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Ex-CHC member: ‘Celebrity culture’ in City Harvest Church does not fit into biblical principles

Posted by temasektimes on June 30, 2012

I am a Christian and I’ve attended City Harvest Church for two periods in my life for a total of 2 to 2.5 years.

I initially attended it with my folks. We enjoyed the sermon and the clear teachings of the pastor and his fellow leaders. But things went downhill one Sunday morning when a leader took to the stage to plug Ho Yeow Sun’s new album. The horrifying thing was how he chirpily used hard sell tactics to move the units.

We were asked to buy more than one copy and pass them to our friends. If one were to buy 6 copies or some absurd number, that would entitle one to a free poster or t-shirt (something along those lines). What was most upsetting at that time, was the fact that he was using the pulpit to push the sales of the pastor’s wife who was more interested in cutting pop albums than say attending church service. The posters from her new album were also plastered along the entrance and lobby of 4he building. There were no images of Jesus. No, instead, this singer’s face, the pastor’s wife, was all over the building. If that does not trigger alarm bells in the average church-goer, what will? That was the last week we attended CHC.

Kong Hee and Sun Ho – A celebrity culture

This leads me to ask this very important question. Who is worthy to be worshipped? Jesus? Or a man and his wife? Unfortunately, this question has not been addressed.

Twitter has been a flurry with ultra-supportive tweets from young members (and some older ones), proclaiming their undying loyalty for their pastor and his wife. Some say that they believe in the duo, know their hearts, believe in their cause and have already declared them innocent and faultless.

The Christian community, Christian leaders (within and outside of the church) and church members themselves should have questioned the culture of CHC – where the pastor and his wife have Fan Pages on Facebook, where their supporters, fans, devotees, express their undying love and support for the duo and what they do.

Any pastor, any leader of a church should know that this is not the right type of church culture and it should NOT be encouraged. This should NOT be advocated. Never mind what the pastor has done and his successes. No pastor should have a Facebook fan page. I find that absurd.

Didn’t the bible say that we should have no idols? And that we are to have only one God? Why do the church members till this day pledge their undying support for their pastor and his wife when clearly their loyalty and devotion should be channeled to serving God? Why are they fighting fire with fire? Why are they risking life and limb to support a man and his wife? Why are they not declaring their love for God instead? How has this man and his wife managed to mesmerise these youths to the point of delirious and blind support, such that Reverends from other churches have pinpointed the matter of blind support as an issue, a problem and yet these kids, CHC cell group leaders, etc, continue to obsessively tweet their love for the man and his wife?

I can have respect for a leader. I can praise him for his work, but ultimately all glory goes to God. I don’t see why I should dedicate myself to acting like his rabid fan for his good sermons and his community service. Instead, it would be way wiser to ask God for similar blessings and encourage everyone to learn from the areas in his life which he has excelled in being a good testimony for God but not necessarily put him on a pedestal that all begin to forget that he is only human.

If anything, men can fall, men are imperfect and only God is perfect. This is commonsensical, logical and of course biblical. So why the 100% Faith in a Man? CHC members should ask themselves why they feel so much love for Kong Hee and his wife. What is the source of this love? Does it come from a healthy place? CHC members must realise that Kong Hee, his wife and their team are mere mortals, mere men, and can fall. If they love their leaders, they should be bold, correct, rebuke if necessary.

The bible talks about how we are wise if we allow ourselves to BE CORRECTED (It’s so upsetting to hear that the church is standing by them in the recent statement they released – do they stand by misappropriation, corruption, white collar crime, does the church stand for dishonesty and siphoning of members’ contributions? Does the church not realise that the leaders could have made mistakes, could have possibly fallen?). They should be discerning and wise. A thinking individual who exercises the intellect that God has given him, is a wise man who is an asset to those around him.

Correction is not judgment, as the Bible says that we should correct, rebuke and be bold to those who are sinning. It is to be done in an act of caring for them in the hope that they will believe. That way we could contribute to the saving of a soul. If we don’t, we could be responsible for suppressing the truth which could mean eternal death instead of eternal life for that person. “James 5:20 Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.”

Jesus and the Apostles were very bold and rebuked and condemned evil. They even openly rebuked people in the church for doing evil, in order to strengthen the church. Rebuking a sinner, exposing corruption, correcting someone in love or disciplining ones children is not judging wrongfully. f so, Jesus and the Apostles who were our example to follow would have been in error. Source:

To be an asset to any setting and situation we are in – we need to think critically. Decide when to accept, reject, ask, comply, argue, refuse, suggest and stand up for and against the actions of our fellow human beings. This applies to any context. Question your leaders. Your teacher, your boss at work, your colleagues, your most esteemed mentor, your gang leader, politicians, your prime minister, the United Nations panel, whoever they are, their ideas and actions are imperfect. No one but God is perfect. Full stop. With great power comes great responsibility – inserting this here for the young CHC members who might understand a quote from Spiderman. It is our job to make sure our leaders can do THEIR jobs well, efficiently, ethically.

The leaders of CHC may or may not be proven guilty. Nonetheless, they have crossed the lines of morality and ethics as church leaders, beacons of example, role models to their young congregation in the following ways:

1) Pressurising their members – students, youths especially – to purchase Sun Ho’s albums. These students get their allowance from their parents, most have yet to work a day in their lives. Why does CHC’s leaders find it reasonable and acceptable for their members’ parents to fork over money for Sun Ho’s music ambitions?

I’m sure a good portion of the money went to doing real charity work. But what about the portion that didn’t? Are we to close an eye to the siphoning of monies? God expects us to be good stewards of our money. This means that when we give, we must know where it will end up. So the hastag “mytrustisnotbreached” on Twitter just speaks of how misinformed their young members and leaders are, and how willing they are to continue to be duped if necessary. Members have tweeted that despite all of this, they would continue to give and give more.

The issue we non-members and Christians from other churches, have is why they would willingly contribute to the music career of their pastor and his wife. Why they would stamp their approval on doctoring books, creative accounting, falsifying documents and dealing only in cash to throw auditors and the authorities of their scent? Does it mean to say that your wholehearted support and love Kong Hee, his wife and their team stands for corruption, cooking the books and deception/dishonesty?Do you mean to say that your leaders couldn’t have handled the matter better? Could they not have been clearer about their intention with certain portions of the money given? Could they not have avoided selling her CDs during service? Could they not have pressured your young members to buy her CDs? Could your leaders not have given external bodies like the COC even a fragment of a chance to penalise them in any way? They are now facing 36 charges. CHC members, this is a wake up call. God does not allow this to happen for no reason. God does not stand for deception, vanity, consumerism and materialism.

2) Surely, your parents would not let you walk out of your house in skimpy, skin hugging attire. Christian parents, perhaps even more so. What about a church leader, a pastor who preaches from the bible? Is the body not a temple of God? Accepting your wife’s wishes – to dance, gyrate and parade in front of the world as a Geisha (a Japanese hostess trained to entertain men with conversation, dance, and song), an angry girlfriend cohabiting with her boyfriend and creating music for clubbers to gyrate and rub up against in each other in clubs across the States – not putting your foot down, and promoting her music, her work, her lifestyle to young impressionable minds at CHC is just a BIG NO-NO. IT IS COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE. Christians should not compromise in such a manner. I find it so sad that these young CHC members, some whom I know personally, do not see how their pastor and his wife are so very weak and so very wrong in this manner. Other pastors, other church leaders, the Christian community, the secular community have disapproved of this. Yet only CHC stands by their pastor’s “choices” and his wife’s lifestyle.

Materialism and Consumerism

Just a question – when should religious leaders say no to love gifts? Do you need that expensive high end tablet or can you just make do with the phone you own now? Do you NEED that? Do you need to stay in the most expensive housing project in Singapore when there are clearly better ways to spend your money? If you are truly doing God’s work, I really don’t think you’d find it wise to spend your money on an excessively expensive and overpriced car or condominium. Kong Hee is no king in the eyes of God. He is his servant. Yes, servants of God should be blessed. But we should always spend wisely and seek His counsel pertaining to such matters.Solomon for instance, used his riches to build God’s temple.As Christians, we should try our hardest to avoid chasing the things of the world. The 5Cs apply to Singaporeans, but surely, as a church leader with such a “following” more judicious spending of his church money, his own monies, whatever finances he has access to, is only sound and morally and ethically right.

The second time I joined the church was for a shorter period. I joined a cell group and soon learned that 4 out of 5 of the leaders did not care for me. They cared for God yes. They were fervent in that manner yes. But unfortunately, they were not encouraged by their higher-ups to care in a way that mattered to the youth who were under them.

1) We were pressured into socialising after church. To go back to study, was discouraged. “Hang around and spend time, socialise with members of God” they would say. Apparently attending service is not enough and forcing a young member (group pressure) to socialise despite having a Chinese exam the next day, is godly.

2) You must attend service at least once a week – if not BE WARNED. Once, I decided to skip the morning service and not attend it with the cell group and to watch the online broadcast. My parents had given me their approval as a kid, to skip the service, rest and recuperate for the busy week ahead and spend time with God on my own. One of the cell leader’s assistant called me to berate me in a very harsh manner. I needed to go she said, attend the afternoon service, she would go with me for it, she said. She was clearly overriding my parents’ authority and making me FEAR her as a 15-year-old. Where do these cell-leaders get their gumption from? Who taught them to be such repressive, indoctrinated, uncaring, unfeeling, superficial and overbearing leaders? GOD IS LOVE. GOD DOES NOT INDUCE FEAR. GOD IS MERCIFUL. CHC members, if you are reading this and if you are guilty of this, stop this nonsense right now. Pray about it and let God lead you in your leadership of the youths under you. I’m pointing this out because thousands have been bullied, pressured, many have backslided because of the errant ways of your young leaders and the lack of wisdom by those over your young leaders. This needs to stop. This is the Church of God. Not the Church of Kong Hee and not the Church of Your Human Ways.

