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EXPOSED: Northland Secondary School Principal Leonard Koh’s posts to his ex-students on Facebook

Posted by temasektimes on June 23, 2012

The Temasek Times has received two emails from MOE teachers complaining about the conduct of Leonard Koh Yiak Kheng, the principal of Northland Secondary School who was recently in the news for allegedly ‘stalking’ ex-students on Facebook:

We also received one PDF file containing over 100 snapshots of Mr Leonard Koh’s ‘interaction’ with his ex-students on Facebook including the ‘interesting’ pages and posts he liked and shared:

In many of the posts, Leonard Koh posted ‘nice’ on the photos of his ex-students some of whom were surprised at his comment. When asked how he found them on Facebook, he replied that he surfed it ‘randomly’.

He also requested to meet up in person with some of his ex-students one day:

“Hey, so nice to meet you online! Let’s meet up one day!”

According to our informant, MOE received the file last year which was circulated to other teachers as well, but chose to turn a blind eye to it.

While the comments were not crude or lewd, something is not right somewhere when an educator actively seeks out his ex-students (not only one, but more than a hundred and more) on Facebook with the intention of asking them out.

MOE should account to the public whether it is acceptable and appropriate for its teachers to engage in such form of ‘communication’ with their students, past and present on Facebook.

86 Responses to “EXPOSED: Northland Secondary School Principal Leonard Koh’s posts to his ex-students on Facebook”

  1. Free Trolley said

    This is so wrong man. I have never encounter an event of having a face to face talk with my principle before and it would be weird if he starts talking to me on FB.

  2. Leslie Tan said

    OMG, what happen to Singapore education? This is crazy !

  3. PussyKing said

    This principal must be aiming their pussy all the way back when they were in school. Now they are riped for plucking, he wants to eat their pussies now!!!

    • Alan Lim said

      Yes, all this young slut need to be F…!

      • WATCH YOUR WORDS said

        Watch your words bro. They merely posted up pics on their facebook. Imagine if it’s your female friends who got commented on and they got to be called ‘sluts’

    • Angela Lee said

      Don’t be a coward pussyking, to dare write this kind of comments yet using some nicknames. Probably its you who have those fetish and you are jealous that all.


    Font size too small.

  5. fpap said

    moe also cover a case involving Singapore Polytechnic student
    This lecturer who was also ft, force a student hand on a hot mould
    burning the students hand,
    not only that, students send a petition to moe,
    and instead of inveestigating the case,
    the students got reprimanded and was sent for counselling

    the lecturer got off without any warning ,

    the polytechnic investigate that the petition register came from a lecturer and that lecturer

    was investigated for instigating the students

    Mod’s reply:

    Please email the details to us at

  6. Clowny said

    so far no “victims” complain right ?? …
    then whats the big deal ? cannot go dinner with ex-principal ??
    Cannot like and share on FB ?
    Thumbs up for him using his actual FB with personal information
    Alot of ppl like to hide behind..

    • Angela Lee said

      Totally agree… Cant he be personal friend as well.
      Don’t jump to conclusion when there are no verdict made.
      And teachers or principal are HUMAN too….

  7. Frankie Tan Kim Cheng said

    The principal is just chilling off by being friendly with some of his ex students. Why are you guys so kaypoh one.

    Give the man a break, give him some cooling tea to cool off.

    • Rhapsody said

      I agree with you. I personally know this principal. He is a very friendly man and is very courteous to people of all ages. I believe what he did was just to get to know his students better and not for other purposes.

      • WHAT THE HACK said

        ha. i dont really believe that. so free to stalk over 100 students with no motive?

      • Angry Bird said

        even though he’s friendly, better safe than sorry. by the way is the school a all-girls school? if he’s that friendly, why only make friends with the girls, how come there are no boys?

      • Angela Lee said

        People who are making so much noise here do not even dare to use their real names and yet doubting and start passing remarks on other people action.
        At least he dare to use his real identity on FB instead of cooking up some fake identity and starts messing and fooling around.
        So just him a break…

      • Interestedguy said

        Hello Angela

        I am in total agreement with you. So care to share your Facebook account so I can add you?
        I am delighted to know the real you.

