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PHOTO: NCS’ Esther Goh receiving a token of appreciation from Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee

Posted by temasektimes on June 12, 2012

Esther Goh from National Computer System Pte Ltd receiving a token of appreciation from the Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee:


67 Responses to “PHOTO: NCS’ Esther Goh receiving a token of appreciation from Commissioner of Police Ng Joo Hee”

  1. kaypoh said

    Service Excellence Awards!?!

    • LkySi said

      Excellence in performing Fellatio

      • Mike Zeng said

        Since all 4 IT sales females fellated the 2 nerdy directors, it must have been taught to them the best way to blow/suck during their in-house training and not a co- incidence! Not?

      • Kaypoh said

        Hmm, so SCDF = Sign Contract Demand Fellatio???

    • CONVERSE said

      ah ya, maybe the 3 old women “abalone” nice mah, so that why they are selling their abalone to the 2 officer and guess the 2 officer LOVE old abalone as maybe is chewly and nice regard of their age loh, and the 3 old women love older guy as the 2 guy is mature and got experience, so u see, women got experience and the guys also got experience and the answer is experience + experience = shiok and enjoyable 😛

      • kaypoh said

        eh, abalone or sea cucumber ??? double boil together for 8 hours very shiok hor?

      • Mike Zeng said

        No mention of cunnilingus, only fellatio. So abalone is inappropriate…banana or the harder cucumber is app.

  2. service to the men-in-blue said

    To TT, this is what I call brilliance! making news even more interesting for netizens.

  3. Tru Blu Sinkie said

    Kudos for finding a picture!!

  4. Mike Zeng said

    Many have asked Hot or not?…..
    The answer is above…..steamy hot!
    On a more serious note…..Cecilia Sue contemplated suicide after her Alleged trysts with NBG was exposed to the public, but luckily she was dissuaded by her close friends.
    Netizens should now not go overboard with their remarks over the 4 girls.
    As Jesus said…..let him who is without sin throw the first stone!

    • sweetee said

      Jesus never said that…………….it was made up later on.

    • Cow said

      In a society which forgiving is not found, whereby you late for few minutes you will be fine for not putting enough coupons, how could people expect to be forgiven with any mistakes bigger than that?!? How citizen behave is a true reflection of how a government manage them. Don’t believe? Check out those countries whereby the citizens are gracious…do they get fine/punish for every single small mistakes?

      • Kaypoh said

        Oh but here it’s a forgiving society….YOG overrun? forgiven, MRT hung? forgiven, wrong/fraudulent investments? forgiven…
        you just have to find the right examples !

        Besides, she is very talented & cute, it’s a pity to waste her life, she can bring so much joy & happiness to the world, I’m sure Gay has totally forgiven her, right, Gay?

      • piaokia said

        Haiz… nothing is fair. government made honest mistake, we die die must accept apologies. We made honest mistakes, die die must pay fine. She want to die also none of my business.

    • Kilroy Tay said

      Most Often it’s the religious people who is the one that throws the first stone.

  5. moshen said

    quite chio.. but there are much better ones out there

  6. UpYours! said

    She gave him a blowjob, he gave her an useless token of appreciation????

  7. Realist said

    Naturally, most of these women are hot in their own ways.
    If not, how could these high profile executives fall to their charms.
    However, if some of the pretty Korean actress or singers do enter into Spore corporate world.
    Then It would create more chaos.

  8. Fanny said

    her calfs, quite fat

  9. Ah Pui said

    Give credit when it is due. Why did you obtain that picture? Those who frequent SBF saw this picture yesterday. Shamelessly steal others’ picture and make it as if you get the snoop.

  10. spotlessleopard said

    She should not contemplate suicide….he still can be of use to society…

  11. Free Trolley said

    taking a picture of a picture. Smart way of removing any meta data.

  12. asmmy said

    she look auntie…how to do ??? off lights.. i also cannot…!!

  13. rodney777 said

    To be ‘successful’, you need to be ‘Thinking out of the box’….

  14. SomethingVeryWrongSomewhere said

    These are all the top scholars mat’ls & calibre produced by the MIW’s regime.

    They are being paid close to a million dollars a year under the Superscale Scheme!

  15. Water Tan said

    This is Merit of her Cracy.

  16. 16yr old said

    Whats a blow job ?

    • Mike Zeng said

      Female grabs the male’s penis with her hand and just keep blowing forcefully on the glans penis till he buay tahan and ejaculates!
      Google blow-job and ejaculate for more detailed info.
      Otherwise ask your dad or mom lah!

    • oral hygiene said

      Don’t ask your teacher ok?
      Pose this question to DPM Teo or PM Lee if either visits your school.
      After that, don’t forget to ask them whether it is a group activity for PAP MPs.

