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JC student Reuben Wang who ‘f**ked’ DPM Teo Chee Hean apologizes to him in person at MHA

Posted by temasektimes on June 8, 2012

The JC student Reuben Wang who caused a stir by hurling vulgarities at Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has apologized to him in person at the Ministry of Home Affairs together with his parents.

The student from St Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) had earlier blogged about his unpleasant experience with DPM Teo during the recently held Pre-University seminar, criticizing him for dodging questions posed by students and counter-asking them for solutions instead:

“The participants made it extremely clear they were dissatisfied with DPM Teo- and when we asked about our concerns which we do not know what can be done to solved, he will give the fucking ridiculous reply “What do you think (can be done)?”.

His blog post polarized public opinion in Singapore with many netizens applauding him for daring the speak the truth while the mainstream media condemned his rant, smearing him as a ‘keyboard thug’.

The student now said he ‘regretted’ using ‘strong’ language on DPM Teo in a moment of fury as he thought his questions were not being answered. His blog post has since been deleted.

It is not known if pressure has been exerted on SAJC or Reuben Wang to make the apology in order to save the ‘face’ of DPM Teo. The Singapore government controls all the education institutions in Singapore including the universities and the JC student now faces a bleak future ahead of him for speaking his mind.


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55 Responses to “JC student Reuben Wang who ‘f**ked’ DPM Teo Chee Hean apologizes to him in person at MHA”

  1. voice fron the origin singapore said

    Kena treat?

  2. ain said

    Just my two cents – he is afraid “our” local university will reject his application.

  3. Jack said

    What really happen for this student to change its course?

  4. lol said

    it’s only more clear to me now who is the coward, and it’s not the jc student.

  5. i say what i think only... said

    at least he speaks his mind, despite splurting vulgarities which is not so nice, but straight to the point. i thought chan chun sing say his role is to bring out the ideas in people, not to give solutions. he show his idea and got penalised. can the ministers sing a more consistent tune?

  6. Anon said

    Dr Lim Hock Siew: “In the first place, if a person has to save his face by depriving somebody else of his fundamental rights, then that’s not a face that’s worth saving.”

  7. Jaded said

    personally, i think he was pressured… but no matter, he has already made his point and it is plain to see what our 1 million dollar ministers are capable of, sorry… not capable of!

  8. khengwah said

    Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country. Being 17 years old is no excuse for being too young to know what to do. Nobody has all the solutions, not the government, not the teachers. Don’t be just a concerned citizen, be a confident citizen and a active contributor as well. You are not expected to solve all these complicated issues that existed in Singapore and this word today, just to speak confidently your mind and contribute what you can as a 17 years old.

    • 09878 said

      You are not wrong, a society will be ideal based on what you said. But then, what do we pay our government for? If every citizens are capable of finding solutions and contributing, then do the political leaders deserve a few millions per year if they don’t have the solutions?

    • mri said

      It is understandable if the government don’t have the solution, so stop the monopoly of power and allow people who have the solution to take their place.

    • Raj Mohan said

      I remember back in the day when we fought for our Indian Independence, we were extremely pro-active and always thinking of ways/alternatives to bring positive energy to the movement, I was 17 at that time and I had pretty much fed up with me being away of whats going on between leaders and the people, I in turn joined a group andi kept all my opinions/rage inside I did not let them out through words, i let them out through actions, positive actions that would instill my friends to follow suit and bring about a change. I was not great of a leader but i was confident with my work in the movement.

      Nowadays i feel that things have become comfortable and i agree its for the better of everyone’s life, but the boy could have made it a bit more polite, i agree that he’s enraged over why the DPM couldn’t give any answer…I can feel him, but lashing it out with the very first sentence is way over the top especially to an elder person.

      The problem lies with the party on hand as i can sense over the years and i wish the youth these days could to digest this and put it through actions then mere words on a webpage.

      Once the time is right, and you’re prepared, over throw them and when the next party rises and hopefully they will make Singapore a more firm society and just a rising GDP chart

      Good Day and Bring Smiles!