  8. kaypoh said

    cool, man…if students dun complain, why should we?

  9. A Former Student said

    If you read his comments, he KNOWS these students. And the thing is, he is a friendly person. To be portrayed as a stalker is just wrong. To those who were his students before and those who are his friends will know that he cares alot for his students. And using facebook to connect to his students just shows that he still remembers his students. This article is not just wrong, but disturbing. To the previous message, have you ever had a teacher that changed your life and he progressed on to become a Principal? Think before you judge people. These are people’s lives and reputation.

  10. GOh said

    Anything wrong with using the word nice on a picture?

  11. Sypher said


  12. Cp said

    What is wrong with this? Nothing! Isn’t it good that he is keeping an eye on the students to ensure that students behave well on the Internet. Creating a mountain out of a molehill, that is what you are all doing.

  13. Michael said

    The girls are no longer his students, his remarks are not lewd, and there are better things to write about rather than making a mountain out of a molehill. Don’t you think?

  14. notsimple said

    Please lah. If he had anything to hide, the first thing to be hidden away would be the comment activity.

    Whole thing smells so fishy. Probably someone trying to sabo him more like it. Don’t believe go and look at the STOMP comments. Repeated spam comments by the same few nicknames. And this person has been going around various forums to spam post this saga. Temasektimes, don’t be so naive to believe everything you receive.

  15. mahbok tan said

    Care to add more info whether this particular person/principal ONLY get in touch with his x-student from the female gender or both?

  16. edwin said

    nowadays, principals are helped by 2 academic vice-principals, 1 admin vice-principal, 2 operation managers, 1 or 2 admin managers, 5 or 6 clerks and numerous heads of department, subject heads, level heads and senior teachers. no wonder he is so free. a normal teacher got no time to go on facebook on school days.

  17. Teacher said

    The problem with the whole thing right now is that societal perception and behaviours have changed a great deal since the 19th century, yet people expect educators to behave in the same way. It’s not really fair and no it doesn’t work. MOE has to make a stand to protect its teachers from this nonsense or else quality teachers will continue to quit the profession. The ultimate losers will be the nation and its society.

  18. what morals said

    Yucks. Why is the principal only keeping tabs on the girl alumni and not the boys. Old pupils are generally the ones who return to their their alma mater to keep in touch with their teachers, not the other way round. First time ever a principal goes about actively seeking out old girls. Definitely off.

    • Yao Ming said

      aiyo.. must be someone wan to sabo this prinicipal. with the recent principal underage hooker case, now everyone wan to aim school principal for something that they think should not be what a principal should do. @What Morals, you only “see” what was sent and posted online rite.. if what was posted online is all guys’ alumni, then you would probably go

      many ex-students of this principal say he is someone who actively seeks to understand the problems of his students, and try his best to understand and help them. so how now, just wait and see lor.. hard to be an educator nowadays when one black sheep spreads the plague, and people’s pov kill off the rest.

      • what morals said

        You are right. If this guy left praises exclusively on the old boys FB, his motives will still be questioned and worse. It is a no win situation and for a good reason.
        Even though a number of his ex- girl students have turned out to support him on this site and some readers see nothing lewd in his comments, his FB remarks are still highly inappropriate from any parent’s pov or any discernng adults for that matter. Shouldn’t an educator’s concern be on how his former pupils are faring in their new academic environment and not how “nice” they look on their FBs?
        More so, instead of trying to inveigle meet-ups with these girls that have left his charge, shouldn’t his first and foremost priority be his current pupils ?
        Svengali type predators all start off showering attention on impressionable youths before turning the heat up for illicit favours.
        MOE might not be able to take any action against this employee, but they will in all likelihood be monitoring him now that the story has caught the media’s attention.

