the vehicle at the expense of the driver. The items are: 1) The audio/radio set originally fitted with. 2) Original Leather seat remove and change to PVC seat. 3) Originally fitted Airbags removed. 4) Triangle reflector for safety and vehicle breakdown use, taken off too. For item 1), never mind, driver fork out $ from their own pocket. For item 2) Never mind too, driver can endure the heat from PVC. For item 3) and item 4), i don’t think drivers should compromise their safety or perhaps their life and say never mind!! The rental collected daily is $104.86. For 1year is $104.86×365= $38,273.90x 7years= $267,917.30 Can someone from Comfort tells us the cost+maintenence of the vehicle deducted, what’s the profit margin of 1 vehicle?? Touch your heart, should you do away with the airbags and triangle reflector and cmpromise the drivers’ safety and life!! Can some kind hearted persons with the resources, make this issue known to the public or the correct media, so as to expose Comfort’s ugly side and knot so conscience into them!! Thanks.”

    Comment from –

    If this is true, then it is atrocious!

  31. Temasek Times Now Quoted In Foreign Newspaper said

    Temasek Times now quoted on Malaysian Star On-line , Littlespeck ! Well done guys !! You’re moving up fast !!

    Article: A rising tide of Filipinos (can be re-titled The Pinoy Invasion of Singapore)

  32. nobody said

    I suggest limiting the ‘related posts’ to 5 or some fixed number

  33. Yeeloong Ong said

    Since when do government projects look for china and Indian nationals specifically?

  34. number should be given to comment update sent to us said

    We had receive your comment update, but sometime find it difficult to trace the comment, though in your actual comment, there is number given to the comment. My suggestion is: put the number in those comment update so that make us easire to trace it. Thank you. Please replied personally to my email.

  35. singaporean said

    Hi TT,
    I would like to share this story which my sister shared with me…One of her fren’s mum whose a local indian. She struck up a conversation with a Indian born housewife at a playground…
    that Indian born lady was sharing her lifestyle in sg.
    They rent a house in sg,
    every morning she prepares breaskfast and lunch for her husband and school going kids consisting of lemon rice(cooked rice with tamarind, a very cheap dish to prepare.) She prepares this for the kids on a daily basis..
    and on other days, sometimes her constituency has free dinner during neighbourhood functions. on those day the whole family eats there and she does not cook on those days..
    so with the money that they save, they invest in jewellery…
    the best part was she was very proud in “showing off” her lifestyle to the singaporean lady and even inviting her to join in the free dinners..
    So iys shows no matter where u place an india indian they will know how to survive..
    i was really disgusted by this woman’s mannerism…
    but at the same time amused…

  36. Protest Note to Msia said

    Dear TT,

    Please feature this page to express displeasure of Malaysia bullying Singapore!

  37. Say no to Racists said

    Dear TT, i just saw this trending in FB… looks serious

  38. Balding said

    Hi Editors

    FYI. Balding accuses govt of accounting fraud and massive losses at GIC an Temasek

  39. helpless said

    Personally, I was really frustrated by the whole social structure of Singapore these days. The society was improving economically on the whole for the many rich and lucky idiots,who live blissfully in their own beautiful world, but leaving behind many of those helpless slowpokes, who had fallen way behind the society. I cant seemed to recognise my own homeland Singapore anymore. There have been many reports of Singaporeans especially with those towing with schooling children, has no home to stay ,and though many have went to seek out help from their various MPs, all they have were disappointing replies and in the end ended up on news to ask the public for help. However, if the MPs were the ones hired by the countrymen to help the fellow citizens and those cant seem to get their job done , then whats the point of having MPs paid by taxpayers money. Might as well direct the taxpayers money to help the needy straight. Now , as a student who has always been blinded by one side of the story , blinded by the lies of the society finally understand that there is no absolute good governemnt and leaders. Worst of all, news these days appears to be selective,covering out al the true stories of the society these days.
    Just yesterday, when returning home from school , I walk passed bukit panjang ring road Blk 431,I saw a homeless chinese family and the poor little girl was crying to her dad that she was hungry . That girl caught my attention and I came up to conversed with the girl and her father. The father’s tireless eyes blink desperately with tears , filling me his sad life story . His wife has abandoned the family and left him single handedly raising two kids, a primary school girl and a secondary school boy.He tried his best to work as a taxi driver and trying to make ends meet . However, he had no permanent house to stay in , and has to keep on moving into different rented rooms . Rented rooms these days were very expensive and he could hardly make his ends meet by paying a monthly rent of $750 plus all the living and taxiexpenses .His children were always hungry and he has not much to feed his kids. As a greenhorn taxi driver , he was new thus he does not earned much from driving the taxi. Finally, he could no longer pay for the taxi rents and the room rent , so he was forced to live underblock. Throughout the conversation I could sense that he has given up in living as he was given up by the society. I asked him why he did not approached the bukit panjang MP for help , and his reply was even more heart wrenching.As an uneducated middle aged man , approaching the grassroot leader for advice and help was the only option left and that is the duty of a politician , however all the reply he had to him was ” Just go live in streets lah , tell me also no use!!! Not just you homeless leh ! There are many homeless and i just an MP !! What can I do ! You go live on streets lor , think like that can threatened me!!!” The middle-aged uncle has no idea what’s going on to the conversation that led to the bukitpanjang MP saying you dare threaten me , but clearly the conversation stated a point and the hopelessness of no sugested offer,advice or help. Sadly , my whole PAP bukit panjang grassroots leaders image was taurnished at the moment . Seriously , I believed this will not be the first and last incident of homeless and helpless singaporeans I would have encoutered. But , I feared for the safety for the little girl and the future for her brother. Both have been missing out from school for two weeks and surprisingly , the schools have not approached to do anything or provide some solutions for the two siblings. Anguish and helpless too, the only thing I could do at the moment was to passed them some money and wrote in here .

