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Subhas Anandan’s censored comment: She is a HARDCORE prostitute who deserves no protection

Posted by temasektimes on April 17, 2012

44 men were charged on Monday for having sex with an underage prostitute who was seventeen years old at the time of the offence. One of them is the former principal of Pei Chun Public School Lee Lip Hong.

Ten of them reportedly engage the services of prominent criminal lawyer Subhas Anandan to defend them.

The mastermind of the online vice syndicate is a 39 year old businessman Tang Boon Thiew who has already been charged last year.

During the court session, lawyer Subhas Anandan took issue with the charge sheets.

“How is anybody going to know what he is charged for when you don’t know who the girl is, and what her age is? Who are they trying to protect? As far as I am concerned, this girl does not deserve protection as she is a HARDCORE PROSTITUTE who got so many men into trouble”

Mr Subhas said he would take the case all the way up to the High Court if the prosecution refuse to give him the particulars of the girl:

“We just can’t accept the word of the prosecution… We are going to ask the prosecution, the DPP, to give us further particulars. If they do not give us the further particulars, we will take it up in the High Court,” he said.

In an interview with the media, Mr Subhas described the girl as a HARDCORE prostitute who deserves no protection from the law. His comments were first aired on Channel 8 evening news yesterday, but was censored in subsequent news broadcasts.

According to unverified information circulating on the internet, the girl studied in a secondary school in Choa Chu Kang after which she enrolled in a local polytechnic in the western part of Singapore.

She was described as 1.60m tall, slim and having C-cup breasts on the online vice site where the men procured her services from. She charged $500 per session. As she is a minor, her name cannot be revealed.

Watch Mr Subhas’ interviews below:

Channel 8’s uncensored version:

Channel 5’s censored version:


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60 Responses to “Subhas Anandan’s censored comment: She is a HARDCORE prostitute who deserves no protection”

  1. Ray said

    Lawyer trying to get the guilty off the hook and trying to ask something from the prosecution that he knows wont be possible.
    She’s a minor, can’t be named. The hooker is a little girl lah… come’on. If you name her, and she cannot take it and kill herself, will Subhas be responsible?

    • Bulls said

      What little girl??
      No innocent little girl will spread her legs for money.
      No innocent little girl will kill herself when named as a whore either.
      If she can be a whore at 16, there’s nothing innocent or little about her.

      • Crap said

        The innocent ones are the men who did not know that she is below 18.
        Both the pimp and the girl know the true age.
        Now the girl who earned the money walk away scot-free?

      • Ray said

        So what if its a 10 year old girl but have commercial sex with 1000 men. Is it then ok to reveal her identity?
        The law was set to protect these girls within an age range.
        She is within the law’s protection and hence we must abide by it.
        We must punish her but away from the media.
        But most importantly we must educate her.
        She’s only 17 and has her life ahead of her. Naming her now will kill whatever future there is for her.
        What good does it do for all netizens shouting for her head? What gratification?

        You may argue what happen to the future of the men she sabo-ed.
        Well, these are adults: principal, officers.
        They are old enough to think but they didn’t. Law does not give them any benefit of doubt.
        But for the girl, at the age of 16, she was deem to be unable to think for herself.

    • hash said

      dear ray,
      i completely disagree with you. the law sets the consensual age for sex for females to be 16 and the reason why it does so is becuase it is presumed that they have attained matuarity and is able to give consent. now, this girl is deemd to be 16 and if she has the ability by law to make such an informed decision to be a prostitute and to have sex presumbly with 40 over men, i dont see any reason why she is to be called a ‘little’ girl. sure, she maybe young and easily motivated by the easy money but that still does not make her any less culpable. on another hand, i understand the law’s intention to protect young girls from being exploited from the likes of the above mentioned pimps and the law must step in to protect those girls but to protect a girl who willingly entered the trade is a totally different issue which i think parliament needs to look into…we just cant allow money hungry girls to exploit the law and go about engaging in such a trade. they do so knowing that if anything were to happen, they will not be in trouble.

      • LHTAN said

        She is a rich little……girl. Pity her parents.

      • Ray said

        she cannot escape punishment. but she cannot be named in media.
        understand the difference here.

      • hash said

        of course i know the difference. i was merely addressing your point on she being a ‘little girl’. now, i hope you get the difference.

      • Ray said

        “little” is in the context of legal protected age.
        At 16, that’s considered under protection.