3) We were pressured into buying a church organiser for about $26-$29 if I remember correctly. All members of the cellgroup made a purchase, members were taught to frown upon others who did not make that purchase. I saved really hard for 3 weeks to get that kind of money with my paltry allowance. There was no other way for me to get my hands on that kind of money. I was a student in the midst of a busy school year, my parents are not rich, I’ve no older sibling and “godly” church members were forcing me to pay for a diary I would not use. I would pay $1 for a diary as a student – a simple notebook. But this church was forcing me to hand over several tens for a silly book that wasn’t even the bible. In the end, I got my money back and returned the diary. That was the last I saw of those horrible, horrible people, who treated me as just a statistic to boost their cell group size.

City Harvest Church started out with the vision to plant God’s word in the heart of non-believers. CHC represents Christianity on a mega-scale. Its leaders need to do its utmost to maintain the leadership/management’s integrity. Its leaders need to set forth directives for its young leaders to exercise caution, love and grace with their members. Its leaders need to make stands – stand up against materialism, consumerism, fetishism, vanity, worldly pursuits and blind support for mere men. The CHC body needs to better represent itself – as it represents the Christian community, not only in Singapore, but all over the world. It also needs to re-invent itself and restore its image for the church itself has done A LOT OF GOOD. It needs to create a good image for itself, for its members and for God.

CHC should release a statement along the lines of this – to show the world and most importantly, what its young members should believe in.

1) CHC stands for good, honest accounting.

2) CHC stands for biblical principles.

3) CHC supports its leadership and would love for its members to pray them through this difficult period. That said, it no way condones any dishonesty whatsoever and aims to be judicious in spending members’ contributions and is looking for ways to improve the system.

4) CHC will continue to do God’s work according to the word.

I personally believe that CHC should end this Celebrity Culture thing that it has going on with Kong Hee, Sun Ho and its other leaders. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. I really hope that the existing CHC leadership can be better examples and better leaders to its young congregation. Please tell them to stop blindly supporting Kong Hee and his wife on Twitter, Facebook and in their personal lives. Men are imperfect, accept that. Only God is perfect. No one is persecuting God. The lifestyles of Kong Hee, his wife and the leadership are being judged. And why not? They are imperfect. Let them be judged by the courts. Let the law take its due course. Detractors and supporters must realise that Kong Hee, Sun Ho and the team are IMPERFECT.

NO ONE IS PERSECUTING GOD or Godly lifestyles. Let’s get that straight.

*The above was first posted as a comment on The Temasek Times. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.

143 Responses to “Ex-CHC member: ‘Celebrity culture’ in City Harvest Church does not fit into biblical principles”

  1. Beware said

    Beware of false prophets, is what I can say. CHC members are misled into worshipping a human. All need to re-read the Bible by themselves, and read again that it is God who is to be worshipped. They say God is the final Judge. Fact is, God has judged and they will be punished and thrown into jail. That is the chance that God is giving them. To repent. If this hadn’t happened, they would not have changed their ways and continue to sin.

    • Yes…Beware of the false prophets.
      Please revisit your bible and read the passage carefully.
      He haveth been judged and he shall pay for his misdeeds.

    • Jonah Chan said

      CHC isn’t a church. Its a cult following someone who is UNQUALIFIED and unfit to be in the pulpit. This guy and the whole leadership should be dismissed from leading any church becus of their greed and money face.
      I’ve written my own thoughts on CHC in my blog. Feel free to read.

  2. 5vvaper said

    This is one of the most outstanding commentary I’ve read recently. Though I am a free thinker, one has to just read the whole article in context and not dwell on the biblical quotes.

    This applies to anyone who is human and not just people with a religion. Treat fellow human beings with respect and compassion and there will not be a need for any religion.

    • Doreen said

      I like what you say!
      Especially the last paragraph

    • Jhuniuo said

      Your view is only relevant for people who do not believe in the afterlife.

      • 5vvaper said

        The certainty of afterlife is about as certain as life itself. I see no point in wondering about the intricacies of afterlife when we can do whatever we can to make this world a better place to live in.

        Humans have nowhere to go except the earth we stand on. We can be borned African, Asian, Caucasian, homosexual, straight, handicap or able bodied but we are TAUGHT religion.

        I’ve renounced religion not because they are bad but because I see a greater need to treat people with respect and compassion regardless of race, language or religion.

        Afterall, we are stuck on this planet one way or the other.

      • Stella said

        What is that supposed to mean? I am a Christian and believe in the afterlife but live in the here and now. The views made were common sense and logical.

    • whatdoyouthink said

      I think the potential of human beings are so great that it surpasses the need for religion. It is true that at certain point in time of human history, we need religions to set guidelines and maintain culture or even allow civilizations to flourish. However, I think we have progressed to a point where religions, instead of helping are actually hinders further progress. Look at how much bloodshed and wars being fought in the name or an imaginary figure. Technologies that can potentially pushes medical sciences to the point of curing cancers, loses of organs or even more are being held back just because the book says no. Profiteer uses religions for their selfish gains and people who are set in the old ways unwilling to step out of the comfort zones to embrace the future. Religions are the same things that currently separates human from one another. Promotes racism and appears to spread love but doing otherwise. For certain believers, perhaps by practicing what the book’s most fundamental message, treat your neighbors as if you treat yourself is the best way to emulate your god. You don’t even need a church! The whole world is your church and all the people are your brothers and sisters.
      Wake up fellow humans. We are stuck on this planet. Start being nice to one another. Remove that shackles called religion that prevents you from loving!

      If you see someone who is having a hard time, 1) I pray to ‘whatever it is’ that he will be made better OR 2) just help him. You decide! What do you think? 🙂 If I have to place my faith, I rather place it on human beings (although imperfect) than some beings who may or may not exist. At least I am a human being and I exist.

      • Jonjo Shelvy said

        Technology and research is often held back not cos of books.. but rather cos they dont make economic sense. If research made any sense…labs would just push for production…

        Just like how history repeats itself, from Aritotle to Hitler.. Humans never learn, at times viruses learn and adapt even faster than us..but the wheels still turn.. The only constant is religion as you rightly pointed out, ” we need religions to set guidelines and maintain culture or even allow civilizations to flourish”

    • P Koh said

      There is only one Religion – the religion of LOVE.

  3. Lollapalooza In SG said

    A CHC supporter posted in FB saying he gives money to his parents and he does not question where his parents are spending it and they can spend the money anyway they wants. The Church is his family too so indirectly what he’s saying is he too, will not question how CHC/pastors spend the contributions from him. I wonder how can a Church or pastors be comparable to his parents. Our parents brought us up, spending their whole life looking after us, including money to feed us and pay for our education. And the caring and support will not stop even when we are down or have done something wrong, or even when we stop contributing monthly allowances if we have financial difficulties (in fact they will give us money to tide over the difficulties if they can afford to). And for all these, it is only decent and right for us to give back unconditionally. Maybe the CHC member can try stop contributing 10% of his income and any other donations and see what happen. Think the members are really “brainwash” to believe that the pastors are part of their family and they will give unconditional support for everything they do, no matter right or wrong.

    • Singaporean said

      It is disappointing that his so-called Faith is making him say irrational and insensible things. To stop questioning, is to stop thinking for ourselves. And to leave it the church to decide how they want to spend its donations, is a clear sign that CHC has succeeded in making them think it is OK when it is not. These supporters who are blinded now, and vehemently defending their church now, should do some serious soul searching. What were their responses when TT Durai was charged for corruption. Don’t have double standards just because CHC is now in the spotlight. Be rational.

    • John said

      If my parents did spent the money I gave them unwholesomely, I will still step in. E.g spent in gambling, vices etc. What I given them is for their livelihood and enjoyment.

      • John, you are right. Even if we make contributions to our parents, it is alright as long as the money is well spent to maintain their lifestyles, but definitely not on illegal activities. But there again, CHC members do not see the Crossover project as illegal or vice and looks like the majority actually supported it. I actually thought this whole saga can be avoided if CHC creates a Crossover Fund and members who want to support this project will contribute to this fund directly and not to the Building Fund. Then money from this fund can be used to finance Sun Ho’s music, clear cut. But again since the pastors are so smart to devise “creative” schemes to finance the project, why did they not think of this clear cut method in the first place? And why do they have to hide the MPA fund? If all members are not concerned how contributions and donations are spent and the pastors have full authority to decide, then why don’t all monies just go into the MPA fund? It is quite surprising that the members do not ask these questions.

    • iach said

      That CHC member is obviously not smart enough to differentiate between giving to parents and giving to a registered charity that is governed by laws. Such is the issue with blind faith when they just defend for the sake of defending.

    • CY said

      Lollapalooza, I don’t think you and the CHC supporter have gotten the biblical principle correct.

      1) God is above all, yes even parents. As a parent myself, my wish is that my children will be better Christian than me, that they will love God above all, even me.

      2) Gifts to God are to God, the church and its leaders are stewards of the money who can be made to account for the monies received. The giver, ie the CHC supporter has a God-given duty to make sure the church uses the money according to Biblical principles. Of course not to the level of close scrutiny coz after all a steward is empowered to exercise discretion.

