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Breaking News: SIM to take disciplinary action against Justin Wee for cracking racist jokes in NUS

Posted by temasektimes on August 13, 2012

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) will be taking disciplinary action against its student Justin Wee (pic left) for cracking racist jokes in NUS.

Justin was recorded in a video clip uploaded on Youtube hurling profanities and making racist remarks about ethnic minorities in Singapore at NUS Kent Ridge Hall multi-purpose sports hall on 10 August in a post-rag day celebration.

The video clip which attracted more than 23,000 views so far, sparked a massive outcry in cyberspace with many netizens condemning him for his behavior.

In an official email sent to the Temasek Times, a SIM Global Education spokesperson ascertained that Justin Wee is a first year student at SIM.

She wrote that SIM was appalled by the video:

“As a tertiary institution, we have a code of conduct for our students who are expected to behave in a manner that reflects the values expected of a member of the SIM Global Education community and of Singapore society.”

Justin Wee has been ‘counseled’ over the incident and has expressed his apologies to all those who have been offended by his remarks:

We have met up with Justin over the incident and he has expressed regret and volunteered to apologise to SIM Global Education, NUS and all who have been offended by his remarks.”

SIM will also be convening a disciplinary hearing very soon to decide on appropriate disciplinary action for the student.

Meanwhile, NUS Office Of Student Affairs (OSA) has launched a separate investigation of its own into the saga. Though Justin was the one making the racist remarks, NUS students around him did not try to stop him and in fact joined in the fun.

The video was reportedly recorded and uploaded to Youtube by a third year NUS Science student who is a friend of Justin Wee.

The Temasek Times is the FIRST news site to report on this incident. Stay tuned here for more updates!


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52 Responses to “Breaking News: SIM to take disciplinary action against Justin Wee for cracking racist jokes in NUS”

  1. Vampire said

    Should expel him from the school. For those who joined in the fun, ought to blacklist them.

  2. Jamie said

    Oh really? He expresses his regret? Then why is it that this wee wee guy is going around youtube threatening those uploaders to remove the video and that he will be seeking legal recourse. Can SIM please come up with a better excuse???

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      Legal recourse? I would not subscribe or even think about anything like that for this young Justin Wee character. It will be in his best interest to siimply apologise to one and all in writing and get it published in the Straits Times. I am sure he will be forgiven in time. That’s provided the young man in question is sincere, humble and devoid of all ego in his pursuit to get the minority races’ forgiveness.

    • Ken Lee said


  3. CWS said

    I am disappointed with the quality of the SIM students

    • MT said

      Tarring all SIM students with one slanderous brush on account of ONE student.

      You’re no better than the racist insulting any particular race on account of ONE bad hat from that race.

      • Robox said

        “You’re no better than the racist insulting any particular race on account of ONE bad hat from that race.”

        Who was that bad hat from that race?

        From my viewing of the video, these are the typical unprovoked racist remarks that many Singaporeans make.

    • JJ0017 said

      Im utterly disgusted by you in generalizing the whole of SIM students becos of a FOOL.

    • Dr Ken MANSUKHANI said

      CWS, one rotten apple in the basket do not sum up the the actual quality of the remaining apples in the same basket. You have every reason to be disappointed with Justin Wee, a student in SIM, but not the entire SIM. The students in NUS (his supposed acquaintances), are no angels either and equally quilty of spurring Justin Wee on. Again, this does not mean we need to be disappointed with the quality of NUS students. Have a great day ahead.

    • ivanyeow said

      I am disappointed that Temasek Times considers this “news”. disgusting.

  4. Why are there so many vindictive and unforgiving people out there? Is this young man a threat to national security or even racial harmony? Why are people judging a person so harshly based on one video? Why have people become so eager to blow the whistle and see others get destroyed?

  5. Baoqingtian said

    Quick, decisive action from SIM to deal with the matter. As opposed to NUS, which takes its own sweet time, dragging and dragging its investigations and disciplinary hearings.

  6. justice bao said

    The word sorry had became meaningless these days.So is counseling.

    Is there any transparency on what goes behind those closed doors?What if the counselor and the counseled had a good laugh and came out putting a solemn face apologizing ?

    You see,it takes a whole lot of outcry from the public to get any action out of authorities.Yes,thank you Temasek Times.But who adjudicate what is justifiable henceforth?

    Does the punishment befits the crime?……or a hollow apology as a pseudo justice should suffice?

    Go on, Priscillia .Put the money where the mouth is and publicize your disciplinary actions for public scrutiny.No,I am not crying for blood but for you to set a precedent that makeths SIM proud of their future students.Since justice should not only be done but also seen to have been done.

  7. sweetbean said

    I dunno man…I’m Indian but I was not offended. I saw it as just kids fooling around – must it be so serious? But don’t flame me please, this is just MHO I am sharing – thanks all:)

    • Robox said

      Maybe you have the Indian version of Pinkerton’s syndrome.

