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RI imposes gag order on students, warning them not to discuss sex scandal involving former female teacher

Posted by temasektimes on July 28, 2012

Singapore’s top boy school Raffles Institution has imposed a gag order on its students warning them not to speak to the media or discuss among themselves the shocking sex scandal involving a former female teacher in her 20s.

The state media reported two days ago that a former teacher in her 20s from a “top secondary school” in Singapore is currently under police investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage student who was a member of one of the school’s sports teams.

The woman was the teacher-in-charge of the team and was described by those who know her as ‘demure’ and ‘outgoing’. She is a married MOTHER of two kids.

She reportedly had sex with the male student more than once at the school and incident came to light after the boy’s parents lodged a complaint to the school.

According to an email we received from a RI student, the Head Prefect of RI sent a mass email out to its students last night asking them not to comment on the incident:

The female teacher has since left RI and she was described by those who know her as ‘demure, easy-going and approachable’ and was ‘well-maintained’ such that she appeared younger than her age.

The student who had sex with her is currently studying in Secondary Four and is reportedly the ‘envy’ of his classmates for having ‘shagged’ his teacher who is more than 10 years older than him.



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87 Responses to “RI imposes gag order on students, warning them not to discuss sex scandal involving former female teacher”

  1. School has a right to protect its reputation,and can she despises the pupils and not to protect them from sex predators,by denying us knowledge as to who is who, so that we are careful?Is their reputation more important than our children’s lives?
    This would be a good GP project.

    • macgarret said

      frankie lee, i don’t know what the heck you are driveling at…pl go correct your english before posting here.

      • ziddane said

        Macgarret, before commenting on other’s use of English, please make sure that you revise your spelling and do not use short forms. Thank you.

  2. hachoo said

    RI is really a TOP School churning out TOP Sudents and TOP Teachers that are making TOP News now !!!!

  3. mr green said

    is reportedly the ‘envy’ of his classmates for having ‘shagged’ his teacher

    really envy

    • jo said

      more like teacher shagging the student.

      waiting for TT to reveal pics of teacher and student, or inside scoop of the male student, whether he is reputed to be well endowed, LOL

  4. Nabey said

    RI !!! Shit ! This is where our F***ing gahment produces scholars, ministers!!! No wonder they all grow up and work in SCDF, NCB, and those in lower tier work in NUS teaching law ? Students gang bang teacher and tis is how they were taught !! Live biology lessons? FARK man!!! May god be with you !! CCB !!

  5. Daft Peasant said



  6. voice of the people said

    LOL!!! RI HEAD PREFECT IS SUCH A DICK!! COCK! NERD LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wadever SO STUPID!!!

  7. Mike Zeng said

    Sex is now alive and kicking all over Singapore… the carparks, in the Unis, in the classrooms, in the offices and also consultation rooms.
    What is there to hide now? Sex in the city refers to our city now!

  8. Daniel said

    When men is charge… their picture is everywhere in the media,…. but when comes to women they protect them like they are their goddess… this is a very unfair country…

  9. Ron said

    RI can impose a gag order within the school compound but it has no right beyond the school fence to impose on the freedom of speech of the students. Only the Court can impose a gag order.

    Why should RI be ashamed? A famous USA university is now in big trouble for not taking prompt action against a coach who has been sentenced for molesting his trainees. RI should just let the Court handle the case and strenghten its resolve to uphold high standards of ethics.

  10. Proud Rafflesian said

    Question: What do T.T. Durai, Shi Ming Yi, and Kong Hee have in common?
    Answer: All three are Rafflesians.

    Question: What do Darinne Ko, Cecilia Sue, and this unnamed female teacher have in common?
    Answer: All three are Rafflesians.

    Question: What do Ng Boon Gay, Peter Lim, and Tey Tsun Hang have in common?
    Answer: All three are Rafflesians.

    • White said

      Question: What do the rest of the Rafflesians have in common?
      Answer: They’re all role models.

    • Mike Zeng said

      Thanks… glad none of them are from my alumnus ACS! If they had been Acsians they would not have got into the avarice of wealth and illicit sex! Why? ACS is a Christian mission school and has daily Christian assemblies to teach good ethical behavior as propounded by the Bible. Raffles is a secular school with no religious teachings nor even ethics classes. Now you know why Raffles alumni behave the way they do!
      Not only ACS but all other mission school alumni are better behaved because they believe in a God.