      • Lollapalooza In SG said

        CY, yes I am not a Christian and hence is not well verse in the bible. I am commenting based on my own thoughts as a normal thinking human being.. No offence to Christians or God.

      • CY, yes you are right. I am not a Christian and hence is not well verse in Bible. I am commenting based on my own thoughts as a normal thinking human being. No offense to God or Christians though.

      • Clarence Lee said

        So CY agrees that using the member’s money to promote China Wine is to further God’s purpose? Do you think China Wine is what a good Christian should approve of?

      • CY said

        Clarence, I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by china wine.

        If you are talking about the whole incident, I think the facts alleged must be proved by prosecution first. But the alleged facts aside, the purpose of the project crossover seems alright in principle, but of course whether its execution amounts to abuse is what the allegation is all about.

        Though admittedly, even if the alleged facts are NOT proved, I am doubtful if a posh Hollywood or sentosa cove does not amount to extravagance and whether such profligacy is really necessary or desirable to achieve the goals of project crossover …

      • Gwenni said

        Omg u don’t even know China Wine? I’m realli laughing out loud here fellow Christian.

        Watch it n then decide whether u wanna support ‘crossover’ project. God gives u wisdom. Use it.

      • Alamak said

        CY, watch the video of “Kill Bill” and “China Wine” just to educate yourself. Understand what we are all talking about – both from those who support Kong & Sun on why they are so excited (I supposed these videos really excite them) and why the rest of us are so disgusted. Watch them… it would give you new perspectives…

      • CY said

        oh that one, I have read about them. Not really interested in their sensationalism since they don’t matter to the court case or the allegations on hand.

        clarance wants to indict chc n other Christians on the basis of his dislike for what one individual did, he’s not going to get any help from me.

      • Alamak said

        CY, it is not related? You are amazing….

  4. kaypoh said

    Well said. Whenever u get MLM pressure tactics, JUST SAY NO!

    Their whole process as described is a very diabolical mechanism to separate the easily impressible, the sheep, the blind followers, and milk them. I’ve been twice to that place that worships Mammon & the Ho of Babylon, totally unimpressed. Did Jesus promise, 30, 60, 100-folds? I thought he kicked the asses of the moneylenders & such. And even money managers are forbidden by law to promise that kind of market returns. But hey, they set their own laws?

  5. A Christian said

    Well said bro/sis! CHC members need to reflect and repent over this saga. God is shaking up the churches.

  6. kong man fuck sun said

    Chc worship pastors & his wife..LOL

    • MoneyNoEnough said

      It is a matter of time CHC members build statues of Kong Hee and Sun Ho to be worshipped in the church

  7. FHM should engage their service…

  8. P Koh said

    Thank you for taking the trouble and time to put things into perspective especially in the teachings of God. I do hope that those who follow Blind Faith will realize their mistakes and turn to God instead of to a person who is using emotional ransom as a pathway to personal glorification and lifestyle.

  9. farah said


  10. Pantatko said

    Dajjal has arrived!!!

  11. Ron said

    Thankfully the crooks and corrupted folks in Church leadership worldwide are few and far between. But those who are caught and convicted or expelled bring shame upon the body of Christ and the entire flock. We are aghast at how can Men be so greedy and to help themselves to God’s collection.

    I heard a story of a pastor in one of the nearby Indonesian islands who was helping himself to God’s collection. One day his son met with a terrible traffic accident, was warded in Mount E but did not survive. The story was spread to show that even a merciful God can inflict a heavy punishment.

    And there are much bigger congregations that number in the hundreds of thousands in USA and S. Korea led by honest church leaders and where there are no financial scandals.

    I used to listen to Jimmy Swaggart when I travelled to USA. He spoke well, appealed for help for some Latin American countries. I did sent in some money but sadly I think we got into trouble over money matters.

    CHC has to do some soul-searching to show the World it can put its house in order and truly dedicate itself to the glory of God and not to a chosen few in the church leadership. To still deny that splurging on an expensive Hollywood mansion, using the bully pulpit tactics to coerce money from the believers, to keep harping on money and tithings for purposes than the Church, is wrong.

    May wisdom prevail.

  12. The Doctor said

    How about we simply take bog out of the equation? What’s wrong with that? There wouldn’t be such a fuss if it were a businessman who was using the money he earned to plug his wife’s album. But, because bog is involved, people suddenly care. Well, the pastor is a salesman as much as any other, and his product is bog. He’s selling worship and community and all that rot. And people pay for it. Unfortunately, since the churches are granted tax-exempt status, most people can’t see that. Tax the churches, and allow those corrupt ministers to embezzle the money. Maybe people’ll learn that bog is simply good business for those who know how to sell him. Bog in his heaven has always been good money for those he’s supposedly granted authority to here on this earth.

  13. Ron said

    I felt angry reading what this young person wrong about his or her bad experience with CHC… the pressure tactics, the high-handed tactics. It almost amounted to gangland style tactics.

    Shame on CHC. Shame on its leaders. The stories are now emerging and God is inspiring your flock to rise up and rebel with their stories.

  14. Singapore Talent said

    Finally I found a true Christian perspective of the incident! Kudos to U!

  15. Dick said

    I left CHC the day I read Sun’s denial that she was ever a pastor. To me, her denial does not come as a surprise but for those who claims to be with CHC since Ekklesia and held their peace as their leader denies God??! I knew then that those men/women are as corrupt as Kong Hee and his wife.

    There are more stories to share about Kong and things he said in private company that you would be shocked.

    I feel sad for this congregation. May God give them the wisdom and hold them close to His heart.

  16. Eugene said

    To those accused , God works in mysterious ways. Amen.

    • jf said

      God lift them up according to their wishes(prayers). Now God require them to do His work in prison.
      Not that God really need them. But since the “5” and others still in the Q pressure God for God’s will so relentlessly. Kong Hee will thank God for the journey in prison and be a better servant for God. Rest assured God will not forsake KH in prison. CHC members will also continue to pray for him and Singapore.

  17. spotlessleopard said

    Talking of CHC…..brings to mind Jimmy Swaggart, Benny Hinns, Jimmy Baker, Pat Robertson and many others of Mega Churches and MONEY SUCKING MACHINES ALL in the Name of Jesus and God….Really disgusting….however as long as there are SHEEPLE in thisWorld there will be Shepards (really WOLVES in Sheeps skins)….

    I feel sorry for the Parents of these vulnerable young people…

    • Blue Nights said

      I think one of the reasons the kids are in this church is because someone or everyone at home is not watching out for them. A child who is taught to question and to reflect on information he or she is exposed to will not be so easily mesmerized.

      There is also something about peer pressure for kids at this age and the influence of mob mentality. The music, the singing, the ‘chanting’ (whatever people in church say in unison) can impact the ability to think independently to the extent that what is opinion gets confused with facts.

      The Authorities have taken so long to do anything I guess because Kong Hee and his collaborators served a useful purpose: to get restless young people off the streets. There are too many people with too few places for recreation. HDB flats are too small. The average wage is not enough to buy the country club memberships with access to quality leisure. So a good solution is to make sure the young gets entertained and their minds be conditioned to think a certain way (namely, that authority should not be questioned, or at least, not too much.) In this light, what one pays when one goes to church is pittance, a necessary price for social control. Are we so naive to think there are no ISD plants in the congregation?

      The question to ask is why now? What is prompting the authorities to take
      action at this particular stage in time? And if this church were to go away, who will be watching (I mean it in the Orwellian way) these restless people?

      • asddsa said

        Dude, you’re insane. From a wholly objective point of view, that is a very serious allegation against the authorities which is purely speculation at best from your part without any evidence. Investigations had already been ongoing since 2010 but the CAD only had enough to call for their arrests recently. It is a completely different thing altogether to claim that the authorities only chose to investigate this now because there is a “supposedly” marked increase in “restless young people” in our streets nowadays.

      • asddsa said

        To clarify, I’m questioning your reasoning but the church serving a “useful purpose” and hence the keeping young people off the streets comment, not the “why only now?” question. What sort of society would we be then? Even as a singaporean currently residing overseas, I feel that we are far from Orwell’s depiction of society in 1984

  18. not to say whether a Pastor should have an FB page or not, if he puts up an FB page and yet delete every post that tries to tell him what people are really thinking about him and only keep the “we support you ” messages and further more ban the people posting the truth , then there is something very wrong here – I got banned and all my posts deleted by Kong Hee (or his “FB administrator ” after copying links to what people are really saying about him from here, from TRE, from CNA, everywhere that criticise him

    • Wicked Brain said


    • Flipside said

      To be fair, did you post the links after the scandal broke loose?

      I am neither a supporter nor a detractor of Kong Hee, but let’s try to see the flipside of the coin; everyone is flaming Kong Hee for the recent chain of events. Although the courts have yet to (officially) pronounce him guilty, everyone is already pouring the guilty verdict upon him; those with vendettas, those who has suspicions, those who are jumping on the bandwagon, etc. Needless to say, there will be people who purposely like his Facebook Page just to create more controversy.

      To a certain extent, I pity the poor fellow maintaining the page; even if he isn’t an overzealous supporter of Kong Hee and could still take constructive criticism, the mass swarm of stuff that floods the fan page would overwhelm him and he’ll eventually just end up mass deleting stuff to save him trouble and because he’s mentally exhausted. For every constructive criticism that is offered, there’s also a large amount of turd that needs to be deleted because it does nothing constructive.