  19. 1stWorldCitizen said

    omg… online flirting with his innocent female students and so many repeats… what a lame way to pick them up… same name with my wife and then jump straight into when can meet…

    how can moe be so quick to run away from this… so many indecent offenses from educators in school that started with this kind of nothing-really-serious comments… no wonder moe cannot stop such things from happening again and again lah…

    btw since there are more than 100 shots, can temasektimes post more or even all of them? surely there will be more revealed than stomp… and that should dispel some of the doubts of foul play…

  20. Eee said

    Ok what, see no wrong with his comments. Don’t any how whack, sekarlyl all these are opposition supporters, let you all whack until go support pap!

  21. Get said

    Teachers at Northland Secondary failed their English. The grammar and spelling are atrocious. A disgrace to our education standards.
    Agreed that there is something wrong with the principal’s mind. He needs help from a psychiatrist. IMH should be alerted!

  22. Michelle said

    I’m an ex-student of Northland sec school, where the principal is currently in.

    Personally, I was surprised and felt sorry when Mr Koh got into this trouble. In real life, he is (from what I had witnessed for about three years since he came to our school) very determined to bring up our school standard. Hence, he didn’t hesitate to interact with our students as much as possible, be it boys or girls. He is very eager to find out what our students need, which explains the new cafeteria-style canteen at our old canteen.

    Perhaps this interaction that he does with his female students was a facet of his attempts to get to know his students as much as possible, and perhaps, since he was an ex-vice principal of a girls’ school previously, he thought commenting “Nice” is a good way to start platonic relationship with sensitive, shy female students.

    Importantly, a few weeks after he came to our school to be a principal, he publicly gave caning to one sec-two boy who intentionally flipped his female classmate’ skirt. His strict attitude towards boys’ inappropriate behavior to girls was what etched in my memories even now when it has been almost two years since I graduated from the school.

    Although I acknowledge that the way of interaction he chose is quite unwise, I hope that people will not make him another scapegoat. Under Mr Koh, Northland has grew tremendously in terms of personal development as well as academics.

    • Christopher Teo said

      Thanks for your perspective as it give me another angle to look at the whole incident!

    • Gotcha said

      “he thought commenting “Nice” is a good way to start platonic relationship with sensitive…”

      Gotcha. Koh, stop defending yourself.

      • Totally annoyed said

        Clap clap to your intellect gotcha.

      • Touki said

        So… just imagine u kenna subotage the things by media in different ways like concerning for others becoming a scandal case and put u as pervert or some negative headlines to prove u as evil in society, and the reporter report dis, earn extra $$$. how do you feel then? So, saying nice to people lead to Scandals and stuff? the entire thing is to be blamed towards the media side. create a “big” news from a small news…

  23. Just a normal guy said

    He was one of my sch’s teachers when i was in secondary school.. he’s a nice guy.. i believe he’s just trying to be friendly with ex students, as you can see from all the photos of the girls, they are all grown up. I do also keep in touch with some of my sec sch teachers, no big deal, unless u can really find proof that he does “stalk” them.

    • Angry Bird said

      your comment shows you are so naive. you still have lots to learn from society. sorry if my comment hurt your feelings.
      Maybe you could answer why he befriended only girls in his FB, what about boys? Shouldn’t a “friendly” principal treats both genders equally?

      • Totally Annoyed said

        hi angry bird; there is no part in this extremely biased report that says the principal ONLY befriended females. however, countless comments have mentioned that he is a principal who places emphasis on both female and male students (apparently ignored). Perhaps before you impart your conspiracy theory to more people and claim that people are naive, perhaps you could re-learn social studies which teaches us to discern between truth and hidden agendas behind articles? you reallllllly need to stop dropping comments about him only befriending girls when you obviously am just a subscriber to what is written above.

      • Angela Lee said

        Well said Totally Annoyed.

        Angry bird, you are not a judge to pass any verdict. N you are truly the native one here. Don’t stir and be a bully here.
        And can you even answer with evident that HE DID NOT befriends with guys???

  24. A Former Student said

    Instead of asking why the Principal is “stalking” his ex students, why don’t we ask why this person is stalking him in the first place? Sounds personal to me.

    • Totally annoyed said

      Totally. This entire episode is filled with TOO much doubt, pictures were screenshot from quite some time ago. Seems to have put in quite some thought and effort censoring, editing and posting to sites all around who would want to boost readership with such nonsense. My apologies temasek times, for having published this it really doesn’t tell much of your news filtering. Pls don’t turn into another gossip site, no one would take you seriously then and the readership you would attract would be… Well… Those who comment on watching a good show.