      • Natureschild said

        Yeah yeah.. a supernatural space daddy to issue edits (not ethics) for sheep behaviour (like CHC).
        Fear of everlasting torture in “hell” works wonders! LoL!

      • You still believe in religion?

      • X said

        So Kong Hee doesn’t believe in a God? T.T. Durai famously brought a bible with him every time he went to court for his corruption trial and you think he also doesn’t believe in a God?

        Ming Yi may not believe in the God of Abraham but you think he doesn’t believe that the Gautama Buddha is some kind of divine being?

        What a load of crap. If anything, religion emboldens the wrongdoers and allows them to do evil in the name of god.

      • Exactly. Religion MUST be abolished. Billions of people have been misled, over thousands of years, to the degree of deception, by religion, in believing in something that has NEVER existed all this time, and values that do not add up.

      • ooopah said

        you, have got to be shitting me. are you even from ACS? i can’t believe the shit that you’re saying.

        this kinda stuff may happen anywhere. individual incidents do not warrant such accusations to be made against the school

    • X said

      Question: What do T.T. Durai, Shi Ming Yi, and Kong Hee have in common?
      Answer: Greed.

      Question: What do Ng Boon Gay, Peter Lim, and Tey Tsun Hang have in common?
      Answer: Lust.

      Question: What do Darinne Ko, Cecilia Sue, and this unnamed female teacher have in common?
      Answer: Victims.

    • ziddane said

      Thank you for so many examples, I have to agree that those are people of low morals, however, how many students have this school in question produced over the 190 years? I think that does say something, the purpose of school is to guide youths to become people of character, but it is really up to individuals to choose the path.

  11. ss said

    20-30yr sweet lass seems to be the sought after age for males age 16-46yrs these days …

  12. Prcatise Screwing In School First said

    First they practise screwing among themselves.

    After graduation, they become Millionaires-In-White.

    By that time, will be expert at screwing the peasants.

    • White said

      Hating the elites and the rich?

      Sour grape. Learn how to earn money instead of complaining.

      • ziddane said

        White, despite have the same frontier, i feel that it would be better if we comment with grace and not use fruits to describe people, thanks.

  13. no good looker said

    How’s it nothing like this happened to me throughout my four years in RI and 2 in RJC back in the 80’s?
    Ahh, I know … none of the teachers are hot enough.

  14. Cassandra Wong said

    I know this girl from RI who behaves as if everyone around her is an outcaste. Her nose is always in the air and she looks down on students from neighbourhood schools. She will just press the lift button close even when she sees you running towards it.. She is totally ill mannered and a bitch! Her parents look as if they are afarid of her. And also there is this old bastard I know who boasts about his daughter’s accomplishment in RJC as if everyone else is inferior. Who promotes such elitism? There is no turning back!

    Mod’s note:

    What are her parents working as? If you have more information about her, please email us at

    • White said

      Mod, why are you encouraging gossip? The problem now is that Singapore is not divided along racial lines, but along wealth lines.

      Be a responsible Singaporean and highlight this to the government, or think up of some other way to narrow this perceived divide. Perhaps by running more stories of the rich giving back to society. Not encourage gossip on the internet by asking people to name “elites” who behave poorly.

      I don’t like the government; I think they’re incapable, what with rising inflation and such. But at least they don’t encourage dissent against a certain group of Singaporeans.

      I hate people who attempt to destablise Singapore and segregate its population. Traitors.

      • Lemonnator said

        Dude, this is called Freedom of Speech–something that we Singaporeans didn’t have before the invention of the Internet. Treasure it. Like Voltaire said, I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it.

      • ST said

        “I hate people who attempt to destablise Singapore and segregate its population. Traitors”

        Totally agree with you, White. TTR has become any other gossip blog nowadays always harping on the bad things happening in Singapore. It’s easy to spread negativity but it’s RESPECT to spread positivity.

        Mod’s note:

        What ‘positivity’ is there left to spread? If you want to hear only the ‘good’ news which is propaganda, please stick to the PAP-owned media.

      • ziddane said

        So, Mod, are you saying that the only purpose of TTR is to show the people the negative? Then I think The doomsday prophet would be a more suitable name.

