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Singaporean uncle earns $50,000 monthly by renting out rooms to freelance prostitutes to do their ‘business’

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

Jalan Suka off Geylang Lorong 24 has been in the spotlight lately after an irate resident Adam Goi wrote a lengthy letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong complaining about the ‘flourishing’ vice trade there. (read more here)

The Chinese evening tabloids then reported an elderly woman living there who got into conflict with the freelance prostitutes plying their trade there.

A 59 year old Singaporean uncle claimed today that he earns about $50,000 monthly by converting his residence there into a budget ‘part-time’ brothel for the prostitutes to conduct their ‘business’.

He reported rent out the rooms in his terrace house in Jalan Suka to the freelance prostitutes at a rate of $6 per 10 minutes.

The unlicenced prostitutes hailed mostly from Indonesia and they served mainly the foreign workers working nearby. Unlike prostitutes working legally in brothels, they do not go for monthly medical examination and HIV screening which exposes them to HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The authorities should do more to clamp down on such vice activities in the vicinity which is not only causing distress to the residents living there, but give Singapore a bad name as well.

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PAP grassroots leaders selling Singapore flags to residents to hang to ‘celebrate’ National Day

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

National Day may be still three weeks ago, but Singapore flags are already seen hanging from blocks of HDB flats in certain parts of Singapore.

According to the state media, PAP grassroots leaders have been knocking on the doors of residents to sell the Singapore flag and ‘encouraging’ them to hang the flags outside their homes to show their ‘love’ for Singapore.

RC members from the Jurong West district are at the forefront of the “Fly our Flag Campaign” to paint the estate in a sea of ‘red and white.’

A statement from the state media reads:

“It’s that time of the year again. If you haven’t already done so, you can start flying the Singapore flag during the National Day celebration period from July 1 to Sept 30. Other than displaying the flag from buildings and vehicles, you can also wear attire bearing images of the flag during this period, as long as it is done with respect.”

The number of Singapore flags being hung publicly outside homes have become a sort of barometer to gauge public support for the ruling party which bans all forms of opinion polls in Singapore.

For some strange reasons, the Singapore flags are only noticed being hung from HDB flats lining the main roads while they are hardly seen in those situated in remote areas and in private housing.


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A student’s encounter with a homeless Singapore family

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

Personally, I was really frustrated by the whole social structure of Singapore these days. The society was improving economically on the whole for the many rich and lucky idiots,who live blissfully in their own beautiful world, but leaving behind many of those helpless slowpokes, who had fallen way behind the society. I can’t seemed to recognise my own homeland Singapore anymore.

There have been many reports of Singaporeans especially with those towing with schooling children, has no home to stay ,and though many have went to seek out help from their various MPs, all they have were disappointing replies and in the end ended up on news to ask the public for help. However, if the MPs were the ones hired by the countrymen to help the fellow citizens and those cant seem to get their job done , then whats the point of having MPs paid by taxpayers money. They might as well direct the taxpayers money to help the needy straight.

Now , as a student who has always been blinded by one side of the story , blinded by the lies of the society finally understand that there is no absolute good government and leaders. Worst of all, news these days appears to be selective,covering out all the true stories of the society these days.

Just yesterday, when returning home from school , I walk passed Bukit Panjang Ring Road Blk 431,I saw a homeless chinese family and the poor little girl was crying to her dad that she was hungry . That girl caught my attention and I came up to conversed with the girl and her father. The father’s tireless eyes blink desperately with tears , filling me his sad life story . His wife has abandoned the family and left him single handedly raising two kids, a primary school girl and a secondary school boy. He tried his best to work as a taxi driver and trying to make ends meet . However, he had no permanent house to stay in , and has to keep on moving into different rented rooms.

Rented rooms these days were very expensive and he could hardly make his ends meet by paying a monthly rent of $750 plus all the living and taxiexpenses .His children were always hungry and he has not much to feed his kids. As a greenhorn taxi driver , he was new thus he does not earned much from driving the taxi. Finally, he could no longer pay for the taxi rents and the room rent , so he was forced to live underblock.

Throughout the conversation I could sense that he has given up in living as he was given up by the society. Seriously , I believed this will not be the first and last incident of homeless and helpless Singaporeans. I would have encountered. But , I feared for the safety for the little girl and the future for her brother. Both have been missing out from school for two weeks and surprisingly , the schools have not approached to do anything or provide some solutions for the two siblings. Anguish and helpless too, the only thing I could do at the moment was to passed them some money and wrote in here .