      • hash said

        ray..your above reply is completely non got to to better than just stating the obvious..what in god’s name are you talking about?

    • Helen said

      Hello ray u understand English or not. He is saying the bitch name not in the 44 victims charge, he did not say announce her identity to the world. She is still working as a chicken now but legal age chicken already. Can someone post her photos to show.

    • Pig said

      so if the 80 guy who is charge killed themself… who is to be blame? Stupid to the cored…

    • Ashura said

      The girl is obviously not an innocent girl. She is laughing all the way to the bank when idiots are defending her. If a 16-year-old was duped into trafficking drugs by a syndicate, the law does not say he is an innocent boy. In fact they just hang him. This is the double standard of the law.

    • Clara said

      Ray, if you want to sound smart, then start by stop protecting the guilty.
      Sorry Ray, but not everyone like you thinks that she is innocent. We are smarter & know better than you.

      Being stupid/naive is no excuse this sort of behaviour, she knew her age and yet sold her services.
      Nobody forced her into the trade. She just wanted the $$$ to buy the latest gadget.

      Stop being all “by the law”, “by the book” kind of BS,
      In real life, no law can cover all crimes the same way due to differing circumstances of the crime.
      In this case, the men hardly knew that she was underaged.
      This incident simply highlights the loopholes we have in the SG’s legal system:
      1) How can it be illegal for prostitutes under the age of 18 to have sex when it is LEGAL for girls above 16 to have sex?
      2) How can they not blame the girl at all? She earned MONEY for the sex she did. A transaction is still a transaction.
      She should pay back every single penny back to her “victims” for causing such a ruckus and ruining their lives in the process.
      She has as much fault in this if not more, than her clients.

    • Joyce said

      The girl identity to be protect despite her mistake done and afraid that she might suicide.
      I agree that the guy deserve to be punished.
      But reviewing his identity in the media is it punishing him or his family?
      The wife and family already suffer from his act and now how to face their friends and relative.
      Please spare a thought for them and stop blowing the issue up.

  2. I Love SG said

    why censored? why why why

    • keng said

      because that’s how the government regulated Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp rolls. they censor whatever they don’t want us to hear.
      luckily channel 8 didn’t manage to censor in time

  3. $1left said

    Agreed with Subhas.
    This may only be a MSM Smoke Screening on the MRT COI…This vice issue only affect 44 ppl & their families, but the MRT affected hundred of thousands to millions.

  4. alamak said

    HC prostitute..wah, pretty serious charge here. But if these 60men had sex with this person only, at that record she might as well turn pro.
    While the law will protect this girl, I wonder if the school (poly) is aware of the acts by this student. If so, are they retaining her in school?
    What if she starts flirting or soliciting more lecturers or educators in the premises just to pass grades?
    If she will do it for money, what is stopping her?

  5. Po said

    Question to ask – is she turning to modeling/prostitution because she needs to put herself through school?
    If she is a smart but poor student, and hoping to get an education on her own means, I will still have some respect for her.
    However, knowing herself to be underaged, she should just stick to modeling, instead of pimping her body.
    Unless have more information, can’t judge too quickly. Her pimp (Tang guy) might have an influence role in this, and in which case, he should go down hell – no difference than a human trafficker.

  6. Guilty until proven innocent said

    Subhas is da legal bomb! This guy is not famous for nothing. By his reckoning, the then secondary school girl is the guilty one for luring all these 44 unsuspecting men into trouble! Any felon would feel alot more reassured if they could afford his representation (also famous for his pro-bono work). We need fearless and savvy legal eagles like Subhas to join the opposition parties. On behalf of all Sinkies, please consider if you’re reading this, Subs!

  7. Wonder For A Reason said

    Sex with minor is totally wrong but there has to be some law that protects sex customers who really are not aware that they have been duped by the minor prostitutes and the ring providers. If the age was concealed during transaction, I can’t see why these men should be paid for such case.

  8. koko said

    Subhas is right in that the prosecutor didn’t even put the name of the girl. So how the hell does his clients know she is the victim who claims to be underaged? (ie. the pimp has other above aged girls too right?). You cannot place statutory rape charges on a ‘phantom’ whore! How is the DPP going to prove these people have actual tryst with her unless she is prepared to show up as witness to testify? Or just based on the little black book by the pimp? Anyway, sammyboy already have a pix of the girl..not sure right one or not..

