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About Us

The Temasek Times is an online news portal which aims to provide quick updates on Singapore’s socio-political affairs from an unique and interesting perspective.

We focus only on ‘sexy’ news which are of interest to Singaporeans instead of the mundane run-of-the-mill stuff. Rather than following the mainstream media for leads, we set the agenda ourselves to bring you to new terrains not explored by anybody else.

Funded and run independently by a group of freelance bloggers, we are not linked to any political parties or blogs. However, a few of us are moderators and forumers at Hardwarezone Forum as well as readers of the old Temasek Review.

Check out our site for the hot news in Singapore as we seek to provide you with the latest developments and updates 24 hours a day round the clock!

Some readers have been asking us why we did not register a domain name of our own – the reason being this site is only a ‘prototype’ for us to build a more stable, secure and sustainable platform in the future from which two entirely new sites with different names will emerge later at an appropriate time. One will be a tabloid news site reporting on juicy stuff while another will be a serious political commentary site devoted to local politics, society and economics.

We are quietly confident that with our experience and expertise in the New Media, we will be able to build these two sites to attain a record high readership within a short period of time which of course will offer plenty of advertising opportunities and revenue.

We are currently looking for freelance journalists, contributors, advertisers as well as investors for our new platform. Journalists will be paid on a fee-for-assignment basis.

If you are keen to learn more about our project or join us, please indicate your interest at

31 Responses to “About Us”

  1. w7vistaxp said

    Count on me Singapore, Count on me Singapore
    Count on me to give my best and more, count on me Singapore

  2. pk said

    In light of the recent event for TRE,

    Can you clarify where your editorial team & IT server is based?
    Can you also explain and give assurance that the identity of your commentators are safe and protected?

  3. TC said

    “fair,objective and balanced perspective”? seeing from the way the articles are written i’m not so sure about that.

  4. Louis said

    Agree with TC. Most of the articles are so biased even a kid could pick it up.
    It disappoints me further that Singaporean readers are lapping these articles up, and buying into Temasek Times’ hidden agenda.
    Seems like we all need a lesson on critical reading.

    • HereAndthere. said

      Aren’t you aware isn’t this a better deal than another where even there’s a pro PAP aggenda (read not pro Singapore aggenda even though it is a Nat monopoly newspaper) in which one has to pay 90cts, to get stale news, and tons of advertisements telling you to buy or try something which you might not even be aware you don’t need? So what kind of critial skills needed as you propose, care to elaborate for our enlightenment.

  5. Tml said

    How to delete or remove a post which I have posted wrongly under different topic in the forum?

  6. hat said

    I totally question the reliability of the writeups. its presenting a very biased view on issues and I feel disturbed that Singaporeans do not know how to classify the materials that they are reading online. in schools, we are taught to always question the way things are, and what we read. but it seems that the readers here are so easily influenced by the biased views of the articles. this is worrying, isn’t it

    • icedwater said

      “We are taught to always question the way things are…” is not the impression I have from my school days. Sure, questioning is encouraged, but a lot of the questions are eventually streamlined to “what’s in the exam?” or “do I need to study this?” so I’m not sure what we are questioning at all now. But I agree with your point. Let’s see where this goes.

      • shitholenewsYOUare! said

        goes into your ass.the guy is questioning the site on a whole. think you shd go study another exam. one that requires yor brain.

  7. shitholenewsYOUare! said

    i feel like an imbecile after stumbling upon this site. Your reports are trashy and the english is atrocious. Such a rumour mongering site is no better than the condoms used on chantelle: slimey, wasted and best left to shrivel up and die! please ut stop all this negative rubbish and shut yourselves down permanently and not reincarnate as another Temasek crap entity. Unique perspective – my ass! and i guess thats where the persepctive is from!

  8. Will said

    So what are your names, you “bloggers” behind Temasek Times? Since you do happily go after foreigners left and right, and name many of them in public, are you also willing to put your own names forward? Just wondering.

  9. happyaa said

    how to delete comments

  10. grandoise said

    Hey Temasek Times,

    Thanks for stirring up a sweeping wave of xenophobia in Singapore. Red Ferrari driven by PRC colliding into taxi driver driven by Singaporean? Yeah, good job turning that incident into a wave of anti foreigner sentiments. You have done nothing to provide an alternative voice of the nation. All you have done is to destroy the social fabric of our country by misguiding your readers with your biased and judgmental reporting. One last thing, your grammar and writing skills are atrocious.

    Mod’s note:

    Please don’t underestimate the intelligence of our readers. They are much smarter than you think. ‘Anti-foreigner’ sentiments cannot be started or stirred out of nowhere by a mere wordpress blog.

    • grandoise said

      Mere wordpress blog?

      “Singapore’s NUMBER ONE socio-political news blog.