    • Jessica said

      This is ironic

    • dhajjfj said

      One person doesn’t define all. Narrow-minded twats-.-

    • abel said

      ROFL. fucking retarded mod. boliao.

  15. kuanhian said

    I’m in this guy’s batch at RI, and would like to clarify that the student involved is the envy of no one. Nobody wants to be in that situation, or have been put in that situation. I don’t know where temasek times gets it information, but it can’t be very reliable if it thinks that we envy him for having done this.

    Also, this blog’s penchant for sensationalism is really starting to colour its reporting. A gag order is imposed by a court and is binding. This is a piece of advice, which isn’t even official school policy, to students not to discuss things with media because nothing has been confirmed, or had been at the time. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t say anything. And none of us really know what happened or is happening. It’s not exactly a Machiavellian imposition to advise us not to speak to the media given the circumstances.

    • LB said

      Well said. . . .

    • God said

      Why would anyone even clarify anything on TT ? Also, how do you know the student involved is the envy of no one ? Smart till can read minds ? Many people, especially smart smart ones will always hide their true emotions.

      • kuanhian said

        Uh, I’m clarifying? Um, because no one wants to be known for this stuff, and because I talk to them. Would you want to be in this position? No? I don’t see why in the world we’d be any different.

      • Human said

        Also, how do you know that the student involved is the envy of many? Smart till can read minds?
        Oh sorry, I forgot you are God.

      • God said

        Honestly I wouldn’t mind to be in his position. Is this considered a form of envy ? Oops sorry Human, by reply to Kuanhian I have replied to your question, and indirectly accepted your compliment.

    • anonumous said

      I think it’s pretty pathetic when people resort to “I know this… (isolated example)…” parables in order to incite hatred.

  16. Rafflesian. said

    Bs la there was no gag order.

  17. Rachel Tan said

    And then we all wonder why everyone still wants their kids in Raffles? Just because there may be some screwed up people in such schools doesn’t mean that the whole school is like that. I’m sure that every school has their own screwed up people its just that the only top schools would hit the news because people expect so much from them.

    Honestly, if you were proud of your school, you would want your school to look its best, clearly this person who sent this to the media just wants to get back at the school or something like that. This is so immature.

  18. Soh Kuan Wei said

    I’m afraid this is fake and false. I am Kuan Wei, year 4 Head Boy of RI and I did not send such an SMS/Email to the year 4s of the school, neither do I know anything about this incident at all. Cheers.

    Mod’s note:

    And you are posting this comment from overseas?

    • Anonymous said

      The Year 4s in RI are away on Gap Semester, so many of them are overseas.

      • Soh Kuan Wei. said

        Yes of course I’m having my Gap Semester overseas. But just because I’m overseas, doesn’t mean that I do not have access to the internet. Especially when this has something to do with my alma mater, and I will NOT ALLOW somebody to use my name in order to spread gossip about me and my school.

      • Soh Kuan Wei said

        The guy above me is lying

  19. White said

    There seems to be a lot of RI-hate here. Why? This blog needs to stop fueling the hate amongst our own people.

    I could hardly care about politics, but the actions of mods encouraging people to name “elite students” who have misbehaved is really getting out of hand. Why the focus only on the “elite” and not others? Why the continued emphasis on the divide between the “elite” and the “rest of the population”?

    Encourage dissent against the government all you want; but stop encouraging stereotypes against a specific group. Especially students, who haven’t even made it into society yet!

    Singapore is our homeland. Rich or poor, president or cleaner, we are one Singapore. Stop dividing us.

    • Hongkies Three (3) Passports said

      “Yes, here is my take as a Singapore [Permanent Resident (PR)] from a WESTERN country.

      If they made Singapore citizenship more attractive, i.e. allow dual citizenship [i.e. FLEXIBILITY OR ROOM FOR ABUSE], I would [gladly] take it up [I.E. EXPLOIT IT].

      If they force me to give up my existing citizenship, I would SIMPLY LEAVE [I.E. DUMP SINGAPORE OUT LIKE USED GARBAGE] and go off to one of the many other countries of the world that welcome English speaking highly paid professionals.

      Why wouldn’t I give up my existing citizenship? Well most importantly there are the emotional reasons of loyalty to my country and my ancestors who fought for it.


