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Indian FT arrested for rape of young woman at Sentosa Beach

Posted by temasektimes on May 10, 2012

An Indian ‘foreign talent’ has been arrested in connection with a rape case at Sentosa beach last weekend.

A young woman was allegedly raped at a beach pavilion not far from a party that was taking place at Siloso Beach at around 2.25am in the morning.

In a statement released to the media, Sentosa Leisure Group deputy director of communications Suzanne Ho said that the Indian ‘FT’ was working as a part-time lifeguard at Sentosa.

She added that he had joined the company last month and was scheduled for work only on an ad-hoc basis.

It is understood that his responsibilities include patrolling the beaches and handling its daily operations.

As few Singaporeans want to work as lifeguards, Sentosa Leisure Group has no choice but to employ ‘foreign talents’ from other countries like India.

The suspect is now being detained while an investigation is being carried out. It is not known if the police has impounded his passport.


46 Responses to “Indian FT arrested for rape of young woman at Sentosa Beach”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    Read between the lines….Not that Singaporeans do no want to work as Lifeguards….FT. Indians “lifeguards” are CHEAP…period.

  2. Stirrer said

    Getting a wolf to guard the sheep, sentosa you very smart.
    And blame singaporeans for not wanting to be lifeguards. fuck you if you’re paying slave rates, you can only attract filth from india

  3. Seyan said

    woah….cb…I oso indian lifeguard sia….

  4. I don’t mean it by race but by geographically, all the Indians (particularly belonging towards North and middle East region), have a very sick and perverted view towards women. Even the normal looking ones. And all this is justified in their culture.

    • Taupok said

      Seriously? I am a local North Indian and i find that very offensive. Do not generalize people. Rapists are not defined by the location that they adhere from. Rapists rape because of a variety of reasons. Shame on you for generalizing people. Change your perception of the WORLD!

      • Ravi said

        wow “all” indians from the north and mid east… this person is deluded. very offensive

      • bak gong said

        I think Truthpersuit was pointing to the phallocentric culture of that geographic area and not just any man with north indian or middle eastern origins. In certain parts of India, women are treated as inferiors and gender segregation in train compartments exist for the protection of women who risk getting groped otherwise. But you are right, deviants rape for a variety of reasons and the poster should have used a better choice of words instead of “all Indians”.

      • Siva said

        What the hell is local North Indian??
        We only have Singaporean Indians.

    • Hey Truthpesuit,

      So are you telling me that the person who rape and killed Huang Na that little girl from PRC to have Indian Blood? I wonder which culture he is from?
      Is everyone from his(rapist & murderer) culture like that? Hhmmm…. I wonder??????

    • IndianSingaporean said

      In India, the northern Indians (esp around Delhi) are known to treat women terribly. Rapes and molests are common in northern India. They also have something called honor killings (where families kill daughters who love outside their caste or have premarital sex). There was a recent case of a man in Ghaziabad (northern India) beheading his daughter and carrying her head around because she loved the wrong man. When women from other parts of India travel to the north, they are always careful and take precautions. There are even jokes that if a girl in Delhi can travel 100 meters without getting raped, it’s an event!

  5. Siva said

    let me guess… lady gets drunk and starts being a cock tease with everyone around… flirts around, fools around, etc…

    wakes up with hangover with a naked guy beside her… panics… doesn’t want to appear as a slut.. so next best thing is? Accuse person of rape… so that she will appear to be the victim…

  6. Lifeguard.. suppose to petrol the beach and make sure safety and security is good and in place.. I guess that FT Lifeguard are doing TOO WELL A JOB, that’s why he have to MAKE SOME SECURITY AND SAFETY ISSUE by RAPING a client at sentosa.. that way he can handle the “crisis” later?

    Really Top Quality Foreign Workers and New Immigrants Singapore are getting? More Good Years indeed.. no Singaporean want to be lifeguard.. so NO CHOICE have to get some from India.. i am sure for the S$950 per month, before deduction of CPF “contribution”, Jobless Singaproeans are THINKING HARD about taking the job if available..

    The Singaporean have to choose between having no $$ and getting into Debt Quickly? or taking the job and getting into debt slowly but also surely!