      As a Christian myself, I’m no fan of the way Kong Hee runs his church; I have some reservations over the way they operate and conduct themselves. Yet, I still respect Kong Hee as a man of God and how he has lead his ministry till this day; for every complaint about CHC I encounter, I’m also reminded about the number of fellow friends I have that are worshipping in CHC and serve God faithfully with much fervour with their eyes WIDE OPEN (as opposed to the common critique of CHC people having “blind faith”)

      As for this saga, I’ll prefer waiting for the courts to announce their judgement first; I believe that God instituted the courts to carry out fair & proper judgement upon people who break the law. I am reminded that the God Kong Hee and I serve is also a just God; although He loves his people much, He also issues fair justice to those who disobey His commandments.

      If Kong Hee is indeed guilty, I believe that God will deal with him justly.
      If Kong Hee is indeed innocent, I believe that God will still deal with him justly.

  19. Me said

    This one of the comment thus far!

  20. 2wwilly said

    what do you say about the parents who look after their sons and in the end “mum got killed or Dad got kicked out and left to die in homes” How do we deal with these???

  21. David said

    God and goddess? More like Satan and his whore.

  22. A Voice From Afar said

    If he never do it, why would he seek and pray for God’s help every single day? It doesn’t make any sense at all. If he has to rely on God every time on everything, then why does he even live as a human in the first place? People do make mistakes, but for his case, he has not only use Christianity as a cover to commit such sin but still seek God to help him out. If you are God, will you forgive such a person? Will you still accept his faith of lies and benefits?

    In relation to Sun Ho’s albums, money is used to create albums that doesn’t make any sense, songs that does not have any meaning, I really have no idea why….you know what I mean, and I dare say even the old Chinese songs have more meanings than all these. Considering that amount of money, it can save a lot of lives in other countries, innocent people are dying for no reason and why aren’t any people helping? While he and his church members are celebrating in God’s grace and enjoying the day of service, people are suffering out there somewhere. Tell me now, did God ever lend a hand to them? No, because he is only a belief that people believe in it.

    Just think about how much money can be used to help people out there, even in Singapore, there are people who cannot afford to get an education or suffering from some diseases, what about out there? People are starving, fighting war and killing one and other for no particular good reasons. Having and investing so much money on things that only get fame will never get you anywhere, you will eventually fall into a pit of darkness, and that even God will not be able to save you then.

    I am not targeting all the Christians here, but just want to let you know my thoughts regarding the matter at hand, Curse me all if you want and if you can, I held no belief to anyone for I trust myself more than anything. If I am in wrong, I will be responsible for it and I am sure most of us do. If Kong Hee does not have that thought at the beginning, none of these things will happen, so who are we to blame? Who are we to judge?

  23. weak justice said

    its true, i was there 10 years ago, everybody was praying for sun ho’s success in America, they had a live satellite feed on her delivering some stupid message from the states…everyone then was “speaking in tongues” as the “holy spirit”was in the house, it was phony as hell…immediately after, the donation bags were passed, everyone was on an emotional high and gave money CASH!!! this happens numerous times weekly a few sessions over the weekend!!! can you imagine the amount of cash they collected over the years?!

  24. truth said

    This is a neutral speaker here.
    In regards to the person who posted this, tht is your own personal opinion, how u were treated. You have just judged the whole organization. Do not judge, looks like u have already done so. Who is able to judge? only God.

    And ps. Ppl are always persecuting god. U will realise there is no other deity or religion that gets as much flak as god and christians. Why? Deep in our hearts, we know that god is real. There this rebellious need to tell urself n deny his existence

    • Real Truth said

      Re: “Who is able to judge? only God.”

      You think KH will scold the judge too? “Who are you to judge? Do not judge me!”

      zombies <- *facepalm*

    • Polarite said

      If you’re referring to the judging verses from Matthew 7:1-5, it’s clear that when we read it in its entirety, we see that Jesus is instructing us not to be hypocrites, that is, pointing out our brother’s faults while we are doing the same or worse. Notice that Christ tells us at the end of this passage that we can remove the splinter from our brother’s eye once we have removed the wooden beam from our own. That means that once we have changed our ways and have begun to live the Word honestly and with cleanliness of heart, then we can point out what others are doing wrong. In fact, we are commanded to do so.

      In addition, with the complement of 2 Timothy 4:1-4, if you know someone who is rejecting sound doctrine in favor of false teaching, it is your Christian duty to teach and to reprimand. Do not let the phrase “Judge not lest you be judged” paralyze you into inaction!

      • AlChong said

        Love it Polarite, Context is your best friend. We all have to be wise, otherwise we will fall into traps. This issue is of the doctrinal level which one needs to get right. It’s not about how much or how little we satisfy the doctrines.

      • maniac said

        Sorry to burst your bubble here polarite, but your reference to matthew 7:1-5 is not complete. What Jesus is trying to say here, yes you are right. If you can live according to the Word, you can do so. But can one do so? Hence in the same teaching, Jesus also brought out ” if your eye has sinned, it’s better to gouge out.” If this were to happen, all christians would be the walking dead everywhere.

        What Jesus is trying to say is this. Because it is impossible to live according to the Word, that’s why we need HIM. He was trying to open up our eyes that it is impossible to do so. He needed to die on the cross to wash our sins away and there was absolutely no other solution.

        Hence, when the prostitute was about to be stoned by the teachers of the Law, Jesus responded with amazing wisdom. He said:” let him without sin cast the first stone”. And one by one, they walked away. Then Jesus said to her:”Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”

      • Polarite said

        I do agree with what you’ve stated. This parable teaches us about recognising ourselves as imperfect, before we actually tell or criticise others of their mistakes, sins and flaws. Its all because of our imperfection & continuous sinning, we need Him to wash away our sins through his Precious blood & mortal death.

        But do take note that my point here is that a lot of people use this passage of scripture to try and argue that it is ENTIRELY wrong to make a moral judgement on the way that other people live, which I believe its a common mistake. This is because other parables in the scripture (and even a few verses later in Matthew 7:15-20) teaches us that we have the need to evaluate and consider what God approves of.

        Just consider this: How can people recognise their sin in order to be saved from their sin, if they are not informed that what it is they do or act that is sinful against God? – There’s a moral judgement made here in order to save that person right?

        So my point is that this parable speaks against the types of negative judgmental attitudes that attempts to make others look less than than we are, by listing out & criticising their flaws without acknowledging our own. Therefore, this reminds us not to be hypocrites and to judge ourselves first, lest we deserve the same criticism we have for others. When we judge ourselves, we recognise we are sinful and our approach to others sin is with love and humility (as we identify with them). If we deal the “plank in our eye” (the sin in our lives), we are then able to tell & help others with the “speck in their eyes” (their sins) by guiding them to the solution which you’ve kindly mentioned – the conversion of sinners & acceptance of Christ, prayers & repentance, living a Christian life humbly & righteously and serving God with Love & Reverence.

        Therefore, it is important to note the “then you will” in verse five. This shows that it is appropriate and permissable to judge with love, but only after we have acknowledged and fixed our own mess. So, if we acknowledge these things then we will be humbling ourselves before God and able to recieve His love and grace.
        This will then give us authority to judge but we will do it with HUMILITY and LOVE towards that person and ultimately, saved through His death on the Cross with Precious blood that flowed from His Divine wounds.

      • maniac said

        Actually from Matthew 5-7(Just to contextualize to the whole message). This is the sermon on the mount he preached. This was during a time of the old covenant where Moses’s Law was still in effect because Jesus hasn’t died yet. So when he said to gouge out the eye and so on, he really meant it. So therefore none of us, even the best of us, can’t fulfill the Law. Therefore, the need for Him to die on the cross.

        My point is this. This passage basically isn’t driving at moral judgement. It’s all pointing to the salvation of Jesus.

        If one is to make a moral judgement on another, we all have different moral judgements. So who is correct? As we pass judgement on KH and his team, there are also others who can say we are right/harsh/wrong/too forgiving etc. It will never end.

        So the Lord has ordained the Law to be obeyed and respected in the lands we stay. So let the Law judge them rather than us. For none of us are fit to judge in any position. Especially in this case now, many of us are not of CHC and didn’t donate anything but we have passed so many moral judgements on them. I would say as fellow Christians, we should be silent and should pray for their Church to be restored in His way. If the Law finds them guilty / innocent, we should abide by them.

      • CY said

        I disagree with Maniac on the point of ‘disciplining’ members of the church. Please read Matt 18:6,15-17. As disciples of Christ, we have a duty to reprimand and excommunicate unrepentant believers according to the procedure set out in Matt 18:

        “If your brother sins …. he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”

    • maniac said

      you are right. We should discipline members of the church if one is causing harm. What I’m saying is judging. Because all the judgment has been on the cross. So even though a fellow member of the church sins, we should discipline but not judge. For his/her sins have already been judged just like ours.

      • Electromus said

        Yes, you’ve got a point there as well. Since the outcome of the case has not been announced or finalised yet, I agree that we’re not supposed to pass any forms of judgement. Because there’s this moral influence view which been has historically come into conflict with a penal substitutionary view of atonement, as the two systems propose radically different criteria of salvation and judgment with their own statements of interpreted biblical texts. That’s why I talked about moral judgement before disciplining others, which I believe that you need to morally judge (with love & humility of course) before you can actually tell whether one needs to be disciplined as part of Salvation – as supported from what CY had aforementioned.