    • uncle teo said

      “What do you think”?

  17. Angus said

    Finally a positve post! Thank You TT!!! 😀

  18. Leo said

    Hope we should be gracious and not expose the identities of the gals. It will destroy their lifes. How would you feel if it happens to you? To the medias, getting news is important but being responsible is also important. Be more human rather than getting news which will destroy one’s life.

    • Eddie Teo said

      Gracious?? What they did were wrong and I am amazed why they are not brought to court as well. Unless they were FORCED to give such sexual favours (which they jolly well should have reported it straight away), they gave it because of their own personal gains.

      If they were left to be gracious, you can imagine what those poor ladies who has been working hard the right ways who NEVER gets promoted because they refuse to give in to such demands and temptations.

      These ladies should be brought to court and shamed. Why should only the guy be shamed? It takes two parties to clap.

      • mri said

        I second your opinion. Leo has a very twisted concept of what graciousness is supposed to mean. Those women committed crimes for their personal gains, obviously it should be made public. They should know the consequences of their action.

      • Mikey said

        Yup true.. they had everything to gain and nothing to lose..

        if caught, should be exposed for the sluts that they are..

        And I am pretty sure this is only the tip of the iceberg, it must be more rampant than this..

    • JohnT said

      Leo, so men having sex with women to grant them the contract is wrong. But women offering themselves up for sex to get contracts is okay?

      One should not be made automatically innocent or guilty just purely of their gender.

      And if one might give the benefit of the doubt that perhaps the women are ‘forced’ by their superiors to provide sex for contracts, then those superiors should be exposed and punished.

      I believe in this case, both the men and women must be punished. If not this would continue to give women the false sense of ‘right’ to do such things, believing that they would automatically be granted protection from the law.

    • piaokia said

      I dun think this will happen to me because I’m not high post scholar, must work till “kam beh lor lan” everyday to pay for endless bills. Not like those commissioners, collect high pay waiting for ‘kam lan’. Think can go complain those women… unfair competition… LoL.
      Dare to do such things then must prepare to go to hell… or worse than hell.

  19. look at her mouth said

    Her mouth is sure big enough to receive his small head which rule over his big head.

  20. EPS said

    Milf Milf milf!!!!

  21. Mikey said

    I’m sure he really appreciated her.. if you know what I mean..

  22. hachoiji said

    She looks the goodie goodie type but didn’t expect her to be such a crafty women or she cannot resist man with power or authority ( most women do ). Good luck to her now and pity both the family.

  23. LkySi said

    Police Commissioner next on the CPIB scanner for awarding Excellence to her – Excellence in Fellatio

    • Mike Zeng said

      Ah Yah…’s all in their SOP or sales manual….how to fellate correctly till he buay tahan and signs the sales contract.

  24. Dragonyear said

    No one has a right to condemn others. You ain’t so good yourselves.
    What is so good about you? As though none of you have erred and gossiped, lie, watched pornography, lust in your head, hate, slander, plot and do evil, set others up, steal, threaten, blackmail [emotional etc], scrutinized a woman/ man from head to toe, fail to love parents and show filial piety. Everyone of us have committed deplorable acts, said unkind and murderous words, and breeds thoughts, which, if exposed to the world on a DVD, would have caused shame of an equal, if not greater magnitude.

    • Mike Zeng said

      Yes, we may have done all that BUT we didn’t do what the 2 scholars nor the 4 IT Chiobus allegedly did….sex for contracts and got caught.

    • forbidden lust said

      Perhaps the judge will order both parties to re-enact their activities before passing sentence. A strong display of passion warrants compassion. What say you ?

    • Kaypoh said

      Yes we may have done it for free….and enjoyed it too, hehe, nobody is condemning here, they are just voyeuring :))

  25. Dragonyear said

    just because others don’t get caught doesn’t mean they are any better

  26. Lollapalooza In SG said

    What they committed is corruption and is in fact a crime so why should the offenders (both male and female) identities be protected? We don’t see any protection to identities of murderer, rapist, molester, smuggler? A crime is a crime and the offenders should be named and shamed to deter others from committing the same acts again. The women here are offenders not victims! And they are no different from prostitutes. Prostitutes sell their bodies for $$ and the women here sell their bodies for contracts which in turn become more commission $$ for them?!

  27. the 4 women should be brought to court and charge for giving bribery fluidly and bodily

  28. Sgrean said

    Now I see her wide mouth…

  29. Taneug said

    This type of irresponsible reporting and comments are exactly the reason why social network should be controlled.

  30. drageer said

    where are the other girls photos lei ….

    • Mike Zeng said

      Be patient… both scholars intend to claim trial, all the 4 Chiobus will have to be witnesses. Material witnesses can’t escape court testimony.

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