      • Itsjustmyvoice said

        I think TT has been very open and upright in their post. To me, they have been posting many great articles which MSM may actually choose to hide or write in favour of the whites. For this cases of principal, whether the principal is right or wrong, I think MOE shouldn’t just brush it off so abruptly and this is probably the reason why many people feel unhappy about their abrupted action.
        Of course, this is just my voice. On another note, I feel that we possibly can’t deny everything to be a fabrication or falsified. Such cases should be handled in extreme cautions and not quickly jump into conclusion.

  25. Problem Solver said

    We need more information to know if he’s being sleazy or just being (over) friendly.

    1) Did he only comment on the girls, or were there roughly the same number of boys as well?

    2) Were the girls mostly pretty, or was there an even spread of pretty, average and ugly?

    • Touki said

      He did comment for the boys, i was added him before, a student wrote his wall dat he was rude to him and apologise to him. The principle wrote back like an essay not to worry, and continue to study hard and encourage him. Strangely.. the media did not post dis, and post those female related post here… and those comments are like 2011? 2009? Y temasek review post it now? it seems the reporter got something to against him… hmm

  26. Leonard Koh is likely grooming his ex-students for sex. Is this the kind of behaviour the MOE condone of its principals?

  27. ckcvincent said

    This PAP govt is wrong. we should change our govt indeed.

  28. Sexplanner said

    You all beat grass scare snake la. cheebyeeee!

    let the principle fuck one of these grad sluts first, then expose him still not too late, now he’s just checking which pussy to fuck from the buffet table of sluts. So many itchy sluts to choose from, you scare no chance to nab him????????

    • mahbok tan said

      Yar hor…maybe u got point there….instead of him stalking the SYT , maybe the parents can reversed it and set-up for him to be stalked instead….ha ha ha….!!!! But its too late coz he have been exposed.

  29. Gloria said

    This bill is to protect the students and a proactive measure. Why is MOE doing and sitting there to wait for things to happen.

  30. Larry yeung said

    I personally know him way back in singapore he is a gr8 educator n definitely jux being frindly. Why is he bein used as a tool for tr to make singaporeans hate the ministry? That is absurd!

  31. Itsjustmyvoice said

    We ever learn that we can’t judge a book by its cover. His actions are harmless and as a principal, he is upkeeping his profession. But lately with so many educators crossing the line in their own field. Shouldn’t we be cautious over such actions?
    No perverts or rapists will shown hostility at the first sight. It’s always friendliness first. I feel that MOE should at least do something instead of protecting their educators until things happen and it’s too late.

  32. Totally annoyed said

    Btw, well done temasek times, for the snippet in front. Shows the public how much of a hero the poster is; kudos for hiding behind your computer screen when your placing another man’s life on the chopping block.

    • Itsjustmyvoice said

      Aren’t you also behind a computer keyboard like everyone here? Trying to scold and bring this article down?

      • Totally Annoyed said

        there was no mention of any scolding i believe, and i didn’t place myself on a pedestal claiming I’m not behind a screen. However, my intentions are not in anyway malicious. the intention of sending this article in; its up to your discretion, i cannot impose my views on you. There may have been a spate of incidents of educators crossing the line; but if people are just using that to bring this man down with a personal agenda, then perhaps there needs to be people who speaks for this man and not just subscribe to everything written in contempt.

    • Itsjustmyvoice said

      I agree that we shouldn’t impose our views on others but what is your intention of going around throwing your views and insulting people?
      Whether he is right or wrong, everyone have their own views, we should respect that, unless you have a personal vendetta to achieve something. Pardon me if I am wrong for saying that you are very bend on protecting this principal, Koh Leonard.

  33. No More Forgiveness for Traitors said

    I think the teacher who complained is just a prude. A old unused virgin spinster, jealous that the principal has a life.

    There is so many ways you can see that the complaint is wrong and that MOE is right in not taking action.