        And I also read up on the conflicts between the 2 above-stated biblical interpretations – “Moral influence advocates typically point to a number of logical and biblical problems with Penal Substitution, which are seen as weakening the case for penal substitution and correspondingly strengthening the case for the moral influence view.

        One notable criticism of penal substitution raised by the moral influence perspective concerns God’s forgiveness. The moral influence framework depicts God as concerned about only the present and future states of people’s moral character, and not their past states. God desires people to become more loving. When people truly change, God is no longer concerned with their previous character and thus is willing to freely forgive their previous actions. The moral influence framework thus teaches that God’s forgiveness is free and conditional only on repentance (i.e. moral change). This link between repentance and forgiveness is well-attested to in the New Testament. By contrast, moral influence advocates argue that the penal substitutionary theory portrays God as unable or unwilling to forgive wrong actions and requiring that there be full and complete punishment for all past wrongs, regardless of repentance. They often critique this idea on biblical grounds, pointing to numerous biblical instances of forgiveness and verses that appear to teach that forgiveness depends on repentance. Many also argue that penal substitution’s depiction of God as demanding full punishment for every crime regardless of repentance is morally reprehensible and does not reflect a loving, forgiving God.” – Wikipedia.

      • CY said

        You said:

        “If one is to make a moral judgement on another, we all have different moral judgements. So who is correct? As we pass judgement on KH and his team, there are also others who can say we are right/harsh/wrong/too forgiving etc.”

        Judging and disciplining … what is the difference? This is not a rhetoric question. To discipline, I suppose one must first judge the act as a misdeed. A moral statement rooted in Scripture must be made. Without judging the act as such, surely there is no basis for meting out disciplinary action.

        What individual Christians should not do, it appears, is to judge another’s salvation (see Matt 16:27; 1 Cor 4:5). So if the CHC’s leaders’ misdeeds are proved, then they should stand in judgment before the civil authority and the wider church as such.

        And just like the path to salvation, only when judgment is made and disciplinary action carried out can repentance and true healing begin. After all, Pentecost goes after Good Friday, not before.

  25. Steve Lee said

    This article is one of the best written critiques about what leaders of a church ought to aspire to and how a true church following God’s word should act.

  26. John said

    15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them. – Matthew 7

  27. ray said

    even the PM have a fb acc dude..
    looks like someone is taking it personal. well from your post i can see that you are pretty fragile and prone to be “pressured” in every ways.

    • raymond said

      Sure the pm has fb acc but with plenty of censorships.
      If you look at how this country is managed, you will realise the citizens are prone to be pressured.
      ConHee is doing what the PAP has been doing. ConHee promises a place in heaven if you donate more money, while PAP promises swiss standard of living if they’re paid more money.
      And so far, ConHee and the PAP have much in common, both have plenty of cash and assets, both have yet to deliver on their promise, both have plenty of diehard supporters.

  28. kelly said

    waaaa truly CHC ardent supporters are sheeps of the cowherd. u know how stupid sheeps are? they cross the road even if there are cars.

  29. Singing HO said

    She’s no celebrity, she’s a slutrity.

  30. pngkueh_forever said

    Very truthful and clear article from an ex-CHC member. Note that the couple is just a copy cat of the moonies of Korea. This is a cult and not a christian religion. You merely. churn out quotes from the Bible and interpret them for your own selfish materialistic benefits. Sad, to note that there are so many suckers.

  31. wee said

    Take my comments with a pinch of salt and an open mind. This religion should tone itself down eg. perstering everyone they meet to join them, hey, look here, you just believe what you believe and get on with it. It’s really annoying. It’s sad that many in this era have simply lost the strong and good chinese family values which imho, it’s very important in upbringing of our future generation.

  32. fpap said

    shocking when i view the video of his preaching

    telling his innocent lambs to empty their pocket so that he could lead a life of a king

  33. poh said

    thank you for taking time to type this entire post. it says everything that has been on my mind for awhile. i do have a few people that i know of in CHC and i hope they would wake up and realise what is truly the object of their faith. God bless them.

  34. Skinister said

    To the writer of this article :”I salute you!” You deserve respect for dictating nothing but the truth! You definitely know the Bible better than that imposter! I hope everyone who has read this article help to spread the words around so that people have a clear mind. Do not walk into CHC anymore – even if you are just being curious, DO NOT WALK IN TO CHC SERVICES! The more you walk in, all the more Kong Hee & accomplices feel damn high as they see this as a form of “achievement” now that they earn more popularity with the headlines. One more headcount will make them even more arrogant into believing that they are not wrong to use the charity monies to buy themselves luxurious goods & life style. DO NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP, I URGE YOU! The only one we should glorify is GOD, not Kong Hee & accomplices! We are talking about S$50M….not 50cents!

  35. Polarite said

    But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privately shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring on themselves swift destruction. (2 Peter 2:1-3)

    For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. (2 Corinthians 11:13-15)

    Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. (1 John 4:1)

    Are these actually true for CHC & its members? Let’s pray fervently for their conversion.

  36. Xander said

    LOLS! All I can say, this post is just blasphemy. It’s more reliance on personal opinions and have not study the bible and know nuts about it. This article is just bullsh*t. I mean it’s true that there might be some cultural issues to be dealt with but Churches aren’t create to be perfect. You & I aren’t perfect too. Now the matter has been taken up to the courts. Let’s not judge and wait for the final verdict for God is still in control.

  37. Disgruntled said

    The best & most comment I hv written.. Tk u for being a voice for the young, naive n innocent..& many who hv been brainwashed., ppl are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.. I support & respect ur view & I hope many ppl will come to read abt it.,
    I m very disappointed by
    1)world renow Christian leader AR Bernard who stated facts may not be truth ..
    2) big shot church leader rev Lawrence kong remarks & rally of support of KH & his croonies
    3) many church leaders in spore who thru the pulpit stood by KH’s integrity & encourage their flocks not to talk abt this issue.. Denial does not hide the truth.. this tells me spore church leaders hv no backbone to face the truth handle it objectively…instead Jus use the lame words.. Pray for him & not talked about it..
    4) many self proclaimed prophets & apostles who claimed to hear God’s voice n act on His mandate & authority… How come they didn’t step forth & warned KH Juz like how prophet Nathan was blatant wt king David.

    I am a Christian wt the charismatic circle for the laz 25yrs of my life.. I m disillusioned & m truly reflecting on my faith & the church…

    • Stella said

      I hope this incident, others in the past and i am sure there will be those that will follow this only serves to show that man is not perfect and churches and organizations belonginging to other religious organisations as well are also man- made and as such not perfect and to NOT EQUATE these to GOD who was , is ans will be forevermore…so vast and timeless that our human souls can fathom but the tiniest fraction of his glory when we wonder at the everyday pefections around us…in nature, the universe, the way the body works. I believe in God because he has spoken to me when i was ar the lowest point in my life and promised me that he will care and provide for me and to keep my faith. He has kept everyone of his promises . I believe in God because of what i know about him to be true in my relationship with him so although i come across religious people who fall short of the ideal i know they in no way Equate to God himself and their imperfection does not deter from his perfection.

  38. Christian said

    July 1, 2012 at 1:34 am
    Kong is nothing more than a cult leader. He is the centre of CHC, not Christ. He can do no wrong in the eyes of his followings. They are all misguided people. Cult leaders have absolute control over their followers’ thought. Remember Jonestown and what happened there in 1978. Over 900 followers followed the cult leader, Jim Jones, to their death.

  39. Ben said


  40. Lim said

    to ray: who said even the PM has a fb account. The PM has a facebook account because he is not a religious leader who entrusted his life to God and vowed to be His voice It’s not wrong to believe in your pastor. But it is not right when the members of the church WORSHIP their pastor. They are going out on a limb trying to defend him. Has anyone said anything about God? Has anyone said that all this drama is a disgrace to God? and how this is showing the world that if you become a christian, you risk having your money cheated? CHC members need to stop focusing on how wonderful and how beautiful Kong Hee is/seems. Focus on how this has already happened. And if he did follow the protocol, this wouldn’t have happened. See if for what it is. Stop being so naive. No one is asking you to betray your pastor. You all just have to open your eyes and see it and see the truth. Accept it, move on with life and continue worshiping God. Either way, with Kong Hee as your pastor or not, God should be your main focus. Why spend so much time everyday trying to defend him? Spend your time praying for God to spare him the life sentence.

  41. Lim said

    Why do you need all these things to attract people to come to church? All the loud head banging music, sexy women/music videos, thousands and thousands of events. Why do you need these things? Shouldn’t people come to church to worship God? To pray at His feet? To have faith in the Living God? The problem with mega charismatic churches is that people focus too much on the pastor/worship leaders’ charm, their charisma, their ability to influence. Christians should go to church thirsting and desiring for the fruit of the Spirit, for God to speak to them, to thank God for every aspect of their life that is going well and also the aspects that aren’t going so well. Why go to church and fall at your pastor’s feet? Megachurches nowadays are developing Christians that do not only worship God, but worship their leaders; and they worship their leaders more than they love God. How is this right? How can anyone not see this? Do CHC members really not see this? Or do they not want to see this? Do they want to continue living in their bubble of false belief? Are they closing their eyes to what the truth is to the monies being misused? It’s scary how they are so deluded.

  42. Helen Or said

    To the author of this article: I think you are very brave to have walked out when you feel that things are not right.