  9. Ron said

    The pimp and the prostitute deserve to be packed off to jail. If they were not in prostitution, then the men would not be in such trouble. To deceit the men into underage sex should be made criminal. The law may need to be amended that prostitutes have NO protection under the Law. Otherwise we are condoning liars and cheaters and trapping men into vice. If we can hang traffickers for peddling drugs, then why not jail or hang prostitutes too for peddling illegal underage sex?

    All prostitutes should obtain a licence with their name, identity number and age prominently displayed. Either we legalize prostitution or we ban it all together and both clients and prostitutes be also charged. And pimps be punished more as they are no different from drug kingpins.

  10. Singaporean said

    There is a Chinese saying…

    When a man gets rich, he gets Naughty.

    When a Woman (this case a girl) gets naughty, She gets Rich.

  11. Shan Shan said


  12. Khatib Camp said

    If the sex is consensual, esp when the girl is 16+, I have some sympathy for the men. Sometime ago, I remember an NS man who got charged for having sex with a 17 year old girl whom he met at a party. He didn’t know she was underage. He got 3 years in jail. That’s not right. You don’t simply ruin a person’s life just because he had a one night stand. Gahmun Ministers can lose billions of dollars in investments gone sour,,, but when one Ah Beng gets lucky and everyone want to huntum him. Where got justice?

  13. That girl will most probably prostitute herself till the end of her life. Imagine just how many more men she will put into deep shit next year.

  14. Funny said

    The whore must be laughing her ass off and thinking, I earn big bucks from all these silly men, what to they get? Few minutes of shiokness and many times spend in the jail. u guys silly alalalalalallla

  15. anon said

    No one forced them to have sex with the young prostitute, so the lawyer’s comment on the girl’s character is unfair. We do not know why she turned to prostitution so let’s not judge her.

    Moreover, the girl claimed to be 18 in the profile posted. That is still a kid in the eyes of the law, as she is below 21. Why didn’t the men play it safe and choose those girls who were over 20?

    Obviously, those men were already on the look-out for very young girls to have sex with. They are all smart men in high-flying careers. Don’t tell me that they were so naive and never suspected that the girl could be underaged.

    • Ashura Chia said

      Kid? Do you know that if you are 16 years old and being duped by a drug syndicate to traffick drugs, you will still be hanged. So the law is practising double standards.

    • hash said

      she maybe below 18 but she is still considered mature enough to have consensual sex if she has attained the age of 16. the funny thing is that if these men had not paid for the sex, they would not have been trouble. the law is pretty unlcear on this stance. while i understand the need to protect girls from being exploited as the human traficking is rather rampant in our region, i dont believe this girl should fall under the very ambit the of the law’s protection. all her actions were done willingly and the very fact that she was advertised as being 18 would also mean that she knew that she was being advertised as 18 and she played along, probably under the instructions of her insidious pimp. dont get me wrong, i am in no way saying that these men should be let off the hook but what i am saying here is what the girl did was equally wrong. on another note, no one can suffer the death penalty if at the time of committing the offence he or she was below the age of 18.

  16. R Chua said

    The law should be targeted at the one who is working underage!

  17. vardan said

    Weird case. No doubt the men can be in the wrong and the girl could only be in her teens, but that should not give her any protection either. There could be no smoke without fire. Since she was a willing party and not that she was physically raped, she needs to be accountable for her actions. Sadly she is only in her teen, but what was her purpose of stay in Singapore? Was she a student? if so, did the authority educate these teens who come to singapore againts these illegal activities. As for her, she could have wanted money to support her family, needs or even a luxury lifestyle.As for the men, though they are in the wrong, could have got the information that she is above 16. The law should not isolate the reactions (the men) but the source as well(the girl). As much as the men are accountable the girl needs to be accountable and answerable. At worst case, all forty men combine and say she claimed she was 23 when we meet her la! Now no choice have to bring down the girl for hearing already.

    I do not support the action of the men nor the girl and the law should not be applied as per text book for all cases. There are many precedence setting cases and these could be one. When a rotting snail in a ginger ale can give way to a new precedence case (law of tort if i am not wrong), then these rotten humans too deserve impartial hearing.

  18. Lala said

    Whats wrong with revealing her name? She knowingly committed a crime too. Its not like shes a victim of sexual abuse, rape, etc. Shes 17 yrs old for goodness sake not 7. Both client, supplier and pimp are at fault.