    One of which is the basic premise that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

    I hope MOE sacks the teacher who complained because it just corrodes any good intent educator will develop. If MOE does take action, I’m very sure all dedicated and caring educators will stop doing so.

    I’m sure that teacher who complained must have at any time in the past talked to a male student privately. I can accuse her for trying to seduce the boy with her actions. Now do you understand how dumb your accusations to the principal is?

    MOE better take actions against this teacher before it affects morale of the whole faculty.

  34. Ray said

    Hthe investigation should start by checking if he only contacted certain ex students (e.g. females). A natural behaviour would be for him to contact ALL his ex top students. If he did that, then this will all look very good for him.

  35. Toh said

    I have a different views as parent. Look at Lee Lip Hong and Chua Ren Cheng examples. They could too be perceived as a good educators by public who brought up the standard of the schools and being friendly and sociable. But what have they done in the end. MOE cannot just silence parents by brushing off the parents’ concerns. Just my two-cent worth.

  36. Ruth said

    A strict principal does not mean he is not concerned and you are able to know what he is thinking straight away bec he most likely a straight forward person, a friendly principal may seems concerned about students, but you do not know what he is thinking bec he only present his nice side to you. As a parent, I will feel uncomfortable should a male teacher or principal communicate with my children at the wee hours, even if it is just leaving the common words like “nice”, “pretty” etc. Especially if he suggests meeting up one day. If he just left comments like that in one or maybe even ten photos, still acceptable (mian chiang de) but 100 over photos? A con man will appear very nice to the victim until his fox tail appear.

  37. yma said

    I don’t believe any of this actually because I was taught by him and I know he isn’t someone like that! Everyone has different ways of keeping in contact w frens and all and it’s nt exactly stalking when what u post can be seen everywhere if u dun wan to privatise your fb! Also, my teachers are also on my fb and commenting on things that I post. What’s wrong? It’s his way of connecting with students he taught so I don’t know what’s the big deal being friendly.I don’t see people involve complaining because they know how caring and encouraging he is. You people don’t even know him personally! He taught us not only books but the world itself and I will always trust that he is not someone he is said to be in this letter.

  38. An ex-student said

    I am an ex-student of Ngee Ann Secondary school. It is an indisputable fact that Mr Koh is a very nice teacher. So nice that he once dated my ex-girlfriend out individually for a swim. My ex-girlfriend turned him down without consideration. At that time, we were still his students at Ngee Ann sec in 2002. We were only 15 years old then. Come to think of it, I still find it irksome…

    Mod’s reply:

    Care to tell us more about it? You can email us at Please rest assured that your identity will be kept strictly confidential.

  39. Mei Na said

    I am a former student of Mr Koh, it is common among my classmates tat he’s especially friendly towards his female students. It was also discovered later on that it was a norm for him to ask female students out on an individual basis. This behavior of his scare some of my classmates off.

    Mod’s note:

    Please email us at If what you said is indeed true, you should speak up to protect other innocent students in the future.

  40. WChong said

    Read something interesting on Wiki-How:

    How to Flirt on Facebook

    1. Send a friend request only when you have a real life connection

    You’re in the same class or work in the same setting. This is a bit of a stretch, and might come off a little creepy. It’s better to strike up a conversation and introduce yourself in real life before becoming friends on Facebook

    2. Comment on some, but not all, of their updates and pictures

    You don’t want to give them the impression that you’re eagerly reading every update, and poring over every picture.

    3. Keep your comments short, sweet, and appropriate

    Writing a novel is bad. One or two sentences are enough.

    4. Know when to back off.

    5. Take the flirting off of Facebook.

    If you’re actually interested in dating this person, and they’re flirting back, see if you can move the flirting offline.

    Scan his/her Facebook update regularly and find events that he/she confirmed to join (attending). After that, have a look at event page, search about this event to show your interest in it and confirmed you attendence. Finally, post in his/her wall “You are attending ABC event as well? Would you like to go with me?