  9. Goondu said

    If he were my son I would strongly suggest he apologized for the four letter word he used. it is only fair that we don’t use four letter words on anybody (minister or not).
    Having said that I would not encourage him to apologize for the contents.

  10. Open Eyes Big Big said

    This CB face Admiral needs to be farked more rather than be given an apology he doesn’t deserve.

    All the useless paper generals in the govt which include LHL, TCH, LTY, CCS, TCJ need to be kicked up their backsides to wake them up.

    • moo said

      you be careful yup! later you are tracked and receive letter of pressure in ur mailbox asking you to apologise 🙂 now this they are capable of. solving problems maybe not!

    • Compatriot said

      I just wonder,how have these so called paper generals who shoots live firing only at paper targets with no live firing in returned been given the rank of a general

      “Have they “any battle field skirmishes experiences?” Just imagine what and how on earth are they going to lead a battalion or a brigade of soldiers without real field battle experience,…..

      I should appreciate very much if anyone of these generals (retired or present) can allay my fears when war broke out in our shores

  11. Hannsg said

    We all should know the reason why he apologized. Even my 6 years old sister knew the reasons.

  12. Jardel said

    Perhaps the common phrase of, To earn one’s respect, you need to be respectful to them first, does not apply to the MIW. Since they are and will be in power for the generations to come, they had taken respect for granted and all singaporeans must respect them regardless of their policy making. Be it beneficial or detrimental to the livelihood of singaporeans in general.

    This young chap is rude. Yes. But what he had pointed out is not untrue. Why did TCH not come out and meet him face to face? Why insist on an apology when TCH can gain his respect by answering his questions in full faith? If 60% thinks that this apology is needed and further punishment is needed to be enforced on this young chap, then I think singapore will be deprived of the very meaning of free minds and freedom of speech.

    We can do away with democracy and put PAP in power for the generations to come and one day when we fail, who to blame? PAP supporters. Good luck to us all.

    And to the migrants out of Singapore, bless your brothers and sisters here. Dun forget about us.

  13. Ron said

    It is noble of the student to apologise. And he should not have hurled vulgarities at the DPM no matter how badly the questions were handled. It reflects badly on the student’s character, his lack of control over his emotions and for Asians, it brings shame upon his parents too.

    So, I am glad he apologised and I hope he will contribute in a constructive manner in future debates.

    • Sgt33 said

      I believe he was forced to and the shit times making a who ha on the matter. Are we any difference with north korea

      • Raj Mohan said

        My friend, i understand you’re disregard over this but we all don’t really know what happened right?

        Take Care


  14. comment said

    kid, go overseas. what future does one have here if they abuse their power to remove your rights?

    • DIY said

      If I am the kid, my answer will ‘ I’m not sure if the grass is greener on the other side. Or else I will be treated 2nd class citizen in another country. My only root connection will be website.

      Ahh, please help. What’s wrong with me. I want to see a psychiatrist.

  15. Why said

    Whatever you want to comment, do it without using any strong , vulgal or sensitive words. See! now you need to applogize, then what’s the point of specking out in the 1st place? Seems like nowadays, some students’ IQ getting better but EQ decay.

  16. Compatriot said

    It understandably that JC student have been influenced to make amens

    This I believe was being done to save face of DPM Teo to avoid from more bad publicity of his behaviour and about his principles of honour and intergrity

    Being a student with curiosity and at his age,with the whole world at his feet,knowingly or unknowingly,that JC student has afterall shown his manhood with principle and bravery

    The world knows the PAP government treated its own people and citizens unjustly

  17. Jardel said

    To all those who are against using strong words. Bear in mind that Obama once said ” Sorry, we fucked up” Now how hard is that? Considering the fact that he is a trained in law and could use some other words to better express the failure of his government.

  18. just curious said

    why stoop so low to force a JC student out to apologize… They will grow up and still vote for the opposition anyway.

  19. spotlessleopard said

    This young chap has a lot to learn on how to handle the Political Leaders and still coming out as a hero…Now hopefully He is wiser…….

