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Spring Singapore to provide ‘training’ to part-time workers

Posted by temasektimes on August 21, 2012

With part-time workers on the rise in Singapore, SPRING Singapore and the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) have begun a structured training programme to better prepare part-time workers for jobs.

A pilot national programme was started in September last year for part-timers in the retail and F&B sectors and attracted 90 companies.

Though part-timers usually work shifts of four hours, some companies are now shortening the shifts to as low as two hours, which is frowned about by SPRING Singapore assistant chief executive Choy Sauw Kook:

“In the practical sense, we see that the two-hour shift schedule may not be as ideal unless the commuting time is minimal. On average, for a part-timer to get from home to the workplace is about half an hour to one hour of travelling time. So for the two-hour flexi time to be attractive, the monetary income earned for that two hours of work must more than compensate the opportunity cost for the travelling time.”

SPRING Singapore added that it is important to prepare part-timers before they start work.

“It’s also important for the company to let the part-timers feel that they are a part of the organisation even though they may spend shorter working periods at the work place,” Miss Choy said.


7 Responses to “Spring Singapore to provide ‘training’ to part-time workers”

  1. Singapuraboi said

    Are singaporeans only good for part time work. Many restaurants hire
    Pinoy n Prc waiters full time otherwise they can’t stay in Singapore. So r we reserving full time work for them and Singaporeans are given scraps? This is so obvious that we r being discriminated against in work. What F&@*ing bullshit! PAP where is ur sincerity in helping it own people, ur constituency? And u r hoping to win the 2016 elections? U have to do better than these half hearted programs.

    • Sinkaypoh said

      The papayas have bigger fish to fry…MUCH BIGGER FISH…

    • Julie Ong said

      Singapuraboi, I think we should all give up any hope of the PAP being a government for the people. They only think of themselves. Say nice and clever things but shows up with nothing that is good for the local born and bred Singaporeans. If I were not in my late sixties I would quickly join the political fray to argue for my fellow citizens. Hence I can only comment and criticise from the sidelines. We must have a change of government.

      For the time being we can only put forward our concerns to the government and hope that they will respond to our predicament.

      Our chance will come soon enough in General Election 2016.
      Be resolute. Vote them out then.

      • compatriot said

        That there is for sure as the sun rises each and everyday.Just as that there is
        a bell ringing with the clarion call to all Singaporeans to practice and safeguarded the integrity and sanctity of our birthrights

        I feel that Singaporeans throughout the island are now faced with bad political decision making policies,to being a divided and forsaken society.We have a choice.The legitimate choice to practice our legitimate freedom and liberty which is priceless throughout our life time to enhance for the change of government

        Don’t forsake your legitimate freedom and liberty which is priceless.We have a choice.The legitimate choice for a dire need of change of government to eradicate currently and permanently this bad politicians of the PAP government who would never want to admit their mistakes with badly governmental practises,bad judgements and decisions and bad policies that has befallen untowardly to Singaporeans

        This current government is abject and audacious and has posted through the media the material querries placed on them raised by netizens in their wards about the predicament which is untenable to live the simple life with the high COL and the hoards of influx of emigatory foreigners who evidently steals our very livehood that has let us with very little left or none at all to support our families.

        The government says that is important and with foolery evaded this issues and commented there are more important things they want to work such as the future

        Yes for sure for right now you PAP politicans and your families can live very well today.But bear a thought,for how long.Have you no humanity left in you for us to lend you with a praise

        May I ask these manipulating and exploiting PAP politicians,,”Where and what are the future without addressing the past and present”

        Singaporeans as a matter of principal,don’t believe in handouts which the pap government is practising to browbeat and cajolery our population

      • haha said

        well said, that is exactly the point. *Thumbs Up*

      • Singapuraboi said

        Julie u r an amazing person and don’t let age stand in ur way. U can be an inspiration to the entire Singapore.

  2. Julie Ong said

    Thanks, Singapuraboi. I’m blushing!!!

    Frankly, it’s never about me. It’s about us. We can change our lives/destiny if we change the government. In it’s place we should have a government that is single minded in it’s resolve to find solutions to the numerous issues we’re presently up against. Ah, the better days when the environment was clean and green and inspite of the oftentimes hectic pace of life we’re still pretty happy………let’s hope we can regain it and better still improve upon it! A tall order, but not impossible.

    We should not despair. Believe me there are many intelligent, willing and able Singaporeans. There is certainly not a dearth of local talents to administer or govern the country. We must, however, give encouragement to anyone aspiring to lead the nation. Also, Singaporeans should not be fearful of a change in government. It is said often ‘better the devil you know then the one you don’t, but the problem here is the devil you know has become more ‘devilish’! Therefore, take a chance. It’s hard to beat the state we are in now.

    For the moment I’d be the supporter/mentor behind the scene. Incognito, that’s how I’d prefer to be at the present time.

    Lastly, I’d reiterate my vision of a Singapore where the people are Happy and Comfortable. For that there’s heaps to be done.

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