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NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu hurls insults at Singaporeans: Bunch of “瘪三” and “挫逼” (‘CCB’)

Posted by temasektimes on February 21, 2012

Despite sparking a massive outroar among Singaporeans with his offensive remarks on there “being more dogs than humans in Singapore,” NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu continues to use PRC vulgarities to curse Singaporeans.

He used the term “瘪三” to describe Singapore uncles, which is a derogatory word typically used in Shanghai to describe the underclass bums in the society. It means a person who is a tramp, bum, good-for-nothing fella, beggar, drifter, loafer, outcast, vagrant, destitute and worthless person.

When told by a fellow netizen not to be too fussy, he replied:

“Bunch of 挫逼. My temper these days is already a lot better.”

挫逼” is a derogatory word commonly used in mainland China for cursing people, an equivalent of the Hokkien phrase ‘CCB’ used as a vulgarity in Singapore.

Sun has since change his moniker on ‘Weibo’ to “子小九日

He also allegedly threatened a Singaporean Alex Tan who has since lodged a police report against him.

Though Sun has already deleted the offensive thread, he remains unrepentant and unapologetic.

When asked about the controversy by a Chinese tabloid, Sun replied nonchalantly without offering a public apology or showing any signs of remorse:

“I am only complaining. It is just a small matter and I do not want to blow it up. Anyway, I have already deleted the comment.”

Though numerous netizens have lodged complaints to NUS regarding Sun’s behavior, NUS continues to turn a blind eye to the matter.

The Singapore government spends about $36 million dollars each year on foreign scholars like Sun who not only studied in Singapore universities for free, but are given a generous monthly living allowance to ensure they live a comfortable life as well.

Unlike ordinary Singaporean men who have to compete in the market for a job, Sun Xu is guaranteed a well-paying job upon graduation and furthermore, he did not have National Service obligation, giving him an advantage over Singaporean male citizens who have.

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16 Responses to “NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu hurls insults at Singaporeans: Bunch of “瘪三” and “挫逼” (‘CCB’)”

  1. Joe said

    Pretty sad to see this kind of thing happening… I served NS as did many fellow Singaporeans but still we do not enjoy the benefits given to these ‘visitors’…

    They get benefits to study here, their children are also taking up many precious spots in primary schools (over those of locals), they’re overcrowding this tiny island and still…..

    The government should really step up and earn the millions they are being paid. Place interests of Singaporeans 1st….

  2. if like this, i might as well scold singapore government den remove it away.. OMG.. cant belive this .. invite someone to come our own land to study ,give $ and still have to get insulted by them.. not worth..

  3. Steven Chui said

    I think he is juz venting his frustration. But again what is he angry about? Juz at the Uncle who bang into him? Have he ever been to Hongkong? People there walked very fast and briskly and the changes of been banged on is high. But no big deal! Why get angry over such incident and behave in such undefine and uncivilised manner?
    If he continue to be like this, how to help him further?
    No one wants to be against him or penalise him.
    He is against the world of Singapore and Singaporean.
    No need to be proud, just apologise and life will just move on.

  4. Sunny shit said

    huh another Sun? Why study in lousy NUS? Go study in Fudan or Bei Da. Or is it because he can’t compete and is a reject in China, out to seek easy people to bully?

  5. I is bad to have such a spoilt brat like him to be in within our educational environment. Is the school Authorities taking actions to reprimand him which is causing embrassment to Singaporeans, School Officials and all Governmental Officers included.
    Could he be one of the son of top officer from China? Then he should be doubly punish.

  6. This Sun guy is unbecoming of a student, with his lowly ststus now he is so arrogant, and what if make the grade he will be even more arrogant than before. I am doubting and hoping that this kind of a spoilt brat will never make it through the future, or else he will be one of the incorrigible.

  7. Hu Shanxiong said

    how about asking ourselves how true is that claim?

  8. fuck prc said

    our government useless la.

  9. suzuki swift said

    The GOS are either to busy counting $$$$ than to be involved in this type of complains by their citizens….!!!
    Let the PRC insult or do watever ….why bother…..!!! silly citizen of singapore are the one getting the insult not the GOS ….!!! Allo all immigrants keep calling those singaporeans wat ever u like and the GOS will be happy about it coz the COS will have room to improved on how to complain and complain….!!!

    Wake up singaporean…..u think the GOS will take action and publish it just like the Yaw issue…??? Tan Ku Ku….!!! see u all GE2016….and we will repent….!!!

    • sil3ncer said

      U are so damn right on my friend…therefore as much as possible, I would keep my involvement with GOS to its minimum….

  10. Frosin said

    Even dog wont bite the hand who feed him, he is worse than dog from those comment.

  11. Someone said

    The writer of this post seem to be very angry and against the idea of bringing in foreigners.

    1) Writter mentioned, I quote “NUS continues to turn a blind eye to the matter.” How did you know? Taking action does not mean it has to be announced island wide.

    2) Writter mentioned that the foreign scholars are given generous monthly loving allowance.
    Do you know exactly how much?
    I have foreigner classmates in local uni and their scholarship contract forbids them from working part-time and is attached with a 6 years bond.

    3) Writter mentioned that the foreign scholars are given well-paying jobs. Am sure if u do well and apply for a scholarship, you will land urself a good payin job too. These scholarships are not given by random selections, but offered based on merit.

    4) It is also not true that foreign scholars have advantage over S’porean male citizen due to National Service. They do save two years of their time. That’s their own benefit for being able to work early. Not an advantage over S’poreans, because when they graduate, not ALL S’poreans are serving NS.

    • Anyone said

      1) In this case, not taking public actions is akin to turning a blind eye to the matter since he spoke to reporters.
      2) Who said anything about working part-time? Out-of-point.
      3) I guess insulting the country publicly in any country SHOULD deprive any scholar of a well-paying job in that country.
      4) It is our own responsibility, that’s true.

      • sil3ncer said

        to add to point (4)…and to “Someone”

        for this china-kid’s case, I havnt dug into everything yet, but apparently his scholorship allows exemption from NS?…and regarding disadvantages and advantages…we have to compare with same age categories (your female classmate in secondary school is probably almost finishing univerisity by the time your pink-IC comes back to you, some may have even gone on to work)…from this i just realised GOS (i think we all know what this acronym stands for) likes to do alot of talking even in “Higher-HQ”…gawd…

        Well, we can’t really do much also..i read “NUS….”, aiyoo…*do not have to know what is going to be said*

        Peace (Y)

  12. Deen said

    Since he is so Talented then leave Singapore anyway we need NOT such stupid and useless foreign betrayer in Singapore. Damn PRC, hope you get deportation out from Singapore you betrayer.

  13. […] of sick weirdo also can get a NUS scholarship?? Hello, what’s wrong with NUS?? First, the China man who insults us Singaporeans and now this crazy […]

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