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Online tabloid site issues public apology and retracts false accusations against Temasek Times

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

The controversial online tabloid site which had defamed a Singapore girl yesterday by publishing unfounded malicious allegations about her has removed two articles from its website today, including one by its contributor Alex Tan Zhi Xiang hurling baseless accusations at us.

Alex Tan claimed that the initial post about the girl never ‘existed’ in the site’s archives and accused us of ‘photoshopping’ the article. He even challenged the ‘afflicted party to make a police report.’

Fortunately, there is Google Cache to show clearly that the article was posted on the site yesterday at 7.30pm:

Faced with damning and irrefutable evidence, the site was forced to issue a public apology today and retract its accusations made against us:

According to one of its editors Yang Kaiheng, they have fired the writer responsible for the article.

The news made it to the evening tabloids today which quoted lawyers warning that the site and contributor responsible for the defamatory article may be prosecuted under the Women Charter if the girl lodged a police report.

Though she had earlier indicated that she would not do so, her friends are urging her on Facebook to report the matter to the police and sue the site and contributor for defamation.


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CID officer found dead with gunshot wound to his head

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

An Investigation Officer with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head at the Police Cantonment Complex (PCC) on Wednesday morning.

38 year old Senior Station Inspector Leong Shee Chun was found lying motionless in his office at 5am in the morning with a gunshot wound to his head and the service revolver was found beside him.

A single discharged round was found in the revolver’s chamber, while the other four rounds remained intact (in the chamber).

Leong was pronounced dead by paramedics who arrived at 5.20am. Police said no foul play is suspected and are investigating the unnatural death.

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Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong charged with having unprotected sex with 15 year old girl from church

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Ex-MOE scholar Jonathan Wong who was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in the United Kingdom in 2010 for the possession of hardcore child porn is now charged for having unprotected sex with a 15 year old girl barely two months after he returned to Singapore!

Jonathan Wong made the headlines in 2010 after he was expelled from York University for his criminal offences which saw his parents selling their HDB flat to pay for his MOE scholarship which was revoked.

Upon returning to Singapore, he came to know a 15 year old girl from a church and befriended her.

He subsequently taught her how to masturbate herself and engaged in oral sex after which they had unprotected sex 10 times in various places including her home and public toilets.

On one occasion, he even brought the girl to a clinic to buy oral contraceptive pills after she expressed her concern that she may get pregnant so that he could continue to have unprotected sex with her.

The girl’s father was reportedly working in Australia and she was often left alone at home. Her sexual encounters came to light after her school results deteriorated and she told her father what happened who rushed back to Singapore to expose Jonathan’s heinous crimes.

In mitigation, Jonathan said he was ‘sorry’ for ‘hurting’ the girl and pleaded for leniency. He will be sentenced on 9 July.

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Swiss expat to claim trial in underage prostitute case

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Swiss expatriate Juerg Buergin will be contesting the two charges slapped on him for paying an underage girl for sex.

A former executive at UBS bank, the forty four year old Swiss was charged together with forty seven men in April this year for having commercial sex with the same girl.

Buergin allegedly paid more than $600 on two occasions to have sex with the 17 year old girl at two different hotels.

He is currently unemployed and is out on a S$15,000 bail.

The next court date has been fixed for August 7. So far, nine men have either pleaded guilty or indicated they will not claim trial.

*Illustrated pic


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Singaporean working at Cold Storage as retail assistant paid less than $1,000 monthly

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Cold Storage supermarket may be one of the largest supermarket chains in Singapore, but its Singaporean workers are still very poorly paid.

According to one irate Patrick Lee who wrote to the Straits Times Forum today, his brother who worked for the Cold Storage supermarkets for several years as a retail assistant is paid less than S$1,000 monthly.

To compound matters, Cold Storage will not adopt the National Wages Council (NWC) recommendation to adjust the pay of its low-wage workers.

“Already, my brother has to work six days a week, and on public holidays as well. He does not receive a half-day off for Chinese New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve; he cannot apply for block leave and does not know his day off in advance. The compensation for working on public holidays amounts to very little, and he is not given a day off as compensation.”

