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Another suspected ‘kidnapping’ case: 10 year old boy almost led away by stranger to van

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

One day after a suspected kidnapping case happened in Ang Mo Kio Hub, a 10 year old boy was almost led away by a stranger outside his primary school!

The shocking incident happened along Simei Street 5 this Monday. A 59 year old aunty brought her ten year old grandson to school and left him at the entrance:

A few minutes later, she saw him being led away by a woman in her 40s towards a van.  When confronted, the woman said it is a case of ‘mistaken identity’ and walked away as if nothing happened.

A police report was subsequently lodged, but the grandmother was told by the police officers that they never received such ‘complaints’ before.

The ‘modus operandi’ appears to be similar to a case in Hong Kong two weeks ago where a child was almost led away by a PRC woman to a van outside his primary school:

[Source: Apple Daily]

Meanwhile, there are no other statements from the police yet except the one urging Singaporeans not to spread ‘unsubstantiated information’ which can cause unnecessary ‘alarm’.


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Pervert local ‘doctor’ jailed for putting his penis into mouth of 9 year old girl

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A 55 year old ex-manager Wong Wan Cheong (黄万强) from a Japanese MNC has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for molesting seven girls during a six-year period from 2004 to 2010.

The court learnt that Wong was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in 2002 after which he began fantasizing about molesting young girls to satisfy his sexual fetish.

His ‘modus operandi’ was to pretend to be a doctor and lure unsuspecting girls to be ‘examined’ by him.

In one instance, a 9 year old girl was molested twice by Wong in one day. It was reported that Wong covered her face with a handkerchief before putting his penis into her mouth.

When the innocent girl asked Wong what it is, Wong replied:

“Your teacher will tell you what this (my penis) is when you grow up.”

Later, Wong put on a pair of gloves and insert his finger into the girl’s vagina to fulfill his perverted desires.

In mitigation, Wong said he is truly ‘remorseful’ and beg the judge not to give him a ‘heavy’ sentence.

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PHOTOS: Singaporean girl from prominent family splurged $200,000 on photo-shoot by famous PRC photographer

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A Singaporean girl from a prominent family in Singapore reportedly splurged a hefty $200,000 for a photo-shoot by famous PRC photographer Li Xing Long:


For more photos, please visit

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VIDEO: Hong Kong girl almost ‘abducted’ by two PRC men at amusement park

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A 3 year old Hong Kong girl was almost ‘abducted’ by two PRC men at an amusement park in Tsim Sha Chui (尖沙嘴海港城冒險樂園) two weeks ago!

A pregnant woman brought her daughter Qingqing to the amusement park to play in one afternoon. When her daughter was playing on a ‘rocking’ bus, two PRC men approached her suddenly one of whom quickly extended his arms to grab her.

Fortunately, the woman was alert enough and rush to stop him asking him: “What are you doing?” The PRC men ignored her and spoke in Putonghua (Mandarin) to the counter staff, pretending to change money before leaving the center. The Hong Kong woman rushed out and took a snapshot of both men:

[Source: Apple Daily]

(昨午 4 時半,游與女兒晴晴到冒險樂園遊玩,女兒坐在一部搖搖巴士遊戲機上玩耍,她則站在不遠處。其時,兩疑人突走近,摸晴晴頭部,其中一人突伸出雙手圖抱起她,游大驚追上喝止:­「你做乜呀?」疑人即縮手,扮若無其事走開,並用普通話向職員查詢遊戲代幣的價錢。游緊抱女兒追前,質問兩人有何企圖。)

Watch the shocking coverage by Hong Kong’s Apple Daily below:

In view of the recent suspected ‘kidnapping’ cases in Singapore, Singaporeans should follow the example of the Hong Kong mother above and take a snapshot of strangers trying to leading their children away and upload them online to warn others as well.


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Man sued neighbor for failure to make wife pregnant after 72 different ‘attempts’

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A 29 year old German man Demetrius Soupolos is suing his neighbor 34 year old Frank Maus for breach of contract after the latter failed to impregnate his wife in 72 different attempts to do so.

Soupolos had hired Maus to impregnate his former beauty queen wife Traute as he was sterile and Traute wanted a baby badly. He thought Maus would be a good choice as he resembled him and is a father of two.

Soupolos paid Maus $2,500 for the job and for three evenings a week for the next six months, Maus tried desperately a total of 72 times to impregnate Traute.

When Traute did not get pregnant after six months, Soupolos insisted Maus go for a medical examination which revealed he was sterile as well. Mau’s wife was then forced to confess Maus was not the real father of her two kids.

In his defence, Maus said he did not ‘guarantee’ conception, but only that he would give a ‘honest’ shot at it.


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Goh Meng Seng attacks Chen Show Mao and Nicole Seah in interview with SPH tabloid

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Embattled former Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) Goh Meng Seng simply does not know how to keep his mouth shut, just like how he cannot stop his itchy fingers from typing rubbish on his blog and the ‘non-sexual’ Sammyboy forum.

After crying foul at the ‘over-reaction’ of netizens peeved by his relentless vicious attacks on the Workers Party, Mr Goh now turn to a lowly free SPH tabloid to vent his anger at his political foes in the opposition camp.