      If Singapore Inc. thinks that any rational human being [with all these PRIVILEGES that FEW people on the planet possess] would give all that up for a Singapore passport [i.e. be CONFINED or TRAPPED in one of TINIEST countries in the world [17th from the BOTTOM] that is STUCK in one of the most VOLATILE regions on the Earth that has to CATER and TART itself to the taste of ASININE and ARROGANT (mainly ANGLOPHONE) WESTERNERS like US, no matter how PRETTY and PEACEFUL it has to MAINTAIN itself], THEY NEED TO TWEAK THEIR GRIP ON REALITY VERY FAST.”

      [ expatsingapore . com / forum / index . php ? topic = 64363.15 ]

  20. Jessica said

    Is the school trying to hide the truth or is it because nothing is confirmed? No doubt there is some element of trying contain the rumours but hey, ANYONE would do it. On top of that, perhaps there is a grain of truth that ‘nothing is confirmed’. Or is she guilty until proven innocent?

  21. Jasmine said

    Would greatly appreciate it if commenters could stop treating such issues as opportunities to air their personal aversion to certain schools. It is perfectly fine to discuss these incidents but please keep sensitive to the affected communities & avoid saying things you wouldn’t say in public. The CHC incident should not be an opportunity to attack the Christian faith, and similarly this should not be the time to condemn Rafflesians or Raffles Institution. I don’t know about this incident any more than everyone else, nor am I an RI boy (haha duh) I’m just asking that we show each other a bit of respect online as much as we are expected to do so in real life.

  22. SG Talent said

    It is a young boy who loves his school asking his peers not to add spice to the story unnecessary. RI is victimized because it happened to be RI. If it is some other schools, no one would have bothered…

  23. Wtf said

    I’d be proud if it were my son. So ri have nothing to be ashamed. Well done boy! Not only are you good at studies and sports. You have proved to be desirable in sex as well!

    • Youtube User/Jemdude22 A MALE Singaporean Who, Like Fellow MALE Compatriot Larry Medina Will Be As Subjected To As Much Conscription And Lifelong Reservist Liability As MALE Compatriot Robert Viswanathan Chandran said

      I am sure tee yan chyuan and well as his C☭MMIE CHINESE schoolmate cao yuanchi would be SO PROUD.

  24. Javert said

    White: Dividing people gets more views and hits than being reasonable.

    And if this is indeed a criminal case (underage person invovled), obviously nobody should speak to the media till the case is settled. This country goes by the ‘innocent until proven guilty’ principle in theory, but the Temasek XXX sites seem to run by a ‘guilty as soon as some guy on the internet suspects you’ principle.

  25. Rafflesian said

    Firstly, I am in this guy’s batch but I’m from RG. As a Rafflesian, I am of course pretty appalled at this news and the fact that an adult teacher would consent to such a thing with a student. However, I am quite sure none of his schoolmates envy him simply because there is no reason to be. Would you want to be involved in such a scandal that would tarnish your reputation and perhaps get you expelled? Also, RI did not impose a gag order (that can only be imposed by a court), it merely advised its students not to fuel unfounded rumours. Is that wrong? After all, the student in question here is not of age and the legal system requires that his identity be protected. Lastly, I must say that Singaporeans really are a disbanded bunch who jump out to diss “elitists” who will grow up to suck the people of their money. That is a hasty generalisation, I must say. How do you know if the boy in question here comes from a political family? How do you know if every Rafflesian lives in a Sentosa Cove with a private yatch attached? And if they did, how do you prove they leached this money from your pockets? My word, this hatred is quite preposterous.

    • God said

      RG, you zharbor mah…. you dunno guys score early better meh ? Girls “score” early = slut, opposite for guys lol.

  26. anotherrafflesian said

    I think make sense leh, if I was head prefect I would write a similar email. For the rest of us i’m sure we are not really that shocked, just kinda disapproving but curious. and lol hate raffles lor, its not a big deal, chillax.

  27. Ex-Rafflesian said

    I am an alumni of RI and it has been the case over the years that being a student of RI would often result in one being labelled “elitist”. I do not personally believe this is the case and just because some of the students that come out of RI does something wrong, their education in Raffles Institution is often put under scrutiny. I feel that it really is often an over generalisation of the school and the students it produces. My honest explanation is that maybe because we do take in some of the brightest minds in Singapore when some of them stray from the path, the results are often more shocking.