  43. ppl champ said

    ppl champ says..

    the other way to create wealth is the religion and all religion have a similar ideal so long ppl emotion is being play out by their own believe system, so to speak a religion also can play by it own Love … be careful out there… do not be too fanatic bout what you see feel, etc.. know you limit as life meant to be a journey of adventure with the nature you been livings you were born… God is fair to the living world and dun play him out… even today Financial world will face the same ways….cheers n good force be with you …

  44. dred said

    it is easy to build a congregation with personality, promises, encouragement, conformity and identity..thrown in with air con(punt) and carpets, romantic music and soft lighting…because that’s what people want.
    Try doing it, out in the open air,in summer and winter( rain or shine in S’pore) and only miracles, signs and wonders while calling a woman whose child is demon possessed, a dog, and the socialites of your day, hypocrites to their face….all the while earning yourself a reputation of being a drunkard and a glutton , as well as a friend of sinners and prostitutes.
    That’s how Jesus did it…that is the real WAY
    Signs , wonders and miracles so that the blind saw the lame walk and the deaf heard the dumb sing with a hard and uncompromising message of TRUTH, so that the world could see , the LIFE , God really intended for man.

  45. Ivan said

    Thank u for enlightening me.

  46. Ho Yun Kong said

    You have stated quite well the worldly way some churches are being run and yet good men just stand by and do nothing , so to say . Thank God many are taking pro active steps to address such issues so that we can be light and salt of the world

  47. One of the best articles for this issue for the past few days, I must say i DO HAVE NEGATIVE personal experience with CHC, and it is SIMILAR to your’s.

    Forceful request in the name of God, Overpowering of our own freedom and privacy, including our family members.

    I do hope hope CHC members realize that, God is the one they serve, not the Pastor.

    I had put down my thoughts and views regards to this matter few days back, although is a very short post but I DO VENT MY ANGER in some sense.

    You may click on my username to get to my post.

  48. ex chc said

    have anyone thought – just maybe just maybe the rot is not just confined to these five people but to many more not caught, the inner circle, the swiss bank accomplices etc. in other words, CHC is Corrupt Homicidal Church!

  49. AlChong said

    Mate, hands up to you. A very well-written and incisive piece. If only more are willing to think like you.

  50. sometimes the ‘evil’ is so entrenched…it can only be removed by the absence of people that plan, permit, nurture and encourage it. It took a very short time to bring the Israelites out of Egypt, but it took 40 years to remove Egypt from their souls (Almost the entire generation had died by then, and the next generation went into the promised land). The ‘culture’ within some CHS leadership falls into this category, The better God fearing Leaders are suppressed by expectations of loyalty from the more entrenched aggressive senior leadership. Confused about biblical instructions regarding anointed leaders…they ‘leave it to God’ to intervene and ‘Judge’, and offer blind allegiance alike Spartans…forgetting that perhaps God awaits their courage and allegiance to speak up and stand for what’s right, and restrain from doing what was inappropriate. If they had a stronger personal relationship with God, they would not have feared and folded under peer pressure. If they sought not the approval of man, but that of God….Act soon…the future of the sheep under your care depends upon it.

  51. although there are several arguable points in this article, the gist of this article, on the celebrity obsessed culture, is correct. visited CHC a few times previously when I first converted to Christ and was searching for a church.. before switching to another church (ironically I was introduced to CHC by this person who was trying to run away from his cell group coz they kept pressurizing him to come to church and cell)..and what I saw were materialistic young people…prosperity teachings…celebrity worship. It seems the members give more credit to and worship the church more than they give glory to and worship God. the people whom I’ve met there seem worldly and no different from the world…the way they dress, the secular singers they invite to holy church ground….it did not fit in with the gospel that I first heard that attractively drew me to Jesus. is it coincidence that every ‘Christian’ I’ve met from CHC did not seem like a Christian…they may speak holy words and even quote bible verses and claim to praise God with their lips…but their actions subconsciously show otherwise. and that I’ve heard countless testimonies of truly God-seeking Christians who have left that church. Is that church bringing more people to Christ…or the devil? “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.” – Matt 23:15 Good trees bear good fruit, bad trees bear bad fruit, the Bible says. Although not everyone in CHC is like that..but the general church culture is sadly…so….the culture the pastor preaches is the culture the majority follow…
    It is not in numbers that God seeks only, but He seeks authentic disciples who worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. He also teaches us to respect the governing authorities. Even Paul and Jesus were respectful and submitted to the authorities of their time even though the authorities may NOT have been correct. In this case the authorities are being just yet it is disgraceful to see those bunch of ‘Christians’ pushing and shoving and saying nasty things to people outside the court to protect their beloved ‘pastor’. What does this convey to the non Christian world, who see us as messengers of God? What impression of the God we profess to worship does it convey to them?
    It is just and honourable for us Christians to be persecuted for righteousness and for His sake…but not to be persecuted for our own foolishness and sinful shameful behaviour

  52. Jennifer Chua said

    I think this is one article that really expressed what I feel.

  53. Lu said

    You have to remember that CHC has tens of thousands of members. Just like you can’t expect every single Christian in the world to be godly, you can’t expect everyone in CHC to be the perfect Christian. Because there are so many of them, there are bound to be those who didn’t become a Christian for the right reasons; there are bound to be people who, whether they are cell group leaders or members or whatnot, behave in a certain way that are more reflective of their own personalities than of God’s teachings. It is difficult for a the church to monitor the behaviour of that many people. I mean, even in a great country with great leadership and firm laws and strict teachings, there will be criminals and outlaws. The behaviour of cell group leaders and other church member you experienced is not representative of the church and is certainly not reflective of Pastor Kong and the other church leaders.

    Look, I attended the church for years too. I experienced both the good and the bad. I know many of the cell group leaders had good intentions, but they did not know how to go about ‘managing’ their members, so some of them end up using pressure and whatever other tactics you mentioned. In every company, there will be good and bad managers. And that is the same thing in CHC. Christians are not perfect. They make mistakes. But they should not be condemned for not being perfect just because they call themselves Christians.

    There are lots of good, selfless, God-fearing and God-loving people in CHC. I know many of them. They believe wholeheartedly in God and they respect Pastor Kong. I would hate for all of them to fall under your classification of CHC members. What you experienced is not what everyone experienced, so please do not generalise CHC and its people. Also, it is a mistake to jump to the conclusion that Pastor Kong and company are guilty, for it has not been firmly proven. While I agree that people shouldn’t go overboard with their love and support for him, I also feel that those who have already convicted him in the own hearts and minds should let that go and let justice do its job. God will prevail.

  54. Lim said

    “What we give every week is the measure of the value that you place on your Lord and your saviour Jesus Christ,” he told the crowd. “We can lift up our hands to worship god, but if the tithes are still in our pockets, then due tribute has not been given. Then our praises are empty. Our words are empty. There is no value to back it up.” Konghee said this in one of his sermons. If this is true, then the poor, the unfortunate, the underprivileged, they don’t deserve to praise this God he’s talking about.

  55. complete_nutrition said

    EMOTION is running SKY HIGH within the CHC Congregation. No amount of reasoning will convince them at their Leaders has done anything Wrong.
    Since the case before the august Court, no Judgement, etc should be utter because it is ”Subjudice”

  56. hioo said

    Well written article… applaud you for your guts. I am for your “lost ” younger generation who does not read the bible anymore except to believe and follow what their leaders say.
    If they had the word in their hearts, they can discern when the truth from the lies.

    Hope more CHC members read this article

    • Jason said

      Just a few months back, I think less than 2 months, Chc had a service just to talk about the crossover project. The service lasted 3 hours and many effort was put in to tell about how good the crossover project is. Taiwan celebrities were invited to sing during the service and they shared their testimonies on how sun ho through the crossover project has inspired them and changed their lives. There were also ppl who had depression in the past but through sun ho’s song got out of depression. I’m not saying if the project is good or bad. But it seems to me Chc wanted to let its members know how good it was so the money was well spent. That’s probably a reason why they still support their pastor even though so much was spent on the crossover project. To them, it’s for a good cause.

      • Lim said

        How could anyone have gotten out of depression through sun ho’s songs? If anything, it makes people feel more depressed.

  57. So Young said

    I have attended CHC many years ago a few times. (when they were still in Paya Labar Rented theatre) though not used to their style worship. They pray in tongues, and even sing in tongues. But I give respect. Guilty or not, it is up to the the judiciary. We should not judge.

  58. Gracie said

    Tis must hv been disturbing 2 u. Wat’s de difference when the pastor n his wife tried to sell her album at church; u published 2 sell such long comment 4 evrybody 2 read. I personally dun think tis is pleasing 2 God. U said it right the body is de temple of de holy spirit. I personally believed wat happened 2 them is grieving de holy spirit; n wat u hv written has oso grieved de holy spirit. U shud hv prayed for de gr8 man of God tat has fallen than 2 b like a roman pointing a finger at de gentile. God delights in mercy… Vengeance is his…. U speak on God’s behalf as tho’ he is too weak 2 give justice….why dun u do ur best 2 pray n let God do de rest. Let God b God…Jesus died for him, then let not u 2 nail him… It’s God’s biznes lest u b judged. Let de one tat never sin b de first 2 throw stone….u better make peace wt God by praying 4 de weak; 2 heal de relationship….ur job is not 2 bring man down but 2 bring Satan
    down. Jesus left de 99 n went to look for the one lost sheep… So from now, u prayed not wat is offensive to u but wat is grieving God n may u share his burden n hear his heartache n let de holy spirit pray for u tat ur womb carry his compassion n give birth to words tat heal n set others free. Amen!