    Maybe He can redeem himself and next time challenge the Powers that Be in a more mature and acceptable way…

  20. Jondemusiq said

    No to his use of explatives
    Yes to his opinion of TCH’s evasive action

    HUGE question mark as to the cause of this sudden change in heart.

  21. Only stupid people keep voting in traitors said

    All the bitching and complaining, yet when the time that counts comes around, you dummys vote them in again.

    You think the PAP has only just started having bad, self serving policies? They only just started hiding facts and lying to the public? They only just started manipulating the media?

    This has been going on FOREVER! They were formed by a two faced, dishonorable, weasel of a man who since the 60s when was part of the opposition would say anything and promise anything to get what he wants then turn around and stab the people who helped him get where he was!

    He was a damn traitor who worked for the Japanese when our grandfathers and fathers were fighting for Singapore for goodness sakes!

    In the 80s he finally conned his peers into stepping down while he stayed on and ruled with cronyism and nepotism!

    He shaped the PAP into the ugly animal it is today.

    The dirty traits of the PAP showed from way back with no accountability or transparency! The sure sign of any corrupt regime!

    Yet as long as they threw a bone to the population, you gladly voted them in no matter how many OTHER Singaporeans suffered from their badly formed policies right?

    Only now that their poorly thought out policies are affecting you that you voice out?

    Singapore has the government Singapore deserves.

    You all see the builldings and infrastructure from way before the PAP was formed. You all studied history and know the strategical location of Singapore on the map, its location on the trading routes. You all know it was called the Gibraltar of the East since the 20s, the Impenetrable fortress (but the Japs came from the rear)… Why? To protect a “sleepy fishing village”?

    The PAP has been using their media To lie to us and rewrite history all along, yet you don’t open your own eyes, use your own heads and think!

    Come 2016, these PAP conmen will shed more crocodile tears, use their pork barrel politics to threaten the population again with “upgrading” and idiots will still vote them in.

    • peter said

      hahaha another voting joke again hahahaha keep it up btw side note*
      *voting does nothing

      • jack neo said

        then why did PM and his 2 DPMs even bother to canvass for votes in Hougang ?
        the PAPies have been doing that for 20 years in Hougang and voting does nothing for them….you are right man, you are such a genius, are you for hire as consultant ?

  22. fake PAPie leadersip said

    Now that the JC student has apologised in person, the onus is on DPM Teo to apologise to all the students that he let them down with the way he handled their questions and dialogue session.

    I believe this is even more important if DPM Teo is truly a leader by example, but is he or can he ?

    The majority in Hougang and 40% Sporeans already know the sort of leader he is from the way he campaigned for his PAP stooge…..LOL

    • Walls have ears said

      Thumps up for you

    • Singapore needs a reboot said

      Wait long long. The only time an artogant PAPman apologizes is when he thinks it’ll get him votes, then behind your back he’ll plot revenge for “making him lose face”.

      These MIW aren’t fit to run the country.

  23. bb said

    It is interesting to know when Pappy lose power how many sg students will be to enter Universirt based on Merit.

  24. Teo Chhew hore said

    Just vote them out come 2016…

    • ANGRY Bird said

      Support. But please mean what you say and stick to it till 2016, don’t turn around vote for them on election day. Don’t be a traitor like the MIW.

    • Raj Mohan said

      Hmm so what will you do in the next four years before GE2016? Act now and do your part to support for the local community my friend!

  25. 60+ said

    Some government official must have approached him to apologize…………or you know life will be tough for you in future.
    KNNBCCB papies, TCH got time to listen to apology when he is paid million to do more productive work for the country.

  26. Singaporean said

    Our govt is very expert in sue people…so i’m not surprise that the poor kid had to apologize that useless DPM…

  27. Ron said

    I see repeatedly anti-PAP comments. If you guys / gals are so smart or brave, then stand for elections! Show Spore what you can do. It does not add value to keep harping on the 60% who gave the PAP the vote. Then stand and be counted as an alternative voice and see whether you can get 51% voting for you.

    Spore is much better than many countries that I have worked, stayed or travelled in. Just be grateful. There is much to improve in Spore and just do not blame the PAP for this and that. Overall, Spore is doing well, very well compared to many other countries.