He expressed his surprise at its refusal to follow the NWC wage guidelines to give a raise to low-income workers.

“I am puzzled why a big company like Dairy Farm will not follow the NWC wage guidelines for workers like my brother, who sacrifice much so Cold Storage can function daily. I can now understand why many citizens shun such work, because one is virtually yoked to the job.”

Despite a booming economy, the wages of Singapore’s low-income workers have stagnated in recent years due to the relentless influx of cheaper foreign workers.

Singapore has the highest income gap between the rich and the poor among the thirty most developed economies in the world after Hong Kong.

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Why Singaporeans are one of the most hardworking people in the world

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

I believe Singaporeans are really one of THE most hardworking people in the world. (arguably) but then due to the policies which the government has opted for, they have turned people into working cows constantly draining any milk inside them with all the crazy taxes imposed and miscellaneous fees, electricity and water which are not subsidized as in other countries, crazy housing prices, non welfare state and overly lenient immigration policies.

IT IS PARTICULARLY BECAUSE OF THE NON WELFARE STATE CHARACTERISTIC, that makes Singapore so attractive to foreign talent and foreign wealth. The government is always seeking to broaden its tax base and increase tax revenue… I understand that surpluses are important to build reserves but not to the extent that it squeezes the middle income people so much so that they become over worked, jaded, do not have a positive outlook in life and can’t look forward to the retirement years. How much reserves do you want? For the low income group, the plight is even worse now, it’s as if they will not be able to come out of this social class unless they are somehow born a genius. Which is one every century like Albert Einstein.

Transport cost (going to work) already takes up so much money. (public transport ain’t that cheap you know) and FOOD prices are soaring. The cost of living is so high that people don’t even want to have babies. And then this is what you justify your immigration policies by. By blaming Singaporeans for not giving birth enough. And you plead your case by saying that you give birth benefits. $10000? Seriously, after seeing a pediatrician a few times, it is enough to completely use it up. And the doctors can’t be to blame completely as well, their tuition fees like the rest of the courses are so high that they need to charge this amount to pay their bills.

WHY DO UNIVERSITIES CHARGE SO MUCH? And what do they do with the money, they give it away in scholarships which the locals are not able to get. MONEY IS FLOWING OUT. SINGAPOREANS HARD EARNED CASH. You’re lucky Singaporeans are still willing to work at 60. Just look at Greece, the people aren’t willing to work anymore, and thus they are in deep shit. So you’re lucky Singaporeans are cooperating with you.

Instead of spending so much in defense which is like almost useless if any major superpower wants to take control. They do not fear us because of our army. Instead, it’s because the only way they can stead to gain from us, is if we are still around and coopertate with them, since Singapore only has human resource to offer, no oil no gold, etc etc. hence, there is no point for them to attack us.

When will the money be used to help the poor? I’m not talking about all the poor, only those that are willing to work hard. And when I mean help, it doesn’t mean a lump sum of 2000 dollars in the FAS we have in school, but rather to sponsor them to study as long as they are hardworking enough. CUT DOWN ON THE NUMBER OF FOREIGN PLACES GIVEN AND GIVE MORE TO LOCALS IF YOUR EXCUSE IS THAT THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PLACES. There are so many things you can do yet you choose to ignore this part and focus on the rights of foreigners and not the rights of your own people.

Instead of focusing on how to attract even more foreign talent with IRs and GARDENS BY THE BAY, RWS etc, as well as focusing on the rights off maids etc, why not focus on the rights of your own people first, the freedom of expression for instance. I’m not saying you aren’t focusing at all on your people, but rather focus MORE! So much MORE can be done. This is not demanding, this is basic necessities.

