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Brother of Lee Kuan Yew, Freddy Lee dies at 85

Posted by temasektimes on June 29, 2012

Freddy Lee Thiam Yew, the younger brother of former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, has died in his home yesterday evening at 85 years of age.

The family said he has been suffering from cancer.

Mr Freddy Lee was the former chairman of stockbroking firm J Ballas and Company.

Mr Lee Kuan Yew has three brothers and one sister.

Lee, who will be 89 years old this year is currently a Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC.


33 Responses to “Brother of Lee Kuan Yew, Freddy Lee dies at 85”

  1. FR said

    Death comes to us all.

    • seniority ideal for SinCity said

      agree, except that death should be by seniority, so that it will not be wronglee in sequence for the familee.

  2. Leepotism said

    Guess who’s next?

  3. Alan Lim said

    another one bite the dust.

  4. Jack said

    I thot it is Vickers Ballas

  5. He looks like his more well-known brother.

  6. Annoymous said

    Just wondering, has Mr Lee KY started his first MPS at his TP GRC?

  7. Singaporeans said

    Our Congratulations.

  8. George said

    Are MP’s given police body guards ?

  9. Old Man Up The Lorry said

    Waiting… waiting…. waiting….

    To open my bottle of champagne.

    Getting tired of waiting alreadi…

    When… when…. when ??????

    • fairplay said

      I oso have been keeping my bottle of champagne on standby – mebbe time is very close oredi.
      just patient a bit more, the signs r there oredi !!!!

    • farah said

      Not only you waiting. Everyone is waiting. Long overdue.

    • CHC undertaking service said

      don’t get tired of waiting, just keep stocking up on the champagne and remember to share when the climatic ending finally arrives for old fart and familee.

  10. 龙的传人 said


  11. Ron said

    I see the snide remarks here. LKY has done much good. He and his team laid the foundation for a prosperous Singapore. Granted that not all his policies or his tough actions will go down well with many Singaporeans, we can compare Singapore with other Asean countries or even with Japan, Taiwan, etc.. No one is perfect and neither is LKY.

    Years ago, I rode in the same gondola up to the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies, with an ex-Filipino government Minister. He said they approached Singapore to help develop the port of Manila to be like Spore. He said the Singapore government declined.

    Are we not glad that the government did many things right in LKY’s time?

    • Devon said

      You are right that we should appreciate what he has done for us. But that is not the issue here. The issue is that his policies and leadership have failed us. Therefore he needs to be replaced. But yet he adamantly refuses to, believing that he is the God of Singapore and that without him we will all die. To add on to that, not only is he trying to replace us with foreigners, despite us having been loyal to him for years, under his leadership our CPF monies are also forfeit. This whole foreigner influx, CPF issue, artificially inflated housing prices are just part of a grander scheme to kill not one but three birds with one stone. Firstly the government will not have to pay out any CPF dividends since Singaporeans will use CPF to buy flats. This will mean that instead of paying us, we will have to pay them instead. This clearly marks us as in debt, as anyone with knowledge of economics would know. Next, the influx of foreigners serve to keep the PAP in power as well as to combat the aging population problem. Due to the influx of foreigners and the limited supply of houses, housing prices shoot up ridiculously, ensuring that the billions of CPF monies lost by Temasek Holdings will not need to be compensated by the government, since Singaporeans will never get to see any of it since we will be paying more CPF money than we’ll ever earn in our lifetime. Thus the government again profits from this. Those who they cannot cheat the CPF monies out of are paid little by little using taxpayers’ money do that their own salaries will not, and will never be affected. So finally, let me ask you one thing: are you content with lettings things stay like this? Letting the government swindle you of your money?

      • farah said


      • mahbok tan said

        Agree …… the famiLee can live happily with all the wealth for generation but for us fellow citizens do not have the luxury even on our own money,CPF, which have been in their vault ….. !!!

        The Lee built up SGpore and the Lee demolished it slowly….!!!

      • Julie Ong said

        We often look upon our cousin/neighbour in Malaysia as inferior to us.This is not true though. No government is perfect but we should endeavour to have a government that is as good as can be. Take a case example of the CPF rort. The rules have changed to suit the PAP and to help them to access easy/cheap money for them to invest in ventures which hitherto have led to massive losses (billions). Across the causeway the Employee Provident Fund is far more respectable. When you reach 55 years of age you can access your money plus interest without hassle. In fact the EPF people has in place websites, pamphlets, etc to help you go about the procedure for withdrawal. Here in Singapore the rules have changed and it clearly adversely impacted on the over 55’s as they can no longer get their entitlement in full on reaching 55 years of age.Honesty? In fact the PAP government is número UNO for spin. The consequence is that the hapless public keeps taking their nonsense. Not anymore. Singaporeans are taking up the cudgels and will not hesitate to strike. If an election were held now I can confidently predict that more constituencies will fall into opposition hands. Better late than never – PAP has long gone past it’s expiry date.

        Therefore I can rest a bit easier knowing that the better judgement of Singaporeans will finally prevail and we can restore Singapore into a truly fair, caring and forward looking nation.