    • X said

      “we do take in some of the brightest minds in Singapore”

      Wow… I didn’t know that. I’ve always thought that it’s known for producing crooks like Durai, con artists like Kong Hee, whores like Darinne Ko, and despots like you-know-who. In fact “Rafflesia” is a kind of parasite:

      and I had assume that’s why all these folks refer to themselves as Rafflesians.

      • someone said

        your supposed insult isnt even logical. rafflesian =/= rafflesia. comparing the two of them wouldnt even make sense… their names are just identical because rafflesia was found my sir stamford raffles, who founded raffles as well.

        and really, it doesnt matter if a parasitic plant has almost the same name as us. we call ourselves rafflesians because we’re proud of our school, and no parasitic plant can make us any less happy to be a part of the raffles family.

        p.s. i dont get why you are using this incident as an excuse to flame the school. the incident happened because the two individuals made the wrong decision; using this incident as an excuse to flame the school really isnt right. raffles does indeed place emphasis on moral education, but ultimately the decisions that the individuals make depend on themselves and not the school, and so this incident is in no way the school’s fault.

      • God said

        If the organisation is an institute of education, it SHOULD come under scrutiny. What has the school been teaching ? You even stated that raffles does not place emphasis on moral education. After many examples like Durai, Kong Hee, Darrine etc. One does wonder what is going on in raffles education system that churns out such wonderful people.

    • current Rafflesian said

      10 points for this answer 🙂

  28. Rafflesiannn said

    What lies. This article is fake. There was no gag order whatsoever. Temasek Times just HAD to post something controversial to catch the attention of the readers. And why are people dragging the school’s name down? None of you have the rights to do so.

    • MALE Singaporean ஜனில் புதுச்சேரி, professionalism does NOT equate with patriotism said

      I am sure tee yan chyuan and well as his C☭MMIE CHINESE schoolmate cao yuanchi would be appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  29. Lee said

    Erm, if people don’t have anything better to say rather than bombard this comment section with hateful words, please don’t. 😦
    For one, it is because you don’t have proof that this is true, though I don’t deny that there is any evidence that this is false either. Although some really consider their comments carefully before posting them, but others exploit this chance to throw their personal hate at the school. Picture this, if something similar happens to your former school and this same shower of spiteful comments pours through the comments section, how’d you feel? :/ Like, you would want them to be sensitive to this issue as well wouldn’t you? :S
    Besides that, some things just don’t need to be said. Like, going off topic just makes the comments look biased. Awfully. Secondly, there is NO gag order (what is that anyway?). Lastly, comments weren’t mean to be based on wrong claims or views that one has of something. Get the facts right (but this doesn’t have any. YET) before posting. Thanks. 🙂

  30. AnotherRafflesian said

    The SMS is simply unauthentic. While I’m sure the email came from an RI student, given the use of such neologisms as “Gap Sem”, I’m also pretty sure the same student forged the SMS. I know the incumbent stutters a bit but someone who cannot even express himself coherently in the English language has little chance of becoming Head Prefect!

    And anyway, careful thought ought to reveal the implausibility that a credible member of the Establishment should be as foolish as to leave easily-forwardable-to-the-TT material evidence when “nothing has been confirmed”. Yes, RI has most certainly imposed gag orders before but no, not in so clumsy a manner.

  31. Prata Nathan said

    Sinkapore is really becoming a SIN city now wif so many SEX scandals and corruptions going on lately….the society is degrading partly due to govt failed policies…

  32. Proudly Rafflesian said

    I am a Rafflesian, and I believe that this is an issue only because the school involved is RI. If it weren’t RI, would there be so many people criticising the school? Seriously. This type of things could happen anywhere. Those anti-elitists please think again; even if the RI students are naturally smart, they would have to work very hard just to get into the school. Would they want to risk their whole school career and thus effectively their future by getting involved in these scandals? Almost all wouldn’t. That’s why you only see this now, only once, only one incident. I believe that this is a one off incident. As for those criticising the alumni of the school, sure you can criticise them, they have done illegal things. But is this the fault of the school? I personally don’t think so. Our school has character and leadership lessons every week, emphasising the importance of not just having good grades but also a good character. Sure it is not 100% effective, there would definitely be some odd ones out commIting crimes, but they are the minority. Other notable Rafflesians have contributed much to the society, contributing way more than the amount of damage brought alon by the odd ones out. Besides is there any school that can be 100% sure that 100% of their alumni have absolutely no criminal record?