In an ‘exclusive’ interview with the tabloid with a low readership, Mr Goh claimed that Mr Chen is not ‘familiar’ with Singapore as he stayed abroad for too long:

“….he (Chen) is not familiar with various government policies and hence he may find it difficult to say anything with ‘substance’ in parliament.”

He also asked Nicole Seah to ‘control’ herself and learn some ‘self-discipline’:

“She (Nicole) should be more responsible and not treat certain important matters in a frivolous manner…..For example, when I first proposed NSP sending Nicole to contest in the Hougang by-election, she came out to clarify immediately she would not do so. What if NSP decide to send her in the future?”

Throughout the interview, the partyless Mr Goh talked as if he is some ‘veteran’ opposition politician, claiming that he has decided not to join any political parties for now so that he can continue to speak ‘freely’ and ‘objectively’ on local politics without any restraints.

Unfortunately, Mr Goh’s latest attention-seeking antics does not go down too well with netizens who continue to lampoon him for being a ‘PAP stooge’.

Some responses from netizens on Facebook:

“Pls dun get him to keep quiet as he really entertain us by acting like an imbecile. He is better than just for laughs.” – Dominic Ho

“This loser really pathetic!!! Cant keep his mouth shut and an obsessed attention seeker!” – Sidney Lock

“First class idiot. He talks as if he is some veteran opposition politician. But he’s NOT. As Sec Gen of NSP, he sent the most candidates and won nothing, not even a NCMP seat!” – Ishwar Serma


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PRC technician Yuan Zhenghua to be remanded at IMH for evaluation of ‘mental status’

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Thirty year old PRC technician Yuan Zhenghua (袁振华) who allegedly caused a fatal accident at the Budget Terminal last Saturday will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to evaluate his ‘mental state’.

Yuan was charged in court on Friday with “dangerous driving causing death, driving without a valid licence and driving the cab without valid insurance policy.” He appeared to be ‘calm’ when the charges were read to him in court.

All the sentences for the above offences carry a maximum penalty of a jail term between three months and five years only. Yuan was already charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in robbery’ which could see him jailed for up to 20 years and at least 12 strokes of cane.

The prosecution has requested Yuan to be remanded for further assessment of his mental condition and the trial will begin on 5 April next month.


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Design of new Terminal 4: Only foreign firms need apply

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

In other countries, local firms are given the priority in the bidding of major projects, but not in Singapore where foreign companies and workers are often preferred.

Most Singapore architect firms will jump at the chance to design Changi Airport’s new Terminal 4, but unfortunately they are not allowed to do so.

During a meeting with the Changi Airport Group a week ago, local architects were told and made to understand that only foreign firms need apply for the project to design the new Terminal 4. No reasons were given.

The snub prompted the Singapore Institute of Architects to write a letter to the Changi Airport Group (CAG) chief executive, Mr Lee Seow Hiang, to ‘protest’.

In the strongly-worded letter, the Institute reminded CAG of the ‘capability’ of Singapore architects which are not inferior to the ‘foreign talent’s it is so enamored with.

Instead of wasting time begging for ‘crumbs’ from CAG, local architects should consider employing foreigners to bid for the project. So long one is not a Singaporean, one will be able to qualify to apply for it.


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PRC netizen rants at two elderly Singaporean aunties for cutting his queue at NTUC supermarket

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Unhappy with two Singaporean aunties who cut his queue at a NTUC supermarket, a PRC netizen vented his anger on the Lion City Forum.

In a thread titled “Why are Singaporean aunties of inferior quality” (新加坡的老太太怎么这么没素质), “1pondo” described his unhappy experience which is not the first time:

[Source: Lion City Forum]

He added sarcastically that the Singaporean aunties are not afraid of ‘choking to death’ by buying so many things in their trolleys.

His thread brought a torrent of comments from fellow PRC netizens, the majority of whom concurred with him that Singaporeans are of ‘inferior quality’.

One netizen wrote:

“The more they lack culture and quality, the more they look down on outsiders.”


Another chipped in:

“Why didn’t they meet me? I won’t let them off.”


“Dawing” described Singaporean elderly women as ‘disgusting’:

“I also share the same sentiment that Singaporean elderly women are most disgusting and always despise others especially those from small shops or selling drinks.”

(我也有同感 新加坡的老太太最恶心的 超级变态 狗眼看人低 特别是一些小卖店的 或者卖水的。。。。)

It is not known if ‘1pondo’ is a Singapore PR and new citizen. With the continued influx of large number of PRC immigrants into Singapore, such everyday conflicts are likely to rise in the future.


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VIDEO: SPF and SCDF officers ‘escort’ protesting PRC woman down Crawford Bridge in Kallang

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

When two SDP members stood in silent protest outside the Manpower Ministry two years ago, they were quickly arrested and dragged away by police officers:

However, when a PRC woman protested yesterday by staging a silent sit-in on top of Crawford Bridge in Kallang, she was coaxed gently by police officers to come down before being ‘escorted’ in style down the bridge by a team of SCDF and SPF officers:

According to a passerby, the woman was holding a banner and wearing a garment which appeared like a Hong Kong flag. Though he was unable to see the words clearly from far, he thought the woman has an ‘Ah Tiong’ look.

Watch the touching scene in which more than 10 SPF and SCDF officers ‘escorted’ our dear ‘foreign talent’ down the bridge before an ambulance was called to send her to hospital:

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