    • Mikey said

      This is not a sms message. There is no limit on the number of characters you can use.

      I cannot provide a counter argument as I have no idea what the hell you are typing.

  59. On the fence said

    When people can’t differentiate between faith with indoctrination, therein lies the danger…

  60. Vic said

    This is just sadness. It is even worst after reading the article! Instead of using your time writing articles that will help your fellow brother and sister in Christ (whether in CHC or not) to focus on God, and not men… choose to criticize and belittle them during this time of trial.

  61. About time you've realized said

    Religious leaders are using religious institutions to make money? Tell me what else is new.

  62. Patrick said

    Our purpose on earth is to glorify God and enjoy in His presence forever. Pride or Humility… which is a trait of a God fearing man? If one focuses on Public Honour, Image, Prestige and Wealth has he/she drifted and lost focus? Perhaps it’s a good time for us to do some serious soul searching. Try more Humility, it may work better.

  63. ItsMe said

    I felt the same when I went to CHC. I backslided due to the pressure too.

  64. My thoughts: Kong Hee play too much drama liao, its like a kid going around telling people how sad is he, how ill-treated he kana and things like that.

    Which leader would do such thing? Influence the whole community to support him, as if his GOD.

    i stumble a short story, so therefore triggers me to have this comments.

    i had reblog it at my wordpress, can take a look if you are interested.

    • Wish HopeRich said

      No suprise to me at all if all the CHC leaders been told to support KH for siding KH is right and no wrong under the Singapore laws. Because their leader same too. I ever joined Cell group when I was chc members. The chc leaders only like to listen nice words or praise the leader always. Too bad…I’m not that boot-licking type person. The chc leaders only know how to blindly preach the sermon which had given by the church. If the things you have preach which different from your attitude and action then I rather read by my own.

  65. Pray said

    My bro believe in GOD. Ever since he believe in GOD he told my mum that GOD is more important than GOD. He won’t allow anyone to say anything bad about him. All these is the church that brain washed him I wouldn’t say only CHC will have this kinda of power but other churches too!

  66. EC said

    “That was the last I saw of those horrible, horrible people, who treated me as just a statistic to boost their cell group size.”

    MLM la, simi church……..

  67. Yueming said

    “We were asked to buy more than one copy and pass them to our friends. If one were to buy 6 copies or some absurd number, that would entitle one to a free poster or t-shirt (something along those lines). What was most upsetting at that time, was the fact that he was using the pulpit to push the sales of the pastor’s wife who was more interested in cutting pop albums than say attending church service.”

    Perhaps living in stone age? Or are you simply too holy? Wake up to reality.
    Take selling insurance as an example. When you start out as an insurance agent, are you not told to approach your families and friends first? Don t you promote your insurance package to the ones closest to you? When you start out a business, do you not get the support of your friends and make use of their connections to successfully market your product? I don t think there is anything wrong with networking and using relationships for marketing.
    What do you then expect to happen in our church when the pastor’s wife releases a new album? Keep it a secret and hide it from your spiritual family? What s wrong with expanding the network and using your connections as a church to reach out to the world? Besides, I am sure you were not forced to purchase any of the systems. Whether or not to purchase those albums must have been entirely up to you.
    In today’s world, aren’t we bombarded by the pressure to buy ALL THE TIME? So why does then such an incident irk you so?

    “Didn’t the bible say that we should have no idols? And that we are to have only one God? Why do the church members till this day pledge their undying support for their pastor and his wife when clearly their loyalty and devotion should be channeled to serving God? Why are they fighting fire with fire? Why are they risking life and limb to support a man and his wife? Why are they not declaring their love for God instead? How has this man and his wife managed to mesmerise these youths to the point of delirious and blind support, such that Reverends from other churches have pinpointed the matter of blind support as an issue, a problem and yet these kids, CHC cell group leaders, etc, continue to obsessively tweet their love for the man and his wife?”

    How do you define an idol and a role model in life? There is a thin line definitely. Are you saying we are not even allowed to admire people? I am proud to say that I love Pastor Kong and he is my spiritual father. I respect him so much because he has taught me so many valuable life lessons that allowed me to focus my life on more meaningful aspects such as relationships and love. Yes you are right, the bible says we can only serve one God. However in what ways are we serving pastor Kong as our God? Do we offer him burnt offerings and kneel down and pray to him? You have been in the church for a while I believe and I would like to ask you when has pastor ever promoted himself as your definition of idol? He has always been so humble in his preaching! Even at the previous Saturday service he humbled himself before the church and God even though he was going through probably the darkest moment of his life. At the toughest period of life, he offered sacrifice of praise to God and directed all our worship to Jesus.
    Again, you have been in the church for a while so the following sentences must sound familiar to you. “Let’s give Jesus a big hand.” “oh you want to clap let’s give the God a big hand”. When was the applause ever for pastor? After an uplifting and inspirational sermon I always awe at the wisdom of this man and give him praise, but he always directs all glory and praise back to Jesus.

    “Any pastor, any leader of a church should know that this is not the right type of church culture and it should NOT be encouraged. This should NOT be advocated. Never mind what the pastor has done and his successes. No pastor should have a Facebook fan page. I find that absurd.”

    No pastor should have a Facebook fanpage? Do you “like” celebrities on facebook and join the fanpage of your favourite authors and artists? If we could make banners for lady Gaga, taylor swift, queue up for ipads and iphones. What more can we do for our church and the messenger of God? He built City Harvest Church from scratch and dedicated his whole life to serving God and helping people. So what if we idolize him? Don t you think he is more worthy of our praise than people like Justin Bieber?
    Why can’t he be wealthy and high-profile? Must man and women of God be in rags and be burden to the society? Must pastors be as poor as church mouses? The very fact that we are rich and elite and prosperous as a church is a perfect testimony of the love and grace of God. God is a provider and he has blessed and showered us with riches so that we may use what we have to help others such as to glorify God.

    “If anything, men can fall, men are imperfect and only God is perfect. This is commonsensical, logical and of course biblical.
    So why the 100% Faith in a Man? CHC members should ask themselves why they feel so much love for Kong Hee and his wife. What is the source of this love? Does it come from a healthy place?”

    I agree with you of course that man are not perfect. So how can imperfect beings and sinners like us have 100% faith! If we are not perfect how are we even capable of perfect faith? Yes members of CHC have been called “blind followers” or “worshippers of Kong Hee”. You must know that these are educated teenagers and adults who have good heads on their shoulders? They must have at times been swayed by the content of the media leading them to believe that the crimes commited by the church is absolutely unforgivable. They must have struggled with themselves on who to believe. They could also be constantly attacked verbally by the public or even their own family and friends. At the end of it all, they think the church is worthy of their trust and that they value the relationship with the pastors and this big family. Don t you think it takes great courage and faith to stay on and support the church?
    What do you do when your parents and friends fall? Curse them and hope that they burn in hell? Don’t you think it is times like this that your family need you the most?

    “The bible talks about how we are wise if we allow ourselves to BE CORRECTED (It’s so upsetting to hear that the church is standing by them in the recent statement they released – do they stand by misappropriation, corruption, white collar crime, does the church stand for dishonesty and siphoning of members’ contributions? Does the church not realise that the leaders could have made mistakes, could have possibly fallen?”

    I do not deny the fact that the church and the pastors could have made mistakes because I believe in our justice system as well. There must have been sufficient evidence in order for charges to be made. But does it matter what the truth is? And may I ask you who know what the truth is but God? The most important thing is standing by the CHC and the pastors and at the same time holding them in our hearts. Because that is what standing by someone is about. Even though they ve committed mistakes, they ve cuccumbed to temptation. You still stand by them because they are worthy to you.
    Besides, when has the church or any particular individual for that matter said that they stand by misappropriation, corruption and white collar crimes? These are merely your own assumptions! Like I have said, the people in CHC are educated and smart individuals. They also followed the news on CHC (perhaps more than any others) and discerned using their own head. Nobody knows what the truth is. Don’t you think accusing the church and the pastors of something they have not done is equally if not more sinful than “blindly” following the leaders and believing in their innocence? So why are you not out there attacking the accusers but people who still have faith in human nature and still believe in the best of God’s creation?

    • Lim said

      Stop being so deluded.

