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Prominent blogger Alex Au predicts ‘disaster’ if Singaporeans took to the streets one day

Posted by temasektimes on April 30, 2012

The recent Bersih 3.0 protest (pic left) in Malaysia has led to some Singaporeans desiring for change asking if something like that will happen in Singapore one day when long muzzled Singaporeans finally muster the courage to let their feelings known on the street.

Prominent socio-political blogger Alex Au doesn’t think that anything similar to the Bersih demonstrations will happen anytime soon in Singapore, but warns of disaster if it happens eventually:

“I don’t think anything similar will happen here any time soon. But when it does, it may end in worse disaster.”

Mr Au opined that the authorities are likely to employ heavy-handed measures to crush any sizable demonstration which might arise in Singapore:

“But in Singapore, even one sizeable demonstration may be viewed as an intolerable affront to the authority of the government. The response may not be calibrated for containment, but tend towards crushing the movement.”

He added that when that happens, Singapore’s revolution will resemble more like Bahrain than Malaysia.

“In other words, when it does happen here, we are more likely to get it wrong than right. I fear that Singapore’s revolution will look less like Malaysia’s rumbles, and more like Bahrain in 2011.”

Like Bahrain, Singapore has a widening income between the rich and poor, is heavily dependent on foreign labor and has an non-existent ‘opposition’ in parliament which dare not hold the ruling party accountable.


18 Responses to “Prominent blogger Alex Au predicts ‘disaster’ if Singaporeans took to the streets one day”

  1. seX pisToLs said

    yes, i will love too.

    protest on the streets with more than 100,000 Singaporeans asking the Government to chase out all working foreigners in Singapore and provides jobs only to “true” Singaporean.

  2. JOHN CENA said


  3. MM LKY famously said that he wld rise from the dead even as they lower him into his grave shd he feel something is remiss about Sinkieland’s political landscape. Wld someone of his strong convictions let matters come to the boil as “predicted” by Alex Au? I shd think not.
    I am sure PM Lee wld not let the legacy of the old PAP stalwarts which includes his illustrious father’s go to rot. The years ahead b4 the next GE shd see huge changes to improve the ppl’s lot and the narrowing of the gap between the well-heeled and the poorer of our society, for the general good. His public apologies to the ppl at the last GE show his firm resolve to take the country forward as one people, with inclusiveness as against elitism as the cornerstone of future govet policies.

  4. said

    rest assured. it wont happen. dun flame up. true blue singaporeans will all die and our places be taken up by prc and pr before the above can even happen. not even in your dreams will a riot happen in singapore. “police” are just being paid to crush this type of activity.

  5. Cheap Labour Addict said

    “If I have to shoot 200,000 students to save China from another 100 years of disorder, so be it.”

    – Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, Aug 17, 2004

    Since China’s population is nearly 300 times Singapore’s, we can estimate that about 700 people might be shot if protests happen here 🙂

