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PAP Town Councils to increase ‘service and conservancy’ charges

Posted by temasektimes on July 27, 2012

Seven town councils run by the PAP will increase their Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) for flats, shops/offices and market/cooked food stalls from September 2012 due to ‘higher’ operating costs.

The town councils are Bishan-Toa Payoh, Chua Chu Kang, East Coast, Holland-Bukit Panjang, Tanjong Pagar, Tampines and West Coast.

Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council claimed that the town councils are facing increased costs especially in electricity, maintenance and cleaning.

The increase will be phased over two years to ‘help’ residents cope with the change.



28 Responses to “PAP Town Councils to increase ‘service and conservancy’ charges”

  1. tyu said

    Town Council supposed to make profits?

  2. constance1 said

    If increase is a MUST, then PAP should look into the attitude & KPI of the staffs of are working in town councils.

  3. 60+ Singaporean said

    1st of August they give u money. Of course lah September they must get back what they give mah. They give us one time but collect back monthly.

  4. just curious said

    That’s why they could afford those $2,200 per bicycle to cycle around the parks. Speaking of which someone must have been slagging on the job, by not asking for competitive prices or inviting for more quotations. Which is the reasons why they couldn’t have better control over expenditures. I bet there would be better bonuses for those working for those above mentioned town councils.
    Someone must have profited enormously.

  5. Daft Peasant said

    Mmm…….now testing these few town councils….. if no big hoo-ha, the increase will be implemented to all town councils… me……this is their usual tactics……and its lame….

  6. we have been shortchanged said

    My resale EC charged $255 monthly for maintenance fees.
    I have to pay $155 monthly for my previous 5-room HDB flat for town council fees for estate upkeeping and season parking at mscp.
    With now an additional $100 monthly, I get to enjoy better cleaning services (they employ S’poreans, M’sians and one PRC) and condo facilities such as 24hrs security, swimming pool, gym, tennis court and basktball court.
    So who got shortchanged by who now?

  7. Rotten said

    You voted for PAP. Now what you see? PAP give you “rebate”, now what you see?

  8. Mikey said

    Cos need to service the FTs izzit?

    Knn, just got a GST houshold rebate letter.. 1st August then activate, haven’t even collect yet..

    Now taking back duno how much liao.. wtf people?

    • Mikey said

      Like that dun give me rebate better la.. you keep the rebate.. just dun raise our cost of living can liao..

      I will pray to you in gratitude like you are Guanyinma..

      • Daft Peasant said

        whether they give you rebates or not, they will still increase the S&CC……and that makes you more cham……

        No Rebate Yet Increase

  9. mahbok tan said

    ….and all stupid SGporeans believe whatever they say…..!!!!
    Does it make sense when the other PAP towncouncils are not doing anything or any increase…????
    What is this when they lost money in their “investment” no one is being penalised but when money not enuf they start to increase the S & C charges…???? What about hte time when profit are made ….. money go where ….?????

    Fuyoooo this make me wantoo mahbok everynite….coz thinking about our stuipidity to vote for the PAP GOVT….!!!!

  10. i say what i think only... said

    who do we look for when our own electricity bills are increased? if not for lehman bro and creative shares, bukit panjang will be in better shape to absorb the increases..;

  11. vincentyeo said

    wtf, when is this going to stop? like the old saying goes, gives you $100 take back $99. All those sweeteners before the election are turning bitter day by day. hope 2016 will be different.

  12. dy2lyv said

    Despite knowing they are notorious for making people pay and pay, the daft voters of these constituencies still love to caste their votes for them. The increases are likely to be pretty hefty since need to be phased in over 2 years. Served the voters right. They deserve to be rewarded with a big hefty increase in fees for their blind misplaced ‘loyalty’.

  13. bb said

    Once this was great idea from Pappy. Once upon a time HDB estates were managed by HDB-and thay have the place clean and tidy and using the same format and strategy for the whole of island of Singapore. During 80s some idiot from the gov come up with the idea of TC. If HDB today is still managing the estates, civil servants will not use the money to dabble with equities,shares etc.and I believe cost of estate maintenance will not go as drastically as now.

    Now those TCs are managed by Pappy MPs who could not managed it properly are now resort to raising fees. Those who vote will regret. Once opposition party is voted in to rule the country you will see whether those PAP TCs will dare to raise the prices.

  14. Ron said

    WHAT the…! great…growing useless plants and building needless crap like shelters and now asking us to pay for it.

    • Shelters are useful, given Singapore’s unpredictable weather.
      It is either very hot or pouring wet.
      Even as I am typing this reply, it is raining heavily in my neighborhood.

  15. Sam Tan said

    All the respective Town Councils MUST reflect their respective Annual Financial Reports for the residents to see. The monies are contributed to the Town Council to maintenance the respective estates and the residents have the right to know its financial status otherwise they are used to gamble in loss-making investments. Every residents MUST demand for their rights to inspect the respective Town Council Annual Financial Statements.

  16. solaris8899 said

    simply dont understand.
    papa always do this – increase here and there, while at the same time, give a bit of sweet here and there.
    increase due to higher operating costs – simple and same old reason

  17. Temasek Times apparently has an agenda.
    The way they phrase this article suggest contempt and lack of understanding.
    The costs went up because oil prices are rising.
    As fossil fuels are used in the generation of electricity, such costs also affects electricity prices.
    Oil prices are not exactly stable.
    This is an external factor which is not within the control of any one government.

    • are u daft? said

      Please explain why was Potong Pasir’s Mr Chiam See Tong able manage to keep conservancy charges the lowest amongst all constituencies?

      • He may have some cost-saving measures that are unknown to us. This is the most logical explanation I can come up with.
        In 2003, the Government set up a Cut Waste Panel to receive suggestions from the public on where it can cut waste, remove frills and make savings in the delivery of public services.
        Yes, we really need to bring back the cut waste panel.
        Nevertheless, oil prices are STILL a factor.

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