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Sex in horny Lion City?

Despite the harsh laws against illegal prostitution and sex with underaged women, an underground sex trade continues to flourish in Singapore as pimps and freelance prostitutes tout their services online, sometimes with horrendous consequences for their male clients who got on the wrong end of the law by having sex with those below the age of 18.

Why do men still patronize these freelance prostitutes despite the risks involved? And why other young Singaporean girls including students selling their bodies in return for quick cash?

Are highly educated men more susceptible to sex addiction?

More Singapore girls becoming freelance prostitutes to make a quick buck?

Local university graduate earns $7,000 a month as a freelance prostitute

17 year old Poly student charges S$250 per hour for hot sex

SVP of bank patronizes teen prostitute thrice

VIDEO: PRC prostitution ring offers young college students for sex

60 men may be charged for having sex with underaged teen model with C cups


Immigration: Are we getting more than we can cope?

Immigration is a contentious issue among Singaporeans who have been complaining against the relentless influx of immigrants despite the government’s repeated exhortations to them to help integrate the newcomers.

How many more immigrants do we really need a year to maintain the population and economy?

Time to face the hard truth: Why integration is no longer possible with the present wave of immigrants

How uncontrolled immigration can destroy a nation: A comparative case study of the Korean kingdoms of Balhae and Silla

Address the real causes of low fertility rate instead of taking in more immigrants

Exposing the 6 major flaws in the PAP’s immigration policy

Why the present wave of immigration is different from the past


Foreign scholars in Singapore: Is Singapore merely a stepping stone for them?

Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Law Ms Sim Ann revealed recently in Parliament that the Singapore government spends some $36 million dollars on scholarships to over two thousand foreign students each year, or about S$174,000 per scholar.

Are they value for money or are we simply helping others nurture their youth?

NTU PRC scholar wants to get Singapore PR to buy resale HDB flat

NTU PRC scholar threatens to break bond if his PR application is rejected again

NTU PRC scholar: 50 percent of scholars break their bonds

NUS students invited to mentor PRC scholars

MOE PRC scholar left Singapore to return to China

MOE PRC scholar chose U.S. instead of Singapore to continue tertiary education


Mainland Chinese immigrants in Singapore: How integrated are they into our society?

In the last few years, an increasing number of mainland Chinese have flocked to Singapore to study, work and live. Though the actual figures are not known, they form a sizable proportion of the number of foreigners living in Singapore.

Have they assimilated into our society? Are they accepted by Singaporeans at large?

PRC netizen rants at two elderly Singaporean aunties for cutting his queue

PRC woman scolded by Singaporean uncle for placing child on food court counter

Singaporean scolds PRC sales assistant ‘dog’ as Sun Xu saga rambles on

PRC undergraduate apologizes for calling Singaporeans ‘worthless farts’

PRC girl living in Singapore despises Singaporeans

PRC man insults Singaporeans: You are not worth even a ‘fart’

PRC man punched Singaporean over staring incident at Chinatown


Plight of Singapore PMETs: Do they still have a future in Singapore?

With the relentless influx of cheaper foreign PMETs into Singapore, local PMETs are becoming increasingly squeezed as their salaries remain stagnant in a competitive labor market.

Do PMETs still have a future in Singapore? Do they have better prospects overseas? Are they losing their relevance in Singapore?

Jobless 39 year old NTU engineer worked 5 months as PT librarian at $4 per hour

NTU engineer now earning $1,600 monthly as a technician

Plight of a Malay PMET: Singaporean Dream shattered

Painful experience of a PMET working in the finance sector

5 Responses to “Exclusives”

  1. YMC said

    Look it sounds like a good idea, attracting FT but seriously it’s just a waste of our money because most of them will never fit into Singapore society and they will see plenty of other opportunities in 1st world countries like America or Australia. If they want to come here and are intelligent and honest, welcome them with open arms

  2. SashaQueenie said

    These FTs are often from larger companies with a longer history than Singapore’s. As such, when they come over to our tiny island to make a living, they feel as if they are doing us a favour. They throw their weight around, act smug and arrogantly. And when we protest in response to such abuse, they call us “Xenophobic”. Which sane, logical and patriotic citizen would allow a foreigner to abuse them in his own country? Anyone with any backbone and self esteem would defend themselves. We cannot allow this to continue. Forget about what our politicians are saying. We do not need these foreign trash. Please wake up before it’s too late.

  3. MC said

    @TTR : Your math is kaput! $36 million a year divided by 2000 foreign scholars = $18K per foreign scholar per year. How did u arrive on $174,000 per foreign scholar per year?

  4. SG but not Dog. said

    Honest? To put the word ‘honest’ next to PRC is akin to putting ‘Marina Bay Sands’ next to ‘cheap and affordable’.

  5. Flora Tan said

    I really doubt the real identity of this BLOG’s maker/owner – 1) Are you a true Singaporean? 2Are you a journalism graduate? So how accurate are your ‘news’ i.e. BLOG Posts? To all who read and believe what the owner wrote, do you know who he/she is? The owner of this blog don’t even let people know his/her real identity, how credible can his/her ‘news’ be?

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