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SHOCKING VIDEO: 23 year old PRC trainee teacher jumped to her death from 16 floors in Bedok

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

A 23 year old PRC trainee teacher at the National Institute of Education jumped to her death from 16 floors from a HDB flat in Bedok South.

The woman was filmed sitting on the window ledge before jumping down suddenly with bewildered SCDF officials watching from below.

Watch the showing video below:


71 Responses to “SHOCKING VIDEO: 23 year old PRC trainee teacher jumped to her death from 16 floors in Bedok”

  1. denzuko1 said

    So the PRC teacher trainee cannot take the stress at all?

  2. Eric said

    Poor thing. Maybe too stressful be it work or in life.

  3. SgGuy said

    Sigh…. even elite FT cant take the stress here, what more can I say about what the citizens are feeling….. sigh sigh….

    There’s been plenty of suicide cases over the years but the main stream media did not report on any. Now with new media, let’s see how the real truth can be hidden.

  4. Pantatko said

    Yes ah…one more pig died…hope more pig to jump to their death

    • Old soldier said

      Hey a PRC is still a life. What did she do to you that you have to say such things. We may condemn the gahmen liberal immigration policy but PRCs are still human beings. Not necessary to say such things!

    • Ron said

      What a dreadful comment. You are racist. You do not know what was the reason that drove her to take her life. Shame on you.

    • Timtohy said

      You should be ashamed of yourself, Pantatko. Your remark is senseless and unnecessary. I agree with “Old Soldier” that it’s still a precious life lost and she doesn’t deserve this kind of inhumane response.

    • Hokkien Mee said

      My friend, don’t like that curse this poor foreigner who have died in such a tragic way. If the SinGahMan keeps up with importing any foreigners to increase the population and the growth of the GDP at this rate, any foreigners will seize the opportunity to come and when they realize they cannot adapt to life in Singapore; then cases of such suicides will increase. If it is her personal reason then it is also sad to die in a foreign land you know.
      We, average Singaporeans already tak-boleh tahan the living and working issues here; what more do and can we expect from PRC who are enticed to study, live and work in here by our $one$ faced GahMan?
      I understand how you feel but when you try to fit into these foreign workers’ shoes, you will realize that we are a big family with many similarities.
      I write this for you and hope the rest of Singaporeans reading this will understand that often the problems do not lie with Foreign Workers but with our SinGahMan very bad policy, thats all.
      One last word, for the foreign talents they are a different issues.

    • fries said

      You are probably not even worth a speck of micro organism in the whole universe.


      Ignorance is Bliss. I am truly happy for you.

    • muimui said

      She’s still a human. Dun make comments like this. Did she offend you in any ways?

      • P Koh said

        Instead, if each of us readers here pause a minute and say a silent prayer for her sad soul, she would definitely be most appreciative and probably RIP knowing that in death there are still people who care.

    • Pantatlu said

      Pantatko from this comment i know you are most probably malay. Like most malays in singapore i can understand why you made such a comment. You’re hatred for the PRCs is deep. But all I can say is that your hatred will lead to nothing but violence. But i guess you malays are not that smart to realise that.

      • AnnuitMoe said

        Quote : (But i guess you malays are not that smart to realise that.)
        Unquote : And wat are you then?? U think yr races are the smart ones…think again, its not the races nor the whole society but plainly individual and please watch your own butt…and if not it gonna be like wat u’ve jus said…
        Quote : (But all I can say is that your hatred will lead to nothing but violence.)
        Unquote : Think again…sori

    • stevenado said

      Pantatko, your comment are very cruel..Be it PRC or FT, whether live lost is concerned,it is very unwise of you to post such unwarranted comments.Don’t forget you have life too.Don’t forget you have loved one and families…..why cant you be compassionate for just one second.Think hard before you go to bed….

    • Descended said

      please do not be so callous in your comments. A fellow human being like yourself has just died. Wake up.

  5. Law said

    Yap, there are really a lot more…
    well, what can we say… The statistic must look good wat. 😛

  6. Bernard Deng said

    Committing suicide is creating another problem for others and her loved ones.

  7. matah said

    As the pap calls them foreign talents, they cannot take the pressure because they are not talents. Even pretending to be one takes more effort than actually being real these fts take the suicide route. More goot years ahead

    • Hiroaki said

      Such inhumane comment.

      Talent does not mean able to withstand ever increasing stress level. Being away from home, these FTs have much more stress than locals to cope with. Such xenophobic sentiment is one very large reason pressurizing these FTs, driving them to suicidal route.

      Grow up. Or better still, be a human.