  19. Cup-C Boy said

    Subhas is correct. Something is grossly wrong with the brains of the DPPs. They are treating the cup C babe who is a prostitute like god. My primary 6 daughter asked me why is the girl not charged. Does that mean what she is doing is legal in Singapore? I mean, as a father what do u expect me to say?? I just hope that my girl wont follow in the footstep of this cup C prostitute. Wonder what signals are we sending. Charge the men men men but leave the leg openers alone while they spend on i pads and i phones. Crazy law that we have.

  20. unknown said

    Mr Subhas,

    You are cruel in your speech, what If it is your daughter who has committed wrong deeds out of folly. So does she not deserve protection

    • kenneth said

      sleeping with 44 different men is not ‘out of folly’. that is planned and intended to pimp out her own body for cash, and by lying to these 44 men, she is going to cause them to lose almost everything they have while she continues to roam the streets. it’s not illegal in singapore to pay for a the services of a prostitute, but lying to be a legal prostitute isn’t the right thing to do.

    • daniel said

      Does anyone even know if the girl knows what she’s done is totally wrong!! Does she even thinks she needs counselling, if she even want counselling..she’s making big bucks….at least for now.

    • Sharina said

      So if your dad, brother, son or even husband is one of the 44 men who has been charged for such, you still think she have committed wrong deeds out of folly???

  21. Typi said

    Everyone running around like cockroaches except for the principal. He’s a good example of someone who is facing the problem with his real face. Glad he’s not running around like the other chickens. Their names are already listed, why don’t they all group up and tackle the problem of the pimp with the underaged girls. This has to stop where people are tricked and lured in our country. Poly girl passing around men spreading her legs. Her parents should be interviewed also.

  22. DFDFDF said

    its not about condoning the act of the girl, its about the protection of minors and giving them a second chance because the law believes minor’s cannot judge well. whether’s she’s 7 or 17 she’s still underage. i believe the pimp is the one at fault in this case and should be given the major punishment as compared to the girl, or even the client. He cannot be excused for whatsoever reason, as he is neither cheated nor underage.

    • keng said

      agreed. maybe the girl should consider returning all the cash payments to the 44 men, they pay a fine for getting cheated into having sex with an underage girl, hang that cheat of a pimp. end of story

  23. JT said

    SOP for future customers of these girls should be: ask for proof of age and take a picture as evidence?

  24. Choong said

    I agree why sensationalise for a girl greedy of money and disguise as a girl above 16 to make easy money.
    A girl of 16 at this age of media and IT exposures is more matured than one born 50 years ago or one born
    in the jungle of Africa. I suggest the the Police should channel more of thier energy and resources on Illegal Money
    Lenders (burning houses and throwing paint on Singapapreans’ HDB FLATS) who are apparently very illusive than to fight all out for the sake of underaged poor Vientnames girls who came to Singapore to work as prostitutes.

    Nowadays, other than foreign prostitutes easily seen in many areas, there are also foreign beggars (with serious body handicaps or defects) making good money here – there are many poor Singaporeans who need more financial help than these foreigners.

    I hope Singaporeans will always support our fellow Singaporeans than to be conned by all these foreign prostitutes and beggars.

  25. The Pariah said

    Q: How did Lawyer Subhas Ananda defending the 13 men allegedly involved in this case know that the woman is a “Hard Core Prostitute” since he said that he doesn’t know “who the girl is, and what her age is”???

    • Choong said

      Hardcore in porno means penetrating sex in whatever holes – it is obvious she is qualified with the number of men she

    • keng said

      are you an idiot?

      a female who sells sexual services in exchange for cash is a prostitute.
      in this case, this was an underage girl who provided her service to 44 different men to stick their dicks into her from sept 2010 to feb 2011 for cash, is not a prostitute??

      come’on, even if a girl who slept with 2 men in 6 months, she will be labelled a loose girl, or a slut.
      44 different guys and you’re saying she’s not hardcore?

      plus, everyone already know how old she is, just not her age. did your brain breakdown like SMRT or something???

  26. Avantas said

    Anyone of you jokers who try to defend this teenager that she is not a willing party please go kill yourself for she has more than 30 customers, plenty of chance to quit the business or report to the police if she was forced. She is as Subhas say, a hard core professional and does not deserve any pity regardless of her age. You can argue till the cows come home that she is too young to know better but everyone needs to be responsible for their mistakes even if they deserve a second chance. If you are a hardcore gambler that lost your fortunes, you deserve a second chance at life but dont expect anyone to lend you money or have a perfect credit rating.