Foreigners love that Singapore has no welfare system so that they know their tax is spent on themselves and not the lower classes of society. HOW FLAWED IS THIS CONCEPT? If you really want the poor to be motivated to work hard and study hard, they need to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now the light is so small that they don’t even bother. SO MANY LOW INCOME STUDENTS CHASING AFTER SO FEW SPOTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS. how can that be motivating. They know that even if they work super hard, the fact is many of them will still not be able to get the scholarships. PROVIDE MORE FOR LOCALS. also, why aren’t ASEAN scholarships for locals to study at local universities? A bit funny don’t you think considering your own people are from ASEAN as well? Think about it

To add on, Singaporeans and PRs have to serve army and use 2 years of their life which they could be using to build a career and save up for their golden years. Foreigners come take the scholarships, study and leave WITHOUT NS. and although, I know what I mentioned above is a lot of things that need to be handled, but you are one of the highest paid ministers of the WORLD, if you can take that kind of salary home, you better be able to handle this kind of shit and be able to bear the responsibility of solving ALL the problems associated with it.



*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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Marina Bay Sands exhibition hall floods due to ‘heavy rains’ in the morning

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Singapore’s infamous ‘once in a fifty year’ flood has arrived at the Marina Bay Sands, it seems.

A hall at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) exhibition centre flooded around noon on Tuesday, taking exhibitors of the Singapore International Water Week, who were at the area by surprise.

Speaking to queries from the media, an MBS spokesperson said:

“At approximately 12:05pm today, a small area of Hall F was affected by an overflow of rainwater. Our teams promptly provided assistance to the event organizer and any affected exhibitors.”

She added that the source of the overflow “is a drainage issue due to heavy rains in the morning” and investigations into the incident are being made to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

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A Christian expresses concerns about City Harvest Church

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Dear Parents, please be concerned.

I do not have anything against CHC, but being a Christian myself and having read much about this, has made me very concerned about the teachings of CHC which honestly seem somewhat unusual and foreign to what I know of the Christian faith.

In fact, if anyone has been following this City Harvest saga, then you may know that a person, Phil Pringle, is closely related to City Harvest. According to CHC’s own website: “He sits on the Advisory Committee of City Harvest Church, Singapore, as the advisory pastor.”, and is also undergoing a process to obtain a permit to preach at CHC. He has made many many speeches in front of the audience (including the recent ones this weekend), and CHC’s official comment worries me:

“The CHC Advisory Committee, comprising Dr Phil Pringle, founder and Senior Minister of Christian City Church in Sydney and Dr A R Bernard, founder and CEO of Christian Cultural Centre in New York, will continue to provide spiritual leadership. Both pastors were appointed advisory senior pastors over CHC.”

So why should you be concerned?

Apparently, Rev. Dr. Phil Pringle is the founder and senior minister of Christian City Church, Oxford Falls, but his infamy is far greater. In fact, it seems that the church he had founded, “Christian City Church” or C3, is equally problematic so much so that the people have even created a watch group! Their webpage is here:

A quick search of Phil Pringle (which somehow seems to trigger a lot of stories about him associated with False Prophecy), returns a video which suggests that many people are also wary of his motives, and his speeches bear a very striking resemblance to someone.. :

The C3 church watch has hopped on the matter quickly, even though this has happened in Singapore and not in their country. If they are concerned, we might need to also:

Best Wishes.


*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times.

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Lui Tuck Yew asks Singaporeans to ‘thank’ COI members for their ‘hard work’

Posted by temasektimes on July 4, 2012

Despite two major screw-ups which caused inconvenience to thousands of affected commuters during the two major SMRT disruptions last year, Singaporeans were asked to ‘thank’ the Committee of Inquiry (COI) convened to ‘investigate’ the fiasco instead.

The COI has completed its ‘study’ over a six-week period and has submitted its report to the Transport Minister yesterday which includes “recommendations to improve the reliability of MRT services, as well as incident management processes.”

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew will respond to the Committee of Inquiry’s (COI) report on last December’s MRT train disruptions, in Parliament next week.

They added that the recommendations, when carried out, will greatly reduce the likelihood of similar disruptions should they recur, and improve the management of future incidents.

Speaking to queries from the media, Transport Minister implored Singaporeans to ‘thank’ the COI members for their ‘hard work’:

“…the inquiry process was demanding and the issues challenging given their technical nature…Singaporeans should thank the COI members for their work in the past few months.”

It is not known how much taxpayers’ monies have been spent to conduct the COI.


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