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PHOTO: Pile of SHIT found outside Raffles Place MRT station

Posted by temasektimes on May 4, 2012

A netizen found a pile of SHIT outside Raffles Place MRT station this afternoon and took a snapshot:

[Source: Hardwarezone forum]

It is not known if it belongs to a human or animal. Passer-bys are warned to keep a lookout for such UFOs (Unidentified Foul Objects) in the streets as there are more ‘dogs’ than humans in Singapore nowadays:

27 Responses to “PHOTO: Pile of SHIT found outside Raffles Place MRT station”

  1. cuppam said

    horse POO

  2. Anon said

    • puttumayam said

      Shit! This is too much. No animal should be allowed in such a built-up place as Raffles Place is. Now that this animal has shit on the place, is NEA not going to do anything to the people behind all this, most of all that stupid AngMoh riding the horse?

  3. Herp Durp said

    The first photo look like a pile of mud/dirt to me..

    2nd photo, we cannot see clearly who is that.. And I do know people who are VERY drunk piss and crap on the street (local)

  4. lol said

    horse shit..

  5. shauan123 said

    Why don’t you taste it and tell us?

  6. lim said

    I think that was horse shit. There was a black horse with a an at Raffles Place lunch time doing some disply or advertisment.

  7. broccoliboiboi said

    goodness gracious! we need the world toilet organization to see to this matter immediately!

  8. Zam said

    Definitely its the work of FT’s working around Raffles area

  9. denzuko1 said

    Base on the structure and the splatter pattern of the shit. I can determine that this belong to animal and possibly herbivor. It is dropped from a distance up and therefore creating a dispersed pattern.

    If it is of human waste, it will be in a more compact formation.

  10. PuzzledSingaporean said

    If we had any doubt that TR engages in gutter journalism, this would be it. Of what value is such an article to intellectual discourse about Singaporean politics and current affairs?

    Why the deliberate link of the pile of feces, with a person apparently squatting somewhere else, and the comment about more human than dogs in Singapore? How stupid do you suppose Singaporeans are? Trying to connect the mental dots and point us toward more xenophobia against China nationals? Are you fermenting distrust and disgust? Literally stirring shit…

    This demonstrates poor editorial judgement and low political maturity.

  11. Snoopy Says said

    Disgusting culture brought in to Singapore by FTs.

  12. Horse said


  13. JW said

    The pile of shit found at Raffles place is most probably from the black “centaur”.

  14. Ken Lee said

    DOG SHIT???!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO LEG DOGS!!!!

    • Ken Lee said

      ahh four leg ft horse!!! i see!!! come with ft sitting also!! we have to integrate into their culture also! no need to pick up our dog shit also!

  15. J said


  16. Hittykid said

    When we see this, we say yuck and walk away. But the cleaners have to clean it up. But their pay is getting lesser and lesser. We can live a day or week without the ceo or ministers, but we can’t afford not to have cleaner for a day. The uncivilized ‘animal’ would turn SG into a slum. I hope the society would appreciate the cleaners, and the govt stop suppressing their pay. The cleaning job can’t move out of Singapore just because the cleaner are getting higher pay.

  17. Stirrer said

    The 2nd one should be given spot light and a stage since he’s like an animal.

  18. evil said

    these are trash from prc

  19. theminoritydude said


  20. music is my life said

    now MRT is known as MRSHIT!!

  21. wMulew said

    Please lah any idiot can tell that’s not human shit. Unless Ur human is the size of giants. That’ probably horse shit left over by a stunt the other day at Raffles

  22. puttumayam said


    Indians Love Shitting in Public

  23. YNWA said

    Does TR have nothing better to report than having a report on SHIT to fill its pages???

  24. zigg said

    Its not shit!!Its modern art!!Done by foreign artistic talents!!!

  25. Jeb said

    Isn’t this SMRT’s responsibility to clean it up? Where’s Liu F**k You when we need him?

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