      • Lim said

        “Perhaps living in stone age? Or are you simply too holy? Wake up to reality.” OH wow you really are showing the true essence of a CHC member. Well done Yue Ming. The difference between selling insurance and this matter is that the whole point of settle insurance is earning money. But when you are the pastor of a church, you DO NOT sell albums or “market your product” to your church when the product is so distasteful, portraying a woman half naked prancing around gyrating men. Is that right to you, seriously? Women acting this way? Do you act this way as well, which is why you are so supportive of her album? Do you seriously not see anything wrong with the music video? Tell yourself now and tell your God that selling insurance is the same as marketing your wife’s music video to the church. Tell your God that it makes so much sense and there is totally nothing wrong with it. “In today’s world, aren’t we bombarded by the pressure to buy ALL THE TIME?” BUT GOD’S HOME ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE TODAY’S WORLD. It is supposed to be a sacred place where people only worship God and God alone. What do we expect to happen when the pastor’s wife releases a new album??? RELEASE IT AND LET THOSE PEOPLE WHO LIKE IT BUY IT. Are you seriously hypnotized or what. Keep it a secret and HIDE it from your spiritual family? I say YES because the video is simply repulsive, half naked woman going round wriggling her body. Even if it wasn’t, God’s temple is not a market place, did He not say that? “I don t think there is anything wrong with networking and using relationships for marketing.” But this is a CHURCH. There is nothing wrong with networking and using your personal relationships for marketing, but sweetheart do you not see that?? “What s wrong with expanding the network and using your connections as a church to reach out to the world?” I suppose if you find her album extremely holy, you must be sitting around in your room gyrating men. And all those people who have been ‘reached out’ to by her album must be doing the same because that was all I saw in all her videos. And at least insurance have practical uses, but what am I going to do with a sun ho album??? If you are going to use examples, please use one that actually makes sense. You are disgracing your church. And a church isn’t a business. OH WAIT. Is CHC a business to your pastor??? OH MAYBE THAT IS WHY YOU USED THIS EXAMPLE… Pastor Kong is your spiritual father……………………. He has taught you many valuable lessons and stuff………………. Aren’t pastors supposed to convey God’s message????? What God wants to tell His people???? So isn’t God the one who taught you this? Or are you indirectly insinuating that you regard your pastor as your God? “Even at the previous Saturday service he humbled himself before the church and God even though he was going through probably the darkest moment of his life. At the toughest period of life, he offered sacrifice of praise to God and directed all our worship to Jesus.” Yeah obviously I would also if I was getting my ass sued. “Let’s give Jesus a big hand.” “oh you want to clap let’s give the God a big hand”. Pastor asked for the claps, pastor gets the clap, end of story. “I always awe at the wisdom of this man and give him praise” HEY LOOK, you just contradicted yourself! Give the man of so much wisdom all your praise! ” If we could make banners for lady Gaga, taylor swift, queue up for ipads and iphones. What more can we do for our church and the messenger of God?” Oh so the messenger of God is supposed to be idolized like lady gaga taylor swift and ipads! He is a pastor excuse me. This just means that you are a hugeeeee fan of your pastor well done honey. You are making things worse for your pastor seriously please just back off. “Don’t you think he is more worthy of our praise than people like Justin Bieber?” Oh so now you’re judge someone because you are trying to justify your PRAISE for your pastor… Makes so much sense. “So what if we idolize him?” You are so deluded I cannot say this enough. Idolize your pastor all you want. That is why everyone has been saying – idolize him! Go ahead and prove everyone right! “The very fact that we are rich and elite and prosperous as a church is a perfect testimony of the love and grace of God.” Your church is elite, are you? If you’re that elite, you would be out having a glass of wine now, not here making no sense on temasektimes. But anyway, so sorry for not being as ‘elite’ as you are. Hey guys, we are all peasants together with all the ‘burdens of the society’ according to Yue Ming. OH so now you are an imperfect being? What happened to being elite and rich? “worshippers of Kong Hee” Oh yes you are, you idolize him remember? “They must have at times been swayed by the content of the media leading them to believe that the crimes commited by the church is absolutely unforgivable.” Oh no sweetie, the crimes are absolutely forgivable! Cheat all their members of money and use the money to support a music video that doesn’t speak about God! It is forgivable for sure. “But does it matter what the truth is? And may I ask you who know what the truth is but God? ” You are a walking contradiction. Nope the truth does not matter at all. And your God who knows the truth; please tell him that the truth does not matter! “Even though they ve committed mistakes, they ve cuccumbed to temptation.” Mistakes? Succumbed to temptation? (By the way your spelling error is so hilarious). What happened to “what do you then expect to happen in our church when the pastor’s wife releases a new album? Keep it a secret and hide it from your spiritual family? What s wrong with expanding the network and using your connections as a church to reach out to the world?” And again, another contradiction..” Nobody knows what the truth is.” Will your contradictions never come to an end? “So why are you not out there attacking the accusers but people who still have faith in human nature and still believe in the best of God’s creation?” So… “best of God’s creation” is your pastor? Read through your entire reply and please see for yourself if you actually make sense.

    • Helen Or said

      Yueming: there is an occasion for everything. Church service is not the occasion for selling insurance. Not for selling computers. Not for selling clothes. Not for selling albums. Actually not for selling anything. This is not about which age we live in. It’s about purpose, about principles, about ethics.

      • Yueming said

        Hey Helen
        just want to clarify, i m not outrightly supporting selling in the church when i used the example of selling insurance (should have a used a better example cuz the phase “selling insurance” definitely provokes negative emotion) and promoting businesses. The point i wanted to make is that it is alright to use the network and connections in the church. Promotion and marketing should not be seen as some dirty business techniques to cheat people.
        I acknowledge your concern on principles and ethics. For example, someone coming to the church with the sole purpose of promoting his business and building connections would be unethical for sure.

      • Helen Or said

        🙂 Yueming: That’s what I always think… there is more in common than differences in each others’ thoughts. Thank you for replying.

    • Mikey said

      Teh poor church mouses!!

      Didn’t you people ever learn singular and plural in primary school, or kindergarten these days?

      It’s MICE!!!


  68. Hair Los Lee said

    Spend 10 min watching this.

  69. Gracie said

    Ppl changed, hearts tat changed…yet God remains the same. For some, they r faithless, for others, they were unfaithful yet God remains faithful. When u see ur brother or sister in Christ fall, do u feel for God or did u share laughter with the devil? For those who cares abt God’s feelings, they will send prayers n not quick to conderm. U know where ur heart condition is, either u zip ur lip n report to God or u see a sick man, u add salt to his injury n wish him dead. Or like when a brother thirst n u gave him vinegar. The bible tells us not to fight the flesh but the spirit behind. Do not b offended, rather defend ur mind bcos the minds r the devil’s playground.

  70. I love satan said

    The all evil Dajjal is here! as Kong Hee! Hail satan! God of all evil, the almighty Dajjal reign supremacy in this era!

  71. ABC said

    Say whatever it is. The law is for people doing wrong things. Those who did not do wrong things will not be afraid of the law because the law does not apply to them. God knows everything. Things that are hidden in the dark will one day be surfaced. If CAC pastor Kong Hee and the team did not do anything that is against the law, they should not be panic and worry. The just shall lived by faith. Well, the truth will be out. sooner or later. God will be the ultimate judge. Yes, read your bible again and again and with understanding.

  72. Chooi said

    Ur question as to who is worthy to b worshipped? Jesus or man n wife? Let me throw back the question to u? Who is worthy to judge? U or Jesus? But u speak the verdict louder than God. As to proclaiming their undying loyalty to their pastor n his wife, wat’s the problem there? I called them strong pillars in the house of God n Jesus is their cornerstone. When u c a crack in God’s temple, DO NOT CAUSE SPLIT OR DIVISIONS among God’s ppl lest u b called ANTICHRIST. The court has not even pass judgement, why the heart is eager to crucify? Whether they corrupt, gyrate or parade, did they commit adultery? If Jesus can forgive the prostitute n say to the adulterer “neither do I condemn u, go n sin no more” then why r u fighting fire with fire? I c a spy more than a happy church goer, for all I know when things r peaceful, the tougue is tamed but when the devil wants to c a drama, how quick the feet to deliver? Wat a time to kiss n tell!

  73. Josephus said





    To find out further, go to


  74. Yueming said

    Please do watch talking point, for those of you who are not here to fuel the fire and are geniunely interested in finding out more. I pasted the link below.
    This issue is so much broader than what we have all been arguing about. It is not about who is right and who is wrong. It is about how can we work together as a society to prevent these incidences from happening in the future.

    To summarize the issues discussed
    1) Corporate governance. Should executive members (who actually implement the rules) be allowed to sit on the charity board?( people who set and enforce the rules ) Perhaps there should be a separation.

    2) Should there be a separate code governing religious and non religious charities?

    3) Yes there should be more transparency; but we must acknowledge the difficulties facing board members to question, especially in religious charities, where faith in leaders is inevitably associated with faith in our God.

    Lastly, I just want to bring out the issue on donor responsibility. I came across this interesting point while listening to 938 talkback in the morning.
    It is indeed our responsibility as donors and tithers to find out about how exactly the funds were used. I admit that we might not have acted most rationally in this aspect. (admittantly i did not take the initiative to question or to find out how CHC uses our donation) There is also this common view in the church which suggests ” what I give to the church is between me and God, while what the church then do with the money is between the church and God” I find this thought or blurring of lines if you may deeply disturbing and irresponsible.

    However, look at it this way. How many of us have donated to NKF and actually bothered to find out how was the fund spent? Therefore, I hope we could all use this incident as an opportunity to learn, to become more responsible donors, and not point fiery arrows towards church members.

    Educated individuals, pls comment rationally, “take time to reflect on the attitude of your own heart during arguments. What are you typically thinking when you are arguing? More often than not you are not concerned with helping someone else, but in defeating someone else. These types of arguments are not motivated by love and truth, but by a person’s own pride and selfishness.”

  75. We really just need to read the bible more said

    Revelation 22:18-19 springs to my mind

    “For I testify unto every man that hearth the words of the prophecy of this Book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this Book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the Book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the Book of Life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this Book”.

    Hence we need to exercise discreet when
    1) choosing the church to worship God
    2) taking in what is breached by the pastors

    In other words, we need to read and understand the bible more in-depth…

    May God bless us all.

  76. Faith said

    Who are we to judge?

  77. jck said

    2 Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world? and if the world shall be judged by you, are ye unworthy to judge the smallest matters?

  78. Someone who can attend PROPER said

    Whatever it is, i feel that CHC is a place for people who cant attend proper mass. So to all those who still attend CHC, WAKE UP. I mean like seriously, Pastors aren’t even supposed to marry man!

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