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PRC new citizens use both Singapore and PRC passports to travel between Singapore and China

Posted by temasektimes on April 14, 2012

The recent case of a Malaysian hawker finding himself being ‘converted’ to a Singaporean citizen without his knowledge has shocked the entire nation, casting doubts on the capability of the Immigration and Control Authority (ICA)

However, the problem is likely to be only on the tip of the iceberg as PRC new citizens have been using both Singapore and PRC passports to travel between Singapore and China for a number of years already to the blissful ignorance of the authorities.

One PRC new citizen started a thread on the Lion City Forum asking fellow netizens if they use PRC or Singapore passport when returning home to China and the responses are shocking.

One PRC new citizen wrote:

“I hold two passports last year. I use Singapore passport to leave Singapore and PRC passport to enter China.”


Another netizen added:

“When leaving Singapore, use Singapore passport. Use PRC passport when entering China, but bring along the old passport as well. Re-use Singapore passport when returning to Singapore again.”

出新加坡,用新加坡护照。入中国,用中国护照. 出中国,用中国护照,但是,把旧的护照也带上,给他看旧护照上的签证章。入新加坡,用新加坡护照。”)

Though Singapore forbid dual-nationality, new citizens below the age of 21 are allowed to hold two passports. Some PRC new citizens above the age of 21 also have a forged PRC passport for use in China as a matter of ‘convenience’ as they are only allowed to stay up to 14 days in China without a visa if they enter using Singapore passport.

Furthermore, there is a loophole in the PRC law which allows its ex-citizens to ‘reconvert’ back to PRC citizenship easily which enables PRC new citizens in Singapore to renounce their Singapore citizenship in an instant should they decide to return to China for good.


12 Responses to “PRC new citizens use both Singapore and PRC passports to travel between Singapore and China”

  1. self reprimand said

    Who come out the idea of letting two passports? Who agree the idea to have two passports? Who implement the idea of two passports? All the three persons ( if there are three persons) need to be self reprimand on their bahaviour.

  2. Ken Lee said

    the laws applys to singaporean only!!!

  3. spotlessleopard said

    This has been going on and the the Political Leaders has no guts to attend to the problem….it is time true singaoreans remove the bunch of political leaders in the next GE

  4. zinc said

    Lol, before you post this , have you checked if is a PRC new citizen or PR? Sounds impossible.

    Mod’s reply:

    Can a PR travel using a Singapore passport?

    • zinc said

      Oh, just FYI, PRs don’t have singapore passport, they have certificate of identity. Please refer to ICA website. And they are citizen of china, so they have both china PASSPORT and singapore Certificate Of Identity NOT passport. Nothing special.

    • zinc said

      Only SINGAPOREANS have singapore PASSPORT!!!

  5. dog of the dogs said

    Singapore allowed duel citizenship ?

    • Ken Lee said

      apply only for newgaporean, local singaporean not allow!

      • its applies to all SINGAPORE CITIZEN, either from PR convert or Singapore born. only teens below the age of 18 are allowed to have dual nationality but need to renounce either one when they go for National Service. Eligible age of 18 but they can request for deferment until 21yrs old.

  6. Talking about favors and corrupt practices, ICA has been the “Under Arm” compared to the other Depts. They have so much of discrepancies.

  7. its not only Singapore PR who does that. Even natural born Singaporean who have dual nationality (which is not allowed for Singapore Citizen) does that. I have seen both Singapore Passport and other nation passport being held by Singaporean at the airport.

  8. A G Young said

    I hope the WP will enquire from ICA how a hawker with no Requisite Qualifications was given Singaporer Citizenship with only a Hawker”s Licence. No wonder so many Malaysians in the past been given PRs without the Requisite Qualifications and many are only working as stall keepers at Pasar Malam or at People’s Park. What have these Malaysians benefit us? I thought PRs and Citizenships are only given to the Professions, Engineers, Scientists, etc.,. It defeats its PURPOSE if PRs and Citizenships are given to those without a proper Requiisite Qualifications.

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