    Hope there will be some kind souls out there or people whose jobs were to help those in such dired situations to provide a helping hand. An ITE student like me can only go this far to help . Hope the family wil get better.

  40. Jack Lee said

    hello TT

    regards to bukit panjang ring road Blk 431 homeless family,
    Pls ask them to see Dr Teo Ho Pin.
    Pls refer to Dr Teo reply (after I post to his fb) :

    Teo Ho Pin
    Jack , Thks for the posting. We have helped many needy families in Bukit Panjang . Till today , we r still giving out food vouchers to families monthly. I hv not heard of this homeless case. The last homeless lady we helped was given a HDB rental flat 2 days ago. Pls ask that homeless resident to see me. Thks

  41. bob said

    why does singapore have US 4 BILLION dollars to loan IMF but not help locals in need?

  42. VH2006 said


    Would there be a follow up on the Ferrari case, especially whether the MA family compensated the victims?


  43. Tan said

    Dear Pastor Lawrence Kong

    I had been attending yOur church
    Since 2005 to 2007.

    I really appreciate some of the church members
    Who walk through with me for the 2 years

    However much to my disappointment I left the church.

    Lately, my dad was strike with multiple sickness
    A heart failure.. But through the grace of god he survives n I walk through with him through my faith with god..alOne..

    But much tO my surprise.. Six months later was
    Diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4..

    Dr said he has only 3 months to live ..but again
    God show us mercy n grace to prolong his life ..

    Due to his multiple illness I took the burden my myself without ” man” support.. Neither church

    Indeed I was very grateful to him but by looking after him .. I neglected myself ..I fall sick..

    I came to know the forty days prayer through my friend.. However there was one night I could not sleep n .. The nerves was hitting right up to my brain , shoulder n neck n throat..
    I was scrolling down my phone book ..

    Suddenly .. I SMS one mber from your church
    ” hi .. How is your husband whom is going through chemo, as I did see her in NCC hospital”

    Instead she call me .. I was crying..
    She brought me to Fcbc for the 40 days prayer..

    I really appreciated what she has done for me.

    However I was very shocked on her attitude
    It was 360 degree changed ..

    It is like a wolf wearing a sheep
    Skin ..

    I was struggling with listening to sermon n understanding the message ..I told her
    However , got to understand that I barely sleep at night n I had to take muscle relaxant to ease my pain .. It was so tough to pull through .

    She chided n said ” u huh , u were playing with your I pad n iPhone .. Huh n so on ..”and SMS

    I told her at 3 am where got SMS .. And she started hitting at me with her words

    ” I must tell u , we as leaders are super busy dont have timr for you or your mum .i tell u huh
    ” your mum rely so much on ah Seng n cling on to him”

    I told her why suddenly u talk about my mum n insulted her .. She don’t owe u u know

    My mum bought jewelry n custom made jewelry from ah Seng n ah Seng attended the hojkien service n is there any wrong in doing such service for her by helping her to go church as she barely can walk as she just had her back operation ..I feel annoyed by her comment..

    I told her I came to church to seek peace n joy
    N not get insulted by her.. I really feel like walking out n discontinue with my 4o days prayer..

    I told her how can you insult my family n you even claim u don’t know them n me well ..

    She sent me a verse” do not lean on mans understanding but lean on god s word alone.

    I told her god understanding is u insulted my family members ..And basic principality in life
    Is to respect your parents n the elders n god will
    Honour u ..