    Thank you PAP, i feel so rich looking at my CPF account.. More Good Years ok.. you guys are doing a SWELL job! 😀

  7. ahbeng said

    all this indians……their dicks are so small but still so horny….dont ask me how i know, i saw some indian porn b4 🙂

  8. patlowcm said

    See, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

  9. That is the worst excuse I have ever heard from a well established organization .

    What is Next ? Foreign security guards robbing the very mall , shop and premises they supposed to safe guard ?

    But this is rape ! My goddness ! Is there anyplace safe anymore ?

  10. speechless said

    ‘As few Singaporeans want to work as lifeguards, Sentosa Leisure Group has no choice but to employ ‘foreign talents’ from other countries like India.’ ==> win liao lo. so it’s sgp’s fault lo…

    take FT pay vs SGP pay.. of coz sgp wont wan. FT are here to just lower our monthly income.

  11. Ken Lee said

    lifeguard they guard the life only not the body! if you need to guard the body get a bodyguard! that’s why the rich always got two guard!!!!!

  12. Ezan Abdullah said

    Indian ‘FT’ lifeguard?! What happen to the Singapore life saving society? They are no more locals in their pool?

  13. Hahaa.Make them feel like home. They are welcome to rape our girls.

  14. Ken Lee said

    FUTURE SINGAPORE National anthem Chinese & English lyrics

  15. Virgorian said

    Damn!rape by dirty and fiflty Indian bastard !the girl who got rapeust be very very dirty now !serve her rite to get stunk and rape by those dirty pig!

  16. What? said

    What bullshit is Sentosa Leisure group talking?

    “In a statement released to the media, Sentosa Leisure Group deputy director of communications Suzanne Ho said that the Indian ‘FT’ was working as a part-time lifeguard at Sentosa.”

    Firstly, is the Indian FT qualified as lifeguard? As we all know, Indians are not good natural swimmers.

    Secondly, there is no lack of qualified local lifeguards. What they employed was a cheap, underpaid, unqualified FT so that the managers themselves can have a good raise at the expense of the publics safety.

    And MOM should investigate this FT for moonlighting which is illegal.

  17. Lim Oo said

    How can The Sentosa Leisure Group put the blame on Singaporeans on the Rape case. The SLG should be fully responsible and nothing to do with the poor and unfortunate Singaporeans.

  18. singaporeson said

    Thanks to pap bastards, more of these rapist will be brought in due to their cheap foreign bastards policy.
    FUCK pap !

  19. Keith said

    How is this foreigner allowed to work on an ad-hoc basis?

  20. Lee said

    Dafuq you all talking about? All of a sudden you lot are wagging the finger at Indians in general? So if it was a Singaporean Chinese, you’d all be wagging fingers at yourselves? Racists. Shame on you. Shame on you.

  21. joeaudar said

    Two queries. Firstly, is this FT a PR of Singapore. Secondly, if he is NOT PR/Citizen, and he is on WP/S Pass or EP, is he allow to take up a second job? MOM is very strict on this issue. If so, Sentosa Corporation is violating the MOM rules.

  22. ACK said

    The victim must be Chinese 😛

  23. whatnext said

    To Sentosa Leisure Group management level, please admit that you guys want cheaper workers, they are so many Singaporean have qualify of life guard cert. DUN believe go ask singapore govt how many singaporean from naval when they are nsf qualified as lifeguard too. Are the SLG telling us ?? SAF/ Singapore govt / singaporean have such talent local are out there take their qualify lifeguard cert to wipe their ass after toilet or use it to make paper cup to drink water. I dun think we singaporean need such FT in singapore to get singapore into insecure country. Come ON where our govt, WAKE UP PLEASE!! we singaporean dun select you guys to dump us aside and make us unsafe. And have such thing so happening in Singapore every months with differ FT getting singaporean dead, been rape and WHAT NEXT ??

  24. jaded said

    singapore no lifeguards meh? must import talented lifeguards from overseas ah?

  25. Chew Ong said

    How can Sentosa Leisure Group hire a foreigner to work part time? Ministry of Manpower doesn’t allow that.

  26. rose said said

    This is a very serious matter already , hey look, even indian FT cannot survive to live in singapore and still take up a part time job to survive here.SO government must look into this matter lol.

  27. Andrew said

    Sentosa Leisure Group have to hold accountable.

  28. Jav_loverboy ..m(^_^)m.. said

    Maybe the victim from is a tourist from thailand and the gender were not known..? :p kee kee kee

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