  6. spectrekle said

    HA! One man also don’t dare to speak out or up already and you expect 10 of thousands to turn up and demo like Bersih 3.0 of Malaysia! Are you pulling my leg? Who is going to lead the way for the demo? You or me or someone else? Who? Before they can even to open their mouth, they will inside cell #7 next door to Mas Selamat already bro. Don’t even dream about doing what our neighbours are doing. Their garment and people is totally different from our garment and people. Yes we may bleed the same color blood but not politically. Their land mass is huge. We’re just a red small dot. Where arte you going to run to. From AMK to TP or Tampines? We’re miles apart from them ok if you want to compare. This garment of ours is one of the smartest alexes in the entire world and you want to go and demo against them? They pay big bucks to get the best talent into their fold you know. They’re not kuching kurap you know for your info. They even had the entire world licking out of their hands and you want to fight them head on. Cannot bro. Don’t. Take my advice. I know its a lousy advice. But at least you’re still alive and kicking outside the jail or would you rather be a hero or martyr and be locked up in solitary confinment inside the jail for what… say 32 years minimum. You must be crazy or the gods are. Don’t ever think of that la. Besides I don’t think Singaporeans believed in violence and destructions of lives and properties. We talkeds sense and reasons ok. Not violence. If you like violence, join the commando unit. Ah they need strong lively violent people in there to fight wars in other countries. Don’t you people ever read the history of this garment of what they do or will do to people whom they deemed as you undesirable Aliens from outer space? Forget it la bros. It will and can never ever happened in Singapore – Bersih 3.0 style. Impossible and rediculous to even suggest that. That’s is why the garment is so cool and relax. They’re not afraid of you people. They know they got the power. They know they got the support of the people. They know who you are. They got lots of spies and collobrators inside and outside the prisons, inside and outside your companies, your organizations, your neighbourhood, your clubs, your camps, your whatever. They got everything covered in their sleeve already. Its only a matter of time and opportunity for them to make their first move or not. Whether they want to abduct you or not ah? You think play play ah? What have you people do to them since 1963 after Operation Coldstore? Nothing. That’s good what. Keep it that way. They take their time, We also play the same game la. All relax la bro. When the time comes, all strike while the iron is hot ah. Thats the best policy. No need to complaint, scold, and fight one. Grumble ok la. Just be cool. They’re cool what. Then what for you so rash for what? You didn’t hear the man in the Ivory Tower said that do you think you can simply overthrow the garment without the Army ever stepping into the picture ah? Ah don’t forget, they still have the Police Force and the Army, Navy and the Air Force behind them bro. Don’t forget the Prison Wardens guarding Changi Prison too. They can take whatever you throw at them. But can you take what they throw at you or not? Ah thats the question bro. Not how big you want your demo to be. See what happened when the protester broke through the cordon into restricted area in KL? Legally speaking their garment have the right to arrest and detained the offenders. Secondly they just water cannon and tears gas, all fire is out already. Some want to fight ah? Mad. Do you know how many civilian undercover cops were around the entire place? They know you but you don’t who they are. You are thinking they are just one of the protester when in reality they’re 007 with license to kill. You can’t simply follow blindly. What, monkey see monkey do ah? That’s is the first suicidal rule you shouldn’t do ah. I will tell you a secret how you bring them down overnight. No need no big demo. No need to talk so much want la. What for you want demo in the streets for what? You’ll get yourselves hurt for nothing. Then you have to pay for your medicine for your injuries. No one is going to pay for you. When the time come for the legal electoral General Election, just kah kah throw your vote in and see whether they toh overnight or not? Even metal melts in sulphuric acid la. This is the hidden kung fu martial art masters called ‘The People’s Crouching Silently In Waiting Power’ la. They said that this is the most potent martial art move in the history of destructive mortal combat as far as the election is concerned la but no one bothers to use this move until the last resort when they run out of moves. All they know is fight here fight there. No use. For what? Proved nothing. Gain nothing. Only pain and sorrow for the family members. Wait for your time. When the time come every 5 years, you quickly and quietly jump at it. Just like the tiger crouch in waiting for his prey in complete silence and patience. Did you ever heard the tiger and lions makes so much noise when they can’t catch they prey? Never what right? Same here la. Wait in silent. When the time is right. Make your move. You know what the Red Car will do to you or not once you’re inside their Red Car? They’ll slaughter you like pig ah I tell you. The KL fellow already kena walloped right outside in public by every cops that came around to him. Just imagine, one fellow one punch and kick is enough to maimed him for the rest of his life. How can you fight with a Goliath like that? Yes that’s right, VOTE THEM OUT! The easiest and best solution to all your headaches and heartaches! Vote! What, you think you want to be like David from Israel ah? No way man. That’s before. Now the time is so much different bro. Those days only got lastic and stones. Now everything is high tech already. They can see, hear, knows, tell you what the hell you’re doing right now and you people are dreaming such stupidity as to organize big demo like Bersih 3.0. They’ll wipe you people long before you even started leaving your house I tell you. I think I better keep my mouth shut they too lock me up for good.