    For those who are going into this from the legal point of view, Subhas is correct. How do you prosecute someone for underage prostitution if the defendant cannot defend himself due to the inability to identify the so-called victim? The original issue with underage sex prosecution was problematic in the first place. There should be some arrangement to allow the victim to be clearly identified to the defendants at least and legistration to disallow the information to be entered into the system and diseminated.

    Further more, no news outlet would like to report on a clear rape victim. Most tabloids are only interested because SHE IS A WILLING UNDERAGE PROSTITUTE and is getting away with her mistakes and causing problems to others due to her slightly younger age.

    • Sha said

      I totally agree that she is a hard core professional and does not deserve any pity. I feel sorry for the guys who were exposed.I do not think it was right to put their pictures in the Newspapers.

  27. CivilSerpentsScholarsArePedoPerverts said

    In other countries, such “harcore prostitues” are stoned to death. In Sin-City, we ‘protect’ them so they can continue to serve the wealthy elites, and govt cronies. I’m sure some other ministers are also among their regular clientele. *Shhh… no so loud*

  28. me :) said

    simply from the number of times and the frequency of these events we can already tell that this girl is no weakling that has to be protected due to the inability to make the correct and informed decision about what she is going to do. she probably does not even feel that what she’s doing is wrong even thought she is aware it is. she wants the money and the fun that comes with it, if at 16 she is already allowed to have sex by law shows that the case is not about having sex with a minor but having paid sex with a minor. but why victims of sexual abuse don’t even have a choice forget about even getting paid. the fact that she is getting paid already shows that she is a willing party and not a victim, okey some may argue that due to young age and immature nature she might have done it in a moment of folly or a moment of foolishness and thus, she should be given a second chance.

    but the issue now is not about second chances or moments of foolishness, it is clearly visible that from the well planned timings of the various incidents and the number that actually took place that it is not in a moment of foolishness but a decision that she has made willingly despite knowing that what she is doing is illegal and not only morally incorrect but also severely impacts her source of income in this case her clients. NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU is something that even a child knows why doesn’t she or is she willing to ignore everything and anything for the sake of money.

    not only have her irresponsibility caused her clients to suffer it has caused his innocent family members, parents and young children to be ashamed don’t these young children and families be protected too? if she no longer has any pride and dignity left to be able to sell her body i seriously doubt that having her name or maybe even pics and an interview with her would make her ashamed.maybe even releasing images and the names of her family members on the cover page of the newspapers can make her guilty or even reflect on her past mistakes and use the rest of her many years on earth to make up for her past mistakes and change her ways.

    so what if she is going to be given a second chance or maybe millions of them if she never takes time to reflect on her wrongdoings and realize her mistake in the hope that she would turn over a new leaf NO AMOUNT OF CHANCES WOULD BE ENOUGH TO HELP HER, it is realization of the mistakes she has made and and the chance she gives herself to change and make a positive difference on the lives of others is truly what would save her and give her hope for a better future.

    so pls whoever you are, no matter how many mistakes you have made in the past, come out and face the whole country, criticism, challenges, failure and whatever life holds for you bravely take this as an opportunity to reflect on your actions and hopefully change for the better 🙂

  29. kokkk said

    The girl deserves no protection. If there are no loansharks, there will be no borrowers. Likewise, if there are no prostitutes, there will be no customers!

    The sex trade in S’pore is one industry where FT is badly needed. At least, FT prostitutes are above 16. You see the trouble with our local talent? Underaged still want to sell yourself and not chio somemore..

    Bring in more FT prostitutes in Geylang so that SG men no need to book local talent…and then worry about whether the girl is underaged onot.

  30. Des said

    To those guys who ask the girl to pay back $$$ you should ask yourself whether would u pay back the $ after you got yr as. Scre…wed by 60 men possibly for 120 times assuming repeated orders… assuming not $500 but juz $50 for each session… will u back back?….u thing this pros…thing is money back guarantee huh…
    The pimp and that tang should pay for it… that girl is juz the tools in this whole saga…and those guys who wanna play should know the consequences… be it today whether the girl is underage or not…they would still get into trouble with their family if being fiund out …

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