    I too criticise the PAP and I hope they change some of the policies. But they are the party in power and I will support them in a constructive manner. Do I wish Spore to be like Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS)? We will become pigs too, wallowing in misery and our filth then. They have 23% unemployment, banks going bankrupt, street protests, untold miseries now.

    • peter said

      many Singaporeans who are against them are under 21 and shit hahahah i hardly even see any voting … do you really think by voting or by change the gov will change the situation come on , learn to read more … no matter whose in-charge there will always be a puppeteer , voting all this kind of bullshit is just a fucking pill that they give us to make us feel better but does nothing in reality … please if you think singapore is much better then you’re wrong , i guess you’re either too stupid or too dumb to even remotely realise that they are taking away our freedom ? hahaha … changing policies will NEVER do anything good hahahah you think we go rights ? you think we have anything ? you think the policies help us ? grow a brains and a pair of eyes and read more before spilling all your trash online … noone said we have to wallow in misery or filth you dirt bag all we have to do is just take it by the balls and man up , THE WORLD IS FULL OF SHIT WHAT IS THERE MORE FOR US TO DO ?! SHIT WILL BE SHIT NO MATTER WHAT …. hahaha though they have tried covering shit with a piece of cloth to hide it but we all can smell it … so i STRONGLY advice you to educate yourself outside of the god damn media area of control and one more thing i’ve too been to many countries and i can say its the same shit everywhere else but the only difference is that we are a smaller group and easier to control 🙂 cheers loser

    • durianman said

      hello PAP apologist, why never compare with HK, Taiwan, S Korea, etc. ?

      the PAP has been in power for 50 years with 93% seats in parliament, can you provide evidence they have been inclusive in the way they run the country?
      so does it make sense to say they should not be blamed for this and that?

      do you want readers to list all the failed policies for you?
      can you show readers here whether the PAP has admitted to failed policies?
      why don’t you be honest with readers here and name the PAP policies that have adversely affected majority of ordinary singaporeans ?
      you say stand for elections? nice try lah! not everyone is as talented as LowTK, SL, ChenSM, PSingh, etc. but are they inducted as ministers, to help run the country?

      i ask you this and you be honest and not talk like a PAP bugger, ok ?
      the elections dept in the PMO, gerrymandering, upgrading with taxpayers money,
      People’s Association aligned with PAP, do you consider these as honest means of winning votes ?
      how you respond to all the questions i have posted will let readers know your intent.

    • Rustle said

      At last, a rational voice! 🙂

  28. peter said

    lol isnt the internet like free speech hahaha what a joke hahahha

  29. peter said

    wise up idiots no amount of voting will change anything fucking idiots … the wheels of our demise has began to spin and we cant stop it now so GOOD LUCK TRYING THOU !
    GO FOR IT ! just dont make me part of your bullshit

  30. Leo said

    The young chap should apologise for the 4 letter words hurled at our DPM. But our DPM should also apologise to him for avoiding the questions and to Singapore for overcrowding our small little country. Oh yah. He should also apologise for being paid so much and doing nothing.

  31. load of crap said

    What’s the big deal? Getting a teenager to apologize? Looks like Teo can’t get off his high pedestal. I’d say fuck you anytime to any of our ministers.

  32. Rustle said

    There is hope for Singapore. A student who is not afraid to reflect on his behaviour, who is able to recognize undesirable behaviour and who is not afraid to apologise.
    Certainly he is more mature that the majority of people who commented here. 🙂

    • ad said

      didn’t you comment here as well? ,…….

    • jack neo said

      more mature than the people who commented here only?
      it should be more mature than the 81 PAP stooges in parliament….LOL
      wishful thinking to say there is hope for Singapore, not until more of such students become 21 and add to the collective votes.

      with each passing day, more of such students can see their parents hard earned money being used to pay millions to the 81 PAP stooges……

  33. 坡仔哥哥 said

    He should apologize for how he said it (the f word) – but surely he still stand by what he wanted to say …. answering a question with a question is really not answering the question at all. Very the jia lat,

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