    Full article:

    Whatever the intent is behind this educator’s comments, it is bordering dangerously on flirting. Even if he may not have had the intention, it might have been misinterpreted by the recipients whom in this situation are his ex-students. Such actions might inadvertly fuel or ignite possible infatuations or misunderstandings from students. Educators will have to take heed in their social media interactions with student

  41. Teacher Wendy said

    From the perspective of an educator, e action of the principal has definitely crosses the boundary! A line must be drawn between the teacher and the student. 

    Teacher usually keep a seperate fb acc for students or group all student in a seperate group disallowing them to view most activities except the school related one. But this principal add student, comment on their profile photos n allow pupils to see his activities like visiting bikini sites n watching sexual video!

    The principal won’t be able differentiate current n ex-student when he accept them unless he’s the one adding them! The principal must have gone  into the pupil photo album to view these old profile photos dated one two year ago in order to say “nice” or asking for meetup! He must be extremely commited in bonding w his ex-student to be viewing their fb at 1am or 6am!

    Yes. No crime committed. But is this what a typical principal do? Does many other principals do that too? If the above is NO, there is more to it then simply fulfilling the responsibility of a committed principal…

    • yma said

      Oh come on! You must not have been using fb to realise there are thousands of viruses on Fb. I don’t even visit those website but it also appears on my fb page! Those people spreading it are more harmful really.

  42. V said

    singaporeans are becoming suckers nowadays, there is no wrong about the comments and yet pple seems determined to find fault and hoping to see the principal got what punished? just because he tried to interact with his ex-students. if a person has an ‘hidden agendá’ he wont be stupid enough to leave evidence.

  43. Wake up, MOE said

    Those who see nothing wrong in Leonard Koh’s behavior must be clueless beyond belief. It would be creepy enough if a fellow male student whom the girls were not acquainted with went about complimenting them on their FB pics, what more an ex-principal who shows up on their FB out of the blue appraising their photos. In the workplace, this would have already constituted sexual harassment if a supervisor were guilty of the same behavior.

  44. Just A Parent said

    Like to do a deep-dive onto the possible mindset of the parent like Nel, as if it is my daughter affected by the same:

    1. If I were Nel, I will definitely have a good talk to my daughter about this matter, not stopping her online activities so that she will become more mature in handling such matters. I will share with her to be mindful of falling into traps and exploitation especially from men. It is easy to be wary of strangers but how about reputable and known people like your school principal, teachers and friends? In fact most crimes are conducted by known people so that the defence is the least and probably the weakest as we will let down our own defences.

    2. If I were Nel, my own knowledge already tells me that not only my daughter is involved, but also the daughters of other parents. If I keep quiet and worse consequences happen to other people’s daughter, I could have stopped it by alerting them publicly. Moreover this matter has been raised to the proper authority i.e. MOE and not seeing any concrete action after some time, this would be yet another good reason to share this publicly. At the same time, I will try to keep my anonymity so as not to cause the distress of the family members, especially my daughter and wife.

    3. If I were Nel, seeing that MOE announcing this case as “no misconduct”, it will be more of disappointment and helplessness, on top of anger and frustration. Raising to MOE via both private and public channels do not even warrant a serious investigation. There isn’t a slightest tinge of apologies and remorse over such acts. Not even a single reflection on the real issues behind such behaviours e.g. the right behaviours between teachers and students, looking into more cases that might have been buried which are causing similar untold pain and sufferings.

    4. If I were Nel, viewing at all the comments from the public, I would have the following questions in the back of my mind. Isn’t these proofs concrete enough to explain his behaviours as these are not mere speculations? Doesn’t these proofs warrant a thorough investigation and take action to ensure such things will not happen again? Can I really trust the educational authority and system anymore? Are our children really safe from such exploitations? Why must things only be brought into public light only when tragedies happen and it becomes all too late?

    These young girls are our children, you know?

  45. So sad said

    It’s a sad thing to see that MOE is not taking action against a potentially dangerous principal who stalked on SYT. Our life experiences have forewarned us to the fetish behaviors and enticing actions posed by Koh Yiak Kheng Leonard, showing every details of his ever readiness to lure and strike when opportunity arises. The pictures posted by various newspapers and online portal such as TT are evidential of an educator crossing the boundaries. A pervert will not leave traces on his face. More often, he will use friendliness and kindness to mask his evil design, which I believe, deceive most of his preys or even his ex-students. We have to protect our minors from harms that leave emotional scars throughout their lives by segregating the sicko from public. From the way MOE handles this matter, it teaches us not to leave it to chance by taking action before the minors are hurt.