    • fries said

      So if you were in her shoes, would you be able to take the pressure? If you were able to, why are you even here? Have you even have had the chance to be put through pressure of any kind at all? Probably no one bothers even bothers the existence of you at you at all, therefore no pressure. 🙂

  8. Veritas said

    I have seen one attempted suicide during my stint in NIE. Very few people are aware about the dehumanizing experience of being a trainee teachers, especially during practicum.

    During my practicum many years back, I was forced to write at least 16 pages of lesson plan each day. Many of my classmates have gone through the same thing. That is to say, you have 1.5 hours for each page of lesson plan provided if you stay awake for 24 hours everyday. I have heard horror stories of even much worst practicum supervisors.

    Very often, a practicum students are taken by HODs, who use them to reduce their already very little teaching hours. HODs are generally the more noxious staffs in a school. They will use whatever ways to put somebody down. My HOD taught 4 hours a week after he has given me his class. His monthly salary is close to $10,000. So that make his hourly rate $625.

    MOE is atrocious enough to know that many people will quit given the system sucks big time. So every teachers are indentured to MOE for 3 years. If you break bond right after you complete NIE, most likely the penalties today is greater than $50,000 if you are a graduate. A few NIE students may find despair and hopeless given the above obligations. This may be a significant reason trainee teachers choose suicide.

    The HOD can fail someone with no reasons at all. I knew people who failed even after interventions by NIE supervisor and school co-supervisor. Of course, HOD will pull in the support equally noxious principal or vice-principal, who will collude willingly. Going back to NIE after practicum, those who have failed will meet a certain “A” (years back). Officially she is supposed to understand what is going wrong. Actually, the meeting with her is a sickening rebuke where she will sing praise of the whole system and put all failed candidate down, even if everyone know there is serious institutional problem in MOE.

    • Gary said

      Sounds very similar to how we were during our housemanship years after medical school and during the bond with MOH. Pay was low; working hours was long. We worked long hours over from 7am till 2pm the next day (almost non stop except for a short 30mins rest break), coming back on weekends to see patients. One of my classmates got involved in an accident due to falling asleep on the back back from a night call, For guys who did not get disrupted from NS, the 2.5 of service was not counted into the bondage and if one were to break the bond, the bond was more than $150,000.

  9. Grace said

    It could be ‘cos there was too much pressure/ hate on her just becos she is a PRC. Well, may her soul RIP..

  10. P Koh said

    It is very sad indeed to see people taking their precious lives away. There are at least 5 to 6 suicide attempts daily and how many successfully take their lives away has not been reported. There must be reasons for such senseless loss of lives and
    I wonder if the Government could investigate these cases to establish the main reasons for people who are so desperate that life to them has no meaning anymore and to see how to avert such attempts to end one’s life.

  11. spotlessleopard said

    On average there are more than 2 suicieds per day in singapore…..maybe the authorities will come out to announce that PRC and Foreigners suicides comprise less than 1% of all suicides…..”So what do you think”…..TCH?

  12. Blow jobbers said

    What happened? One pretty girl gone like that.

  13. Is there any point showing this video in the forum?

  14. 陳一峯 said

    pinoy only uses a camera to take video?

    • fries said

      Are you expecting someone to use a professional camcorder, camera system, or a digital video recorder to record someone jumping off their death so as to allow gracious people like you to make kind remarks?

  15. LIAN HUAY said

    the schools’ management can be very cruel…I, myself, nearly jumped too …but I told myself it is not worth it!

  16. khidirss said

    wah..the police man there relax sia….. “ah another day on duty…whatever…”

  17. Annoymous said

    All the suicides, sex scandals, corruptions are the “in” thing nowadays.

    • fries said

      It has always be the topic of interest for journalists and readers alike.

      Supply has to meet demands.

      Therefore, no demands, no supply.

  18. Skutaz78 said

    One less PRC don’t make any difference. Imagine if she is a full time teacher n with all that stress she hf god know wat she might do.

    • fries said

      I beg to differ. One person less like you makes a lot of difference, this world will be a much better place without people akin to a mindset that not knows what should or should not be said.

      Do not let one spoiled seed tarnish the rest. Every single individual is different.

      It be precisely because of people like you who makes sweeping statements like this; that seriously, makes the world goes round.

      🙂 Well done. You will definitely get somewhere in life. I believe in you. With all my heart.

  19. Anonymous said

    I’m Kind of disgusted by the comments thus far.

    Regardless of nationality or context – suicide is not something to take lightly.

  20. Uneducated said

    Did PAPpies mention before that FTs can take more hardship? They are proven wrong again and again. Wtf.