    • lol said

      LOL, such a long story!! Anyway what he predict still need to predict? Its the obvious la!! And what army you talking about here in SG? Haha. Tens of thousands regulars and 300 000 civilian soliders? So where’s the army now?!

    • lol said

      LOL, such a long story!! Anyway what he predict still need to predict? Its the obvious la!! And what army you talking about here in SG? Haha. A few Tens of thousands regulars and 300 000 civilian soliders? So where’s the army now?!

      • spectrekle said

        Its a long story bro because before you go into conflict with any one, its best that a civilian or a military adviser let you in on what you should know what are your chances of survival will be like in a war with a superior force before you commit and then it’ll too late for tears and regrets.

        But you don’t have to read it all you know.

        Of course the army are in their barracks where they’re suppose to be la. Where do you think they will be?

        Bro, prediction is one thing. Dreaming of rebellion is another thing. Its not the same thing bro.

        I too can also predict that the world ends in Dec 21 2012. But will it happen?

        ISA already people tak boleh tahan. Red Car already people tak boleh tahan. Don’t say about the Army yet.

        What obvious? Nothing is ever obvious bro. When it happen then we talk ok. Now nothing is going so don’t say its obvious. So you’re going to lead the demo la. Ya I luv to see you lead the protest boy. Do it and show the world how brave you are. .

        Hello, people who didn’t go into Bersih type of demo also already inside for 32 years, let alone people who want to do a bersih.

        I’ve lived in Singapore for over 50 years and I’ve yet to see even one demo that comes any where near Bersih. But if you’re going to lead one like Bersih, let me know in advance so I take as few videos and pics for posterity sake.

        In the first place no such demo has ever taken place in Singapore for the past 50 years and I doubt it will ever happen in another 50 years.

        I agreed with Alex Au, and he is only just asking only la, that if you people are going into what KL was going through, it will not only be like Bahrain, I dare say all hell will break loose. Not the same as Bahrain, worst that that ah. Complete holocaust ah.

        Can la, if that’s what everyone want. If all want to die together and bring Singapore to her knees, count me in. But please make sure they turn up you know. Don’t afterward last minute you come and tell me no one is coming for the final countdown you know, ah.

        You never see news one ah? You never see people killed, hurt, crying in pain and sorrow, familes wiped out in their wars against the power that be? You mean you want exactly that to happen to your family. to your friends, to everyone else in Singapore? Not in a million years.

    • Jesus is a Buddhist Monk, I, GUANYU is a MUSLIM GENERAL said

      peng you, singapore changed already lah. Tell you what my sources in the defence sector says lah.
      1) morale is down by 17%
      2) police don’t even know how to use the shortest route when responding to emergency, actually if you are a street fighter, you can take on a patrol car of 4 police men too.
      3) I, myself have been to the middle-east and fought against the Israeli bullies and the Coalition Forces namely American Marines.
      What kind of war experience do our defence forces have, my sources said, not even 30 have open fire and killed an enemy since 1978!!
      4) the annual deferment for reservists’ training since 1985 have been rising by 1.3% and to date its like out of every 100men called for reservist 10 defered, that means 10%!!
      5) whatever high-tech weapons have its useless if our defence forces have never taken them to the battlefield.
      I still love to use an AK47 to bash up the CF and still shoot accurately after that.

      • spectrekle said

        Even so what you said is true that morale is down by 17%, it has not being proven otherwise with real life conflict in Singapore, as proven in the Syrian uprising. Unless you’re willing or someone is willing to organize a rebellion and test their patriotism to the pappist regime la.

        Singapore has changed in what way? I see its the same old thing from 60s till to this very day. The pappist system is still running well. Yes it changed dramatically in term of business, environment, police security, cleaniliness and political wise. Nothing in the sense of public dissent, streets fight, rebellion, revloution, uprising, anti-government public demonstration and protest of toppling down this garment. I’ve never heard of a single instance where someone or somebody or some group were going up against the regime, did what they claimt they want to do and was smash by the regime.