      • Dr.Arsch said

        I’m Indian too and I didn’t find anything particularly offensive either. Just a bunch of drunk kids fooling around, something most of us have done before. Pinkerton’s syndrome lmao, u mad? Got do NS before or u just like hiding behind the keyboard lol. If you went thru NS, u’d probably know alot of us used to do crap like this in our groups.

    • 1 said

      Bless You, Sweetbean. And Robox, will you cry bloody murder if she say you are the Malay version?

  8. J said

    I think his jokes are far too much. Since he likes to be filmed, the school should video down his apology and broadcast it to the whole Singapore!! Racial harmony is such an important aspect in Singapore and he is treating it lightly. Hope SIM would seriously ask him to apologize in person!!!

  9. Yeahriite!! said

    Usually people speak the truth when they are drunk… The only reason he regret what he said because it has landed himself into trouble and by saying so it can lesser the punishment.. How many lile him in Singapore?

  10. Chin2Lan said

    WatAFug Dont tell me you all so noble, never make racist joke in school, army days, working life? My indian, malay friend also make fun of me oso. So serious for FARK?

    • Kimosabe said

      Chin2Lan – watafug. Are you local or wat. You forget our history? Go ask daddy what happened to chinese & malay riots. Go ask how many dead. Go ask wat happened to Singapore then. If history repeat itself – kiss goodbye to SIM/NUS all close down.

      It’s serious – FARK. Lame brain like wee.

      • 1 said

        Time has changed lah. Still race riot meh? Most Sinkies are alot more tolerant now. We are “braders”! You bast*rds are playing into TT’s anti-SG ploy lah. The real racists are asking for blood now.

      • God said

        Chinese and malay riots happened because of misunderstanding between 2 races that were not familiar with each other’s culture. If you cracked a racist joke then, you would probably be dead if the targeted race heard it. However now, racist jokes are everywhere, especially in school and the army… no large scale conflicts has resulted from racist jokes nowadays, which proves that Singapore has actually succeeded in building a multi-racial society. I think it would be foolish for anyone to react to something that is a joke. (Which he has clearly stated in the video, despite being intoxicated)

  11. james said

    people dont change overnight

  12. Webbie said

    chey…..sim student not nus….. no wonder………

  13. Everyone knows him before the start of his first day.

  14. Snoopy Says said

    Why does it seem so freaking serious and actions and responds so fast??? Dun they need like a few weeks or even months to “investigate” further???

    Oh, I see…..becos this chap is a…… LOCAL!

    Seriously, he was intoxicated. And honestly, I dun really find those jokes that offensive compared to those made by those ungrateful leeches PRC students.

  15. Ah Loot said

    He better engage a bodyguard when he is in Little India. Someone may beat the shit out of him.

  16. George said

    omg. have you guys not crack racist joke before? have you guys not gotten drunk before? i noticed that he did apologize to his malay friend right after the cracked the joke, stating clearly that is was just for fun and no harm meant. people do get drunk easily nowadays and slightly lose control over their behaviors. why such big woohaa? why is there a need to post on youtube?

    i believe that it is the one who posted the video trying to stir all these shit. if the title of video was named “justin shitting nonsense while drunk”, nothing would have happened.

  17. K said

    For the sake of all Chinese sinkies, the boy & those involved in said video shd be caned and explain why they hav disappointed their parents in so many ways.

  18. Wildplanets said

    The sorry state of our “multi-cultural” values 😦 This goes to show how integrated the races in Singapore truly are! Although we have come a long way from the 50’s it is evident that there are still pockets of SG society still stuck in the “Stone Age” years of yesteryears. All I can say is no amount of “counselling” or “disciplinary” action will work. Only solution is to make offenders such as this volunteer in shelters or rehab places where they are exposed to the various races and they understand the hardship faced by them. Through this exercise he will definitely mature and understand why we need to behave like civilised individuals!

  19. Robox said

    This outcome of this incident is testimony to the effectiveness of the new media and its own exercise of free speech/expression.

  20. alex ferguson said

    is he still friends with the boy who uploaded the video?

  21. 3in1 said

    Richard wan now into Racial Harmony? haha

  22. Cecil Chua said

    While I believe Justin Wee committed a moral (and possibly legal) wrong, I am concerned over the ability of SIM to convene a disciplinary hearing over an activity that did not occur on SIM property. That one is a student of an institution does not give the institution the right to control the student 24×7. Was Justin representing SIM on NUS? If not, he performed his action as a private individual.

    There are implications if one allows SIM to discipline Justin. For example, if you are a student of NUS (let’s say) and you are involved in a protest march down Orchard Road. Does NUS have the right to discipline you? What if you write a letter of protest to a minister?

    By rights, disciplinary action should be taken by NUS, as Justin was on NUS property at the time the incident occurred. Or it should be taken by the police as racist speech can be considered a criminal offense.