Hope there will be some kind souls out there or people whose jobs were to help those in such dired situations to provide a helping hand. An ITE student like me can only go this far to help . Hope the family will get better.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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NSman ‘advised’ by SAF officer to remove FB complaint on unprofessional SAF MO

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

A NSman Mr Yang has been ‘advised’ by a SAF officer during his RT (Remedial Training) to remove a complaint he posted on his Facebook about a SAF Medical Officer (MO) Dr Wong.

Mr Yang had earlier written about his unpleasant experience with Dr Wong whom he accused of shouting at him rudely when he reported sick at the Maju Camp Medical Center two weeks ago after experiencing giddy spells before a RT.

Mr Yang’s post came to the attention of SAF and he was ‘advised’ by an officer to remove the post during his next RT training:

“The officer while chatting nicely with me, has at least on 3 occasions tell me to ”consider taking down the FB thread” but I explained, even if I took it down, it is on many sites & forums. I think he said someone asked me to do it, cant remember who or which department.”

It is not known if SAF is looking into Mr Yang’s complaint about its MO Dr Wong Yi.

Mr Yang has since written to us seeking advice on whether he should remove his Facebook post.

He is also still traumatized by the unpleasant encounter with the SAF MO.

There are no laws in Singapore forbidding NSmen posting their army experiences on their personal blogs and Facebooks. Mr Yang should consider escalating the matter up to the higher authorities such as the SAF Medical Corps and Singapore Medical Council if he feels his grievances have not been adequately addressed.


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Christian festival cancelled due to City Harvest Church’s recent woes

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

The Festival of Praise 2012 which was scheduled to be held soon was cancelled due to City Harvest Church’s recent woes.

In a statement issued on its Facebook yesterday, Canon James Wong, the Founder & President, Festival of Praise Fellowship wrote that the Committee had decided not to go ahead with the event this year in view of the ‘challenging period’ CHC is currently undergoing:

City Harvest Church has been under intense public scrutiny of late after its founder Kong Hee was charged along with four other board members last week for misusing S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds to further the music career of Kong’s wife Ho Yeow Sun.

Kong has adamantly denied the charges and CHC has issued a public statement expressing its support for him.


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Singaporean earning $2,500 monthly cannot obtain loan from HDB to buy flat

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

Buying a flat is a problem for me. I am self employed and my wife is a house wife. Earning about 30 k yearly but when I try to buy a flat and apply for housing loan eligibility, HDB ask for my bank statement.

After submitting my statement for 1 yr, they telling me my loan is not approve. Reasons is that I have not enough saving in the bank and HDB cannot give me a loan. They want me to have constant of saving in order to obtain a loan from them afraid that I will not pay for the loan. They are telling me HDB is only giving loan to those who is rich and to those who put their saving in the bank.

In the first place if I have the cash I will not need to apply a loan from HDB and I will buy a condo or bungalow already. In the newspaper, I can see advertisement that family enough $900 per month can buy a flat and get a loan from HDB. Now I earn $2500 cannot get a loan from HDB.I need to save up a year to show them in order to obtain a loan from them.

My wife and mother is not getting along very well, we often quarrel over housing matters but I got to wait for 1 year to obtain a loan. Hopefully, we can go through this 1 year, if not I will have to divorce over this housing matters and my daughter will have to grow up in a broken family. If all this will to happen , I will thank the govt and HDB for letting all this to happen.

Wish me luck!


*The above was first posted as a comment on PM Lee’s Facebook.

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Number of Filipino visitors to Singapore increased by 24 percent last year

Posted by temasektimes on July 14, 2012

The number of Filipino visitors to Singapore hit a record high 678,000 last year, a 24 percent increase compared to 544,000 in 2010, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) said.

Speaking to queries from the media, Sherina Chan, STB Area Director for the Philippines and Brunei expressed her heartfelt ‘gratitude’ to the Filipinos:

“2010 was already considered an exceptional year as the Philippines increased its ranking from number eight to number six in terms of international visitor generating markets for Singapore. We are heartened by this continued growth momentum and warm support from Filipinos.”

The increase in the number of pinoy visitors is attributed to the growing economy in the Philippines in 2011, the increasing number of flights between Philippines and Singapore and the fact that around 160,000 Filipinos live in Singapore today, thereby encouraging visits from their family and friends.

However, what was not reported is that a number of pinoys are coming to Singapore not for visit purposes, but to find a job which is not allowed under the law.

A common practice among these pinoy job-hunters is to stay at a friend’s place and using their stay to try to obtain a work permit or employment pass in order to work in Singapore.

Unfortunately, the Singapore Tourism Board seems more fixated on the figures than analyzing the real reason behind the increase in the number of pinoy ‘visitors’.

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