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Kong Hee charged for misuse of funds at City Harvest Church

Posted by temasektimes on June 27, 2012

Controversial founder of City Harvest Church Pastor Kong Hee has been charged for misuse of funds at the church in the Subordinate Courts this morning.

Besides Kong, four other people were charged for the same offence. They arrived separately but their charges were read in the dock together.

City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee faces three charges.

Senior pastor Tan Ye Peng faces 10 charges.

Finance manager Tan Shao Yuen faces seven charges.

Senior member Chew Eng Han faces 10 charges.

Former secretary of the church’s management board Lam Leng Hung faces three charges.

The five allegedly diverted S$23 million of the church’s money to fund Ho Yeow Sun’s music career in the United States. Ho is Kong Hee’s wife.

They were also charged for another S$26.6 million of misappropriated funds, used to redeem “sham bonds” to cover their tracks.

Despite the gravity of the charges, over a hundred supporters of the church turned up outside the Subordinate Courts to support Kong Hee. 


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23 Responses to “Kong Hee charged for misuse of funds at City Harvest Church”

  1. shiroiluke said

    This is not all yet, more to come

  2. spotlessleopard said

    There are sheep and there are sheeple….and as long as there are sheeple there will Be Monetary “Shepards” like the most reverand Kong and Friends managing MEGA Churches….No business in the world gets TAX FREE Income of 10% of Sheeple’s Income with just a promise of going to Heaven except in Organisations like CHC and many like them……

    Income Tax Laws must be changed to prevent such disgraceful pratices…

    • DIY said

      Just imagine out of SG$23m some had traveled to KL, US and Taiwan. If CAD did not monitor well then our gold will simply belongs to the host country.

      Remember the Biscuit King saga, the businessman siphoned about SG$640m into India. He died there due to medical complications but his wife accused Singapore government of killing him.

      The moral of the CHC is ‘Have gold will travel’.

    • jen said

      it will change the moment you think of tithing ! because u wont!

  3. Tia said

    It sure took the authorities to finally ‘click’ that funds were obviously mishandled. tsk, tsk, tsk!

  4. Mike Zeng said

    With 33,000 members, the $$$$$$$ that roll in monthly from the 10% tithes and Sunday services collections could easily exceed $1 million. They are flushed with so much money that they just can’t keep still but to think of ways and means to pilfer a bit of the millions for themselves. Such temptation can happen to anyone sitting on a pot of gold. Rember TT Durai, the Renci Monk, etc?. Money corrupts. Big money corrupts big time.
    Likely these 3 CEOs think that since they were mainly or solely responsible for attracting the big bucks rolling in, it’s only fair that they are paid a significant % of the millions say a million or 2 per year?
    Ms Chua, CEO of Singtel, was after all paid $4.9 million last year legitimately.
    Sorry guys, u r not in the same or similar business as her’s.u r running a charity or a religion…..not same lah!

  5. Remember Jim Baker the cry baby and his wife Tammy Faye. Singaporeans are just as naive and gullible.
    Where is God? Why did he not let the Con man pastor have a heart attract or cancer.
    His name has been used in vain. He is no different from the convicted felon catholic priest Joachim Kang who stole from his parishioners. That retard Archbishop reinstated him as a priest again. What a joke the catholic church has become together with all the pedophile priests and the sex abuse of kids.

  6. Piratetoon said

    Always remember – Pastors and Preists are another Human Being – They are not GOD or your Saviour . Do some soul searching.

    • Paul said

      They are human and therefore can commit wrongs . However, why are some people still defending him and still believe him innocent? He is using the monies from churchgoers to fund his wifer’s music career!
      If you want to forgive him, fine. However, there is a need to acknowledge/admit the wrongs that he did. Did the Pastor acknowledge he did wrong? Did his followers acknowledge that he did wrong?

  7. Brainwashed said

    These supporters are blind or daft?

  8. Itsjustmyvoice said

    These supporters attitude is known as blind faith. Many people from different religions developed blind faith. Normally, this is because they have already lost their sense of judgement towards whether their leaders are doing right or wrong. So many cases of Non-Profit organizations or faith leaders surfaced over the years, Singapore government should have regular checks on every organizations on their activities and their accounts. Whether what they are doing are justifiable or is it morally wrong?

  9. NoGod said

    Religion is the biggest bullshit ever created by human species for human beings consumption! If used inappropriately, it can become weapon of mass destruction. Look at the century old Crusades expeditionary wars to modern suicide bombing, how many innocent lives must be lost, children molested, women raped, money gone before people wake up that there isn’t any invisible “guy” up there? I remember I told a senior church goer that I don’t believe in God, he told him since nobody has ever proven God existence, there is no harm I believe in God because otherwise I will regret if someone were to prove that he exists! WTF!

  10. LkySi said

    For Kong Hee it will soon be Kong Hee Fatt Choy

  11. CHC SHEEP said

    Baa …baa…baa.. All you CHC sheep, Wake up to reality!
    Pastor Con Hee preached: “Give until you cry….downgrade your HDB flats!” BUT the conman fraudster himself upgraded from a HDB flat to a $9.3 million penthouse in Sentosa Cove! Yet the deluded CHC supporters choose to condone KH’s crime of CBT of $2.3 million. Brain-washed? Blind faith? Need a psycho-analyst to provide the answers.

  12. people liberation army said

    Sounds like CHC is telling the govt that whatever it did or does have nothing to do with the laws of Singapore. They have their own laws like Vatican.

    Soon CHC would be like Vatican in Singapore. Self-governing.

    This is dangerous. …

    I Thinks ISD have to starts working

  13. jess said

    When the business man Mr Roland Poon made allegations that Kong Hee misappropriate funds to support his pastor wife Ho Yeow Sun’s pop career, it is a signal to him to come out clean. But he dont feel guilty yet denied it and have the business man to apologise in the papers and pray to forgive him. Now God let it come out in the open, so that the whole public know about it. He is blinded by monies that till now he still denied and play with the emotion of his church members. We believe in God alone and not pastors. They are His ministers reaching out to people. Even we are told that when they preach sermons we are to check against the Bible and not just take in eveything.

  14. Cool said

    I hv doing a Reno about half year ago, one of my old carpenter told me, he already 65 yr old but he still need to work to support himself n his wife, because
    his son donated half of his salary to CHC, with 2 children to feed, he can’t hv extre money to feed the old parent…
    Look here ! God can’t 4give u ! Pastor Kong Hee
    Wake up ! All the supporter !

  15. If you want to pray to God, pray to God directly, whenever you are ready, in any language, in any direction, in your own private room/field/by the river/on the hill etc and God will hear and understand you if your God is Almighty, Omniscient and Imminent.
    You don’t need to pray in the Church, Temple, Mosques, Synagogues etc.
    These EXPENSIVE and OPULENT Houses of Worship is a reflection of man’s ego

    Does God really wants you to pray?
    Will God die if you don’t pray?
    God is all powerful and God does not need your submission.

    Is God so weak and helpless that he needs the help of Prophets and priests to do his work? No

    Do good deeds
    Religions want Power and Money like Politicians.

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