  46. Itsjustmyvoice said

    There are a name for this type of people. These types of people are known as Pedophiles. Pedophiles are often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities. They will often refer to children in pure or angelic terms using descriptive like innocent, heavenly, divine, pure, and other words that describe children but seem inappropriate and exaggerated. They have hobbies that are child-like such as collecting popular expensive toys, keeping reptiles or exotic pets, or building plane and car models. Pedophiles often have a specific age of child they target. Some prefer younger children, some older. Many pedophiles often prefer children close to puberty who are sexually inexperienced, but curious about sex. Pedophiles will often be employed in a position that involves daily contact with children. If not employed, they will put themselves in a position to do volunteer work with children, often in a supervisory capacity such as sports coaching, contact sport instruction, unsupervised tutoring or a position where he has the opportunity to spend unsupervised time with a child. Pedophiles often see out shy, handicapped, and withdrawn children, or those who come from troubled homes or under privileged homes. They then shower them with attention, gifts, taunting them with trips to desirable places like amusement parks, zoo’s, concerts, the beach and other such places.

  47. Student chew said

    I was shocked to see Leonard Koh name mention in the recent news as he used to be my PE teacher when I was in secondary school. Most of the girls dislike him as he was always trying to be very touchy towards us during PE lessons.  We felt uncomfortable whenever he passes by us in school, I will never forget him. 

  48. Touki said

    look at it.. an think..

    1) Comment some of his ex-student, nice, pretty, compliment etc etc. not relating sexual issue, is consdered sexual harassment? So… i cannot say nice things to my employee or being friendly to them if i am principle or boss, so in such stereotype of this news, principle are to treat student like a trash not friendly and stay connected wif the student coz you will be misunderstood by the people label you as pervert and negative stuff.

    2) Cover up? in which this principle break the law? sorry i dun side anybody else, perhaps state your logic and common sense instead of being too anal about it? like saying nice things and stuff…. = sexual scandal and stuff?

    3) his comment states 2009 to 2011. Well, this year is 2012, and y are they posting it like now? is kindof creepy, someone is been stalking him in past 2 years, from 2009 to 2011, to sabotage him eh? until the moment like recent case the principle involve in sexual scandal, and just nice the timing, this post appears here… getting more negative feedbacks due to recent news?

  49. Eye wide open said

    Saw this video on YouTube. It was a video of the 早安您好 where they discussed into this principal. All guest and call-in parents all agreed that the principal has crossed his boundary. Common sense right unless their eyes 贴stamp.

  50. Impressionable naive youths. said

    This guy is with Soka and he is the SSA Youth Chief (OMG). Yearly, Soka is a participant in the yearly NDP and Chingay. Could it be that the government is not checking on him due to the ‘ties’? Soka is contributing actively in these 2 events by telling the members that they are contributing their effort to the spread of religion just like the recent events in CHC in a different form. Are people being maniplated in the name of religion?
    I think if we could have someone like him holding a high position in Soka and also in MOE and he is dealing with impressionable youths, perhaps it is time the govt should look into both of the organisation and uncover any malpractice. We can all justify that he has done no wrong but are we waiting for girls to be abused before action is taken? These young girls are someone’s daughter, sister, grandchild, girlfriend…….

  51. EX-student , HAHAHA said

    Just my point of view …Principle plays a big role in the school,Confirm got haters Looks like a hater has been stalking his profile to find for some “cool story bro” to pay revenge. commenting nice or whatever,have different agenda.maybe his being friendly or maybe yes his being a jerk.either or neither. Best is not to be too angry and start criticism or worse,argue with each other.LOL pe? .His not the only one,there is also other teachers or principle did this but not caught yet. he’s still a principle there so for what argue. Game dah over.KauBodohKepe?

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