        How can something that never has ever in Singapore for the last 60 years, happens over night? Impossible. Do you think the Malaysian’s Bersih just happened at the snap of the organizers fingers? Bro, it takes years to do these sort of thing. You need logistics, mass communications, relays, runners, volunteers who are willing to die for the cause, gangsters, poor and jobless to help out, you need a plan, planners, co-ordinators, strategists, mass media support, people who believed in the cause (not just any Tom, Dick and Harry), etc. The important thing was the Malaysian garment allowed them to do it so that they can reiterate later, “I didn’t stop you people from demoing ok? You want freedom, I gave you freedom. ok?” That’s fair.

        But in SG, no such thing can ever, will ever happen this way. Only 2 to 5 people at so-called Hyde Park of Singapore, Hong Lim Park, also already kena accosted by police already. Fined and jailed for a week or two. See youtube la. This pappist regime operates differently from our Malaysian counterpart. First know how their modus operandi work and see how the Malaysian garment do their job. It’s completely different.

        If this were to happen in Singapore, I can bet with you it will never even materilaize let along to go into fighting. I refer you to Operartion Coldstore and Operation Spectrum is good enough la. My hero, Mr Lim Chin Siong, a 3rd world martyr in a 1st world country, a man of so much popularity, integrity and courage was for nothing arrested and detained for 9 solid years and then freed and then immediately exiled to Britain for yet another 10 solid years making it a total of 19 years wasted. All for what? Nothing. And where were all his thousands of supported? All but betrayed deserted him, heart broken and suffered a mental breakdown. But I’ve heard he was well later. Is this what everyone envisoned to be in? To be suffer the same fate as these martyrs as Lim Chin Siong, Chia Thye Poh and Lim Hock Siew and many other, both known and unknown? If this is what everybody want to do, then I dare say your cause, though admirable, is useless. It defeat the purpose of having a revolt, let not use the word ‘revolt’ la, its too strong, lets just say a ‘demonstration’ la, and the top leaders is in lock-up already long before even the demonstration can start to take off!

        Otherwise how do you think this pappist regime can survive up till this very day? If not, they would have long been gone. No need you people to fight them. Other people will do the fighting for you.

        Most grumbling, criticisms, complaints, arguements, anti-garment rhetoric, diatribes are all done behind the wall of secrecy of the Internet. You’re talking in term of your own practical experience in military warefare but how many Singaporeans are like you? 2 , 5 , 10 > <1000? Do you think these people can follow you and fight along side with you? Or lets put it the way round la, do you think you want them to follow you and fight alongside with you?
        You're asking them to sang cee you know?

        Like in a chess game, think before you make your move. I'm just saying don't be rash. Patience is virtue. And non-violence is paramount.

        Thank you.

  7. Tony Seow said

    During elections time we hear all sides talking.
    After elections, all supporters makes noises in the internet.
    If there comes a day, when a Mr SUN YAT SEN rally Singaporeans to the gates of The Istana, I will be one of the first to join.
    Like I have supported Worker’s Party durings the last 4 elections.

    If there is already a Mr SUN YAT SEN in our midst, who can speak eloquently like JFK, Luther King or even Lim Chin Siong!
    Let that man or woman walk in front and lead us on a march to the Istana.
    Let that man or woman speaks of all the troubles, the mistakes that the present Government is leading us to.
    We, Singaporeans need a Leader who can change all these troublesome policy mistakes like high-costs of new HDB flats, the present common delays and breakdowns of our public transport systems and the policy of letting foreigners replacing the present Singapore’s population! (oso many others)
    Let this One Leader show us how a new government can throw out all these “rubbish policies” and replace them with simple policies
    which are beneficial and transparent to all Singaporeans'( no need 54,55,56 man years to calculate Singapore’s Piggy Money; if there is still any left ).
    Oh, to Mr Alex Hu, who predicts disaster if Singaporeans took to the streets.
    I have nothing to gain from this present government and have everything to lose each and everyday that this government is present.
    In 1993 my basic pay was SGD$950 when I work as a storeman after completing my national service.
    In 1997 my basic pay was SGD750 when I work at SATS Cargo ( Sin.GLC )
    Most of SATS Cargo jobs are now out source to foreigners!!
    Mr Alex Hu is predicting a disaster just like all those PAPPIES’ running dogs who bark and the strangers run away.