    I told her u shoulld go encounter more n the
    Bible says watch your tongue..

    I have nothing more to say but as much as I would like to attend your church but your your leaders in church can even insult someone’s parents

    I told her I had non Christian friends who doesn’t know how to pray but they go around
    The world to get the best food n medicine for my parents .. I don’t need a Christian friend or member to insult my parents

    I hope u understand as my life is running from clinic to clinic .. Hospital to is not
    Something that I wish to ..

    I felt very very sad .. But someone told me
    Get your needs from God.. He is our supply
    I feel very happy n relieve ..

    Someone from Other churches ..

    However last Saturday my parents attended your hojkien service n that was when my dad
    Really wanted to commit himself to GoD n was looking for bags “” donation”

    He asked me why no bag huh !!!

    I explained to him ..

    I have not given god but don’t wish to look for
    Further disappointment to get myself hurt from your church member ..


    I told

  44. Pissed off with temasektimes said

    Editors of Temasek Times, you guys ought to be totally ASHAMED of yourself. Call yourself Singaporeans!!! All you guys do is to sow discord amongst Singaporean. What do you all gained by sowing discord? Shame on you all!!!!!

  45. Milly said

    To the moderator, i take issues for local banker rumored to offer free sex to property agent To clinch deals.

    Is the content of the post screened and verified? Is creditabilty of the post and contents true? How can u post something without even verifying the sources. Contents are crude and obviously posted to serve as a personal attack to the parties involved.

    Isn’t this helping the writer to spread and get his objective of tarnishing other ppl’s reputation?

  46. jackson said

    Do you need a loan if yes email us now….

  47. Mamak said

    How did this GLC loose so much money in Malaysia and is quietly being reported by the press? Isn’t the amount as large as those other cases in Singapore? Why did it take almost two years? Who are these employees? No comment from the CEO of Capitaland?
    Anybody read the court documents?

    What happened and how did these employees manage to siphone of such a large amount? Can the money be recovered?

    Saying it “Prevail” is embarressing. Sound as though the GLC did something good!

    Business Times- September 03, 2012

    CapitaLand prevails in M’sia case to recover S$13.1m
    ByCarine Lee

    CapitaLand Limited on Monday said it has prevailed in its case to recover some RM31.48 million (S$13.1 million) against three employees from the Finance and Accounts Department of the Malaysian operations of its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Ascott Limited.

    The High Court of Malaya has entered judgement against all the defendants save one that has since been wound up and for which Ascott is preparing to file its proof of debt.

    CapitaLand has also terminated the employment of the employees. The defendants have one month to appeal from the date of judgement.

    Financial irregularities of the Malaysian operations of Ascott were uncovered in December 2010.

  48. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Is Temasek Times linked to the PAP? Formerly I subscribed to Temasek Review and the PAP forced them to change name. Now I am confused and there is also that TRE. Please help to clarify.

    Mod’s reply:

    This site is not linked to the PAP or other parties.

  49. James Wong said

    Dear Sir,

    Maybe you should think about moderating this forum if you would like to keep it a place for serious discussions.

    How can you let a post like this go public? That’s just really disappointing.

    Goh Tong Seng said
    September 25, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    Again with the feeble-minded vermin. Such non-normal, non-people have destroyed countless lives by just being in existence in the first place.
    I had many acquaintances, all perfectly normal people. They have been wrongfully associated with the feeble-minded. They were needlessly taunted and even threatened, by their peers and the occasional passer-by. Their lives were destroyed as a result.
    Therefore, for the honor of all the normal people, especially those wrongfully associated with the feeble-minded, I not only demand, I NEED, the total and complete extermination of all feeble-minded vermin, on a global basis.

  50. Tan said

    I am sure most have read the article on ST (10th Nov) of the pompous Frenchman having a go at construction workers with a tirade of vulgarities, threats and racist abuse.

    Now I don’t really give 2 hoots that his employers have stripped him of his high paying job for yet another FT. I am however more perturbed that this chap had also been reported to the police 4 times prior by his neighbours for assorted episodes of threat, aggression and verbal abuse.

    Now seriously? 4 previous police reports against him and he proceeds to go on a 5th tirade? Or is this a case of our Police not doing anything whatsoever with the previous 4 lodged complaints? Why the hell is his even still here when he is an obvious menace to society?

    And why is everyone so quiet? Didn’t a lot of locals jump on the bandwagon lambasting that NTUC lady when she posted an unkind remark on our Malay community? Do note that her rants were without aggression, threats or violent behavior. BUT THIS Frenchchap showcased all the above!

    So what’s this? Double standards in protecting our own rights and airing our views?

    Utterly disgusted!

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