    • fries said

      Can singaporeans take hardship as well?

      Can you take hardship?

      What kind of hardship have you gone through to make such a comment?

      What is your definition of hardship? Or rather what kind of hardship do you think they were referring to?

      What is the concluding statement of your comment? That you ARE uneducated?

      The comment really does reflect on your name. 🙂

  21. Annonymous said

    What’s even sadder are the insensitive comments here and on Facebook. Seriously, when did Singaporeans become a bunch of heartless idiots?

    • Sighs said

      Agreed. And i really dislike how many Singaporeans generalize foreigners and criticize them for that. We are all humans, lets be kind to one another. It’s self-degrading to judge someone solely by their nationality. And if one finds their life in Singapore to be horrible and stressful, one should do something about it instead of complaining. Lets be gracious people and keep negative comments to ourselves, especially when someone’s death is involved. May her soul rest in peace.

    • P Koh said

      I am just wondering whether those who passed insensitive comments have ever themselves faced difficulties and sadness in life that they would contemplate taking their own lives. Only when you have experienced the misery of living in a hopeless situation would you ever understand the pain the agony that go through the mind of one who finds that suicide is the only course of action. I have and I know how the feeling is like.

  22. Jmm Limm said

    The rude comments on the lady are uncalled for. She is someone’s daughter … you do not even know if her character … I think we have indeed taken xenophobia to an unacceptable level. Sad as it reflects very bad on ourselves.

  23. Ron said

    It does not matter which nationality. Suicides are sad events. And no one should gloat over them or worse make snide remarks about the poor victim.

    In my university days, a fellow student also jumped and died. We went to his wake. I saw his family by the coffin in great sorrow. I felt the pain too.. a young life departed, a family left to grieve and to suffer the pain.

    Rest in peace young lady. Your suffering is over.

  24. Veritas said

    To our Singaporean brothers and sisters, a life is lost. We should be sad and mourn, never mind the deceased is Singaporeans or foreigners. We should not let PAP’s wicked FT policy affect our compassion for a fellow human being.

    And besides, I bet MOE could be the major culprit leading to such tragedy. And this is the case, the fault lies mostly on Singaporeans, who allow PAP to prosper, rather than foreigners.

  25. Ken Lee said

    humm video block!

  26. jimmy said

    Should kill all Foreigners

  27. bb said

    The gov should set up a centre for this PRs to complain to so to understand their problem. If they can not cope may be it is better to return to China. There is old man who says that foreigners are better, hungrier , and withstand tough condition. It shows FT are human too. So sg gov has shown all the cracks. I think it is time that NGO must move in to sort these mess out.

  28. Geo said

    If what was said by Veritas is true and factual, then the ruling party better form a committee to look into the MOE training of teachers. An another issue for opposition party to take up. Looks like our educational system is getting no better, stresses all round, students from very young and now teachers under training. My sister literally has to sent all her 3 kids for tuitions in almost every subject. Most tuition guided brillant students in our nation. Shame…….what about those poorer parents who can’t affords tuition fees?

  29. Poorer than FW said

    PRC jumped to her death, shot by Pinoys. Location is Singapura, Majulah!

  30. wp said

    My friend sold me the video. Scary

  31. It is very sad indeed to see people taking their lives away. May her soul rest in peace.

  32. Woooo……. splat.

  33. kaypoh said

    Poor gal….all the haters, wud u prefer tat she’s rich enuff to squash u with a Ferrari?

  34. Blind supporter said


  35. Wolfglare said

    Good one less FT hope more PRC kill themselves so we Singaporean hv a better life

  36. dogmeat said

    If she wasn’t here in the first place, she wouldn’t die.

    and we don’t have to watch this nasty video of a FT falling to her death.

    Anyway PRC people are more psycho than you think. They had weird shit upbringing from the commie land, and you don’t know how crazy they can get. Jumping down the HDB is not unsurprising.

  37. Sinking Sinkies said

    The system here suck the common people dry using all methods like a Foxconn factory kind of environment.
    Think the Gahment must as well approved euthanasia for those who wish to end it all, saving the agony and pain.
    The Gahment may also charge a small fee thus making it profitable as everything else is money driven.

  38. betsy said

    Bedok = Suicide central of Singapore

  39. kaypoh said

    Perhaps Con Hee conned all her money?

  40. Eileen said

    Hello why the video is private!! Put bloody video there and then say private! Might as well remove the damn video!

  41. Hero is made because of death of thousands of soldiers said

    Hero is made because of death of thousands of soldiers
    Number one country is made by streeful live style of all residents
    Fitest survive, and non fitest commit suicide!

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