    • God said

      No doubt, there are some who have contributed to society. However, that does not mean that damage caused by the “odd ones”(Plenty of scandalous cases), are not done. This may not be just a one off incident, this may be the only reported one, because the boy’s parents complained. How do you know there are not others that keep mum about such incidents ? Hmmm, maybe if the scams were not all done by the alumni of the said school, people would not have doubt the school would they ? There are plenty of elite schools in Singapore, why are people not targeting those schools ?

  33. rhd said

    is this site even reliable for publishing an article with such dubious content and source?

  34. Kamen Rider K said

    I am a Rafflesian and for better or for worse I accept this issue, all of us have equal capacity for goodness and darkness, somethings the good in us wins, sometimes the evil must win too, but that doesn’t matter because we are all in this boat. Who is to say there isn’t 5 more students screwing their teachers in RI but not exposed? Who is to say that this isn’t happening in mainstream schools too? Who is to say that both parties were consensual? All these facts we do not know when we approach a problem we can only view it from our sight it is only when we band together and start sharing information can a clearer picture be made. Some may say this information will hurt RI, their students, the MOE, you know what I say? ” It doesn’t matter how you hide the truth, for it will eventually reveal itself. Everyday I walk on the same path, balance all my strengths and weaknesses, sins and good deeds, for I know that one day everything will turn out fine because the future is in my hand and I have already started crafting it.

  35. it isnt important who i am. said

    i may or may not be from raffles, but all i have to say is, we should let them turn over a new leaf in peace. mistakes like that are indeed punishable, but i believe they\’ve been punished and shamed enough. as for his classmates envying him, it\’s definitely not true.

    on a side note, please stop flaming the school. RI was just doing the best it could to protect the identity of the two. they\’re still young and still have a rather bright future, so it really would be disastrous should their identities be known. i thought the school was actually pretty responsible for caring about their welfare and reputation.

    and judging the school simply based on this one incident really is not giving the school enough credit. yes such an incident happened, and yes Ming Yi and whoever were ex rafflesians, but the school has undeniably nurtured more morally upright and successful people who have contributed to society in their different ways, than those who have gone astray.

    also, raffles does try to cultivate good ethics, but ultimately it still depends on the individual. this incident doesnt show that the school does not place emphasis on moral education, but rather that the two individuals involved made the wrong decision in the heat of the moment.

    • Rafflesian said

      Well said my friend!

    • God said

      By doing it’s best to protect them, RI has only made the situation worse. Please tell me more about those morally upright and successful people who have contributed to society in their different ways. Who are you talking about ? LKY ? Of course, all schools try to cultivate good ethics into their students, how is it that raffles have the tendency to churn out students that make headlines in negative ways ? I don’t see other schools, or even elite schools if you choose to focus on that as the reason, making headlines about morally dubious things.

      • how has that made the situation worse?! would you call a situation where the boy were harrassed by the press and everybody every single day “better”?! what if it were you, would you rather your school protect you or tell everyone to point fingers at you?!

        … did you just answer your own question about the successful people HAHAHA?! but okay since you asked. firstly, most of the leaders of singapore are rafflesians. second, rafflesians also not only take on jobs that guarantees money (CEOs, bankers, doctors, lawyers etc.) (most of which help to boost your country’s economy fyi) they also set up and head non-profit organizations. how can you possible be willing to risk everything to set up non-profit organizations if you didnt have strong morals and werent thinking about those who are less fortunate? (ETHICS BTW).

        and how would you know such things dont happen in other schools? i dont know actually, but maybe because news like these were surprising because it came from raffles? for example, when the other incidents got found out (eg the Ming Yi case etc), why didnt they point out their tertiary schools or their primary schools or their kindergartens, but only raffles?! i personally think it is because it’s extremely surprising that “raffles can produce such students”, so people like to talk about it.

        p.s. what makes you think you’re in a good enough position to be called “God”?! -.-

  36. Fleasian said

    Wonder if his parents complained because she shagged him or because she stopped?

  37. […] of a 32 year old married teacher having sex with her secondary 3 student, and the other also of a teacher of a premier secondary institution performing fellatio and having sex with a student of a sports group she was in-charged of. She was […]

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