    I would like to close this by highlighting an important issue that the online community holds dear. The Justin Wee incident concerns a matter of speech. I would not go so far as to suggest that it is about free speech, as hate and racist speech is typically not protected. However, because it is about speech, we need to consider not only the rights of society, but also the rights of the individual who uttered the speech. If we don’t, we put our own selves in danger.

    • citizen said

      as much as i disliked what i saw on the video (and it was also misconstrued that the student is from NUS), I agree with most of what you said….

      Kids nowadays think they’re SO smart and can go about hurling vulgarities and sensitive racists remarks…too good life already!!

      he shouldn’t be let off so lightly by giving apologies……and others should stop giving excuses that he’s drunk or on drugs….

  23. Seb said

    Well Done TRE! Thank God we have alternative news through sites like yours or else we just have to rely on Shit Times, which waters down stuff like this.

    • ivanyeow said

      Hahaha. Well done? Imagine if that’s someone you know? Would you still agree with TT’s SOP of ‘let’s stir shit and see what happens?’

      FYI I don’t know this guy.

      • jasmin.tan said

        If that’s someone I know, I would say he deserves it. I don’t want to be friends with some badly brought up idiot who cracks jokes like this.

  24. Rajan said

    To all those who are treating this matter lightly, let me remind you how our former PM Goh Chok Tong had slammed Tang Liang Hong for racism. The following is an excerpt from:

    “During the (1997) election campaign, Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong accused Tang of being a Chinese chauvinist because of comments Tang had made at other public events in the past. Goh stated that he was therefore making himself “a special candidate” in Cheng San GRC (even though it was not his constituency) because he felt that Tang must be kept out of Parliament if Singapore’s inter-racial harmony was to be protected.”

    Furthermore, in 1992, Choo Wee Khiang who was then People’s Action Party Member of Parliament, made disparaging remarks about Indians and “Little India”. He told Parliament: “One evening, I drove to Little India and it was pitch dark but not because there was no light, but because there were too many Indians around.” He was chastised in Parliament.

    That this Justin guy was bold enough to go online with his racist taunt is tantamount to generating racial disharmony: drunkenness is a flimsy excuse. We do not want a repeat of 1964 bloodshed.

    • God said

      Government of course must act politically correct mah…

      He’s drunk, someone film him, also consider he want to go online with his racist taunting ? Besides, racist joke are cracked everyday, mostly in schools, and of course NS. The matter was only blown up because his friend decided to post it online. 1964 bloodshed ? I think Singaporeans have put up with enough shit by the government to actually not think this as a big matter anymore. It’s a part of any multi-cultural society, and will probably never be removed.

      • You called yourself a god, and yet again you proven yourself not to be one.
        You apparently have absolutely NO idea the significance of the 1964 riots.
        Those took place against the backdrop of political tensions between the Malaysian Federation and its then-member member Singapore.
        The Malaysians wanted to give privileges to their bumiputera, while Singapore wanted absolute and unconditional equality.
        The bloodshed would lead to the Federation evicting Singapore.
        In other words, the origins of our islands’ independence came out of those two riots that year.
        Read for yourself before calling this shit from the government:

  25. Solmann88 said

    A stupid boy having problem with his wee dick syndrome. Look at the poor boy, no bulge on the pants! LoL
    I’m thinking of starting a Justin Wee Joke Page … What do you think?
    I’ll start first …
    Hey did you hear about this boy from SIM who attended a party at NUS?
    Apparently his Chinese name is Wee dick Bo liaw

    • Solmann88 said

      Apparent he got the name Justin from his ex-girlfriend … Some night st the botanical garden, she asked … Hey Wee were you Just in? LoL

  26. Indian girl said

    I am Indian too. And, I must say that all of us at some point it time have made a mockery out of other races and laughed at racist jokes too. If Russell Peters cracks this sorta jokes, they are labelled funny and not racist.

    I think Singaporeans are like the ‘siblings’ concept. We can bully our own brother or sister. BUT, if someone else bullies the brother, they die. likewise, i think Singaporeans can make fun of each other, but foreigners bully us they must die lor.

    Or maybe we Indians/Malay just prone to all this already lor. That’s why to us it’s like ‘HUH why so big issue? Hasn’t this been on-going forever?’.

    If cannot convince, confuse right? Yeap, that’s what I just did 🙂

    Give the kid a break. We all had our fair share of making fun or other races and laughing at it lah.

    • Rajan said

      We can give him a break and laugh if he repeats his jokes in Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur.

      • God said

        Oh, so it’s ok to repeat such jokes outside of Singapore ? Would it matter ? From Malaysia post racist jokes online, or from Singapore NUS post racist jokes online have difference ?

  27. Ovl said

    This is breaking news?

  28. Tsk Tsk said

    Justin checking himself into Changi Resort soon.

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