    Well, you never know till you try.
    If the first attempt fails, stand back up and try again……….NO NEED TO WAIT TILL 2016!!

    • spectrekle said

      I better don’t talk too much otherwise people say I’m so longwinded.
      Everyone has got their point.
      But going into Arab Spring Cleaning, Red shirts and yellow shirts (Thailand)
      and Yellow Power (Phillipines) is not the only way to go for a change of garment.
      The ballot is stronger than the bullet. – Abe Lincoln.
      That’s the only way we can go in Singapore.
      Ghandi proved it worked.
      The peaceful way, non-confontational way, non-violence.
      That’s the only way to go.
      Sorry If I’m an irritant.

  8. ngpy said

    It all depends you MUST understand why, why the people take to the STREETS. If you can understand and know the reasons than you can prevent it happening. But if they try to ignore it overtime it will happen eventually. IF POVERTY OVERTAKES ELITES THIS WILL DEFINATELY HAPPEN. IF DISCONTENT OVERTAKES THE CONTENTED YOU WILL REALISED WHAT CAN HAPPEN. IF YOU ARE SLEEPING ON A HIGH BED AND FELL, YOU WILL FEEL HURT BUT THEN IF YOU ARE SLEEPING ON THE FLOOR MAT NO MATTER HOW YOU FALL IT DOES NO HURT YOU AT ALL.

  9. 2 S.I.R said

    Malaysian have COURAGE & GUTS, believe in what you believe and no one shall stand in your way of freedom.
    A Person who talks too much and tell people what not to do is a COWARD. fear-mongering the public is an ACT OF COWARD.
    De-moralizing the mass by telling them what punishment they will get if they ACT ? the government is consist of people like you and me.. they are not GODS..
    the difference is POLITICIANS are merely ADMINSTRATION of the country. They are given the POWER by the PEOPLE.. so ? Why need to FEAR?
    When the people elect the govt to LEAD the country is to ensure the life of every citizen is to be taken care of.. thats why thier job is to ADMINISTER the citizen and
    the citizen in return paying them TAXES for the job well done.. PLEASE do not make assumption that the GOVT are gods.. THEY ARE NOT !
    your FEAR MONGERING tactics are OLD FASHION my dear SIR.. the ruling party are DINOSOURS.. they will be way in SINGAPORE can you hide unless
    all the MP will FLY OUT of singapore once the wall start to crumbling down… GOD BLESS PEOPLE OF SINGAPORE!! MAJULAH SINGAPURA……..

  10. spectrekle said

    Just because people eat in fancy restaurants, we also have to meh?
    Just because people drive big cars, we also have to meh?
    Just because people have Bersih 3.0, we also have to meh?
    Just because people had Arab Spring Cleaning, we also have to meh?
    Just because people had Red Shirts v Yellow Shirts, we also have to meh?
    Just because people have People’s Power (Yellow), we also have to meh?
    People are rich. We are poor.
    Their land is big. Our land is small.
    They got plenty of space to hide. We got no where to go.
    Their people are plentyful. We are a small family.
    Their people got balls. We got family, jobs, house, cars, maids, position, power, intelligence and brains.
    Our head is small so don’t try to put on a large Texan hat. It wouldn’t fit the head.
    It doesn’t suit us.
    Its good they fight for their rights and freedoms. At what costs?
    If anyone can find 100,000 Singaporeans is willing to thrown everything they have built so far (their families, their friends, their relatives, their degrees, their girl friends, their elderly father and mother, their children, their jobs, their bank accounts, their properties, their wealth, their Swiss acounts, etc,), then come and put my name down – spectrekle.
    If not, forget the whole thing la.
    How to fight la you tell me la?

    • ThisisSingapore said

      SO true!!! We got too much to worry about, too many things strap us down. WE should just sleep at home everyone. Since everything is not functioning properly like it used to be.

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