        My two cents worth: In times of difficulty let’s turn to each other and not against one another.

  12. Joshire said

    You know, Singaporeans should just learn to appreciate the government. They’re far from perfect, but they made Singapore the first world nation it is today. What’s more we’re just a mere 46 years old, an extremely young city, obviously there’s always going to be room for improvements. but what’s important is the nature of the country to prevail and i think we should all take pride in that, the fact that Singaporeans were born to survive.

    • joyce said

      how to appreciate a govt that does not know how to appreciate the people?
      how to respect a govt that is selfserving, ego centric, extremely greedy, incorrigible liars, vindictive ? one has to be a moron to even think of appreciating such a govt.

      • Julie Ong said

        I salute you Joyce. Straight to the point. Honest.

        I am delighted that many Singaporeans are now exercising their right to Frredom of Speech and are unafraid to speak out. This can only bring about greater transparency and accountability. The old tyrant can intimidate us into submission no more with threats of libel against dissenters. He is good in some things he has done for Singapore, but he has also said and done some wrong things. The stop at two children policy. Graduate men marrying graduate women to improve the gene pool …. sometimes I wonder if he has nothing better to think about or do! Then the ultimate con: In order to get the best people in politics you must pay them astronomical salaries. To be fair Mr Lee Kuan Yew has govern Singapore reasonably well, all things considered.

        It’s interesting. Do keep the debate/dialogue going.

        I see a vibrant, free and intellectually entertaining Singapore in the days ahead. Majulah Singapura!

      • Joshire said

        The stop at two child policy lowered the probability of slums development in Singapore back then when it was economically unstable. Julie, you classify the ones who oppose the PAP as the people with the courage to speak out against the government. But to some, the basis for their opposition is to create some political drama within SG or simply to follow the great majority. Exercise some consideration for the two sides of a coin before you associate the supporters with bring politically correct and timid. And Joyce, please do not spurt judgements without supporting them with evidence. ALL of us here wouldn’t be living in a first world country without the PAP. Nobody can deny that fact. No government is perfect, but Singapore’s government is worthy of our appreciation. Instead of sitting around complaining about how the little blemishes in our government, why not go out there and make a change instead? This is not blind faith, its an acknowledgement of our forefathers’ efforts.

    • DIY said

      Our former PM LKY represent the leader of his era. The 3 basics for survival are Place, Distance and Time.
      To elaborate my observation I placed them in this sequence : –

      1st PM 2nd PM 3rd PM
      Place : Singapore Singapore Singapore
      Distance : Area served 647 km2 + global connection + global networking
      Time : 47 years serving currently serving

      Subsequently the renewal of PMs shows our progression for survival to serve our era.

    • Jack said

      TT Durai started wanting to do good, likewise, the ren chi monk. and what happened after years in control? The current government in deed done a lot of good to the country, and mistakes too. The government should find out why the people are so unhappy with the government now?

  13. IronMan said

    One down, one more to go. Thanks to Mrs Lee, SG upgraded. Thanks to Mr Lee, SG degraded. Blind faith is lethal.

    Can the other 60%, pls wake up, pls wake up…!!!

  14. Julie Ong said

    Joshire, I sincerely appreciate your comments.
    I respect your views although you see things differently. If you were to read again I have actually praised Mr Lee Kuan Yew for having governed ‘reasonably well’. Yes, I did criticise rather strongly some of his policies, but I do agree that Mr Lee has done us proud. However, let’s not live in the past. We live in challenging times
    with USA and Europe in the economic doldrums which in turn will impact upon us.
    Then this thing about the misnomer called FT or foreign talent which basically is an open door to others to compete with Singaporeans on unequal terms. We appreciate the PAP government and we actually delivered 80 out of 86 parliamentary seats to them in GE2011.That is an overwhelming majority. Question is as Joyce asked ‘how do you appreciate when you are not appreciated’? Actually, we are now severely disadvantaged and stressed out by the deluge of FTs into our midst. In my view this is a betrayal by the PAP of the citizens of Singapore irrespective of which political party we voted for. Don’t you think that Singaporeans should come first then others? That, in a nutshell is what I’ve been fussing about. The PAP of old did well. This new PAP has radical/revolutionary ideas which unfortunately dealt a very bad hand to the populace, particularly to those on the lower socio-economic group as well as the elderly poor. Seems to me that money is their only concern. This is another of my grouse because we are a community/society and not just an economy!
    Thanks Joshire for your opinion. Unfortunately I will have to agree to disagree with you in this instance. Oh, before I forget you asked that we should do something instead of criticising and I will tell you directly that I will vote Workers Party in GE2016. Sorry.

  15. fairplay said

    On the SAME day that Freddy Lee’s (brother of LKY) obituaries appeared in the Straits Times, there also appeared the obituaries of Yong Nyuk Lin (LKY’s brother-in-law) and also one Kwa Geok Neo (sister-in-law of LKY). Is this a divine sign from above ALL APPEARING ON THE SAME DAY. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE LORD!

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