      With our high readership, we will be able to offer advertisers another outlet to reach out to their clients. We currently have an average of 8,000 to 14,000 unique readers daily with 70,000 – 120,000 page views and the number is still growing. The total number of page views has exceeded 3 million so far in less than 2 months.”

      Does that sound familiar?

      You keep harping on the state media not reporting news accurately and fairly but I think it is time you start reporting news responsibly too. You hid your political agendas behind a warped net of logical fallacies and internet monikers while taking potshots at individuals who express opinions of their own. Please do not tell me not to underestimate the intelligence of the readers. If they were smart enough, I would not be seeing university undergraduates and professional working adults quoting Temasek Times on Facebook as if it were the most accurate news source in Singapore.

      Start by putting your names down on the articles you have written and stop hiding behind the internet.

      • Journalism & Sociology said

        I share similar views to Grandoise. I have ignored this blog for reasons that are pretty obvious. Yet i have seen relentless posts on FB linking me to this unbelievably bad site for some time now and it both worries and saddens me. Let it be clear now, this blog ranks high on the lists of failed tabloids running on the premise of ‘reporting news’. As a journalism student, there has never been a better example of a bad media entity.What frustrates me is not that it exists as it has every right to do so. It is knowing that fellow Singaporeans cannot distinguish how blatantly bad it is to read and how clear the agenda is. It’s to stir people up.

        This is not a “socio-political news blog”. It is a diary of an angry person who somehow hates his or her life and goes off at every little thing daily.

    • Alva said

      To be honest, you guys have disappointed me.

      As people who have been moderators at hardwarezone and have extensive media experience, you should be aware of the power you wield with your words.

      I agree that it’s high time Singaporeans had a news site that acts as a voice of the public. But the public isn’t going to have just one view. But in your reporting, descriptive words abound instead of following the cardinal rule of journalism; fair and objective reporting.

      The way these stories are written, I would say you guys are no better than the Chinese newspaper that wrote that Ma Chi is ‘rich handsome and capable’.

      Just as how some PRCs are ashamed of Ma Chi, the xenophobic, self-righteous, uncouth (and essentially drama-loving) Singaporean monsters that you guys have created have made me ashamed to be a Singaporean.

      Even though there is no spark without fire, if the wind does not know when to stop blowing, the fire will rage out of control, and everyone dies in the blaze in the end. So please, watch yourself. Don’t get so caught up in thinking that only your way of thinking is right that you lose sight of doing good for the country, because then you’re just becoming the online version of the PAP.

      Instead, let’s all take a valuable lesson from Mrs. Cheng in the value of graciousness. Live and let live. I think the matter has been blown out of proportion long enough.

  11. Tony Ang said

    Temasek Time appears to be a website set up by PAP to get people away from TOC and TRE.

  12. OnceOnly said

    Hey, you guys are crazy.

    looking at the Ma Chi tread,

    the hatred that you guys fanned up,

    twisting the story, name calling, creating an enemy..etc

    not much different from what Hitler did during ww2.

    For what you have done,

    you will be arrested and put in jail, in any western country.

    And yet

    you are free to pump in more poisons to our society.

    how destructive.

    This is very disturbing for me.

    I hope this is not

    the beginning of the end

    of a prosperous Singapore.

    If it is,

    then, you are responsible for that.

    Hey, nobody trying to screw you, you screw yourself.

    and you cont. to screw your family, your children.

  13. doee said

    This is a pro-pap website. Its time to own up to this cos a lot of my pap frens are confused and they want to come here and support the website like me but are scared! lol

  14. Tim said

    No doubt this is a PAP-governed site. Stop fooling people! I won’t visit it ever again!!! A waste of my time to read rubbish articles here. Disgraced!!!

  15. white said

    Well Done for spelling out all the bad deeds which WP and their online mafia supporters has been advocating.

  16. KH said

    TR is a joke lah…objective reporting? Learn some basics of true journalism first ladies!

  17. slychiu said

    This is a crude and biased website

  18. Dogmeat said

    The stinkiest shithole wins the flies..

  19. SG said

    Don’t have the balls to say you are a SDP site? Coward!

  20. justdan93 said

    You have an amazing blog here. I’m sure that you are working hard daily. Keep on doing it!
    P.S: If you’ll be interested or you’ll just want to read some articles at economics than take a visit at my blog(

  21. Wow, another “stir shit” site pretending to be objective. Not all Singaporeans as stupid and as close minded as you think. Oh wait, just prototype. But what’s so prototype about WordPress? Don’t try to make money by stirring shit lah. If you want to stir shit, at least set up a recycle plant so we can use recycled toilet paper mah.

  22. serena said

    um excuse me, how can I remove my comments? I look fwd to your prompt reply. Thank u.

  23. Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

    I’m back!!!!

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